Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Qin'Ai ❯ As the Sky Wept Snow ( Chapter 5 )

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Qin'Ai Part 5: As the Sky Wept Snow
A Card Captor Sakura Fanfic

Meilin's visits to Tomoyo's place became part of her weekly schedule. They would sometimes talk for hours, holding hands or lying in eachother's embrace. THe winter dance came and went, and nobody questioned the time they spent in eachother's company. Did anyone suspect the stolen kisses and brief moments together? Rika's gentle smiles sometimes made them wonder. Neither Sakura or Li seemed to know, though both occaionally questioned their sudden closeness.
January came, and came to a close. But Febuary came, and would change everything...

"What do you want to do after you graduate?" Tomoyo asked Meilin. She lay with her back against her chest on the floor of her living room.
"I want to hone my martial arts skills." Meilin replied, reaching out to weave the fingers of her hands through Tomoyo's.
"For what?" Tomoyo was curious, closing her fingers over Meilin's.
"I want to open a dojo someday." Meilin explained.
"You want to teach martial arts?" Tomoyo turned to face her.
Meilin nodded. "It's always been my dream...what about you?"
"I don't know...there's lots of things I've always wanted to do...and someday I'll have to take over my mother's job." Tomoyo replied, thinking aloud.
"But what are some of the things you want to do?"
"...make a to all kinds of places all over the clothes...all sorts of things..."
"You can do anything." Meilin smiled.
"You're bias." Tomoyo replied.
"Yes I am." Meilin leaned over to kiss her. Footsteps approached the room, and they rolled away from eachother to pick up abandoned school work nearby.
Mrs Daidouji entered the room. "Good afternoon, girls."
"Hello, mother." Tomoyo sat up.
"Good afternoon, Mrs Daidouji." Meilin sat up and bowed.
"Will you be joining us for dinner, Meilin?" Tomoyo's mother asked pleasantly.
"Probably not." Meilin replied. "I'll be leaving within the hour."
"Too bad. Dinner will be really good tonight."
"I'd love to stay longer, but I promised my family to be home tonight." Meilin stated. "Maybe another time."
"Your welcome anytime."
"Thank-you so much." Meilin bowed again, catching Tomoyo's bright smile out of the corner of her eye.

"I'm home!" Meilin called pleasantly as she entered her house. No one replied. "Hello?" She walked farther in, entering the living room, only to freeze. Li sat across from Jibo Shu, and a slightly older chinese man. Meilin's lips curled into a sneer. "Wei Shu." Everyone turned. "Jibo, hen jiu bu jian le." She greeted the other visitor pointedly.
"Ni hao." Jibo greeted unenthusiastically.
"Meilin." Wei stood. "Hen jiu bu jian le."
"Shi le." Meilin replied simply.
"Ni hao ma?" Wei asked, an unpleasant smile curling his lips.
"Wo bu hao le." Meilin retorted.
"Charming." He crossed his arms.
"Perhaps you could come back another day." Li stood up.
"Why? When I am here now?" Wei asked him.
"Another day will be better." Li's statement was laced with a threat, and Meilin looked at him - startled.
"Tomorrow then. Afternoon. No later." That said he started for the door, pausing next to her. "Zaijian, Meilin" He smirked before walking past her.
An involuntary shiver ran down her spine as he left. Jibo rushed past her. "Zaijian, Jibo." She called after him. He paused to turn back, his eyes unhappy, but did not reply before following Wei out the door. When Li had closed the door, Meilin hurried to him. "What was Wei doing here? Why didn't Jibo reply? What's this all about?" She demanded.
Li didn't look at her for a moment as he picked up an envelope from the table and handed it to her. It was marked with both their names and was open. Meeting Li's gaze, she swallowed. This wasn't good news, she could already tell.

Later they sat on the living room couch, and she was still holding the letter. "What am I going to do?" She asked him.
"I don't know." Li replied honestly, his face grim.
"I have to figure something out by tomorrow afternoon or..."
Li watched as she stood up, still holding the letter. She folded it and put it back in the envelope. Her hands were shaking. "You could leave."
"Run away?" Meilin turned to look at him. "I can't!"
"Then what are you going to do?"
Meilin looked toward the window, where snow fell softly outside. "Don't wait up for me." She told him, walking toward the hallway.
"Where are you going?" Li asked her.
"Out." Was her only reply, not turning back.
"Meilin..." Li followed her into the hallway, but she was already out the door. "Meilin, your coat...!" He ran to the door to call after her, but she was nowhere in sight.

She wrapped her arms around herself as the snow fell thicklly around her. She didn't know where she was going or what she was going to do. She only knew she had to go somewhere. Her feet carried her on, turning corners that eventually led her to Tomoyo's house. She hesitated, then climbed a tree and lept over the wall, pulling something out of her pocket as she made her way toward the house.

Tomoyo sat in her room, brushing her hair casually, her mind wandering. An insistant beeping broke her train of thought. Putting down her brush she opened her vanity's top drawer. Inside was a large, mechanical locket. She pushed a button and it swung open. Words were already on the screen. 'I have to talk to!'
Tomoyo blinked, before typing back. 'Where are you?'
The reply was nearly instantaneous. 'Look out your window.'
Tomoyo frowned in confusion, and made her way over to one of her windows, pushing it open. Movement caught her eye. Down below Meilin looked up, her face tear-streaked and her eyes distraught. She had no coat or any guard against the cold and snow. "What's happened?" Tomoyo's voice came out a hoarse whisper, surprising even herself. She tried again. "What's wrong?? What -"
"Come down." Meilin held something up.
Tomoyo glanced to her door, then down at Meilin. Running to her wardrobe she pulled out a coat and cape, hurrying back to the window she tossed the latter at Meilin. "I'll be there in a moment." She promised, closing the window.

They sat outside, shadowed by trees around them. Tomoyo finished the letter and put it back in its envelope, not saying a word. "He'll be back tomorrow afternoon." Meilin told her. Tomoyo nodded, not speaking. "Li thinks I should leave. Run away."
Meilin stood up. "I can't run away." There was no reply from the other girl. "I can't! It's the act of a coward! And Meilin Li is no coward!"
"...What are you going to do then...marry him?"
"I don't know."
"Would you?"
"Would I what?"
"Marry him."
"...I don't know." Meilin turned away. "I don't know what to do. I don't want to..."
"Don't you?"
"How can you ask that?" When Tomoyo said nothing again, she knelt down next to her. "Tomoyo, say something...Tomoyo?"
"Then why can't you just say no?"
"Wei would cause problems for the family if -"
"You don't marry him?"
"If I don't give a good enough reason to turn him down."
"And love isn't good enough? Or aren't you in love?" Tomoyo's voice was frighteningly quiet.
"Tomoyo, you know I love you."
"Then why can't you tell him that?"
"Because he'll demand to meet them!" She stood, turning away. "Tomoyo, try to understand. You can't....Tomoyo?" She trailed off when the other girl rose, and began walking away. "Tomoyo!" She ran after her. She did not stop, or acknowledge her presence. "Where are you going?"
"To bed."
"Goodnight, Meilin." Tomoyo's voice was empty of any emotion. She walked away without looking back. Meilin was too startled by the sound of her voice to stop her as she disappeared around the corner of the house.
New tears sprang into her eyes, and she turned and sprinted to the wall, flipping over it and kept running. The night was late when she made it home, but Li was still waiting for her. She stood in the hallway across from him, not saying a word. He said nothing, but reached over and pulled her against him. When Meilin began to sob into his shoulder he opened his mouth to say something, decided against it, and simply held her as she cried.

Tomoyo sat in her room, watching the tape of Meilin and her dancing. Tears rolled down her face and she wrapped her arms around herself discontentedly...

To Be Continued...

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