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Ulrich was cruising through the forest on his overbike at top speed; his current destination was the end of the sector. It had already been a month since Ulrich had joined forces with Franz Hopper and Ulrich was happy with the progress they had been making in the search for Aelita memory fragment.
Today Ulrich was keeping his fingers crossed that the program Hopper had just finished would be able to track down the memory fragment and give Ulrich a chance to recover it. After a few minutes Ulrich finally arrived at the edge of the sector, after dismounting from his overbike Ulrich walked to the edge and ran his right hand over his gauntlet and changed it into his computer.
Ulrich flipped the computer open and was about to type in the password to sector five when he opened a link to Hopper and said " are the firewalls up yet?" A few minutes later a voice said, "Yes their up and just to let you know I finished the other new program that I had been working on."
Ulrich smiled at this and said "so it's finally ready, this should make the mission even easier." A few weeks ago hopper had told Ulrich that besides the tracer program he was working on he was also developing a program to increase his power and make him stronger than ever. A thought entered Ulrich mind, 'if I ever run into Xana I'll have to thank him since Hopper was able to develop the two programs using information we acquired from sector five.'
Ulrich thought was interrupted when Hopper began to speak again, "just so you know to activate the program all you have to do is say battle mode activate, and then you'll transform into your new body." Ulrich absorbed all the information he was being given and then said, "will I have new powers?" Hopper responded, "no the battle mode doesn't give you new powers, but it does double your life points and increase the effectiveness of the powers you already have, you'll understand if you have to use the program."
Ulrich whistled and said, “ Ok I'm summoning the transport.” Ulrich entered the code “Scipio”, and a white sphere bearing Xana symbol descended towards Ulrich, when it reached Ulrich the sphere spun around and an opening formed that swallowed Ulrich and began the short trip to sector five.
Sector Five
Deep in the confines of sector five Xana waited impatiently. Over the past month that brats Ulrich has been coming into his sector and stealing large amounts of information, more than they have in any of their past incursions.
This was leading Xana to believe that his creator Franz Hopper has finally come out of hiding and has joined forces with the brat Ulrich. Despite these disturbing events Xana was not the least bit fazed, what neither Ulrich nor Hopper realized was that Xana had managed to breach their firewall defenses during the last encounter into sector five.
While Xana was tempted to show them just how utterly pointless their firewalls were Xana knows that patience is the better part of valor. So now Xana is waiting for that brat Ulrich to return, the trap was set all Xana needed to do now was spring it. A few minutes later Xana received a signal alerting him that the transporter was being summoned.
Xana immediately began running his program, the trap was sprung now it was time to set the trap for the next person on his list.
Real World
Within the confines of Kadic academy the students were sleeping peacefully. It was still too early for anyone to really be up, but on the girls' floor of the school Aelita was tossing and turning. Aelita continued to toss and turn until she woke up screaming slightly.
Aelita sat their for a few minutes holding the covers to her chest panting heavily, after she managed to calm herself down she laid back down and tried to go back to sleep, but as she tried one thought kept going through her mind ` something bad is going to happen today I just know it.'
Sector five
Ulrich knew something was wrong the minute he exited the transporter. Usually the transporter would leave after it dropped off its passengers, but this time it was still here. Ulrich contacted Hopper and said” Hopper is something wrong with the transporter it's still here.”
Ulrich waited a few minutes before he heard Hopper respond, “ Ulrich we have a serious problem, Xana has cut off all the ways leading in and out of sector five and to make matters even worse he has breached the firewalls and activated a tower.”
Ulrich paled at this statement, it wasn't a big problem that he was stuck in sector five, it was a big problem that he was stuck in sector five with a tower activated. Ulrich began pacing and said, “is their anything you can do to get me out of here, the tower has to be deactivated before Xana does any damage in the real world.”
Ulrich was doing his best to be patient but it was getting harder and harder for him to not just run off into sector five and try to find a way out, as Ulrich patience was about to wear off Hopper started saying, “I think I can get you out, you're going to need to access the computer terminal, but it could take a while from their, I'm going to do the best I can, in the mean time find the switch and stop the countdown.”
Ulrich just shook his head and took off through the passage to his left using his super sprint; Ulrich knew in the back of his mind that something big was going to happen today.
Real world
William had just turned off his alarm clock and climbed out of bed. Normally he was pretty restless during the night, but thanks to Emily late night visits he was finding himself sleeping more soundly.
William had just finished get dressed in his usual school clothes and was about to head out his door when the Xana mist exited a nearby electrical socket and possessed William, a minute later William eyes flashed the Xana symbol then changed back to normal. William left his dorm room and began to head towards Odd room.
William passed by other students in the hallway, saying hi to those who said hi to him, and when he was sure that everyone was either gone or still fast asleep he knocked on Odd door. A few minutes later Odd answered door rubbing his eye, William happily noticed that he still wearing his nightclothes that would definitely make his job easier.
When Odd finally managed to clear the sleep from his eyes and he saw whom it was he began slamming his door shut when William stopped the door and said with a sad face “can we talk please?” Odd thought about for a second before backing up and opening the door to let William in.
Once William was in Odd closed the door and walked past him towards his desk saying, “so what do you want that you came to me or have you forgotten that we aren't friends anymore?” William just smirked and said “well I need to get Aelita to Lyoko so Xana can get what he needs from her and I need to make sure she gets their alone.”
Odd turned around trying to ask one of the fifty questions running through his mind when he saw William form a gold energy ball in his right hand and throw it at Odd. The ball hit Odd square in the chest and flying over his desk and crashing into the wall with a loud THUD. William looked at Odd prone figure and when he was satisfied that Odd was out cold he left and began to walk towards the front gate, once he was their he would wait for Yumi to show up and deal with her.
Sector five
Ulrich was running out of time, he stabbed a creeper that had crawled from underneath the walkway he was on and tried to hit him in the back. Ulrich quickly glanced at his computer and saw that he only had thirty seconds left before the timer reached zero.
Looking down the walkway he was on Ulrich saw at least a dozen creepers in front of him, and as bad as this was there were even more on the ledges. Realizing that his time was almost up Ulrich thought about using his battle mode but then a thought ran through his mind `if I use the battle mode now I'll have to wait a while before I can use it again and something tells me that I need to save it for later.'
Since using his battle mode was out of the question Ulrich did the only thing he could do, Ulrich activated his super sprint and ran as fast as he could down the walkway taking out any creeper who attempted to stop him. Within a few seconds Ulrich had reached the button and pressed it with only five seconds to spare. Ulrich deflected a few more laser blast before he quickly sprinted down the newly opened hallway.
Ulrich ran through the twisting corridors until he came to the ledge that the elevator ran past. Ulrich waited until he saw the elevator coming and when the time was right he jumped on it. When the elevator reached its destination Ulrich sprinted down the hallway, he knew he had to hurry before something bad happened.
Real World
Yumi was running at full speed towards Kadic. Despite it being very early Yumi was hoping to join the others for breakfast. Yumi was in a fairly good mood but it came to a quick end when she saw the last person she ever wanted to see again, William. Yumi looked at him standing against the gate like he did when they were going out.
Yumi began to walk past him when he suddenly grabbed her arm and said, “can we talk?” Before Yumi could respond he added “please.” Despite the voice in the back of Yumi head telling her to just keep going Yumi turned to William and said, “Fine what do you want to talk about?” William turned so he could face Yumi and said, “Not here lets go to our spot.”
Yumi knew exactly where he was talking about, a little ways into the woods theirs a clearing where at night you can see the stars very clearly, it was also the place where William had first asked Yumi out and where they had shared their first kiss.
It was without a doubt the last place Yumi wanted to be right now, but some part of Yumi wanted to try and salvage their friendship so Yumi nodded her head and began to follow William in to the forest. After about fifteen minutes of uncomfortable silence the two found themselves in a small clearing with a couple of logs that were good for sitting on.
Yumi walked ahead of William rubbing her arms to calm herself, when she felt calm she was calm enough to ask a question Yumi turned when all of a sudden she felt Williams hand around her throat. With one hand William picked Yumi up and stood their smiling as she struggled against his iron grip trying to get free. After a few minutes of enjoying watching Yumi struggle William formed a gold energy ball in his hand and slammed it into Yumi chest.
Yumi tried to scream as pain coursed through her body but William kept a firm grip on her throat and her voice died inside of her throat, a minute later Yumi blacked out. William felt Yumi go limp and then he tossed her into the bushes like a piece of trash. With Yumi now taken care of William began to walk towards the factory, William was smiling insanely as he now had only one last person to take care and then Xana would enter this world.
Sector Five
Ulrich ran his blade through the creeper in front of him, he was glad since it was the last one between him and the terminal. Ulrich quickly activated the console and transferred control to Hopper, “Hopper I'm transferring control to you.”
Ulrich watched as dozens of new screens began to pop up displaying enormous amounts of information that Ulrich didn't understand. Ulrich looked around and saw a squad of mantas coming for him, Ulrich retreated in to the hallway when he heard Hopper start talking, “bad news, I can break through Xana barrier and get you out of here but its going to take time and I don't know how much time we have until Xana lures the others in and traps them as well.”
Ulrich was cursing loudly in his mind, his attention was so focused on the news he had just been given that he didn't notice a creeper slowly stalking up behind him. Ulrich kept only thinking one thought in his mind `what's going to happen next'
Elsewhere in Sector Five
If Xana had a face he would be grinning from ear to ear, he knew that the brat Ulrich was trapped here in sector five and Xana had also just learned from William that the other brats Odd and Yumi have been dealt with as well. All Xana needed to do was set the final phase of his plan into action and victory would be his.
Real World
Aelita and Jeremie were walking hand in hand towards the cafeteria, everything seemed perfect neither had a care in the world. Then suddenly the doors to the cafeteria slammed shut and electricity began to run itself through the entire building. Jeremy ran to the door to try and open it when he pushed back by the electric field. Inside the cafeteria Jim and Ms. Hertz were doing everything they could to try and calm the students when suddenly gas began to spill into the room.
Students who inhaled the gas immediately fell to the floor coughing and gagging, each student grabbing at their throats trying desperately to pry off the invisible hand that was choking them. Outside Jeremy and Aelita watched in horror as their fellow students and teachers were slowly succumbing to the poisonous gas that was slowly and painfully killing them.
The two took off and began to head to the factory, as they ran Jeremy sent a text message to Odd and Yumi phone telling them to meet him at the factory, he was happy when he got the reply back telling him to send Aelita in ahead and that they would meet her in Lyoko. Jeremy put his cell away as him and Aelita picked up their pace and ran even faster to the factory. William smiled as he threw Odd and Yumi cell phone on the ground, the final trap was set now he just needed to wait.
Sector Five
The Creeper now in range of Ulrich opened fire and hit him square in the back with three simultaneous shots. Ulrich fell to the floor in excruciating pain as he felt the laser scorch his back. Ulrich tried desperately to crawl to his sword; he looked over his shoulder and was horrified to see the Creeper standing over him. The Creeper mouth glowed red then it opened fire at Ulrich.
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