Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Qin'Ai ❯ The Documentary ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Qin'Ai Part 1: The Documentary
A Card Captor Sakura Fanfic

"Hey, Sakura, wait up." Tomoyo hurried up to Sakura, who stood outside the school gate.
"Hi, Tomoyo." Sakura smiled.
"Has Li asked you to the dance yet?" Tomoyo queried.
"But it's only a few days away."
"I know. He'll probably ask me today." Sakura was unaffected. "Are you going?"
"Probably. If only to record it all on tape." Tomoyo smiled.
"We can get ready at my house." Sakura suggested.

"Have you asked Sakura to the dance yet?" Meilin asked Li.
"No." Li admitted.
"You really shouldn't wait until the last minute so much." Meilin lectured.
"Are you going?"
"...I don't know."
"I know you've been asked."
"Yah...but...I'm not that interested." Meilin shrugged it off. "Ask Sakura today, okay?" She smiled as they reached the school gate.
"Boy, you're pushy today."
"You know you wanna ask her. You two are going steady...,at a snail's pace, but going steady."
"Very amusing."
"See you later." She rushed off.
"Hi, Li." Takeshi greeted.
"Good morning." Li replied.
"Have you asked Sakura to the dance yet?"
Li sighed.

"Has Li asked you to the dance yet?" Chiharu asked Sakura as she and Tomoyo took their seats. <The question on everyone's mind...>
"No, but he'll probably ask her today." Tomoyo answered.
"Hey, I can speak for myself...No, but he'll probably ask me today." Sakura laughed, and the others joined her.
"Takeshi asked me two weeks ago." Chiharu told her.
"What about you, Naoko?" Tomoyo queried.
"I'm going." Naoko replied with a big smile.
"The guy I'm not supposed to say the name of because I teased her about him too much asked her yesterday." Chiharu supplied.
"Thanks, Chiharu." Naoko told the other girl.
"Your welcome."
"What about you, Rika?" Sakura asked.
"I'm not going." Rika answered. "I have...other plans." Sakura nodded her understanding.
"Have you been asked, Tomoyo?" Naoko queried.
"No, but I'm going anyway." Tomoyo replied. "I'll get lots of footage of all of you." She promised.
"That just leaves Meilin." Sakura mentioned. "Is she going?"
"I don't know." Naoko admitted. "Do you?" She asked Chiharu.
"I know she's gotten offers to take her." Chiharu replied.
"Well, here she comes now." Tomoyo spoke up.
"Hey, Meilin!" Sakura waved.
"Good morning." Meilin came over.
"Are you going to the dance?"
", I don't think so."
"Why not?" Tomoyo asked.
"I know you've been asked." Chiharu put in.
"Yah, but I'm no interested...well, I am, but...I don't want to go with..." Meilin explained slowly.
"I'm not going with anyone either." Tomoyo spoke up. "If you come, you can hang out with me."
Meilin relaxed. "Sure, I'll even interview people for the documentary you're bound to make on it." She smiled.
Tomoyo giggled. "Okay."
"You should start the interviews today." Chiharu told her.
"Yah, ask everyone their feelings on the dance." Naoko put in.
"Okay, interviews start at lunchtime." Tomoyo agreed.
Li and Takeshi entered; Sakura and Chiharu turned to wave. "Hey, Meilin. Is Li asking Sakura to the dance today?" Chiharu asked.
"You guys..." Sakura lectured.
"If he doesn't I'll beat him up for her." Meilin promised. "Always making you wait until the last possible moment. It's so rude."
"I don't mind." Sakura admitted.
"That's only because you're used to it." Chiharu replied.
"She knows he'll ask her so she just prepares even though he may not ask her until the day before." Tomoyo added.
"Aw, come on you guys. He asked me three days before the last dance." Sakura objected.
"Wow, three days. Must be a record." Chiharu teased.
"There's four days left until the dance. If he asks her it will be a new record." Naoko spoke up.
"One of these days he may even ask her a whole week before." Meilin put in..
"If this keeps up, you'll have to set a date for the wedding before he proposes." Rika added.
"Rika!" Sakura blushed. The girls all laughed, and Sakura joined them.


Tomoyo's camera focused in on Naoko and Meilin. "Interview time!" She announced.
Meilin held up a chopstick like a microphone. "Tell us, Naoko, have you been asked to the dance?" She asked in a reporter voice.
"Yes, I have." Naoko replied, trying not to giggle.
"Tell us a little about the boy who asked you and why you agreed to go with him." Meilin held out her chopstick to Naoko, who began giggling despite her efforts not to.
"Well, he's very gentle, and very sweet. And he's into all the same books and tv shows that I am. So I figured we'd have alot to talk about. And I've always wanted to go to a dance with someone like him."
"Have you bought your dress yet?"
"No, I'm shopping this afternoon."
"Please telll us what you want your dress to look like. What style are you looking for?"
"Oh, I want something fairytale-ish with chiffon and a full skirt."
"Thank-you, Naoko." Meilin spoke into her chopstick, making Nakao giggle again. "Let's move on to Chiharu. Chiharu, there's a rumor that your date for the dance asked you two weeks ago, is that true?"
"Yes, it is." Chiharu replied. "Not even a full week after the dance was announced."
"Incredible. Tell us about your date."
"He's my boyfriend, and we've been goind steady for over nine years."
"Even more incredible. Have you bought your dress?"
"Yes, I bought it last week."
"Will you describe it for us, only a little since we don't want to ruin the secret for everyone."
Chiharu smothered a laugh, and stole Meilin's chopstick. "I'm wearing a yellow dress. It's a mini-skirt, and has long sleeves."
Meilin grabbed her chopstick back. "Thank-you, Chiharu. Rika, are you going to the dance?:"
"No." Rika answered.
"'re not??...I mean, why not?" Meilin dropped her reporter speech momentarily before starting back up again. Chiharu and Naoko burst into laughter.
"I have other plans." Rika kept her composure.
"Will you tell us about them?"
"No comment." Rika answered, sending Chiharu and Naoko into another fit of laughter.
"What about you Reporter Li?" Naoko grabbed up one of her own chopsticks.
Chiharu followed suit. "You had been asked to the dance by many boys, so why did you choose to go alone?"
"Uh...I guess I just wasn't interested in any of them romantically." Meilin answered.
"I see." Naoko said.
Chiharu scooted closer. "Why is that, Reporter Li?"
"Well...I guess I wanted a stronger guy...As a martial artist I really am not interested in men I could easily defeat in a martial arts match...I guess."
"But you are going to the dance?" Naoko pushed into the camera shot.
"What will you wear?" Chiharu pushed back in front.
"Probably a traditional chinese gown." Meilin answered. "Let's interview the camera operator!" She grabbed Tomoyo's camcorder and turned it on the other girl.
"No, no, no. I work behing the scenes." Tomoyo objected.
"Too late, you're being interviewed." Meilin focused it on her.
"Tomoyo, are you going to the dance?" Naoko jumped in.
"Yes." Tomoyo replied.
"Have you been asked by anyone?"
"No, I am going alone."
"Tomoyo, do you suppose boys may be intimidated by your great wealth and the knowledge you are heir to the Daidoiuji Empire?" Chiharu lept in.
"I suppose that's possible." Tomoyo admitted.
"What will you wear?" Naoko asked.
"Probably something rather professional looking." Tomoyo replied.
"Would you go with one of the boys from the school if they asked you?" Chiharu broke in.
"That depends on which one asked."
"Where's Sakura? She's next." Meilin handed Tomoyo her camera back.
"Over there." Naoko pointed. "Oh, Li just approached her!"
"He did?" Melin looked over. Grabbing up her chopstick she lept back in front of the camera. "This reporter has just been informed that Syaoron Li has just approached Sakura Kinomoto. This could be the long awaited moment of Syaoran finally asking his girlfriend to the dance." She stepped back, allowing Tomoyo to focus on Li and Sakura. "Why don't we tip-toe quietly over tehre and see if we can capture this moment on tape?"
"Great idea." Tomoyo lept up and together they hurried off to follow Li and Sakura.
"I think they're having more fun than we are, and we're the ones who have a date for the dance." Chiharu mentioned to Naoko.
"Meilin makes a great reporter." Naoko opinioned.
Rika did not join the conversation. She looked after Meilin and Tomoyo with a thoughtful expression. Slowly she smiled gently and turned back to her food.

"Yes, Li? Sakura looked up at him.
Tomoyo and Melin crouched down to stay hidden as Tomoyo focused her camera in. "Is he going to ask her." Tomoyo whispered.
"He's trying." Meilin replied.
"Sakura, I..." Li paused, blushing.
"Yes, Li?" Sakura looked up, blushing as well.
"I was wondering...I was, about..."
"About what?" Sakura sat down.
"About the dance." Li got out.
"Does it always take him this long?" Tomoyo asked.
"I'm surprised he's gotten this far this quickly." Meilin answered.
"What about the dance?" Sakura smiled.
"Are you going?" Li asked her.
"That depends."
"On what?"
"If you are asking me."
"Yes...I mean, I do. I am, rather...well, what I mean is...Sakura...What I'm asking is."
"Is?" Sakura prompted.
"Will you go to the dance with me?"
"Yes, Syaoran." Sakura replied.
Li relaxed. "Good."
Sakura stood up and kissed him on the cheek. "Let's go eat lunch." They walked off hand and hand.
"And there you have it." Meilin whispered.
"You don't have to whisper, they're gone." Tomoyo whispered.
"I know." Meilin whispered again. Tomoyo shut off her camera.
"You alright?"
"Yes, of course. Why wouldn't I be?" Meilin queried.
"You love him."
"And you love her."
"I do." Tomoyo nodded.
"And we helped get them together."
"We did."
"Which makes us either really great friends...or really big morons." Meilin looked over at Tomoyo sadly.
"They love eachother." Tomoyo told her. "They're happy together."
"Which should make us why do I feel just the opposite?" Meilin asked her.
"It'll pass." Tomoyo assured her.
"How can you be sure?"
"Because begrudging them eachother won't make us any happier."
"...someone once told is about giving. That if you truly love someone you'd give them all your happiness if you could."
"Who told you that?" Tomoyo queried.
"A girl I knew once...called Liu..."

To Be Continued...