Chrono Crusade Fan Fiction ❯ The Main Part ❯ Prologue ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: Hello everyone! This is my first ever try at making a Chrono Crusade fan fic.
So, I'm sorry if I get anything wrong. I'm also sorry if some of the characters are OOC. This is my very first time.
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters. Chrono lives with my friend. All the other characters belong to someone else.
Summary: Azmaria, Chrono, Rosette, and Satella are heading to San Francisco to find Joshua. But, their travel plans are interrupted when a girl falls into the picture. She says her name is Naomi and she doesn't know where she came from or how she ended up in the street. When they capture Azmaria and try out the experiment, it doesn't work still. Something is missing. Is the strange new girl involved somehow? But, is she really a friend, or an enemy? Will love accrue? And is she the main part to complete the mission?
The Main Part
“Only one hour to go before we reach the train,” said Rosette.
“You must be excited,” said Chrono.
“Well of coarse. We are going to San Francisco!” yelled Rosette.
“Keep it down, will you? You are giving me a headache from all that yelling,” said Satella. “And besides, Azmaria is sleeping.”
Azmaria was leaning against the side of the car door, and was sleeping silently. The car suddenly jerked to a stop as almost everyone was pushed forward. Azmaria woke up.
“Huh? What's going on?” mumbled Azmaria.
Satella opened the car door. Steiner came out of the driver's seat and walked to the front of the car. Satella got out, followed by Rosette, Chrono, and Azmaria. They went to the front of the car. Steiner was sitting next to a girl.
She looked around 15. Her eyes were closed. Her clothes, which were rags, were all torn up. She was really dirty. Her hair was messy, but it was clear that she had blonde hair.
“What happened?” asked Rosette.
“Who knows,” said Satella.
The girl groaned and opened her eyes. They were a beautiful maroon color. She looked at the strange new people who looked at her. She jumped and was up on her feet and hiding behind the car. They all blinked with confusion. She poked her head from behind the car.
“Um…hello,” said the girl. Her voice was sweet and kind, but was a bit raspy, as if she hadn't had water for days. “Are you guys devils?”
“Chrono here is a devil, but he is a kind one,” said Rosette.
The girl looked at Chrono, who smiled at her. The girl sighed.
“Thank goodness. I thought you were devils to capture me,” said the girl.
“Do we look like devils to you?” said Rosette.
“I'm sorry. It's just, the devils came and kept changing form and I wouldn't even know if they were devils or not,” said the girl.
“Well, my name's Rosette,” said Rosette.
“My name's Azmaria,” said Azmaria. “This women right here is Miss Satella.”
“And my name's Chrono,” said Chrono.
“Please to meet you all,” said the girl. “My name's Naomi. Naomi Yamashina.”