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Chapter 2
Ulrich sat in the tower once again meditating. It had been two days since his encounter with the new alien monsters that Xana had created and since Xana seemed to be quiet he felt like spending extra time meditating. While Ulrich was meditating his thoughts began to drift back to his friends.
He wondered how they were doing, he also wondered if they miss him or if they had forgotten about him? Ulrich mind continued on its depressing course until another thought popped in to his mind. ` I wish there was a way for me to go to the real world without them knowing it's me.' While Ulrich did want to go back to the real world to see how everyone was doing he also knew that they would see him and then his plan would be ruined.
Ulrich tried to do the best he could to get rid of the curiosity he had but he couldn't. “ I just wish I could see how they're all doing” he said. The moment he finished his statement a booming voice echoed through the tower saying “ I think I can help you with that.”
Real world
Yumi was had just exited the shower and was now running around her room gathering her clothes for the day. After quickly getting dressed she grabbed her watch and checked the time, it read 9:30. Yumi swore to herself as she put the watch and ran out the door as fast as she can and headed towards the bus stop to catch the bus.
Even though it was Sunday and she would usually sleep in she had to get up early today for two reasons, one she had a date with William at 11:00 at the movie theater, and the second was that today was the six month anniversary since Ulrich disappeared. Although not legally official yet most people considered Ulrich dead, a few months ago a tombstone had been put up in the local cemetery for people so people could pay their respects to the young man.
Yumi boarded the bus and sat down, as the bus began to drive off Yumi began to cry a little as she thought about Ulrich and how much she truly missed him. A little while later the bus arrived at her stop that put her a few blocks away from the cemetery, Yumi got off and ran to the cemetery. When Yumi arrived she went to the store and bought a bouquet of flowers to be left on his grave. Yumi entered the graveyard and as she moved towards the stone that was laid out for Ulrich she looked around at other stones and noted with a sad note that Ulrich was one of the youngest people that had a stone in this cemetery. Yumi put the flowers she bought down and began to make a small prayer.
When Yumi was done she fell to her knees and began to cry, she remained in the same position crying and then she looked at the stone and said “ I should've told you how I felt, I should've screamed it to let the whole world know, instead I was so worried about what everyone else thought so it seemed simpler just to go out with William. Yumi sat there for a few more minutes before she said her goodbyes and left to catch the bus again.
When Ulrich heard the voice that boomed through the tower he immediately rose to his feet and drew his sword. Ulrich began looking around for the owner of the voice when all of a sudden a white outline of a human appeared in front of him. Ulrich began to swing his sword when the being held out a hand and said “wait”.
Ulrich wanted to swing his sword and kill what ever this thing was in front of him but something told him that he should listen to what it had to say. Ulrich lowered his sword and said, “ go on”. The figure nodded its head and said “ to get straight to the point I want you to help me defeat Xana.” Before Ulrich could even think about what the figure had just said he said, “ why I've been doing a good job of keeping Xana at bay by myself.”
The figure nodded its head and said, “ Yes you have been doing a good job by yourself, but tell me something Ulrich aren't you tired of fighting this war by yourself, and didn't you just say ` I just wish I could see how everyone was doing?' Ulrich visibly flinched at the last part of the statement; taking a deep breath he said, “ Go on I'm listening.”
Real World
Yumi had just gotten off the bus when she glanced at her watch and saw what time it was, Yumi mind shouted a curse as she ran the rest of the way to the theater where William was waiting. When Yumi got there all she saw was a pist off looking William. Yumi walked up to William and began to say sorry when William started shouting “ where the hell have you been, your twenty minute lat you know I don't like to be kept waiting, so tell me what the hell were you doing that made you so damn late?”
Yumi felt the tears begin to come forward but she managed to hold them back and say “it's been six months today, six months since Ulrich disappeared.” At soon as Yumi had finished her response William began to fume and started shouting “ Ulrich this and Ulrich that, fine if your so hung up you can have him, as for me I'll just go full time with my other girlfriend.” Yumi felt as if she had been slapped in the face, she stood there silently as William pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.
After a minute William said “ hey Emily, yeah listen come meet me at the movie theater, yeah I did but I finally got tired of her, yeah it's ok take your time don't rush, ok I'll see you when you get here, I love you too.” Yumi couldn't take it anymore as she let the tears she had been holding back go streaming down her face; Yumi turned around and began running towards Kadic. William just stood their laughing as he waited for Emily to come.
“You and the others are under the impression that Aelita has been infected with a virus, but that's not what actually is going on.” Ulrich began to focus as the figure continued to speak. “ What Xana has actually done is stolen a fragment of her memory, to make a long story short if we reunite Aelita with her memory fragment then she would be free and you could shut Xana down for good.”
Ulrich stood in the same spot thinking about everything he was just told, but despite all the positive thoughts running through Ulrich mind one negative thought stood out the most, `if I shutdown Xana I wouldn't have a purpose then'. Despite how much Ulrich knew it was a selfish reason to keep Xana awake he couldn't banish the thought to the back of his mind. Ulrich looked at the figure and said, “ if you shutdown Xana then I'll lose my purpose, I'm sorry but I don't know what to do.”
The being clenched what were probably its fist and said, “ but don't you think it's about time that you return to the real world and most of all your friends?” At this statement Ulrich turned away and shouted in a sad voice, “ my friends are doing fine with out me they don't need me!” Ulrich began to tremble at the amount of anger he was feeling, he then began to calm after he took a few deep breaths. While Ulrich was calming down the figure said, “ then it's time for you to return to the real world so you can see how wrong you are.
Real World
Yumi had just reached the gates of Kadic when she instantly saw Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita. Yumi did her best to clean up her face real quick then she began to walk towards the others. When Yumi reached them they were about to say hi when they saw her face and how red her eyes were, before they could say anything Yumi told them what had happened between her and William, as the three listened they responded at first with shock, then anger at the way William treated Yumi and the memory of their best friend Ulrich.
Odd began pacing back and forth saying “ I'm going to find William and when I do…” before he could finish his sentence Yumi held up her hand and said “ don't do anything Odd it's not worth it just let him go.” Odd eventually calmed down and the four friends spent the day together, talking, planning, and more or less just having a great time, but then Yumi had to leave and began her walk home. After she left Jeremy, Odd, and Aelita all dropped their happy faces and sighed sadly.
After a few minutes of silence Odd said, “She'll never admit to it but she's hurting badly.” Jeremy and Aelita both nodded their heads in agreement and Jeremy said, “she needs Ulrich, she won't admit it but she misses him and she feels a terrible guilt because she thinks it was her relationship with William that drove him away.” While the three continued to talk a strange mist move about the ceiling of the room.
If either of the three were to look at the mist they would easily recognize it as the mist that Xana uses to posses people and objects, but the mist didn't try to posses them or any object it just floated their listening to the people below, then it just left. When Yumi reached her house she talked to her mother for a bit then she ate dinner and went to her room to let out the rest of the tears she had been holding in. A long while later Yumi mother came into her room to check up on her daughter. “Yumi dear is everything alright?” Yumi didn't respond, instead she turned away from her mother and brought the covers up closer to her head.
Yumi mother sat down on Yumi bed and continued to speak, “ I'm sorry about what happened between you and William, but look on the bright side at least now you don't have to feel guilty when other boys are looking at you.” Yumi still didn't respond. Yumi mother sighed and was almost out the door when she heard Yumi say, “I just miss him so much.” Despite Yumi not saying a name her mother knew who she was talking about, her mother then responded “I know but don't worry I'm sure he will return soon.” Yumi mother said goodnight and left.
Yumi was almost asleep when she heard her door open and her mother light footsteps walking inward. Yumi figured she might've left something in their from earlier and didn't bother to let her know she was still awake, as Yumi closed her eyes to go back to sleep she was surprised when she felt her mother hand stroke her cheek and she heard her mother say “I'm so sorry, I'll do everything I can to make things right I promise.” Yumi had no idea what she was talking about, she just lay there and listen to her mom leave her room.
Ulrich stood their gazing at the figure with a questioning gaze before he said, “how can you do that?” The figure crossed its arms and said, “I can activate this tower in order to pixelize you and send you out into the real world in the form of mist like Xana does.” Ulrich debated this before saying “are their any risks involved?” The figure shook its head no and said “but we should do it now since Xana is not active and there are no monsters in the area, because once I activate this tower he'll be sending them to deactivate it in the hopes that I will exhaust my power while trying to keep it active.”
Ulrich began to debate on this and then said, “I'll do it but juts one last question, what happens if the tower deactivates while I'm in the real world?” The figure just shrugged its shoulders and said, “I doubt there would be a problem but just make sure to hurry and come back so we won't have to find out.”
Ulrich nodded his head and said, “then lets get started.” The figure closed its eyes and Ulrich felt the tower begin vibrate as energy ran through it; few seconds later Ulrich began to feel his body change into mist. Once Ulrich makes the change to mist form the figure waved his hand and a computer screen appeared already logged onto the Internet.
The figure turned to Ulrich and Said, “now just dive into the screen and think of where you want and you'll travel there almost instantly, now go and see the truth of whether or not your friends miss you.” Ulrich entered the screen and felt himself being transported towards the destination he sought first. Kadic. When Ulrich left the figure sighed and began scanning the area for any threats that might come to the tower.
Real World
Ulrich exited the Internet and appeared out of a lamppost in front of Kadic, he looked around and saw that it was going to be sunset soon. Phasing through walls Ulrich kept going until he found himself in Jeremy room, he looked down and saw that there were only Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita. Ulrich made sure to stay near the top so they wouldn't see him and was surprised when he heard Odd say, “She'll never admit to it but she's hurting badly.”
Ulrich automatically assumed they were talking about Yumi but what he couldn't figure is whom else they were talking about. Ulrich began to listen more intently as the conversation continued speaking. “She needs Ulrich, she won't admit it but she misses him and she feels a terrible guilt because she thinks it was her relationship with William that drove him away.” Ulrich couldn't believe what Jeremy had just said.
It was beginning to dawn on Ulrich for the first time in months that maybe his decision to exile himself to Lyoko was a wrong one, he was only now realizing how much of a hole he had put in his friends hearts. Leaving the room Ulrich entered an electrical socket in the hallway and headed towards Yumi house. Once again Ulrich exited the Internet through a lamppost but this time he was in front of Yumi house.
Ulrich went up to Yumi window and saw that no one was in the room, as Ulrich phased through the window and began to float towards the ceiling he heard the door open and saw that Yumi had entered the room. Ulrich couldn't get his heart to slow down as he saw the love of his life enter the room right before his eyes, but then he felt a wave sadness over take him when he saw Yumi face was red form crying.
Along while later Ulrich saw Yumi mother come in and try to comfort her daughter, after a few minutes of talking when Mrs. Ishiyama was about to leave Ulrich heard Yumi say “I just miss him so much.” Ulrich now was more focused then ever as he lowered himself to the ground he heard Mrs. Ishiyama respond with a bit of sadness in her voice, “I know but don't worry I'm sure he will return soon.” If anyone could have seen Ulrich face they would have seen nothing except the pure shock that had just came over him from what he heard, he was in so much shock that it wasn't until the door closed that he realized that Mrs. Ishiyama had left.
Ulrich followed her out and did something he thought he would never do, guiding himself towards Mrs. Ishiyama he entered her through her back and felt himself spread through out her system. When Ulrich was convinced he had total control he turned himself around and entered Yumi room. When Ulrich entered the room the sudden rush of memories both good and bad immediately overwhelmed him.
When Ulrich recovered he went over to Yumi bed and began to stroke her cheek, he now felt nothing but guilt and a sudden urge to set things right, while continuing to stroke her cheek he said, “I'm so sorry, I'll do everything I can to make things right I promise.” Ulrich left and when he was outside Yumi door he exited Mrs. Ishiyama body and entered a nearby electrical socket and headed towards Lyoko.
The mysterious figure was waiting patiently for Ulrich to return, he was quite surprised that Xana had not bothered him. The figure hoped that Ulrich would be swayed to help him defeat Xana once and for all. A minute later the screen popped up and a mist entered the tower, the figure waved his hand and the tower deactivated.
Ulrich immediately retook his human form and was standing looking at the ground with a determined face. The figure said “your answer?” Ulrich looked at the figure and said “I will do everything in my power to help you bring the threat of Xana to an end.” The figure nodded and said “be ready in three days we will begin attacking sector five to gather information and eventually find the fragment.” The figure began to leave when Ulrich said, “wait who are you.”
A chuckle could be heard throughout the tower and then the booming voice said, “I thought that would have been obvious, I am Franz Hopper.”
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