Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Fan Fiction ❯ A Goddess Comes to Call ❯ Chapter 9

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Part Seven: Come Together

"Banpei was activated last night." Skuld said frowning, looking down at a small remote control she held in her hand. Mackie and Nene watched in surprise as the young Goddess suddenly jumped up from where she was sitting on the couch and raced down the hall towards Linna and Belldandy's room.

"Wait a minute," Nene cautioned, getting up from her own chair to race after her. She had a good idea what Skuld might burst in on, and didn't want to see what might happen!

"Hey, they might not want to be disturbed!" Mackie added, and Nene winced.

"Could you be a little less tactful, Mackie?" Nene asked him with great sarcasm. Skuld hurried faster, if that was possible.

"What in the.." Priss said surprised as Skuld raced by her, Nene and Mackie in hot persuit. With a shrug, she joined the chase.

Skuld came to a screeching halt at Linna and Belldandy's room, then pressed her ear to the door. When she didn't hear anything, she whipped out a small device, put a set of headphones on and pointed it at the bedroom! "Hmm, no movement!" she said thoughtfully.

"Maybe we should just leave them alone," Nene said nervously, taking Skuld's arm and trying to gently pull the young goddess down the hall. Sadly, she couldn't manage to get Skuld to budge an inch.

Instead, Skuld stepped forward and whipped the door open! Looking inside, they saw Linna and Belldandy, fast asleep and nude on top of the rumpled covers, spooned together. Linna had her arms wrapped around Belldandy possesively, as is she never intended to let her go.

"Way to go, Linna!" Priss said quietly, a slightly sad smile on her face. 'It wasn't that she was jealous, it was just that, well, alright, she was jealous,' Priss admitted to herself. She snuck another look at the two sleeping women while she still had the chance.

Nene looked over at the plainly furious Skuld and began to softly count down under her breath, "Five... four... three... two... one...," then she put her hands over her ears.

"Big sister, how could you!" Skuld shouted loudly, instantly awakening the two young women sleeping there! Linna saw the group staring in the open doorway and quickly scrambled around the room for her clothes as Belldandy looked on serenely. Priss just stood there and grinned, while Nene reached over to cover poor Mackie's eyes with her hand.

"You really should knock first," Belldandy gently chided Skuld, as Linna sat down on the side of the bed and struggled to pull on her pants, a half on/ half off T-shirt covering her top.

Urd stuck her head out of her own room just down the hall and sourly asked the group "What's going on?" She then sauntered out of her room in a very revealing nightgown, which Priss definately noticed. It was a scanty two piece that fought a valiant battle just to try to contain Urd's many charms. She grinned at the slightly stunned look on Priss' face, and struck a glamour-girl pose, "You like?"

Priss blushed, suddenly discomforted, and stuttered out "I.. uhm... it looks good."

Urd smiled at her, then moved forward to look into the other bedroom. "Did you two have a good time last night?" she asked Linna and Belldandy pleasantly.

Linna blushed brighter, while Belldandy just smiled a very self- satisfied smile. "You knew," Skuld exclaimed, "and you didn't stop them?!"

"Why should I?" Urd said with a casual shrug. "It certainly sounded like they were both having fun last night," she said with a impish smile on her face. Both Linna and Belldandy blushed a bit more at that. Before any more teasing could occur, Lina took the door in her hand and firmly closed it in their faces.

A fiercely blushing Nene led a slightly nose-bleeding Mackie and the still fuming Skuld away, while Urd and Priss walked over to Urd's room together. "Well, that was fun," Urd said with a little smile, standing in her open doorway. The light came from behind her, tracing her figure for Priss' admiring gaze.

Priss grinned back at her, "Did you notice the ink on her forehead?" Urd smirked and nodded, and they both shared a cheerful laugh. "Looks like the robot tried it's best, anyway."

"No mere robot could stand in the way of true love," Urd said with a smile. She suddenly looked a bit nervous as she said much more softly, "Speaking of love, I'm sorry for bolting on you, last night."

"I've always had terrible luck and bad timing," Priss said with a smile and shrug. "Would you like to talk about it, maybe over dinner?" she suggested to Urd a bit nervously.

Urd looked over at Priss thoughtfully, a little smile on her face. "Why, Priss, are you asking me out?" she asked teasingly.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Priss answered more firmly. "I'll pick you up at seven o'clock tonight, alright?"

"I'll be ready," Urd said with a heart-stopping smile on her beautiful face.

Priss stopped in the hall and asked, "Could you wear that dress you had on when I first met you?" Urd gave her an enquiring glance, and a blushing Priss said quietly, "I couldn't get how you looked in it out of my head for days."

Urd laughed happily, "That was the general idea." She closed the door behind her without answering Priss' question, though.

In her office, Sylia sat behind her desk and shuffled the paperwork spread out across it. She hated, absolutely hated, doing filing. 'I wonder if I could hire a secretary?' she mused, then shook her head. She looked over at the clock and smiled a small, mysterious smile. Picking up a small folder, she said aloud, "I was wondering when you'd get here."

"You really should have Belldandy and the others set up supernatural defences for this place," Mara said to Sylia in conversational tones, walking out of the shadows.

"They already have," Sylia answered, "but I didn't want to activate them until we had the chance to talk."

"Oh really," Mara said, "talk about what?"

Sylia smiled over at Mara as she said, "I"d like to make a deal..."

Mara looked at the pile of pages of legalese she had just spent over an hour to plow through, a large sweatdrop on the side of her head. "I'm impressed," she admitted, casually fanning herself with the sheets of paper.

"So, do we have a agreement?" Sylia asked her cautiously. She had carefully thought out and written the request, and hopefully filled in any loopholes, but she wouldn't know until Mara sent the wish in.

"Sorry," Mara said, shaking her head with an admiring smile. "The way you wrote this," she continued, holding up the contract, "my side would gain absolutely nothing from such a wish, other than your soul."

"That was the intent," Sylia admitted. "I think my soul would have been a small price to pay if you could have done it, though."

"A completely unselfish wish," Mara said with a smile, "not something we see every day." Mara waved the massive contract around and asked, "Could I take this with me?"

"Why?" Sylia asked her suspiciously.

"I want to fax it to our contracts department, with a note attatched reading, 'Learn, guys.'," Mara said with a grin.

Both she and Sylia shared a short laugh at that. "Speaking as one professional to another," Sylia said calmly, a little smile teasing her lips "I hope I didn't injure you, up on the construction site."

"Nothing permanent," Mara said with a smile. "And, as one professional to another," Mara said more seriously, "I won't be holding back in our next engagement."

They both looked at each other dead seriously, then suddenly the whole conversation struck them both as funny. Sylia smiled, Mara chuckled, then they both began laughing until they needed to lean on each other for support. They would calm down momentarily, then look at each other and start laughing again.

Sylia dug around her desk until she found a box off tissues and pulled out some for her and Mara. "You certainly dress well for a devil," Sylia tried to change the subject, looking over Mara thoughtfully.

"Oh, I don't know," Mara answered with a smile. She looked Sylia over thoughtfully, adding "There were a few outfit's downstairs I was tempted by. I'll stop in when I'm off duty." With that, she was gone.

Sylia looked thoughtfully to where Mara was standing, wondering a bit at the look Mara had given her before she left. As if she was considering something else...