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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Proving It! Anime Style!
(We do not own anything Rurouni Kenshin, though we wish to high heaven and the lowest pits of hell that we did own Sano and Kenshin…we do not.)
Mission 3, Part 1, Hair Gel section 1
(Camera pans in to the girls standing outside the bathroom door again. Avi and Tzuki are wearing the short kimono things again, only they are both light blue this time, Avi's obi is lavender, and Tzuki's is pink. Their hair is down, long and flowing and Tzuki has a full tang katana strapped to her back while Avi has a half tang in the same place and a dagger hidden in the fold of fabric covering her chest. They both have the Greek style sandals again.)
“Hello there! Welcome to another wondrous episode of Proving It! We are your hosts, Tzuki and Avi, of course, and today, we have a treat for you don't we Avi?” Tzuki greeted the viewers cheerfully.
“Indeed we do! Today we have our third mission, which shall be conducted in 2 parts, 4 sections total.” Avi replied, and headed into the bathroom with Tzuki who was holding the Vortex In A Bottle this time.
Tzuki poured a capful into the tub and soon it had filled the thing with swirling colors and flashing lights. She then looked to the clipboard in now residing in her hands and read the letter attached to it, before looking to the camera again.
“Today we present to you the first section of Mission 3, part 1. Alias Kurai asks us, do Sano, Hiei and Vegeta use hair gel? Now I'm sure that all of us have been wondering this very same thing many times before. After all, that hair is gravity defying! Well, today miss Kurai, we shall find out if Sano does indeed use Hair Gel.” She turns to the bathtub. “Rurouni Kenshin!” The swirling turns into sparkling blue and Avi and Tzuki jump in.
(Camera fades to black then fades back in to show Avi and Tzuki wincing as they stand up.)
“We need to work on our landings.” Tzuki remarked as she held her sprained wrist lightly.
“Sorry…you know we can't control exactly where the thing will let us out. Let me see.” She grabbed Tzuki's wrist and quickly healed it for her. “Better?”
“Much. Okay…so where are we anyways?”
“Um…I'll let you know that when I figure it out.” She adjusted the dagger hidden by her chest and looked around a bit. “Uh…we're about ten feet from the entrance to the Kamiya school of Sword fighting.”
“We are?”
“Yep! It's right there!” Avi pointed behind Tzuki.
“Oh…” Tzuki replied, twirling around quickly to see it.
Camera shows the girls walking up to the entrance and entering into the courtyard. Avi turns to the camera in and aside kind of thing and whispers to the viewers.
“The plan this time is to “get lessons”, therefore we shall pay, stay, learn a bit and get very close to Sano and learn if he had a secret about his hair or not.” She then looks forward again innocently as Tzuki knocks on the inner doors.
“Hello? Is anyone here? We would like lesions please!” She gets no response, unaware that Sano is holding Kaoru back because he doesn't want any more freeloaders.
“We can pay for them!” Tzuki yells, shaking the back of coins she had hidden down her chest. The doors immediately opened.
Camera shows Avi and Tzuki being greeted kindly and led into the Dojo, shown the place, and introduced to everyone.
“Are you sure you girls need lessons? It looks as though you already know what your doing.” Kenshin questioned them with a simple curiosity, noting the swords attached to their backs.
“We're not very good.” Avi replied, already thinking up a story. “In all honesty, father only had time to teach us some basics before he died. You see, our home was burned to the ground a while ago, so my sister and I are orphans.”
The story worked, the girls were given a room to share and their money was put to good use buying supplies for dinners and such. That night, the girls sat in their room plotting.
“Okay…so how do we do this?? I mean we obviously can't do it now, there's no way he'd miss us sneaking into his room.” Avi mused.
“What about tomorrow, chances are that they'll go to the Akabeko now that they have money to afford it. Wait…never mind. We'll be with them, so that won't work.”
“How about we really do stay for a while hm? I know you've always wanted to learn from Kenshin!”
“Well…your right! All right, we'll stay and when Sano least expects it, we'll raid his room for proof! Agreed?”
For the next 15 minutes the camera fades out and in showing random intervals in the girls 3-month stay with the Kenshin group. The shots include training, playing around with everyone including the little girls who are sooooo cute and finally comes to rest on the last day of their final month their.
“All right, it's been a fun few months but now we finally have the out we need. We faked ill while they went out, and now we have the whole dojo to ourselves.” Avi spoke to the camera as she and Tzuki slid the door to Sano's room open.
“Ew…”Tzuki remarked. Sano's room was a mess and smelled like cabbage for some reason. She went in cautiously, and searched for the gel as Avi did the same.
“Find it yet?” Av I called after half an hour.
“Maybe!” Tzuki replied from across the room, kneeling by a small thing that looked like a small ceramic bottle of Sake. She lifted the lid and gagged for a moment. Avi rushed over and gagged as well.
“That smells horrible!”
“I know! But…”She reached in with 2 fingers and cringed slightly. “It's gel all right. Lets just hope it really IS used for hair.”
“Tzuki! That's just wrong! Sick and wrong.”
“Oh shut up. You and I both know that you're a lover of Yaoi.”
“So? That's still gross. Especially because YOU'RE the one with her fingers in it!” Avi laughed as Tzuki's eye's widened and she immediately withdrew her fingers from the viscous contents.
“Ew! Ew! Ew!” She wiped it off on his futon and stood up again. She then picked up the bottle and faced the camera. “Well Miss. Kurai, I do hope this proves to you and everyone else. Sanosuke Sagara does in fact use Hair Gel for that spiky do of his. At least I pray that's what this stuff is for.”
“Tzuki! I'm sorry; she's perverted like that. Any way, there you have it, Sano's hair gel, hidden in a Sake bottle. It smells like crap but oh well, now you know!” Avi finished.
“WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING IN MY ROOM???” Sano's voice boomed off the walls and the girls froze, Tzuki dropping the bottle on the futon. It didn't break, thank the gods.
If it had, that smell would have suffocated them!
The camera zooms in on Sano whose face is red with anger and embarrassment as he begins to chase the girls from the room. The girls are finally safe in the courtyard with Kenshin as a shield.
“What is the problem?” He asks like the gentleman he is.
“Um, nothing, just being ourselves. Anyways…it's been fun guys but we need to go.” Tzuki said forlornly, hugging Kenshin, Yahiko and Kaoru tightly. Avi did the same and then they both approached Sano, who backed away.
Sano was tackled in a hug, kissed by each and then helped up. Avi and Tzuki smiled brightly at them all.
“It's been fun my friends, we promise we'll come back.” Avi said, tearing slightly. It's always hard to get close to an assignment just to know that you'll have to leave them soon. “Bye!”
Camera shows them using the water bucket Kenshin had been using for washing clothes to get home and the girls are gone in a swirl of light blue color. Camera fades out, then fades in as they emerge from the bath tub.
“All right. Next section of the mission will be our hardest, next to section 4.” Avi mused, looking over the letter. “Lets get Section 2 and 4 done at the same time okay?” She looked at Tzuki.
“I thought we were going to just to the hair gel questions then go back.”
“Yeah, well, 2 and 4 are in the same dimension so wouldn't it be easier?”
“Yeah…okay, 4 is upgraded to 3 then.”
“Agreed!” Both turn to camera as Avi speaks and Tzuki looks over the letter again. “Well, tune in next time for part 1, section 2 of Mission 3! Till next time, keep asking and we'll keep proving!”
Camera fades out, episode ends.
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I cant wait till the next epidsode…