Chrono Crusade Fan Fiction ❯ The Chronicles of an Angel ❯ The Angel who fell from heaven ( Chapter 1 )

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The Angel who fell from Heaven
The light of the setting sun illuminated a valley, just off the coast of Quseir, a town in Egypt. The beauty that the surrounding oasis gave off was stunning. You would never guess, that this remote and isolated place was the breeding grounds of that which many would call, evil. The eerie silence that shrouded this spot was quite unnerving should anyone have the unfortunate curse of stumbling upon it. But this silence was broken when a shrill cry filled the air, as if some godly creature was being shot from its throne. A bolt cast a purifying light over the water, which was reddened by the setting sun. Something plunged from the clouds into the water; a tidal wave rose ten feet into the air where it hit the surface, and then swept over the soil, which was desperately crying out for the moisture it craved. A peaceful quiet returned to the setting as a figure raised its self from the water and stretched its magnificent wings as it glided gracefully to shore.
Two young devils where walking towards the oasis, as they did on a regular basis because no one would disturb them at this forgotten isle in the Red Sea. The younger of the two, he had long purple hair that was pulled back in a ponytail, gasped and pointed at a shape lying on the ground. His older brother, who had silver hair that he let loosely let fall over his shoulders like a silk cape, ran towards the figure only to find a beautiful girl. Her golden hair covered her like a gown, but it could not shield her white wings from the boy's gaze, they abruptly came to the conclusion that she was an angel.
“She's a angel from heaven, Chrono! A real live angel from heaven!” the older of the two brothers exclaimed. “This must be a message from God that things are going to get better down here!”
“But Aion, if she is an angel, then shouldn't she be in heaven? And not down here…” Chrono said, he was trying hard to get his bangs out of his eyes but to no avail.
The girl slowly started to shift as her eye lids fluttered open the first thing that she saw when her sight focused was Aion sitting a few inches from her face. “Kyaaaa! Be gone you vulgar demon!” she shrieked as she opened a vile that hang around her neck. It contained a clear liquid, which flew in Aion's direction, but when he evaded it was poor Chrono that got a face-full of the burning substance.
“OWWW! Hot, hot, hot!” he screamed as the liquid burnt his skin and caused red patches to appear all over his face.
“Oh! I'm sorry, but you two just gave me such a scare that I reacted without thinking. My name is Ranna of the first choir, and whom, may I inquire, are you two?”
“I am Aion, and my idiot brother here is Chrono. Are you truly a angel?”
Ranna sighed and cast her gaze towards the ground. “I was, that is until just earlier today…an angel cast from heaven is nothing short of a demon.” She spat in disgust. “Soon my wings will turn black like those of a devil, and my voice will corrupt and render my singing to nothing less than a disgrace.”
“I don't believe that, the humans talk about angels on earth often in their books. And angels in their scriptures are heavenly creatures with the voices of a thousand songbirds. Please sing for us…it will be heavenly, and it will give the towns folk something to talk about, a real angel.” Chrono said to her while placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.
“No! No one can ever know whom, or rather what, I am! You two honestly shouldn't know, but I'd rather not erase your memories. I'd like to have friends and if you two promise not to tell any one about me then we can all benefit.”
“We understand, but please sing! We want to hear heaven on earth, no matter how great the price or the sin.” Aion said to her, but Ranna still looked unsure.
After a pause, and a lot of weighing of pros and cons on Ranna's part, she nodded and took a deep breath. A heavenly melody started to creep over the oasis, birds stooping their songs to listen in awe. Winds ceasing their howling to carry the magical melody to the towns and villages. The very breath in Chrono and Aion's lungs seemed to be stilled and stopped.
“Star of Bethlehem, star on high. Miracle of love of midnight sign. Let your luminous light; from heaven enter our hearts. Star of happiness, star of wonder. You see everything from afar…” Ranna stopped mid-note and sighed deeply, “I told you…I told you it would end up horrible! But you still both provoked me! Now I have disgraced the name of the angels of the first choir!”
“But the way you sang, that's the exact same way the towns folk described the chorus of the angels!” Aion exclaimed.
“It wasn't perfect! Angels are expected to be perfect, there can not be a single flaw! I'm useless, dishonorable, and disgusting!” tears began to well up in the girls eyes.
“Oh! Don't cry, I thought you sounded amazing” Chrono said, taking the sobbing girl into his arms awkwardly trying to calm her.
“You're so warm…but you are wrong! That was a shadow, a mockery of what I could once do. Where is your brother going?”
“Wha? Huh. Aion where do you think you're going?” Chrono yelled after his elder brother.
“It's time to go home Chrono, come on!” Aion yelled at Chrono angrily. The younger devil couldn't understand why his brother was so mad, but he knew better than not to obey.
“Aion! Get back here, or at least wait up for me!” Chrono yelled after him, he got up to follow but was immediately pulled back down by Ranna.
“A safe journey to you both, take his gift with you, but don't tell anyone, not even Aion, about it.” She whispered in his ear. Then she grabbed him by the collar and pulled his lips down onto hers with force he didn't believe she could possibly possess.
Her breath filled his lungs and instantly he began to feel more powerful as his burns from the holy water healed. Blushing Chrono ran after Aion, Ranna sighed and put her head on her lap.
“Why did I do that? I could have just blown on the wounds to make them heal, so why did I go out of my way to kiss him? Oh heavenly father forgive my sin.” A chain binding her hands together appeared out of thin air. “So, now I am bound to this world? I should have known that this would happen! Well…what's done is done, and these chains are the proof that I can't escape my fate.
“Aion, wait up! Why are you so mad, did I screw up again, or are you mad at Ranna?” Chrono asked the elder devil trying to match his pace, but Aion was walking so fast that the only way for Chrono to catch up with him would be if Aion ran into a palm tree/
“You know better than to mess with the angels, or any divine creature for that matter! It just gets us devils in trouble with those higher on the food chain than us.”
Chrono looked at Aion in disbelief, “ I can't believe you, are you saying that just because I talked to her that I committed some crime or something? Well you talked to her to pal, so don't only blame me!”
Aion sighed, “That's not what I meant, talking is one thing but you took it to the extreme! You should have never laid a hand on her, or your lips while we're on the topics of what and what not to be doing.”
Chrono blushed and shook his head in defiance. “That…that was not of my choice! Any ways what's so bad about us helping her?”
“It's not helping her that's the issue, but it is forbidden for angels and devils to be together.”
“But that's so unfair, why would anyone make a rule like that!” Chrono asked his fists clenched, and his voice shaking in rage.
“We can hang around her, but we should be careful to keep our distance from her emotionally, do you understand that Chrono?”
“Yeah, what ever…”
Aion's face drew a hard line as he grabbed Chrono's shoulders and shook him. “No, not what ever Chrono! This is important, no matter how she looks or acts she is still our enemy for the time being! Angels and us sinners shouldn't even look at each other with out knowing who the greater being is. They are our masters in a sense Chrono, they could control us if they wanted to, and who says that that little girl isn't going to try to erase us out of existence?”
“Ranna would never hurt anyone! Besides weren't you the one who was all exited about seeing an angel?” Chrono glared at the elder devil and ran of towards their home and into his room.
Aion sighed and shook his head. “But she already hurt you, and that's not just the burns. She has already started to take over your soul, heavenly creatures are not all good.