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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

What is your name?

Téa Gardner

How old were you when you had your first baby?


What did you name your baby?

Yugi Gardner Moto, naming him after his father and giving him my family name as his middle name since I doubt I'll have another child.

How old were you when you started to have sex?

I was sixteen.

How would you characterize your first time?

It was the most wonderful experience I've ever had. Yugi was so gentle and caring. I don't think any one could possibly be a better lover than he was.

How often have you had sex since then?

That was the only time I ever been with a guy.

Why is that?

Yugi died the day after we made love.

Sorry to hear that.

It's okay. I kind of knew he was going to die, so I was prepared for it when it happened.

Oh, did he die of natural causes?

How Yugi died is rather complicated. But it certainly wasn't natural.

Care to explain what you mean by that?

Well… Do you believe in magic and predetermined destiny?

With my other interviews… I'm starting to.

Yugi was the highest ranking player in Duel Monsters not just because of his skill at playing the game. You see, Duel Monsters was based on an ancient Egyptian game known as the Shadow Games, which powerful Egyptian sorcerers pitted their magic against each other by summoning creatures from another dimension. Over five thousand years ago the Shadow Games went out of control and nearly destroyed the world, but the pharaoh was able to seal the game away. Yugi was the reincarnation of that pharaoh and had to fight in the Shadow Games to seal it off once again. However, to seal the Shadow Games, Yugi had to sacrifice his own soul.

Okay… Um, when did you first learn you were pregnant?

Well… I somehow knew I was going to get pregnant before I even slept with Yugi. Since I also had an idea what was going to happen at the end of Yugi's next game, I let it happen.

How did your parents react to learning of your pregnancy?

I could tell they wanted me to have an abortion, but they never asked me to do that because I would've refused. They were very supportive, but rather upset I'd be a single teenage mother.

Did you finish school?

I got my GED when I was nineteen.

How were your grades before you dropped out to have your baby?

B's mostly with some A's and a couple C's. Made honor student a few times.

What career do you have now?

I'm a semi-professional dancer and work part-time as a waitress.

Do you mean you're a stripper?

What?! No! I dance in theaters. I almost got a major part in Domino City's production of Swan Lake, but the producer noticed that I have stretch marks from my pregnancy which would've been visible in the overly sexy white lacey outfit I would have worn. So they stuck me as a line dancer..

What are your plans for the future?

My goal is to dance on Broadway, but I know my chances aren't good. But if there is one thing Yugi taught me, it's to never give up on a dream.

Do you plan on having any more children?

While I wouldn't mind having another baby, I don't think I'll ever be in a serious romantic relationship. I don't see how I could possibly meet anyone that I could possibly love the way I loved Yugi. I might try adoption someday.

Do you regret having been a teenage mother?

While I wish I hadn't missed opportunities to be a professional dancer, I would give up dancing altogether for my son if I had to.


Author's Notes:

I suppose I should explain why I used the dub names for Yu-Gi-Oh! instead of the original Japanese. It simply comes down to that the series feels like it's based out of California, not Japan. It is far too cosmopolitan in nature, and attitudes of certain characters are rather American. Certain Japanese aspects can be quickly explained away easily with Domino City having a high percentage of Japanese families.