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!WARNING! Tomoyo and almost all the girls in CCS or CC except for Sakura and Meilin are boys. So if I said “Tomoyo blushed while he saw Sakura yawn.” It is not Yoai! I just need more boys .
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By: B4U
Chapter 1: Dressing for More
I woke up that morning with a groan... man I so tried but my brother was going to a new school today. I crept downstairs to see if he was leaving. I know that my dad will be there to see him off. He only does that for him...him. Dad wanted to have two boy but got unlucky and got me...also mom died because of me. Touya my brother doesn't blame me but Dad dose and it counts. I feel so hurt and jealous when I see my Dad and my brother Touya having fun. Whenever I try something to impress him... it just makes it worse.
I went downstairs and hugged my brother.
“Take care Midget” said Touya.
I stepped on his foot and gave him a kiss.
“Bye Big Foot” I said but my Dad frowned. “sorry”
Touya lean over and whispered “I wished I could take you but it's only for boys.”
I smiled “It's ok.”
“I'll get it!” I said running to get the door.
When I open it I was given a bear hug as a greeting it only meant one thing...Tomoyo. He the best friend/cousin you'll ever want except for his hugs.
“How's my favorite cousin in the world!” he said with a huge smile.
“Dead” I said trying to get free form his gasp.
He laugh nervously and let go. Tomoyo always wanted a sibling and he doesn't care which gender, that's why I like him.
“Where's Mr. tall and protective?” said Tomoyo as he winked at me.
I laughed and directed him to Touya. He always said that about Touya. Ever since I met a boy (who was my neighbor) hes been protective of me. If he ever saw me near boy he would jump. Anyways Dad smiled and started talking to Tomoyo. I was about to go upstairs but then I heard the door bell again. I went to get it and saw a man.
“May I help you, sir” I asked politely.
“Yes little lady is there a Touya in the house?” he said.
I was about to answer when I heard Touya say.
“Coach?” said Touya.
“Touya” said the man.
I was left a little confused and my head started to hurt.
“Sakura go upstairs” ordered my Dad.
I was kind of angry to go upstairs but I did it. I went into my room and dropped on my bed.
“I wish I was a boy” I said to myself.
Suddenly I heard a YES and then a roar of cheers. I went back downstairs well really I went until I could see my brother, cousin, Dad and the man.
“Congratulations on making the team, Touya” Tomoyo said.
“Yup, I know!” said Touya with a huge smile.
“Are you happy Mr. Kinomoto” said the man.
“Yea, at least my boy is smart.” said my Dad.
I felt something hot on my checks...tears. There was a long pause and my brother was about to say something but Tomoyo beat him to it.
“Oh, look at the time! We should be going or our plane well leave before we get there.” said Tomoyo giving a small smile and then went straight to the door.
I went back to my room and looked out the window. Tomoyo's car was starting to pull away and I just waved. I don't know how but Tomoyo and Touya saw and waved back. I felt it again...tears. The only people who understood me were going away...where there gender ruled... an all boys school. I heard my Dad's voice and the other man. Then they were gone.
I stood next to the mirror and started to cry again...pathetic?
“If only I was a boy.” I started saying with a huge sigh. “Then I could belong in my Dad's world... to this world.”
Then I had idea but a crazy idea... why not cross-dress as a boy and show my Dad what I got. Even pretend to run away so it will work... well its kind of true but CRAZY!
I looked out the window and then I thought... OK I'll do it but I can take the chance to run away to die. It doesn't matter to my Dad if I'm alive or not... so why not. Then I thought of Tomoyo & Touya... wouldn't they be sad...nah. I would just be a pain in a neck for them and they're just being nice to me.
JUST DO IT!” said a voice.
WHO'S THERE” I said.
JUST DO IT” said the voice.
So I went to my brother's room and saw the things I needed.
I was ready to through with the plan and boy I really looked like a boy. I looked all the same but I had all an most bald head of hair. I had shorts and a t-shirt with a basketball on it. I had a difference name...duh but it was an anime name. (lol, I couldn't make one up so I took one form my favorite anime.) Also my letter and my form for the school. So I got my bag and put the letter to my Dad on the table. Then I left... because I must prove to the world that I was worth it and to my Dad.
To be continue...
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