Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Qin'Ai ❯ The Dance ( Chapter 2 )

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Qin'Ai Part 2: The Dance
A Card Captor Sakura Fanfic

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4 Days Later...

"I'm going!" Li called up.
"Wait, I'm coming!" Meilin ran down the stairs in a green flowered chinese gown. She wore beads in her hair, and carried a purse decorated with ying/yang symbols.
"Why are you coming to Sakura's house?"
"Tomoyo and I are meeting up there. We're filming a documentary on the dance." Meilin answered.
"A documentary?" Li repeated.
"Mm-hmmm." She nodded. "Tomoyo calls it Decadence and Delight. We started it days ago, interviewing everyone. It's been fun."
"If you say so..."

"I'm sorry, Tomoyo. Really, I am. I didn't know." Sakura sighed as she finished her hair. "But I bought this dress for Li, and asked him to wear colors to match...I didn't realize you'd sewn me one."
"It's alright, Sakura." Tomoyo managed a smile as she looked at the greene chinese gown with dragons on it Sakura was wearing. "You look lovely. Li will love you in it."
"Thanks, Tomoyo. For everything." Sakura hugged her friend as the doorbell ran. "That'll be Li and Meilin." She ran out of the room to go answer it.
Tomoyo paused to finger the lace on the skirt of the pink gown that hung on a hook on Sakura's closet door. It had a heart-shaped solid top, but a high collar and long sleeves all of lace. A lace overskirt was pulled up in a drape effect, topped off by bows. "You would have looked beautiful..."

Meilin froze when she saw Sakura's dress. She looked down at her own green chinese gown and bit her lip. "Oh, Meilin!" Sakura paused, seeing her.
Meilin saw Sakura's wide eyes and Li's nervous look. "Oh, I knew I should've warn the blue one." She smiled. "I'll go back and change."
"Oh, no, Meilin, don't worry. I can change." Sakura offered.
"No, no. You and Li match so well with that gown...I really wated to wear the blue one. But so many of the girls were talking about wearing blue..." She shrugged. "I'll run up and tell Tomoyo I want to go change. I'll catch up to you later." She ran up the steps. Li looked after her suspiciously.

"Tomoyo!" Meilin ran into Sakura's room. "I have to...oh! How beautiful..." She paused to admire the gown Tomoyo had sewn for Sakura.
"Meilin, you're dress-" Tomoyo began.
"Yes, I know. I have to go change...after buying a blue chinese gown at one of the shops."
Tomoyo paused. "You don't have another dress?"
"No, but I told Li and Sakura I did." Meilin smiled sheepishly.
"I have an idea..."

"Let me take a picture of you two." Mr Kinomoto smiled pleasantly at Li and Sakura, who were waiting in the living room.
"Sure." Sakura smiled, scooting closer to Li. After her father had taken a few pictures, Tomoyo came down the steps.
"I'm going to stay with Meilin." She informed them. "Why don't you two run ahead?"
"Are you sure?" Sakura asked her, standing up.
"Yes, go on. We'll be there soon." Tomoyo promised.
"If you're sure..." Sakura lingered.
Li stood up, and nodded. "We'll see you there."
"Have fun." Tomoyo smiled, watching as they left. "Mr. Kinomoto, is it okay if Meilin and I stay here for a little while?"
"Of course it is." He replied.
"I have to make a few adjustments to Meilin's dress..."

Well Over an Hour Later...

"Is your camera ready?"
"Ready. Got your microphone?"
"Yes, is so cool. I actually get to interview with a mic instead of a chopstick."
"Here we are."
"Let's go! Thanks for the ride, Mrs Daidouji."
"Thank-you, mother." Tomoyo bowed after she'd climbed out of the car. She was dressed in a black sleeveless gown that came to the floor, and wore a dark blue shawl around her shoulders. She carried her video camera and a blue purse large enough to place the treasured item safely in.
"I'll send the car around after the dance is finished." Tomoyo's mother promised.
"Not for me, thank-you. I always walk home to wear out my extra energy." Meilin climbed out of the car. She wore the pink gown Tomoyo had made with some slight adjustments. The sleeves were gone and the main skirt was pulled up in the drape style like the lace overskirt was. The beads were gone from her hair, replaced by bows that had once been on the skirt, but had been removed.
"I'll walk home with her, if that's alright." Tomoyo told her mother.
Mrs Daidouji paused, studying the two girls. Then she smiled. "I hope you two enjoy yourselves." She told them.
"Xie-xie ni." Meilin bowed.
"Thank-you again, Mother." Tomoyo said as she shut the car door. They waved as the car drove off, then she turned to Meilin. "Ready?"
"I am." Meilin twirled. "I am completely ready. Thank-you for for letting me wear this gown, Tomoyo."
"I should be thanking you for wearing it." Tomoyo smiled.
"I adore it." Meilin told her, doing another turn and running up the walkway. "Let's hurry!

The music could be heard outside the room where the dance was being held, even though the doors were shut. "Wait! Let's do an intro." Tomoyo stopped Meilin before she entered.
"Oh, okay." Meilin held up her mic, turning so her back was to the doors. Tomoyo moved back so she could she the doors behind Meilin in her camera.
"Ready, and...go!"
"We're standing just outside the dance room, where the dance started slightly over an hour and a half ago.. You can hear the music from the room, and we're very anxious to enter and get our first look at the decorations and general outlay of the dance hall. We will be interviewing those we interviewed before the dance, and we hope to find them enjoying themselves..." Meilin turned, took a deep breath, and opened the door.
As they entered alot of the students turned to look at them, many of them pausing to stare. Multi-colored lights shone arouond the room and in the middle a group was dancing to an upbeat J-Pop song.
"Meilin! Tomoyo!" Chiharu approached, with Takeshi in tow.
Good evening, Chiharu." Tomoyo greeted.
"Evening." Meilin smiled.
"Meilin, where'd you get that dress?" Chiharu asked.
"Tomoyo sewed it." Meilin replied, executing a turn.
"What happened to your traditional chinese gown?"
"Got bored with it. And Tomoyo had this one, so..." Meilin shrugged.
"I think she looks very pretty." Tomoyo opinioned.
"So do you." Meilin told her automatically.
"You both do." Chiharu smiled. "Right?" She nudged Takeshi.
"Not as beautiful as you." Takeshi stated.
"Hmmm....I think that' s one of your tales, but I'll forgive you for it."
"On that note." Meilin whipped up her microphone and Tomoyo hastily trained the camera on them. "Chiharu, Takeshi. Tell us, in your opinion has the dance been enjoyable?"
"Definately." Chiharu replied.
"I'd call it a great success." Takeshi stated.
"I find it odd that so few people are on the dance floor." Meilin continued. "Do you?"
"The dance did start almost two hours ago." Chiharu pointed out.
"Did you know that in France during the reign of Louis the XIV if a couple dared to dance before the king and queen did they could be executed?" Takeshi broke in.
A drip appeared on Meilin's head. She turned to Chiahaur. "Is that a tall tale?"
"No." Chiharu told her.
Meilin paused. "Are you sure?"
"I'm positive."
"Tomoyo! Meilin!" Sakura called.
"Hi!" Meilin turned to wave. "Oh!" She turned back. "More to come." She spoke into her microphone. Tomoyo paused the tape.
"Have fun you two!" Chiharu told them.
"You, too." Tomoyo told her as they parted ways and Sakura and Li made their way through the crowd to them.
"What happened to your blue chinese gown?" Li asked pointedly.
"I liked this one better." Meilin replied.
"You never had one, did you?"
"I do like this one." Meilin smiled innocently. Li looked at her suspiciously.
"I hope you don't mind..." Tomoyo trailed off when she saw Sakura was studying Meilin.
"Not at all." Sakura replied. "We were worried about how long you were taking."
"A few adjustments..." Tomoyo told her.
"...Mrs Daidouji gave us a ride...." Meilin told Li.
"...And I changed the skirt..." Tomoyo was explaining to Sakura.
"We were going to dance." Li said.
"Not without giving us an interview." Meilin held up her mic, and Tomoyo whipped out her camera.

"Thank-you, Naoko!" Meilin called after the other girl as she walked away on the arm of a tall teenage boy. "This has been so much fun, hasn't it?" Meilin asked Tomoyo.
"It has." Tomoyo agreed. "This documentary was a great idea. It's been a perfect night."
"Except no-one's asked me to dance." Meilin sighed. "Not even Li. You think he could be nice and aske me since he's my cousin, after all."
"We've been busy." Tomoyo pointed out.
"Yah...but still..."
"No one's asked me either." Tomoyo stated.
Meilin paused. "Well, will you dance with me?" She asked smiling.
"Sure." Tomoyo smiled in return.
"Mean it?"
"If you do."
"...yes, I do." Meilin nodded.
"So do I." Tomoyo's smile widened.
"Well, let's go." Meilin grabbed her hand as the song ended.
"Melin, Tomoyo..." Li began as Sakura and he approached.
"Here." Meilin handed him her microphohne.
"Hold this for me, please." Tomoyo gave Sakura her camera as they hurried onto the dance floor. A fast song came over the speakers, and they slipped in among a mix of couples and solo dancers, perfectly in time with the music and eachother.
"Wow." Sakura held up the camera, and hit record. "They're amazing together."
Li did not reply, but watched Meilin and Tomoyo carefully, his gaze very serious.
The other dancers on the floor began to step back, watching Meilin and Tomoyo in awe. "Hey, grab on." Meilin held out her hands to Tomoyo, who took them in her own. They began to spin, faster and faster as the music sped up. "Hold tight." Meilin told her, before swinging Tomoyo completely off her feet for two revolutions. Setting her down she let go - sending her twirling off as the song ended. The crowd that had gathered to watch them clapped appreciatively, startling them. Blushing slightly, they bowed before slipping off the dance floor to join Li and Sakura.
Sakura paused the tape before handing the camera back to Tomoyo. That was great." She told them.
"That was fun." Meilin laughed. "But it attracted quite a crowd."
"Maybe because you were showing off." Li suggested.
"Who, me?" Meilng asked innocently.
"We were thinking of leaving early." Sakura mentioned. "Will you be walking with us?"
"No, I think I want to stay longer." Tomoyo replied.
"Me too." Meilin stated. "But you two go ahead."
"See you two later." Sakura hugged them.
"Don't stay out too late." Li told Meilin.
Meilin rolled her eyes. "Yes, Li." She replied tolerantly, earning a glare from her cousin as he and Sakura left.
"Let's get some more interviews." Tomoyo suggested.
"Alright, then let's see if we can get the DJ to play a song we can Parapara to." Meilin suggested, her hands moving through some motions casually.

To Be Continued...


Xie-Xie Ni = Thank-you.