Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ Tomoeda! ❯ chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5
Sakura's doorbell rang at 6.30 pm.
“Welcome, Syaoran!” Sakura smiled radiantly.
“You are...s-so pretty!” Syaoran looked puzzled as he saw Sakura, she was wearing a pink Kimono with small white cherry blossom petal as pattern.
“Thank you!” Sakura blushed.
“Pink is the most suitable for Sakura,” Tomoyo wore the yellow one. She was very pretty, too.
“You are beautiful!” Syaoran complimented.
“Thank you,” Tomoyo said. “But if we are not hurry, we will late.”
7.00 pm in room 707.
Sak went out her room in white Kimono with azure pattern making other people was full of admiration.
“Sak, you are so beautiful!”
“Thank you very much, Mokona-chan!”
“Let's go!” Sya urged. “We are late!”
7.30 pm, in Tsukimine shrine
At this time, the shrine was full of people. Many nosh, drink and game booths were opened.
“I haven't ever joined a large festival like this.” Sak acclaimed.
“Sak, Sakura! Look at me!” Tomoyo called out and raised her camcorder.
“ Let's enter shrine for praying!” Sakura suggested.
“Now we write our wishes in this paper and pray sincerely then we hang it on one of those small bamboo sprays and our wish will be become truth,” Tomoyo expounded.
All of them took a paper except Fye and Kurogane.
“Why do you not write?” Sak asked.
“ I do not believe in praying. My wishes only come true by myself.” Kurogane replied.
“So do I.” Fye smiled.
“Although our wishes don't come true by God but I think if we have faith, it'll be better.” Tomoyo looked at Kurogane and smiled. Her eyes and smile made him remember princess Tomoyo.
` She is really like my princess.' He thought that.
“Write it yourself!” Fye smiled. It seemed that he never gave his smile off his face.
“Hey Sak! What's you wish?” Sakura asked.
“I hope all of them are safe and happy, especially Sya.”
“You're really care about him, don't you?” Sakura continued.
“Ah, I... I... He always take care of me. He also get over many difficulties without hesitation to find my Feathers. Definitely, I care about him.” Sak said hastily as if she wanted to explain something.
“ And you? Are Syaoran and... you very close?” Sak asked.
“Uh! Syaoran is the person whom I love most. He always protect me and be beside me when I'm sad.” Sakura reminisced when she was lovelorn with Yukito, she leaned on Syaoran's shouder and cried.
“Hey! Do you two want to see the booths?” Syaoran interrupted her thought.
“Of course. Let's go!” Sakura hastily said.
All of them strolled the booths and joined in all games. They seemed joyful.
“It's 10.00pm. We should come back home!” Sakura said.
“Oh! Is it that late?” Sak did not believed in her ears.
“Yes. It's 10.00pm.” Kurogane told. “We must come back now.”
After that, they said good bye. Tomoyo was picked up by her women bodyguards, Sya's group came back the hotel and, obviously, Syaorao went with Sakura. When Sya saw Sakura and Syaoran were hand in hand, he had got a sad expression.
`Syaoran is so happy! If I... No, I'm willing to paid price for princess's life. But... but I wish I could live like Syaoran and Sakura even for a short, really short time. They are very happy. No, your stupid! Princess is alive, it's the best. I only want to stand by her although she do not remember me. It's enough!'
“ Sya, let's sleep! Don't be silly.”
“Hello, it's me. Is everything alright? - Mr.Fujitaka asked.
“ Yeah.” - Touya replied.
“ Where is Sakura? I want to speak to her!”
“She go to the shrine with her friends.”
“Uhm, care about her. I will come back soon. I'm going to go further into that ancient shrine. It's like a maze.”
“Be careful, otou-san!!”
“I know. Good night, my son. Giving my best regards to Sakura.”
“Yes, of course. Good night, dad!
8:00 pm, the next day
Reng... Reng... Reng...
“Hello, Kinomoto Residence. I'm Touya Kinomoto.”
“Yes. My name's Takashi Matsuo, I am Mr. Kinomoto's colleague.”
“Oh, hello. What's the matter?”
“I'm calling to inform you about Mr.Kinomoto. He went to explore the shrine in the morning today but... but we can't contact with him now.
“You mean...”
“Yes, he has been missing. We are so sorry.”
Touya panicked, he turned around. Sakura had dropped the plate which she held in hand.
“Thank you. We will go there soon,” Touya hung up the telephone.
“Calm down, Sakura!”
“Was there anything bad happened to him, hasn't it?” - She hiccupped.
“I believe he has been safe. I promise he will come back safely. We have to prepare for us to go there now. Don't worry, OK?”
“Yes.” - Sakura did not stop crying.
15 minutes later, Syaoran, Tomoyo and Sya's group knew that. Kero said with a serious tone. “I think this event relate to the Feather.”
“You think so, don't you?”
“Me, too.” Yue suddenly raised his voice from the door.
“You come, Yue.”
“Your thought is like me. Those two events mustn't coincide like that. It definitely relate with each other. Everything will be clear when we go to there. Let prepare, Sakura. I call for Tomoyo and Syaoran. Syaoran may go with Sya's group and Tomoyo will go with us. The problem are getting more and more serious.
“Mastress, you also should inform for Master Clow Reed.” Yue asked.
“Yes. I will do now,” Sakura replied.
“Syaoran has just called for us. He said that he was going to go here the next day and did we go with him,” Sya said as soon as he had hung up telephone.
“Has anything happened to Sakura's father? - Sak asked worrily.
“Calm down. If you lost control, you would lost your faculty of estimating the situation,” Kurogane warned.
“Okay, you're right.”
“I think we'd better go to bed early. Tomorrow we will go soon,” Fye was deep in thought.
“All right. Let's go to sleep,” Kurogane commanded and everyone obeyed immediately in spite of their worriness.
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