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Caught in The Past
Chapter 1: New York, New York, NEW YORK!

A girl walked down the sidewalk, around the age of seventeen. She had a long skirt that flowed down to her ankles. The black skirt matched her Baby blue T-shirt well. She wore a cross around her neck, that was a vibrant silver. A boy around the age of sixteen came around the corner beside her. He wore a button up white shirt and old, faded baggy jeans.

"Sis, Are you sure were goin' the right way?" the boy stated bordly.

"Yes Im sure! Now hurry up or we'll miss it!" she replyed, grabbing his arm and pulling him through the heavy crowd.

Azure eyes searched a part of New York with womens boutiques scattered around the block. She played with her golden hair as she waited.

The blond boy turned to her and asked,"Are they here? Im starving and I want to get this over with"

She just scanned the buildings, ignoring him. Suddenly she shouted,"OY AZMARIA!"

With that, a girl around 14 with albino hair and crimson eyes came running up to the two. Her white dress was a little too long and she tripped, sending her crashing down into the boy.

"S-sorry J-Joshua" she managed to studder out.

"Its okay Az, Rosette does it all the time" he said looking at the back of the blonds head.

"Im not THAT clumsy!" Rosette shouted at Joshua.




The two kept bickering until finally Azmaria pointed to something in an alley across from them.

"What is it?" Rosette said, squinting to see.

"I-I don't know, but it looks familiar" Azmaria said staring at it in slight shock.

There was a dull spot of violet in the alley. It looked like hair, but it was too far away to see.

"Lets go see what it is" Joshua said with a hint of excitment in his voice.

"Okay" Rosette and Azmaria said in unison. The walked toward the alley, only to see a person in the corner of it.
Rosette walked forward and took a deep breath.

"A-are you okay?" she managed to breathe out.

The boy looked up, his ruby eyes caught in hers.

"Ro-Rosette?" he wispered. Her eyes flew open as she choked out

"Ch-Chrono, your alive"

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