Code Lyoko Fan Fiction ❯ choices ❯ Chapter 5

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Sector Five
The Creeper fired what would be its final shot if it hit Ulrich, until Ulrich rolled to his left to avoid the blast. The Creeper began to fire again when Ulrich managed to pull himself forward and grab his sword. Ulrich turned around as the Creeper fired its shot; Ulrich deflected the shot back at the Creeper and hit it square in the chest, Ulrich then sprinted at the Creeper and ran it through with his sword.
As the Creeper exploded into pixels Ulrich collapsed onto the ground using his sword as a cane to hold him up. After a few deep breathes Ulrich contacted Hopper, “Hopper what's going on I feels like the laser is burning through my back.” After Ulrich finally managed to stand without the need of his sword Hopper began to speak to him. “Xana has managed to cut you off from the scanners, as of right now you can die if you lose all your life points, so I caution you to be careful.”
Ulrich silently nodded his head knowing that Hopper couldn't see it anyway, as Ulrich readied himself for whatever Xana would throw at him next he couldn't help but feel a sense of dread as something kept telling him in the back of his mind that something big was going to happen today.
Real World
Jeremy and Aelita entered the factory, slid down the rope and successfully landed themselves in front of the elevator. The elevator began to descend. When the elevator stopped and the doors opened Jeremy exited the elevator and said, “head down to the scanner room and I'll get things started here.”
Aelita nodded her head and closed the elevator doors to finish her descent to the scanner room. Jeremy hesitantly walked over to the control chair; this would be the first time since Ulrich disappeared that the team would be heading into Lyoko to battle Xana, Jeremy just hoped that they weren't rusty too many lives were hanging in the balance. Jeremy sat in the chair and felt a surprising sense of anticipation as the chair began its orbit around the holo display of Lyoko and stopped in front of the super calculator.
While Jeremy began to setup the program to send Aelita to Lyoko Aelita was also feeling the sense of anticipation as she entered the scanner and watched the door close with a hiss. The scanner began the transference sequence and when it was done Aelita was once again in Lyoko.
Aelita began to materialize in the Forest sector, and when she finished her materialization she promptly fell on her but as she dropped from the sky. “Ouch” Aelita said as she stood up rubbing her but.
When Aelita got back to her feet the overwing had materialized right in front of her, as she boarded the craft she asked Jeremy, “ which way to the first tower?” a few minutes later Jeremy responded “ head south until you come to a cross road then take left you should see the tower eventually.” Aelita nodded her head and began to head south.
Real World
Jeremy began to tense up as he kept scanning ahead of Aelita for any monsters to show up. What Jeremy didn't realize was that the greatest danger to Aelita was not in Lyoko but was actually in the very same room as in him.
Standing on one of the steel beams high above Jeremy in the control room William stood waiting, he planned on waiting till after Aelita had deactivated the first tower, he knew he was safe since the tower that bound him to Xana was located in the desert region so he was perfectly safe, but after the first tower was deactivated Jeremy wouldn't be safe and neither would Aelita.
Sector Five
Ulrich and two of his clones stood in a triangle formation deflecting incoming blast from Mantas. Ulrich Jumped up and threw his sword downwards killing the Manta that was now under him. When Ulrich landed he heard one if clones scream and pixelize as a blast from a Manta hit him in the back of its head. Ulrich grabbed his sword and deflected several shots that were directed at him.
When he directed the last blast he heard Hopper say, “I got it, you can now escape sector five, please hurry Aelita is in Lyoko and she's just shutdown the first tower in the forest sector she's now on her way to the desert sector. Ulrich quickly summoned his overbike and took off after he got on it. With a group of Mantas hot on his tail Ulrich headed for the exit from sector five to the desert region, after a few minutes of weaving left and right Ulrich finally managed to enter the tunnel that would take him to the desert sector. After a quick two minute flight Ulrich found himself in the desert sector.
Ulrich began to immediately head for the tower but was caught off when a volley of laser blasts from several flights of Hornets cut him off. Ulrich once again began weaving left and right in order to avoid the oncoming laser blasts, he managed to get his sword out and took out a few of the annoying Hornets, but they still continue to harass him as their constant laser blast forced to such a low altitude that Ulrich overbike was now hovering but a few feet off the ground. Ulrich hit the turbo on his bike and now was moving at the fastest his bike could handle; the only problem was he was heading in the wrong direction.
Ulrich knew if he didn't turn around soon Aelita might make it to the tower before him and that put her and everything Hopper and him were trying to accomplish at risk. Ulrich was getting ready to make a sharp U-turn when an Alien sprung up from the desert below him. The Alien didn't try to hit Ulrich instead the Alien ran one of its claws across Ulrich bike leaving deep scars before the bike began to devirtualize and Ulrich was forced off. As Ulrich made a crash landing into the hot desert sand three more Alien appeared and surrounded Ulrich.
Ulrich readied his sword to battle the Alien terrors when the sand suddenly lashed out and wrapped itself around Ulrich legs and arms successfully pinning them and brining the mighty Warrior to his knees. Ulrich was trying everything he could to escape from the trap as the four Aliens circled like a pack of hungry predators circling their prey before the final strike, but as each second went by Ulrich knew he was running out of time and a scream in the distant made him realize he had to act now.
Forest Sector
Aelita had just successfully deactivated the tower in the forest, as she emerged from the tower something was bothering her in the back of her mind. During the entire trip to the tower Aelita hadn't encountered a single monster along the way and that worried her that they were lying in wait somewhere, but as much as this thought bothered Aelita she still had to get to the second tower and deactivate it or risk the lives of her friends if this one didn't stop the trap in the cafeteria.
Aelita boarded the overwing and began to head to the white tower to transport her to the Desert sector. “Aelita the Desert sector is clear so you shouldn't have anything to worry about but please be careful.” Aelita took a deep breath and said, “I know Jeremy I will, and I love you.” Aelita put the hammer down on the throttle and forced the overwing to go even faster.
Real World
“I love you too,” Jeremy said. Jeremy exhaled and began to turn his chair around while rubbing the bridge of his nose when all of a sudden he came face to face with William. William gave Jeremie a sick twisted smile before saying, “ah how cute too bad it's going to be the last time.” Before Jeremy could do anything William grabbed his shirt and hurled him across the room and into the steel wall. Jeremy rolled on his side in pain as he began to spit up a bit of blood.
William laughed as he pointed his hand towards the super computer; purple lighting went from William hand and into the super computer. Jeremy tried to get up as heard William say, “master the brat Jeremy is being neutralized, and now is the time to spring the trap on Aelita.” Jeremy tried desperately to get up and try to warn Aelita but as he made his way to the computer he felt his body become encased in the purple lighting. William was having the time of his life as he lifted Jeremy and threw him into the elevator door. Jeremy slammed into the steel elevator doors hard and as he did he managed to hit the button and call the elevator up.
William laughed as Jeremy crawled into the elevator, “Go ahead I'll give you a head start.” Jeremy hit the button and felt the elevator rise as it began its return to the main level; he had to hope that the plan he had just developed would be enough to slow William down.
Aelita had just cleared the white tower and was on her way to the final tower. Aelita couldn't shake the thought that something was wrong since for the past ten minutes she had been unable to get a hold of Jeremy since their last communication and she was very concerned. Aelita thoughts were interrupted when a swarm of Hornets suddenly opened fire on her. The overwing didn't stand a chance as it was hit with a dozen or so shots and instantly devirtualize allowing Aelita to fall to the ground.
When Aelita the Hornets began circling her from above, Aelita tried to run towards the tower but the Hornets began firing and cut her off. Aelita knew that they were trying to just hold her here until the Scipizoa can come to steal her memories. Utilizing one of her best defensive maneuvers Aelita dropped down to her knees and began to sing, the sand instantly began to rise until it formed a dome that encased and protected Aelita, but she knew this wouldn't hold long she had to think of something then an idea occurred to her, one she had never tried but she no choice. Aelita moved towards the edge the dome and once more dropped to her knees and began singing, stretching out her right hand towards the spot where she just was a small hole started to appear as the sand began to disappear.
Aelita stopped and jumped down the hole, once she landed she continued to sing and now stretched both her arms in the direction of the activated tower, a path instantly formed until Aelita was sure it reached just a few feet in front of the tower, before she proceeded Aelita waved her hand and the hole she dropped in disappeared. Aelita stopped singing and collapsed, this trick had taken a lot out of her but considering her options she didn't see much choice. When she felt her strength had recovered a bit Aelita took off down the newly tunnel as quickly as she could. High above Aelita dome the Hornets continued to circle, it didn't bother them that Aelita was sitting in her little dome soon the Scipizoa would arrive and then their would be no shield against its wrath, as if on cue the Scipizoa made its entrance just floating towards the dome.
When the Scipizoa reached the dome it waited a few seconds before its tentacles began to glow red then with one swing from its two tentacles the Scipizoa broke open the dome like an egg expecting to find a scared and cowering Aelita, instead all it found was an empty space. The Scipizoa didn't panic or get angry and try to destroy something, instead just as Xana created it to do so the Scipizoa sensed out Aelita presence. It took the Scipizoa just a few minutes to find her and it was surprised to find Aelita was almost at the activated tower. The Scipizoa began to us one of its latest acquired abilities, the Scipizoa began to devirtualize and with in a few seconds quickly disappeared.
Aelita had finally reached the end of her tunnel, once again she began to sing in a low voice and stretch her arm above her before she knew it a new hole opened up. Aelita jumped through the hole and was happy to see she was at the activated tower. Aelita ran to the tower and was about to go through when two blue lasers suddenly hit her in the back.
Aelita felt her body go completely numb as she fell to the ground unable to move, when she hit the ground she involuntarily rolled onto her back only to see the Scipizoa coming towards her, she did the only thing she could do in a situation like this. Aelita screamed in terror
Real World
Jeremy never actually heard the scream but he knew something had happened to Aelita. Jeremy now had a black eye and several; bruises on his torso from this cat and mouse game that the Xana possessed William was playing. Jeremy had come up with a plan to immobilize William but it required a trip to the factory boiler room, now that he had what he needed he was waiting in the factory assembly line room all he needed to do was just be a little more patient. “Come on come on” Jeremy said like a mantra.
Unknown to Jeremy William materialized threw the wall behind him and said, “Okay here I am.” Jeremy turned around and threw the bucket of water he had at William and successfully drenched him. William laughed and threw Jeremy at the conveyer belt and laughed as Jeremy grunted in pain from being slammed into the conveyer belt. As Jeremy began to crawl near one of the machines used on the assembly line William came over to him and said,” did you really think a little water was going to stop me?” Jeremy gave one of his rare smirks and said, “nope but water with electricity will.”
Before William could even show the shock in face Jeremy dumped his second bucket of water and grabbed two live electric cables he had pulled out and threw them in the water. The second the water touched William feet he felt his whole body jolt from the sudden sensation of electricity running through his body. William fell to his hands and knees, he was unable to do anything to stop the electricity that was immobilizing him, he tried to make a orb but he couldn't concentrate enough and the energy kept dissipating before he could use it. Jeremy pulled himself up and ran to the elevator, he only hoped it wasn't too late to help his girlfriend.
Ulrich knew he was out of time, he knew it the second he heard Aelita scream, as the Aliens came closer Ulrich knew he would have to use the new system, “I just hope it works.” Ulrich closed his eyes and yelled, “BATTLE MODE ACTIVATE.” A wave of power rushed through Ulrich as his body began glow a bright orange color, the sand that had trapped Ulrich blew away and vaporized, the Aliens began to back away they were blinded by the orange light. When the light died Ulrich stood in the exact same spot, but his avatar was different.
Ulrich was now dressed in a complete orange samurai battle armor, on his back a banner was connected to his armor showing the head of the demon that was on the back of his regular clothes, sword was now double its length but still felt light and easy to handle. Ulrich felt pumping into his mind all the knowledge he needed to know how to work his new powers properly. Knowing he couldn't waste anytime with these pests Ulrich said in a new deeper voice, “triplicate times three.” Suddenly there were now nine copies of Ulrich surrounding him.
Ulrich smiled behind his helmets mouth guard and said “take care of these pests, I got to go help Aelita” The clones all nodded then sprinted at high speeds and began fighting the aliens. Ulrich turned to face the tower; he then took off saying “mega sprint” Ulrich took off so fast he seemed to be a blur to those who watched him leave. Aelita knew it was the end, there was no one who could help her, and she was paralyzed, this was truly the end.
Aelita watched as the Scipizoa made its way over to her preparing to lose everything when all of a sudden an orange blur sped into view. The Scipizoa back away a little as the new Warrior appeared in front of Aelita, sword at the ready. The Scipizoa began to pump red energy into the tips of its tentacles and when they were filled it took a swing at the Warrior. The Warrior jumped and quickly slashed the tentacle and severed it off; the Warrior wasted no time in severing the other tentacle, as the Scipizoa began to retreat the Warrior launched himself at the Scipizoa.
Aelita watched in awe as in a matter of second the Scipizoa was covered with several deep glowing gashes one very close to its Xana symbol. The Warrior readied his sword to finish off the Scipizoa when the Hornets came rushing in firing at the Warrior and pushing him back. The Warrior prepared himself to deal with the new threat Aelita heard him say to her, “can you move?” Aelita began to move her arms a little bit and with in a minute was standing though a little wobbly. “Good now go deactivate the tower,” said the Warrior.
Aelita ran into the tower and came back out within a few minutes but oddly the Warrior was gone and so were the Hornets. Aelita didn't stick around long to speculate instead she took off towards white tower and along the way was grateful to hear Jeremy voice. When Aelita reach the tower Jeremy transferred her back to real world.
Real World
The minute Aelita returned to the real world Jeremy ran the return to the past program and watched as the white light engulfed them all. Now once again morning the gang was at their bench listening to Aelita tell them what happened in Lyoko, and when she was done they tried to speculate on who the mysterious Warrior was. “Well we can guess one thing it might be because of this Warrior that we have been able to enjoy the peace we have had the past seven months” said Jeremy.
Yumi who had been facing away from the group looked over her shoulder and said, “The only question is who designed this program and is it a friend or foe.” As everyone began to contemplate this question they came to one unspoken conclusion, they would have to keep an eye on this new Warrior to see if he is a threat or a new ally. The gang began to let the topic slide and decided to go to the movies, as they all began the trek to the bus stop something was nagging in the back of Yumi mind, something that kept telling her that she was one step closer to finding her lost love.
Yumi chided herself, it had taken Ulrich disappearance to realize how much she actually loved him, and Yumi prayed every night that she would find Ulrich if only just to tell him ho much she loved him even if he didn't in return. It was this wish that kept Yumi going through each day and gave her hope for the future.
Ulrich slowly limped his way towards the activated white tower in front of him, as he approached the tower it deactivated and Ulrich began to glow a bright orange and reverted back to his old appearance.
Ulrich entered the safety of the tower and promptly collapsed exhausted, as Ulrich lay their resting Hopper voice rang through the tower, “You better rest well in a few days we'll try again once the new firewalls are ready.”
Ulrich just nodded as he fell into something resembling sleep, normally he never slept but the battle mode program had drained enormous amounts of his strength and now he needed to rest and come up with a new strategy for finding the memory fragment.