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Qin'Ai Prologue: Liu
A Card Captor Sakura Fanfic

This is a Meilin/Tomoyo *yuri* fanfic that I never intended to write. I was in the middle of another Meilin fanfic, and was in the middle of two other non-CCS fanfic. But I'd just seen some CCS episodes, and re-read the 2nd CCS manga. I read some CCS fanfic and discovered - at that time - no M/T fanfics. Read some more CCS fanfics, saw some episodes of another anime that started the gears moving in my head....And before I knew it, I had a fic. I wasn't sure whether to put it up at first, but I'm pretty proud of it, so here it is. Hope everyone likes it.


She stood at the shrine's wall. Her long, black hair pulled up into a traditional style. How long had it been? One year? Two? How old was she now? Twelve...she was as beautiful as ever. "Meilin!" She called.
Meilin turned, her gold eyes searching. They fell upon the dainty girl with cropped black hair who sat on a stone bench about twenty feet away. "Liu!" She called a greeting, and ran to embrace the other girl who was maybe a year older than her.
"Meilin. Hen jiu bu jian le." Liu stated, returning the hug - but not standing as one might expect when greeting an old friend.
"Wo renshi." Meilin replied, standing back. "You look so good. Where's your wheelchair?"
"Down at the bottom of the steps." Liu replied.
"You walked up here?" Meilin was excited. Liu shook her head shyly. "Magic, eh?...well, I wouldn't know about that..."
"You don't need magic. You're perfect without it." Liu's smile was warm.
"You're bias." Meilin replied. "Shall we go get something to eat and catch up?"
Liu nodded. "Yes, I can't wait to hear about your trip to Japan....but, Meilin...I wanted to say, before we went...because it's the first time we've met since it happened. I'm sorry. About Li and yours engagement being broken."
"It's nothing." Meilin tried to shrug it off.
"It's everything. It isn't isn't fair. You deserve better."
"Li never loved me....not the way I wanted him to. It's better this way." Meilin replied.
"I still think it wasn't fair to you." Liu told her.
"You're very sweet, Liu." Meilin smiled. "You're the best friend anyone could ask for...Shall I carry you down the stairs?"
Liu nodded, hoping Meilin didn't see the twinge of disappointed in her eyes. 'The best friend anyone could ask for...what was I expecting her to say? I'll always be a friend to her...just a friend..."
Meilin picked Liu up. "Have you been better lately?" She asked, heading for the stone staircase. "Have the pains been less frequent?"
" some ways..." Liu answered vaguely.
"You feel lighter, have you been eating enough?"
"As much as I can."
",,,you seem healthier. I'm sure you'll get better soon." Meilin made her way down the last steps to place Liu gently in the wheelchair that sat waiting.
"Yes...soon I'm sure I'll be fre from pain." Liu replied quietly. "Let's go eat, Meilin..."

Meilin entered the dim room quietly. "Liu?"
Liu lay on her bed, looking pale - her face thin and feverish. But a smile came to her lips when she saw Meilin. "Meilin...Hen jiu bu jian le."
"Yi nian." Meilin hugged her friend gently. "Ni jian hao."
"Qing zuo ba."
"Xie-xie." Meilin sat down next to her. "How have you been?"
"Tired all the time." Liu confessed. "I sleep more than I'm awake now."
"You probably need the rest to recover." Meilin replied. Liu smiled genty, but did not answer. "You will get better."
"I've missed you." Liu told her. "So much. Seeing you now, erases all the pain."
"Liu?" Meilin knelt beside the bed as tears rolled down Liu's cheecks. "Don't cry. Everything's alright." Meilin brushed the tears away, but more followed. Liu grabbed her hand and held it to her face.
"Oh, Meilin. I wish I had more time. You'll be so unhappy..."
"Don't talk like that! You'll be fine. You've gotta be strong."
"I wish I could be as strong as you. You're never afraid."
"Yes, I am. I'm terrified sometimes. Mostly about losing people I care about."
"You have such a deep heart." Liu whispered.
"Liu, I -"
"I wrote a poem for you." Liu reahed for a folder on her nightstand. Meilin handed it to her. "Shifen ganxie." She opened it and pulled out a paper. "Here, read it."
Meilin took the sheet carefully. "For me?"
"It isn't very good."
"Mei lin.
Mei xin.
Mei zhanshi.
Wo ai ni...

Ni meili.
Ni xin wo baowei.
Yinwei wo ai ni.

Wo ai ni..." Meilin read haltingly. "Liu?" She looked at the other girl, tears in her eyes. "Liu...I - "
"If I could give you all my magic, I would." Liu sat upm grabbing her hand. "When we were children, I'd watch you at the shrine. Praying and pleading with our ancestors to give you magic. I'd give you all mine if I could, if I could make that dream come true for you - " Liu began coughing violently.
"Liu!" Meilin held onto the other girl. "Easy...lie down, you shouldn't get so excited." She helped her lie down.
"I would, if I could..." Liu whispered again.
"Oh, Liu...I know. It's alright."
"Will you be alright without me?" Liu asked quietly.
"Liu, please don't..."
"Meilin, listen to me. There's something I have to tell you now. About a vision I had about you years ago. About a fight...a terrible fight you were in...or will be in...or..."
"Liu, you need to rest." Meilin cut in gently.
"No! Listen!" Liu exclaimed.
"I Am listening!"
"It's a terrible fight. It'll test all your could lose, but you Mustn't. Your happiness is riding on this fight. You Must Win." Liu's face contorted with pain.
"Liu? Liu!" Meilin ran to the door throwing it open. "Help! Help! Someone!!" Footsteps pounded up the hallway as Meilin ran back to the other girl's side. "Liu!! LIU!!!!"

Meilin opened her eyes to look in the mirror as she finished running a brush through the ends of her hair. She was dressed in Upper Secondary uniform. Someone knocked on her door.
"Meilin!" Li called through the door.
"It's coming!" Meilin called back. Putting down her brush, she stood up - pickiung up her school bag. She paused, looking over at a picture on her nightstand of Liu and her. 'Liu, I miss you so much, and you've been gone for years...four years...' She looked at the poem Liu had written her where it hung framed on her wall above the nightstand. 'I never realized how much of a comfort having you to talk to was. And what about the fight you spoke of? You said at the time you had the vision years ago, but how many Is the fight still to come or is it finished? Was it the Fight Card battle? That was a terrible fight I lost. And by losing it, lost Li. I knew it then, that the only chance I had of not losing him to Sakura was to defeat a card...and the Fight card was my best Only chance. So that could fit your vision...depending on when you had it. But you died the day we spoke...I never learned the details of that vision, and now...'
"Meilin!" Li called again.
"Coming!" With a sigh she opened the door, glancing back one last time. "I miss you, Liu."

To Be Continued...

Short beginnings are becoming my specialty, aren't they? And where's Tomoyo? Hold on, she's coming up soon.



Hen jiu bu jian le --- I haven't seen you in awhile
Wo renshi - I know
Yi nian - One year
Ni jian hao - You look well
Qing zuo ba - Please, sit.
Xie-xie - A casual form of Thank-you
Shifen ganxie - Thank you very much

No, I'm not translating my pathetic poem. :p