Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Qin'Ai ❯ Every Love is Different ( Chapter 4 )

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Qin'Ai Part 4: Every Love is Different
A Card Captor Sakura Fanfic

"And sometimes you don't know who is in your heart...sometimes you close your eyes one night and a new face has replaced the one that's been haunting your dreams." She'd said.
"Sometimes...." Tomoyo had agreed, not looking up...

"I think I should go." She'd reached out a hand to touch Tomoyo's face gently.
"Do you?"
"I think it would be for the best..." She'd replied, but could not move. She'd been frozen in place by hair as black as midnight blowing in the wind. By inviting red lips on a pale face...She'd leaned forward to kiss those lips. Just briefly, just brushing them with her own. Once...twice...then Tomoyo had stepped forward, leaning up into the third kiss and putting her arms around her neck. She'd automatically put her arms around the other girl's waist, drawing her closer. Then lightning had flashed, and thunder had rolled with a deafening crash. Like the crack of a whip or the clap of a hand. Like a reprimand. Like someone condemning them for the stolen kiss. The start had sent her heart racing in terror. In the sudden realization that anyone could have seen the kiss. But more, so much her heart had ached as they lept out of the she longed for more...

Meilin opened her eyes with a sigh, and looked around her room. "Oh, Tomoyo...we've gotten ourselves into a terrible mess..."

Monday morning...

"Tomoyo! Tomoyo, wait up!" Sakura shouted after her friend.
"Oh, hi Sakura." Tomoyo smiled. "How are you?"
"I'm fine. I didn't hear from you yesterday. You okay?"
"Oh, yes. I was just editing together Meilin and my documentary." Tomoyo held up a tape. "I made a copy for you think she'll like it?"
"You two worked so hard on it, I'm sure she'll be happy to have a copy." Sakura blinked, not understanding why Tomoyo might think otherwise. "You didn't get home until really late that night. You two had Li and me really worried."
"We stayed until the very end, and then walked home." Tomoyo told her, and paused...

"I have to go." Meilin had turned and fled up the street.
"Meilin, wait!" She called, but her voice had been drowned out by thunder. "Wait...please..." She'd whispered desperately as the rain had fallen harder, blinding her vision and soaking her to the bone...

"Tomoyo?" Sakura broke through her memory.
"Yes?" Tomoyo asked.
"You okay?"
Tomoyo smiled. "Of course, why not?"
"You seemed sad for a moment.
"Oh, no." Tomoyo shook her head. "Just thinking about the dance night. About how perfect it was...We'd better hurry or we'll be late." With a smile that was meant to erase any doubt in what she'd said Tomoyo hurried into the school and Sakura followed her.

"You gonna talk to me?" Li asked Meilin as they approached the school gate.
"What about?" Meilin queried.
"About what's bothering you."
"Nothing's bothering me."
"Meilin....I've known you too long to believe that." Li told her. When she didn't say anything he pressed some more. "It's about Tomoyo, isn't it?"
"We'd better hurry or we'll be late." Was Meilin's reply.

"Hi, Sakura, Tomoyo." Chiharu greeted.
"Good morning."
"How's the documentary, Tomoyo?" Naoko queried.
"All finished." Tomoyo answered.
"So we can see it soon?" Chiharu asked.
"I'll make anyone a copy who wants one." Tomoyo promised.
"Cool." Naoko opinioned.
"Good morning everyone." Meilin greeted, pausing when she saw Tomoyo.
"Good morning." Sakura smiled.
Tomoyo stood up, smiling shyly. "I made you a copy of our documentary. She held out a cassette tape.
"You didn't have to." Meilin told her, reaching out to take it.
"I want to thank you...for everything." Tomoyo told her.
"Y-your welcome." Meilin stammered, hoping no one else could hear her heart pounding. Tomoyo smile. "Thank you for the dress." She bowed to hide the red creeping into her cheeks. "For everything." She added, pausing before she stood up.
"It was an honor." Tomoyo bowed. Meilin bowed again, hoping no one had seen the second blush that had flushed her face. That no one understood the depth of the conversation. The double meanings and hidden messages in their words.
"You two are way too formal." Chiharu opinioned.
"Yah, you should be high-fiving and hugging." Naoko smiled. "That's what I'd do if a project I'd worked on with someone finished well."
"To each their own." Rika cut off the conversation with her quiet statement.
The bell ran, and everyone ran for their seats. But Rika's words echoed in Meilin and Tomoyo's minds. It almost seemed that, unlike the others, Rika had understood their private conversation. And had given them her own opinion on the matter with her own hidden message.

"So, are we studying at my house tonight?" Sakura asked Tomoyo as they walked together after school.
"Sure." Tomoyo smiled.
"You seem happier than you were this morning." Sakura told her. "Was anythin on your mind?"
"...Yes, but it's all worked out just fine." Tomoyo replied. "Why don't we stop for ice cream?" She changed the subject quickly.

Meilin glanced up at the cloudy sky with a bright smile. 'An honor....she sait it was an honor. She thanked me - for everything...but does that mean it's over now?' She paused, the smile disappearing. 'One night? That's it? One night of dancing, or sharing thoughts and emotions we'd never shared with anyone...of kissing, and it's over? Or does she want to see me again? We promised to shoot another documentary together of the next dance, but that was before...what does it all man?' She glanced up at the sky. Full of clouds, and threatening more rain. 'Why can't love ever be simple? I've gone from loving someone who doesn't love me to loving someone who I don't understand the feelings of...' She froze at her own thoughts. "What did I just say? Do I love Tomoyo?"
"Meilin!" Li's voice called, and Meiln turned, surprised. "Remember me? The cousin you're living in the house of?" Li stopped, breathing heavily. "What did you take off so fast for?"
"...I didn't feel like being drenched again." Meilin excused quickly. "And besides, since when do we ever walk home together?"
"We used to."
"Ages ago. What's this all about?"
"I should be asking you that."
"I beg your pardon." Meilin took a step back.
"Something was bothering you yesterday and this morning. Then something happened that put you on cloud nine the rest of the day. And now your back to looking unhappy. Aren't you going to offer any kind of explanation?" LI queried, crossing his arms, and looking at her intently.
It was a gaze she'd never met in her life. A look that had brought the truth tumbling out in an instant thousands of times before. What had changed since the last time he'd used such a tactic? Meiling couldn't answer that question. All she knew was that she could suddenly meet the intense gaze, and not feel the need to explain herself.
"I appreciate your concern, Li. Really, I do. But this doesn't involve you, and I can't share it with you. Maybe I'll tell you about it later, when it's run it's course and I know one way or the other....Let's go get some ice cream." She grabbed his arm, smiling. 'I answered my own question. This isn't finshed. Far from. I have, WE have to work through this together. Tomoyo and I...'

"Li! Meilin!" Sakura called from where Tomoyo and her were seated.
"Chocolate." Meilin told him. "Cone."
"Hey!" Li complained as she started to walk away.
"Have I told you lately what a great cousing you are?" Meilin told him with a smile, before joining Sakura and Tomoyo.
"Hi." Sakura greeted.
"Good afternoon." Tomoyo added.
"What's going on?" Meilin asked them.
"We were going to study over at my place." Sakura replied. "Once we'd finished."
"Why don't you two join us?" TOmoyo suggested, her eyes on her ice cream cone.
"We could do that." Meilin smiled shyly at the other girl. "If you don't mind." She added, turning to Sakura.
"Not at all." Sakura assured her.
"Of course not." Tomoyo grinned.
"Well, I knew she wouldn't object to Li joining you." Meilin giggled.
Sakura blushed. "Very funny, you two."
"Chocolate. Cone." Li held out the mentioned ice cream.
"Thank-you." Meilin smiled, taking it.
"Uh-huh." Was Li's unenthusiastic reply. "What are we discussing?"
"Studying at Sakura's. You in?" Meilin queried.
"Did she invite us, or did you?"
"Tomoyo did."
"I don't mind." Sakura put in. Li looked over at her, and she smiled. A small blush appearing on both their faces.
"Or Tomoyo and I could study over at out place, so you two could study at Sakura's alone." Meilin suggested.
"Meilin!" Li protested.
"Why don't we all study together?" Saskura broke in, still blushing.
"Just a suggestion." Meilin shrugged. Tomoyo giggled, glancing at the other girl over her ice cream. Meilin gave her a bright smile, and TOmoyo returned it - her eyes dancing.

The hours ticked by in an occassionally frustrated, but mostly pleasant way. Sakura's living room was soon cluttered with books and paper, and for the most part the group failed to notice the passing of time. But when night began to fall, Li closed his book. "We should be leaving." He told Meilin.
"Must we?" Meilin queried, perching on the arm of the sofa next to Tomoyo.
"It is almost dinner time." Li pointed out.
"You could eat dinner here." Sakura offered. "Father's out of town, so I'd be alone if you all left."
"I'll stay." Tomoyo smiled.
"C'mon, Li. Where's the harm?" Meilin queried.
"I'll have to call the house and let them know." Li stood up.
"You can use the kitchen phone while I start dinner." Sakura stood up as well. "Teriyaki chicken okay with everyone?"
"That's fine." Meilin nodded.
"Sounds great." Tomoyo opinioned.
"Be right back." Li followed Sakura out of the room. Silence reigned for a moment after they'd left.
"Tomoyo..." Meilin began, but trailed off.
"Yes?" Tomoyo looked up at Meilin, who was still perched next to her on the arm of the couch.
"Are we still shooting that documentary next dance?"
"As long as you still want to." Tomoyo replied quietly
"I do." Meilin told her. "But...there's more to it now than that. Alot more....maybe I could come over to your place we can talk?"
Tomoyo nodded. "You'd be welcome anytime."
"Really?" Meilin's smile was relieved.
"Really." Tomoyo replied.
Meilin reached out a hand to touch Tomoyo's face lightly. "This probably isn't a very good idea."
"Probably not." Tomoyo answered as Meilin leanded down to kiss her. She could hear her heart poiunding in her ears as Meilin's lips touched hers. She sat up, leaning into the kiss, her hands reaching out to hold onto Meilin's shoulders. Meilin's one hand reached out to lay gently on Tomoyo's waist as she slipped her tongue into the other girl's mouth. Tomoyo intook a sharp breath, but she pressed closer as Meilin's tongue circled her mouth and slid against her own tongue. Meilin leanded down farther, her arm clenching around Tomoyo's waist and pulling her up against her. Tomoyo wrapped her arms around Meilin's neck as the kiss lengthened.
"Hey, you two, is boiled rice okay?" Sakura called. Meilin and Tomoyo pulled back, wiping their mouths. "Did you hear me?" Sakura appeared in the doorway.
"That sounds fine." Meilin told her.
"Perfect." Tomoyo agreed.
"Great." Sakura disappeared through the doorway again.
Tomoyo glaced up at Meilin and began to giggle. Meilin glanced downd at her. "What's so funny?
"Her face if she'd seen us."
"Imagine if Li had." Meilin replied, and began to giggle as well. Tomoyo reached out and took Meilin's hand in hers, her eyes shining. Meilin's eyes were just as bright.

It was Saturday when Meilin stopped off at Tomoyo's house. Mrs Daidouji was out, so Tomoyo's bodyguards led her into the house and told her where to find her...

Meilin took a deep breath before knocking on the door. "Come in, Meilin." Tomoyo told her softly.
Meilin entered slowly. "How did you know it was me?"
"My bodyguards told me you'd arrived." Tomoyo answered as Meilin closed the door. "Li's already gone to pick Sakura up?"
"Yes." Meilin walked slowly over to stand beside Tomoyo's chair and look out the window she sat next to. "Tomoyo..." Meilin began, but trailed off. Why was this so hard for her? She wondered.
"It's been a week." Tomoyo stood up, her eyes on the scenery outside the window. "Since our first kiss."
Meilin's gaze was also locked on the view outside the window. Is it a week? It doesn't seem that long."
"Or that short at the same time." Tomoyo added, glancing over. Meilin nodded. "You're nervous."
Meilin paused. "No..." She finally turned to face her. "Uncertain, but not nervous."
"What are you uncertain about?"
"Everything." Meilin reached out to caress Tomoyo's cheek. " said it yourself - this probably isn't a good idea."
"No, you said that. I just agreed."
"You didn't mean it?"
"Oh, I meant it..." Tomoyo took the ahold of the hand on her face, and pulled it away to hold it between both of hers. "Meilin, this won't be easy. I don't know what Sakura will think, or Li, or anyone..."
"But turning our back on what we've been feeling won't be any easier." Meilin put in. "And I don't think I could even if I wanted to...and I don't want to."
Tomoyo smiled, her grip on Meilin's hand tightning. "Neither do I...but pursuing this - "
"Won't be sasy." Meilin broke in. "I know. I know this could have all sorts of consequences...But I'm a fighter, Tomoyo. I never take the easy path." Her eyes wandered over the other girl's face, and she reached out a hand to run it through the smooth strands of her loose hair. "And my heart has always done just what it pleased."
Tomoyo leaned up to kiss Meilin's cheek. "Mine, too. we'll just take things slow." She pulled in their hands to rest against her collarbone, leaning her chin against them for a moment until a light brush of fingers against her cheek made her look up at the other girl. Meilin met her gaze, and nodded.

To Be Continued...


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