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Chapter 2
Deep in the forest region Ulrich sat in a tower meditating, he would do this everyday for several hours everyday as he emptied his mind of all thoughts good and bad and focused his mind entirely on his task as the guardian of Lyoko. After a while Ulrich got up, after stretching a bit he exited the tower to begin the next part of his training. Ulrich stood now facing the tower; he bent down into his running stance and then sprinted up to the top of the tower.
Once he reached the top he drew his sword and then jumped towards a nearby tree, once he landed on the tree he made a quick slash then jumped to the next one. Ulrich did this for a while before finally allowing himself to land on the ground; once he landed he began the final part of his daily training. Holding his sword out in front of him Ulrich began what looked like a dance that consisted of spinning, kicks, slicing, and stabbing.
When Ulrich was done he put his sword away and stood in the same spot in the middle of the small clearing just staring off into space. It had been six months since Ulrich had come to the digital world and he was happy with the knowledge that the others hadn't been here in six months either letting him know that he was doing a good job. Ulrich took a deep breath; despite the fact that he was no longer apart of the gangs lives anymore he was happy to know that they were all finally getting the peace they deserved. Ulrich was then suddenly shaken from his thoughts by a beeping sound coming from the gauntlet on his right wrist, he ran his hand over the gauntlet and it changed into a small computer strapped to his wrist.
Ulrich flipped the computer open and saw a screen with his position and three unidentified monster circling around him. Ulrich calmly turned around until he went all the way around but he saw nothing, they he looked up into the trees and saw them, they were basically identical to the horror monster in James Finson film that Xana had possessed except their tales were long and had spikes all around them, and in the middle of their heads was the Xana sign.
Ulrich watched as the alien monsters jump from tree to tree occasionally snarling at him, when one came in front of Ulrich it began to snarl at him but then Ulrich noticed his mouth become entirely red. As Ulrich began to jump backwards a laser shot out of the aliens mouth and hit the spot that Ulrich had just been occupying. Ulrich saw out of the corner of his eyes the other tow aliens push themselves off their respective trees and lunge right for Ulrich back. As Ulrich feet touched the ground he instantly super jumped towards the alien to his lift, as Ulrich approached the alien he stuck both his legs and kicked the alien right in the face, Ulrich then pushed off and super jumped towards the other alien.
As the space between Ulrich and the alien closed Ulrich prepared to finish the first of three, but as his plan was about to come to fruition a web from the one he just kicked clung to his back and snapped backwards sending Ulrich sailing through the air. As Ulrich was sailing through the air he quickly spun himself around and cut the web from his back. The alien that had first shot at Ulrich now let out a volley of shots at him. Ulrich saw the shots coming out of the corner of his eye and quickly brought his sword up and volleyed each of the shots safely away from his body.
When Ulrich landed he turned towards the alien that dragged him and found it lunging right at him, Ulrich super jumped backwards following the alien path and when the alien had come underneath him he threw his sword down at the alien successfully piercing the Xana symbol. Ulrich not wanting to waste anytime quickly super sprinted towards his sword and ran up the tree after the alien who was trying to snipe him. The alien kept shooting shot after shot at Ulrich in the hope of knocking him off the tree but the young warrior just kept blocking each one, realizing that he had to move the alien quickly jumped across the clearing landing on the trunk of a tree.
Ulrich quickly super jumped off the branch the alien had just occupied in the direction of the alien. The alien realizing Ulrich was coming after readjusted himself and launched himself back towards Ulrich. As two closed in on each other Ulrich adjusted his sword so that it was pointed backwards away from the alien. Like jousting knights in the middle ages the two combatants continued to close in on one another, as they reached the middle point Ulrich slashed forward with his sword cutting the alien head in half and leaving nothing but exploding pixels.
When Ulrich came to the tree in front of him he drove his sword halfway into the tree so it could support his weight. Ulrich began scanning the area for the final alien when he heard a snarl from above; he looked up and watch the alien slam into his with such force that it forced his sword out of the tree, as the two combatants sped towards the ground Ulrich knew their was nothing he could do to change the position he was in. when the two combatants hit the ground the virtualized dirt began to pile up behind Ulrich as the alien weight slid him across the ground, as the two combatants slid Ulrich slammed his feet with all his strength into the aliens torso catapulting him through the air.
The alien hit the ground and quickly launched itself back at Ulrich. Ulrich had just got back to his when the alien once again tackled him to the ground. Ulrich found himself in the worst situation, he was pinned beneath the alien, his free arm pinned to his chest, his sword arm unable to move to hit the alien Xana symbol, and was constantly moving his head to avoid a laser blast right to is face. While Ulrich was shaking his head from left to right the alien brought his tail readying it to strike. Ulrich had just moved his head to the right to avoid another laser blast when he saw the alien tail shoot downwards aiming for his face.
Ulrich quickly moved his head to the left and avoided just in time to feel the spear like end of the alien tale brush past his face and plant itself the ground. Ulrich not wasting his chance brought his sword around and cut the end of the alien tail off, as the alien roared in pain its head back in pain Ulrich brought his sword around and rammed it through the underside of the alien skull and was happy when he felt his blade pierce the alien Xana symbol and explode.
Ulrich laid their breathing heavily for a couple of minutes before he collapsed to the ground. This was the most physical fight he had yet and he was sure it wasn't going to be the last. Ulrich was getting ready to head back to the tower when a beeping sound alerted him to the activation of a tower. Ulrich summoned his computer and after a few minutes of scanning it located the activated tower in the desert region. Ulrich entered the codes and summoned his overbike, after he got on the bike he headed towards the transportation tower that would take him to the desert sector.
Real world
Jeremie sat on the bench looking at the latest super scan from his laptop. It displayed a screen that told him a tower is active in the desert sector. Under normal circumstances Jeremie would be panicking and would start calling the others telling them to prep for a mission, but things weren't normal anymore. Jeremie sighed over the past six months Xana as launched so many false alarms that Jeremie rarely ever checked his laptop anymore.
Since Ulrich disappeared six months ago things for the gang had been up and down. After an exhaustive investigation by the police and missing persons turned up nothing everyone just gave up on ever finding Ulrich, even his parents seemed disinterested in the situation when they came and filed a report with missing persons. Jeremie bench and stretched a little bit as he waited for Aelita to join him so they could go out, since they had a lot of free time on their hands they started dating a few months ago. Jeremie began pacing in front of the bench he then stopped and looked over himself real quick. He was wearing a dark blue collard shirt, a pair of dark blue khakis, and black boots.
When Jeremie resumed his pacing thoughts of Ulrich came up, Jeremie couldn't believe that Ulrich was gone he missed his friend very much. Jeremie thoughts were interrupted when he hear “ hey Einstein what are you doing?” Jeremie looked up and saw Odd coming towards him. Odd was dressed in his usual clothes but what most people still aren't used to were the books he carried underneath his arms.
Since Ulrich disappearance Odd began to take his studies seriously and now he wasn't too far behind Jeremie and Aelita in g.p.a, he was still a kidder, loved techno music and all the other things he liked to do but even now you could still see the sadness in his eyes from Ulrich disappearance. The two sat down and started talking about schoolwork and the upcoming dance as they waited for Aelita.
Ulrich had just arrived in the desert sector and was heading as fast he could push the over bike towards the activated tower. A few minutes later the tower came into view, Ulrich stopped and smiled when all he saw was four crabs. Ulrich shook his head then said to himself ` Xana had way too much faith that those new monsters would beat me, this shouldn't take too long.' Ulrich punched the overbike into over drive and sped towards the crabs.
When Ulrich came into range the crabs each began to fire in an attempt to stop him but Ulrich kept weaving left and right till finally one of the crabs managed to hit Ulrich bike. Ulrich knew his overbike was about to devirtualize but he also knew he was close enough, Ulrich quickly brought his feet to his seat then he super jumped towards the crab in the middle. Not wanting to waste anytime Ulrich landed precisely on the crab Xana symbol and drove his sword right through it.
Before the crab could explode Ulrich jumped and ran towards the other middle crab. As Ulrich sprinted towards the crab he used his triangulate attack and surrounded the crab in the gold triangle, after a minute of running in a triangle Ulrich severed all four of the crab legs off then jumped on the crab and finished it.
Ulrich didn't have time to congratulate himself as the two remaining crabs opened fire on him. Ulrich deflected the initial shots then used his triplicate technique, as soon as the clones appeared Ulrich shouted “single file attack” and sprinted towards the crab in front of him, the clones of Ulrich sprinted as well and the three formed a single straight line. The three Ulrich sped toward the crab with the real Ulrich in front deflecting the crab attack.
When he was close enough the real Ulrich super jumped on top of the crab then super jumped again towards the tower, the other two Ulrich continued to super sprint toward the crab, the new lead Ulrich severed two of the crab legs, as it fell to the ground the last Ulrich ran his sword across the crab Xana symbol finishing it off. When Ulrich feet hit the tower he pointed himself towards the last crab and threw his sword with all his might then he sprinted down the tower. The crab tried to shoot Ulrich as he ran down the tower but it was oblivious to Ulrich incoming sword until it pierced the crab Xana symbol and killed it.
When Ulrich feet hit the ground he ran into the tower, as he approached the center of the platform he kneeled down then jumped straight up speeding through the air, in a matter of seconds Ulrich was on the top platform, he put his hand on the screen and was happy when a minute later the tower deactivated.
Real world
Jeremy let out a happy sigh as he closed his laptop, during his and Odd conversation he checked the status of the tower and was happy to see that it was deactivated. Jeremie just wanted to know if this was part of some kind of an attack or was Xana malfunctioning. Jeremie pushed aside these thoughts when he thought of a question he wanted to ask Odd.
“ So Odd do you miss going to Lyoko?” Odd didn't know how to respond, he did miss going to Lyoko, but he was also happy with the peace they had in the absence of any attacks, but he also missed Ulrich terribly and Lyoko held too many fond memories. Odd simply shrugged and said, “ I do miss it, but I'm more happy with the peace we have.” Jeremie smile and nodded his head in agreement with Odd statement.
At that moment Aelita showed up and said, “ sorry I kept you waiting Jeremie, hey Odd.” Jeremie and Odd turned and looked at Aelita, she was wearing a blue tang top that said `sweet' on it, she also was wearing a black mini skirt and she had knee length high boots on. As Jeremie continued to stare Aelita just laughed, she grabbed his hand and began to guide him out of the school courtyard. Odd waved buy and told them to have fun, as Odd sat there he let his mind wander on what it would be like if Ulrich was their with them to join in on the peace they got.
Odd mind ran through the list of games, jokes and other things they could do with all the free time they would have, but the one thing Odd suspected would happen the most would be that Yumi would spend more time with them. Since Ulrich disappearance Yumi had not really been with the rest of them doing stuff like they used to, instead she spent all of her time with William. At first Odd thought this was because they were just staring to go out, but the more Odd thought about it the more he wondered if it had to do with Yumi feelings toward Ulrich, the ones she swore weren't there. Odd let out a deep sigh, he then grabbed his books and Jeremie laptop and began to head towards the boys dormitory with the intent on relaxing before he would begin his studies of tomorrow subjects.
Ulrich exited the tower and immediately fused with the two clones, he went and picked up his sword and then began to walk back towards the transportation tower. Along the way his thoughts drifted back to his life on Earth, all the good times, the bad times, and a certain black haired Japanese goth girl. Ulrich felt virtual tears slide down his cheek as he thought about his love, about how much he missed her, how much he wanted to talk to her, and most of all see her smile, but regardless of his feelings he's happy to know that his sacrifice will allow her to have peace she deserves, even if she spends it with William. When Ulrich reached the transportation tower he entered it and began his travel back to the forest sector as planned to rest then get started on his training.
Real world
Darkness had come for the people of France. It was the middle of the night, the time when most people in France were fast and sound asleep. Except for one young teenage girl. She stood by the window of her two-story house in her nightclothes as she looked upward toward the moon her hands locked together in prayer. This had become a nightly ritual since the day he disappeared, and since that day she had not had a peaceful nights rest, this girl was Yumi. No matter how much she enjoyed the peace they all had it was pointless without him their to join in on it, she would rather have eternal war if it meant he would return to fight it, the boy was Ulrich. Every night since his disappearance Yumi would make tow prayers, one for his safety and the other for his return. Since the second one had yet to be granted, she was hoping she was getting the first one. Despite all the happiness that surrounded her she couldn't bring herself to enjoy it, what was making it worse was that William her boyfriend was becoming more and more distant. Yumi finished her prayer then went to bed, tears in her eyes as she muttered the words `sorry' over and over again.
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