Code Lyoko Fan Fiction ❯ Dark Knight ❯ Scipizoa Attacks ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

"You guys, something strange is going on!" Jeremy said.

"You just noticed that?" Ulrick asked. Suddenly, the Scipizoa came up behind him and attacked him.

"Ulrick, no!" Yumi tried to save him, but she was surrounded by Blocks. They wiped her out before she could help him.

"Yumi!" Aelita was almost at the tower.

"Aelita, get to the tower, I'll help Ulrick!" Odd said. Aelita ran in and shut off the tower.

The next day, everything seemed to be fine with Ulrick. "That's really strange." Jeremy said.

"Maybe the Scipizoa hasn't been able to possess him." Aelita said.

"That's what we thought about William, and look at what happened!" Odd pointed out. "No offense, William."

"None taken." William said. "Although that was partially my fault. I tried to pick a fight with the Scipizoa."

"Would you please relax?" Yumi said. "We know it's not your fault, however we still don't trust you to be a Lyoko Warrior."

"Well, at least he found someone else to bother, just like you wanted." Ulrick said.

"Hey, Ulrick." Jeremy said. "I need to analyze you. Can you come to the park with me?"
"Sure." Ulrick said.