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In the control room of the factory Ulrich was sitting down in front of the super computer finishing the final touches of his program that would change his life forever. Ulrich didn't really want to run the program, but even though his life would be over once he did it would give the others a chance to live in peace without fear of Xana attacking. Ulrich had been thinking about doing this for a long time and as one might guess there were many factors to the choice Ulrich was about to make, Aelita anti-virus making no headway, Jeremie going afar as to use the head device to increase his brain power and instead ending up putting him in the hospital, not to mention all the time they were all almost killed by one of Xana traps, but despite all this the most important reason happened a month ago.
One month ago
Ulrich, Jeremie, and Odd were waiting outside at their groups' bench, they waiting for Aelita and Yumi to show up but they were unusually late today. While they waited the three boys passed the time by talking about games, food, and good strategies to defeating Xana. A few minutes before the bell was about ring Aelita showed up, after she got there and said hi to the guys she then asked "has anyone seen Yumi yet?" The guys all shook their heads no and Ulrich got up and said "well I'm going to go for a quick walk before class, if I see Yumi I'll tell her you guys said hi." As the group said their goodbyes and broke apart Ulrich found himself walking towards the main gate to see if Yumi was just running late or not, sure enough as Ulrich came within eyesight of the gate he saw Yumi and William talking.
Ulrich first thought was to run over there and break it up, but something told him to just sit and watch. They just stood their talking and laughing for a few minutes before William grabbed Yumi chin and pulled her in for a kiss, and Yumi kissed him right back. Ulrich felt hot tears running down his face as he watched the girl he loved kiss a man who he swore was his worst enemy, as Ulrich was about to leave his cell phone rang, he looked at the I.D. and saw that it was Jeremy. After wiping the tears from his eyes and getting his voice back to normal he answered his phone "what's up Jeremy?" "Xana is launching his attack Odd, Aelita, and I our way to the factory, call Yumi and tell her to meet us their".
Ulrich visibly flinched but still he said, "Okay I'll call her." He ended his call with Jeremy and quickly called Yumi before he lost the nerve to do it, as the phone rang Ulrich watched Yumi put her finger to her mouth telling William to be quiet, then she answered the phone. "Yeah Ulrich what's up?" Ulrich quickly said to just meet him and the others at the factory for a mission, after telling Yumi this he left not wanting to see anymore.
Later that day after the mission on Lyoko was done and over with Ulrich was in his room laying on his bed, tears running down his face to him this was one of the worst days in his life, he didn't even know why he was still alive, his parents didn't care about him, his grades were crap and his friends were to busy with their own lives to really notice that his tough guy attitude was nothing more than illusion to hide his own pain, now with Yumi going out with William Ulrich didn't know what to do, part of him wanted to just go get a knife, slit his wrist and end his life once and for all. While Ulrich sat in his room contemplating whether or not to go ahead with his suicide attempt a thought occurred to him, if he were to go through with his suicide attempt then the others would be down one fighter on Lyoko, a thought occurred to Ulrich and it was one he wanted to investigate. Ulrich left the dorm and headed to the factory, when he got their he accessed the super computer, after a few hours of looking through various files he eventually found what he was looking for, the code in Aelita that allows her to shutdown towers.
That night while Ulrich laying bed debating on a course of action the only thought that was running through his mind was ` no matter what I do I'm going to hurt them, if I kill myself everyone will spend days grieving me and for all I know Xana could take advantage and steal Aelita memories and destroy the world, but if he went through with his other choice they would grieve but they would also get a chance to live out the rest of the days of their lives in peace without fear of Xana. The next day Ulrich began putting his plan into action, during lunch Ulrich slipped out of Kadic went to the factory and began writing the program that would bring at least some peace back to the world even if he has to fight the war for the rest of time.
Present Day
Ulrich began running a test and was glad to see a green check mark on the screen telling him everything was ready, Ulrich activated the scanner timer then entered the elevator and went down to the scanner. Ulrich entered the scanner and waited for the door to close. Up in the super computer room the timer on the screen reached zero. The doors in front of Ulrich closed and before they closed all the way Ulrich simply said "goodbye".
In Lyoko
When the virtualization was complete Ulrich found himself in the forest dressed in his regular Lyoko uniform. After a minute of orienting himself he began to walk towards the deep parts of the sector, he only had a short amount of time before Xana next attack would begin and he wanted to make sure he was ready to stop it.
The real world
In the halls of the boys floor dormitory Odd was walking towards his and Ulrich dorm. Odd was a little concerned as to why Ulrich missed all of his classes since he was already gone when Odd had woken up this morning. Odd was running his mind through various reasons as to why Ulrich didn't come to class when he opened up his and Ulrich door, " hey Ulrich get up or Mrs. Hertz is going".
Odd could barley right his sentence as he entered the room and not only didn't find Ulrich but saw that his stuff was all packed up and gone. Odd walked over to their desk and saw an envelope with the words `gang' written on it. Odd grabbed the envelope and ran to the gang bench where Jeremy anthelia were waiting. When Odd approached the two he quickly said, "where's Yumi? "Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and said " she left saying she had to be somewhere important and that she would catch up with us later, why what's going on?" Odd told them about his Ulrich room being deserted and the envelope, before anyone could decide what to do the bell rang telling them that they had to report to their next class. Jeremy quickly said " look lets all just go to class now, after school we'll all meet in my dorm and we'll open the letter and see if it can shed some light on the situation with Ulrich." Odd and Aelita both nodded and while they headed off to class Odd text message Yumi telling her to meet them in Jeremie dorm.
After school came to slowly for the gang as they finally were able to meet in Jeremie dorm, after Odd informed Yumi of what he found in their dorm they all decided to open letter. Jeremie read it out loud " goodbye everyone, good luck to you Odd in both his studies and movie making, good luck to you Jeremie in your research of Aelita anti-virus, good luck to you Aelita in your life on Earth, and finally good luck to you Yumi with William may you both live happily together, I'm sorry but I have to do what I have to do." When Jeremie got done reading the note everyone just looked stunned, no one could believe that Ulrich had just left; everyone was crying not knowing what they were going to do. Yumi tried to call his cell phone, but an automated voice came up telling her that the number was disconnected.
Yumi ran from the dorm room, she ran across campus still crying until she found William. Yumi practically launched herself in William arms, she just kept mumbling ` he's gone and he's never coming back', she kept repeating this line over and over like a mantra. When Yumi seemed to calm down a bit William said “ babe what's wrong?” After a minute Yumi found her voice and said “ Ulrich he's gone and I don't know if he's going to come back.” Yumi started crying again as soon as she finished the sentence, William who was at first panicked when he saw Yumi instantly relaxed when he found out that Ulrich was gone, this news brought a big smile to his face but he made sure that Yumi wouldn't see it if she lifted her head. Back in Jeremie dorm Aelita, Jeremie, and Odd had just managed to calm down and Aelita asked a question “ what does this mean for Lyoko, without Ulrich what are we going to do were going to down one fighter, and can we just do it with just the three of us?” No one had an answer. Jeremie looked up and said “ I don't know what were going to do, but were going to have to keep fighting Xana no matter what, we're just going to have to hope we can do it without him.” Aelita and Odd both nodded their heads to what Jeremie had just said.
That night Jeremie woke up to sound of his laptop beeping, he grabbed his glasses and opened his laptop, the screen showed him an activated tower. Jeremie grabbed his phone and was getting ready to call the others when all of a sudden the tower deactivated. Jeremie ran a super scan and I confirmed that the tower was now deactivated; Jeremie simply shrugged his shoulders and went back to sleep trying to think of what Xana was up to this time.
Ulrich had just closed out the screen of the activated tower, he was glad it hadn't taken him too long to get and he was sure Xana couldn't have gone through with whatever it was he was planning. Ulrich jumped from the upper platform to the lower platform of the tower and exited it. Once he was outside he took a deep breath of virtualized air from the desert region, he then looked to the sky and said to himself ` now the personal war begins Xana.'
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