Code Lyoko Fan Fiction ❯ choices ❯ Chapter 10

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Real World
Ulrich had just finished the de-virtualization process and was exiting the scanner when Yumi tackled him and hugged him. Ulrich looked down at her when he felt tears on his chest, he thought he had done something wrong but when he saw her face he knew right away that they were tears of joy. The others had just exited the elevator and were heading towards Ulrich to congratulate him, after all the congratulations done Jeremy got everyone attention and said, “well shall we finish the last step.” Aelita smiled and walked over to the open scanner and entered it, Jeremy ran upstairs and began typing the necessary keys to run the download. Inside the scanner Aelita began to fell like she was going to Lyoko but then she felt a rush as memories came to her, she saw many things, her parents, Mr. Puck, the men in suits, these were just some of the images and their were so many that Aelita felt as if she would pass out, and then it was over.
When the doors opened everyone was standing there holding his or her breaths, as Aelita stepped out of the scanner she fell and Jeremy rushed towards just in time to catch her. It was a few minutes before Aelita opened her eyes and said, “I know who I am and where I came from.” Everyone smiled, after Jeremy helped Aelita to her feet they all headed towards the elevator and headed towards the super computer room. When they got to the floor they got off and were heading towards the super computer but before they could get to it a white light came towards them and engulfed them, they began to fell the familiar sensation of the world around them rewinding, when the light faded they were all back at the start of the day. After they all quickly reoriented themselves they all met back at the factory in the super computer room, Aelita pulled the switch but nothing happened. Now they were all in the main computer room doing a diagnostic on the super computer, when it was done they saw what the problem was. “Xana shorted out the switch, it's useless until we repair it” said Jeremy.
Everyone was thinking about what to do when Ulrich said, “how long will it take to repair?” Jeremy shook his head and said,” too long, and we can't use the return to the past program since the one Xana just did drain the power reserves we'll have to wait for either the reserves to build up or a tower to activate. Everyone sighed, Yumi asked the question that no one wanted to know, “how long will it take?' Jeremy ran a few quick calculations and said, “Since we only need to go back a day it should only take a few hours, I've already begun the recharging cycle.” Everyone sighed with relief, then felt the urge slam themselves anime style into the ground as Odd said, “all this is making me hungry lets eat.”
After the urge to pummel Odd passed everyone began to leave, Yumi walked to Ulrich and gave him a kiss and said, “I'll go get you some breakfast.” After everyone left Ulrich went and sat down in Jeremy chair and began to rub his temples, he knew that in a few hours everything would be all over. Xana would be gone and Ulrich would make his mysterious comeback, everyone had been trying to come up with a good excuse but so far nothing had hit them yet. While Ulrich was lost in his thoughts the screen in front of him began to beep. Ulrich looked up and saw a message from Franz Hopper appear on the screen, the message read, `Events moving fast and although the end is within our reach I suggest we go along with our plan and take the last necessary steps to ensure things go okay, do you agree?' Ulrich thought for a few minutes then he hit the keys that spelled out the word yes.
Back at Kadic academy Yumi was just leaving the cafeteria with two ham sandwiches and a can of soda, as she began her walk through the forest she couldn't help but grin at all that's happen in the last few weeks, first Ulrich coming back and both him and her confessed their love for each other and how wonderful the past month has been and she was looking forward to seeing it end. Yumi was brought out of her thoughts when she heard someone screaming at the top of their lungs. Yumi looked up and she spotted three girls she didn't know running towards her. Suddenly Yumi eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as a crab came scuttling out behind where the girls were. The crab looked towards Yumi and began to power it laser, Yumi dived to her right and into the bushes. The crab moved slowly towards the bushes as it attempted to flush Yumi out.
The crab fired off a laser shot into the bushes then Yumi burst forth at her top speed and made her way towards the sewer cover knowing if she could get there she'd be safe. Yumi made it safely and was already running through the sewers knowing she would be safe until she got to the exit in front of the factory; her only fear was that the crab might beat her to the factory. Suddenly Yumi was jarred from her thoughts when a laser shot whizzed pass her. Yumi turned around and was shocked to see a crab behind her standing in the water, the crab fired off another laser and Yumi ducked into a side passage. Yumi began to look around for something she could use as a weapon and luckily found a broken piece of pipe, as she picked up the pipe the crab moved in behind Yumi and prepared to fire.
Yumi threw the pipe at the crab hoping to throw off its aim, but was taken by surprise when the pipe passed through the crab and disrupted it showing it to be a polymorph. While the crab was reforming itself Yumi took the opportunity and ran past it and didn't stop until she reached the exit. Yumi climbed up the ladder and onto the bridge and was relieved to see nothing there. Yumi entered the factory, swung down the chain rope, and made her way to the elevator to head down to the super computer room. When Yumi exited she saw that the others were already there and quickly told them what happened. Jeremy began to rub his head as the super computer just finished its scan of Lyoko, it showed him a nightmare as within each sector of Lyoko a tower was active and under the control of Xana. The Lyoko warriors were trying to think of what their next move should be when a message appeared on the screen In front of Jeremy. “Lyoko warriors, give me the key or I will launch my next wave, you have 30 minutes.” No one knew what to do, they all just stood there until Ulrich said, and “We have no choice we must go to Lyoko and shutdown the towers.”
Jeremy shook his head and said, “That's not possible, each tower is protected by at least fifty monsters or more, there is no way you'll be able to fight your way through them.” Everyone felt hope leave them. Aelita was getting ready to tell them she was giving herself up when a screen opened and a voice began talking to them. “I have been listening to your conversation as well as analyzing the situation on Lyoko and I can assure you that Jeremy is right” said Franz Hopper. Everyone wondered why he had bothered coming if all he was going to do was tell them the situation is hopeless. Franz Hopper continued to speak, “Instead of trying to muscle your way through to the towers I have a different idea.”
Suddenly an image of the celestial dome appeared, the image zoomed to its southern region and showed an access port that none had noticed before. “This entry point leads towards a chamber called the heart of Lyoko, there you will destroy Lyoko heart and Lyoko along with it.” Everyone gasped and Aelita ran towards the screen sating, “No father you can't, if you do we'll never be able to get you out of there!” Everyone heard Franz sigh, and then he said, “I know sweetie, but if we don't all will be lost for when Xana realizes that we'll never give him the key, he'll lay waste to everything.” Suddenly a screen appeared and it displayed two pictures of armored knights, the one on the left carrying a sword, and the other carried a bow and arrow. Everyone stared curiously at the pictures when Franz continued to speak, “Over the years I have been slowly building my own army in preparation for the war that I knew would come.”
Jeremy looked at his screen and said, “How will they be used?”
“I will deploy most of my army on Lyoko in order to protect towers that I will activate, the activated towers will be used to one send the rest of my army to the real world to help in its defense, and two to empower one of you with the ability to have your powers in the real world.” Before anyone could even breathe Ulrich jumped forward and said, “I'll do it.” Yumi started to protest but Ulrich pulled her into a hug, the warmth of Ulrich body soothed Yumi worries and calmed her mind in a way that only he could, the one she truly gave her heart to. Yumi returned the hug and then the two holding hands turned towards the super computer screen.
“Ulrich I will activate a tower and send the energy to you, once it enters your body you will be transformed into your battle mode. But I must warn you, the stress on your body will be greater then ever, and at any moment your powers could fail.” Ulrich nodded his head and turned towards Yumi. The two exchanged no words; he cupped her cheeks with his and gently caressed them with his thumbs. The two stared at each other for a second feeling each other breathe on their faces before Ulrich closed the gap and kissed Yumi on the lips. The two stayed locked in their passionate embrace for a few minutes before lack of oxygen forced them to break their kiss. They hugged one more time before Ulrich stepped away and said, “Do it.”
Jeremy screen began blinking as it showed one tower in each region excluding sector five. Suddenly white mist came out of the computer and seeped into Ulrich. Ulrich began to glow with a bright orange light, when the light faded Ulrich was standing there in his battle mode gear. Ulrich felt a rush of power like nothing he ever imagined, after the feeling passed Ulrich said goodbye to everyone, then he boarded the elevator, and rode it up to the main floor.
Ulrich exited the factor and saw on the other side of the bridge were twenty of Franz archers along with thirty knights. While Ulrich was approaching them one of the knights stepped forward and said, “ The creator has instructed us to follow your commands, what are your orders?” Ulrich nodded to them and said, “ Spread out, search the streets in groups and guide everyone you find to Kadic academy.” Ulrich's new troops bow their heads, and then they turned around and marched into the city. Ulrich watched them go before he bowed his head and said a quiet prayer, when he was done he mega sprinted into the city that had now become a war zone.
In all four sectors Xana divided his forces and directed them towards the towers Hopper had activated. Xana wasn't sure yet why Hopper needed so many towers active, but he wasn't going to just wait and find out. Xana armies began their marches to the towers and arrived at each unopposed, as they were preparing to begin their attack suddenly they came under attack from blue arrows. Suddenly dozens of armored knight appeared directly in front of Xana army, each brandishing a long two-handed sword, they dived into Xana unsuspecting army and easily decimated their unsuspecting foes. Krankerlots were skewered, Tarantula were impaled at their throats, Cubes were sliced in half, and Crabs had their legs dismembered leaving them easy prey.
Up in the sky Mantas attempted to swoop in and stop the slaughter, but a group of archers appeared, these were carrying bow with blue arrows ready to fire. The archers released the arrows and let them sail through the air towards the Mantas. The Mantas attempted to evade the incoming attack, but the arrows were too numerous and in the end nearly all of the Mantas were destroyed forcing the survivors too retreat. Without any hope of support from the air Xana knew his monsters on the ground would eventually be destroyed, so Xana ordered them too pull back, he knew this move would make him look like a coward, but with his invasion of the real world going on right now he would have to save power anyway possible. While Xana monsters were retreating Franz knights and archers took the opportunity to reform their ranks and waited for Xana next wave.
Real World
Jeremy had watched the battle unfold on the holo-screen. When it had ended Jeremy turned towards the others and said, “It's time, head to the scanners.” Everyone nodded their heads and took the elevator down to the scanners, as the three entered the scanners and began to virtualization process Jeremy noticed that while Yumi was going at normal speed, Odd and Aelita were very far behind. Jeremy ran scan after scan but couldn't determine anything wrong.
After the virtualization was complete Jeremy ran a quick diagnostic, but found no problems so he ignored it, but the scan did reveal something that had changed to Aelita Lyoko avatar. “Aelita I have some news, apparently getting your memories back have unlocked and attack called energy sphere, ” said Jeremy.
Aelita was excited at the news, but they had no time to waste. The three made their way over to the edge of the sector and were happy to see the transport coming right towards them. The transport scooped them up and began its brief journey to sector five.
Real World
Ulrich and his troops had been fighting for nearly an hour, during that time they had manage to clear roughly seven streets and were almost done with their current street when Xana monster began to counter attack. Krankerlots began to move down the street using their power shots to try and break the knights defenses while behind them Tarantulas lay down a stream of fire that caught several of the knight and destroyed them. Ulrich mega sprinted ahead of everyone using both katana' to deflect the blast harmlessly to the side.
When there was a brief pause in the volley Ulrich shouted, “Archers fire!” the archers each pulled back the strings of their bows and a blue arrow appeared in each one, the archers let the strings go and the arrows soared over Ulrich finding their marks in several of the Krankerlots and Tarantulas. While the remaining monsters began to pull back Ulrich troops charged after them with Ulrich using mega sprint along with his katanas to make sure any monster he caught up to didn't last long. When the monsters were completely driven from the street Ulrich turned to his troops and said, “Quickly clear everyone out.” The knight and archers nodded their heads then quickly did as they were told. Within ten minutes the block was cleared as people were scrambling into the streets to get clear while Ulrich and his army made their way to the next street.
Sector Five
The three Lyoko warriors had exited the transport a short while ago and were now trying to activate the key. After a minute of running the three had finally come to the room with the key, the room was one they hadn't seen yet. It was a simple straightaway with them at one and the key at the other, they all silently agreed, this was too easy. The three began to move down the hallway with Odd in front, Yumi in the rear, and Aelita sandwiched between the two. They were about halfway to their goal when suddenly Creepers appeared along the walls.
The Creepers wasted no time and began to fire on the three. Odd and Yumi positioned themselves between Aelita and began to block as many shots as they could while they attempted to fight back, but despite their best attempts they each took a few hits. Aelita quickly called to her powers and made a dome for them. Odd and Yumi were breathing heavily, they'd taken more hits then they could afford, Yumi who had been hunched over straightened herself up and said, “Odd were gonna have to use our battle modes.” Odd nodded his agreement, the two assumed their positions and shouted, “Battle mode!” They waited for a second but nothing happened, no light, no great boost of power, nothing they were there in the normal forms still. Yumi contacted Jeremy and asked, “Jeremy what's going on, we can't change to our Battle modes?” In the real world Jeremy pressed a few keys before saying, “I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think the problem is that Franz has diverted all his power to Ulrich and the troops he's given him, so he doesn't have any power to divert to the towers to activate the Battle modes.” Yumi and Odd both swore under their breaths.
The two looked at each other and nodded their heads, they then turned to Aelita and said, “Bring down the dome then make a run for it, Odd and I will take care of the Creepers.” Aelita nodded, she tapped into her powers and connected with the dome. Aelita looked at Yumi, she nodded her head, Aelita then looked at Odd, he nodded his head. Aelita dropped the dome and made a straight sprint for the key. Odd and Yumi sprung out towards the creepers and began attack them with everything they had. Odd was weaving left and right as he launched laser arrows from both his arm s taking out several Creepers before he activated his shield to block the Creepers attacks. Yumi was having a more trouble then Odd, after her first dual throw from her fans took out two Creepers she'd been on the defensive blocking the volley of laser that came at her. Finally deciding she had to take the offensive, Yumi charged forward and ducked under a small ledge. Yumi put her hands to the side of her head and began to glow with a pink aura, suddenly a column began to glow pink, using her right hand Yumi made a sweeping motion and the column ripped from its position, and slammed into a Creeper.
Yumi made another sweeping motion and the column swept across destroying the rest of the Creepers. By the Aelita had reached the key, there was only a couple seconds left on the timer as Odd wrapped up the last Creeper on his end. The wall near Aelita opened and as one the three proceeded down it towards the outside of the celestial dome. When they reached outside they found Jeremy had already materialized their vehicles for them, after mounting them Jeremy said, “Okay head south to the southern pole, you should see some kind of entrance.”
They all nodded their heads and took off. While they were making their way to their destination Aelita asked, “Jeremy how are the battles going?” Jeremy clicked a few buttons and responded, “Franz forces just repelled a fifth wave in all sectors, their holing but I estimate their numbers are at almost half of what they were initially in each sector.” Everyone was quiet; they knew Franz force wouldn't survive indefinitely, but they were loosing so many too quickly. They reached the southern pole and gone through the entrance.
Real World
Ulrich screamed “Impact” and ran his blade through the neck of a Tarantula; the blade exited other side through its Xana mark. The Tarantula exploded and Ulrich took a few steps forward before screamed in pain as a laser blast hit his back. Ulrich fell to the ground his back smoking a little from the laser blast; Ulrich rolled over on to his back and saw an Alien coming towards him. Ulrich tried to move but his body wouldn't respond, the Alien closed in on Ulrich and prepared to fire when one of the knights suddenly drove its sword through the Aliens Xana mark and the Alien blew up.
The knight turned to Ulrich and gave him a hand up; Ulrich gratefully took it. When he got to his feet the two began heading down the street when the knight suddenly stumbled forward and exploded. Ulrich turned around and saw a Tarantula, suddenly out of the street lamps a dozen more shadows came out and formed a line. The Tarantulas as one began firing their lasers Ulrich raised his sword and began to block the shots, but he was quickly overpowered, Ulrich felt several blast hit him as he turned around and said, “Mega sprint” Ulrich began to take off at super speed, but got no more then a few steps before his sprint suddenly stopped, `oh no have I already begun to lose my powers?' Ulrich thought as he rounded a corner. Suddenly he began to feel very weak, he looked down at his hands and saw they were becoming transparent that he could see his real hands underneath.
Ulrich began to panic then it stopped and his hands returned to normal. Ulrich had no time to think he as peered out around the corner. The Tarantula was almost to the corner. The rounded the corner and quickly fired two laser blasts, the ground was black with scorch marks. The Tarantula was confused, it saw Ulrich round the corner just a second ago. The Tarantula looked down the street but still couldn't find Ulrich; suddenly the Tarantula felt a pebble hit its head. The Tarantula looked up in time to see Ulrich descending towards it, Ulrich made a striking motion and pierced the Tarantula Xana mark, and the Tarantula exploded. Ulrich took two steps forward before his swords slipped from his hands and he collapsed to the ground, as Ulrich lay there on ground motionless his body once again began to become transparent and his true self could be seen.
In the forest sector an army of Mega tanks and Tarantulas marched forward as they pushed the few survivors of Franz army back to their final line. The once proud force was now reduced to just a few knights and a couple archers; the survivors were now grouped in front of the tower waiting for the last push. The Mega tanks formed a crescent formation before the rolling split open and unleashed their attacks. Knights charged forward and attempted to block the attacks, but the Mega tanks attack proved too much, their swords shattered into thousands of shards before the attack continued and destroyed the Knights themselves. Archers attempted to launch their arrows, but Tarantulas had now moved up and opened fire on the Archers and destroyed the last of Franz defenders in the forest sector.
From with in the super computer room Jeremy watched on his screen as Franz tower in the forest sector shutdown. Jeremy lowered his head and sighed, but as he began to watch the screen again his breathing stopped as the tower in the mountain sector went off line. Jeremy began to breath when it became a necessary; this was bad, with two towers offline he knew that some of Ulrich troops here in the real world would be gone and Ulrich powers reduced. Jeremy turned towards a screen that showed a digital image of Ulrich with a gold bar on the side, the bar was telling Jeremy that Ulrich had lost nearly seventy percent of his power and the number was continuing to go down. Suddenly Aelita voice could be heard as said, “Jeremy were here, begin the next step.” Jeremy immediately began typing the necessary button to run the program Franz named `Drill' after only a few seconds Jeremy hit enter and watched the program begin to run. In the chamber the gang was looking around for anything when suddenly in front of the heart a tank with two large drills attached to it appeared.
Odd was about to say something but decided not to as the drills began to spin and the tank moved forward. The drill made contact with the first shield and Jeremy said, “It'll take about five minutes to crack the shields, so everyone just sit tight and wait.” Everyone nodded and spread out and formed a triangle around the drill. A minute went by and nothing happened. Two minutes went by with nothing happening, everyone began to get tense. The timer was almost at the three-minute mark when suddenly several Mantas appeared. Yumi, Aelita, and Odd began using their weapon and easily cut the Mantas numbers in half. Creepers began pouring into the room now as well and the three found themselves fighting a swarm of monsters.
Real World
Ulrich was still lying on the ground unconscious when monsters began to close in on him.
The timer had just passed four minutes when an attack from a Manta caught Yumi in the back and devirtualized her. Odd began running around the chamber like a madman firing his without aiming and still scoring numerous kills till a shot from a creeper caused him to fall and then several more shots finished him off. Now it was just Aelita all alone in the chamber.
Real World
Monsters moved past Ulrich lifeless body without as much as a second thought. Ulrich eyes fluttered open and he was regaining his vision to the point where he saw a blur of Xana monsters marching down the street past him. Suddenly they stopped and turned to face Ulrich. The monsters parted and a black knight emerged. The knight approached Ulrich who now saw on his chest the Xana mark showing proudly. The knight stood over Ulrich and held his arm off to the side, suddenly a giant sword appeared.
The knight raised his sword above his head and said, “I decided that the first thing I would do here in the real world is kill you personally, the one who has caused me the most trouble. But don't worry I'll send your precious Yumi to you next.” Ulrich knew this was Xana, but despite this he also knew that he had reached his limits, their was nothing he could do but lay there as Xana swung his sword towards him.
Aelita screamed as Odd devirtualized; she knew she was alone. The drill had just penetrated the last shield and was preparing to finish the job. Aelita smiled; although the cost would be high for her they were about to win all Jeremy had to do was devirtualize her and that would be it. Suddenly the Scipizoa appeared, it quickly wrapped its tentacles around Aelita and began to extract the key to save Xana. But as suddenly the Scipizoa stopped and released Aelita who felt herself devirtualize. The Scipizoa began to flail around until it exploded. The drill pierced Lyoko heart and there was a great explosion.
Real World
In the super computer room Jeremy heard Franz shout, “NOW!” Jeremy hit the enter key and launched the farthest return to the past they had ever launched. Ulrich awoke with a start; he sat straight up breathing heavily. When he realized he was in his room he relaxed considering Xana sword had started to cut him when Xana and his army vanished. Ulrich went over to his calendar and saw what the date was, today was the day when he found out about Yumi and William, and when he made the decision to fight the war against Xana alone. Ulrich sat down on his bed and called Jeremy who was also up despite it being six a.m. Ulrich ask Jeremy if he had checked on Lyoko yet, after a few minutes Jeremy said, “It's completely gone, no trace of it, we did it we won.” Ulrich told Jeremy thank you and hung up, he then dialed Yumi phone and was glad that she was awake.
Ulrich told Yumi the news and she was ecstatic, the two talked for a while before Ulrich said he was going back to bed, as Ulrich laid down and settled into his mattress he smiled for the first time in a long time. Yumi told him she would be breaking up with William later today and next week Ulrich and her would start dating. Ulrich let out a happy sigh he knew the others would want to know what happened to the Scipizoa, why it suddenly self destructed, and didn't it take the key from Aelita. Ulrich already knew what he would tell them, one word `insurance.' But that was later today, for now Ulrich would for the first time in a very long time sleep peacefully and dream of the new chapter in his life that was just starting, one where he was finally with the love of his life and Xana was gone for good.
AN: I'm sorry for taking so long to post the last ch for this story, I've had a bad case of writer block for this ch and ended up rewriting it. Well as promised there will be a sequel. But I'm not sure if it will be one big one shot or three individual ones shots. I'd appreciate anyone opinion and until next time take care.