Code Lyoko Fan Fiction ❯ Holiday Trap ❯ Chapter 3

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Yumi struck first by throwing her fan, wiping out two of them. Odd was next, taking out three hornets. Ulrick and Jeremy each wiped out four Hornets. Aelita brought up the rear by wiping out five at once. Another one was approaching. "There are way too many of them!" Yumi realized.

"We can't wipe out all of them." Jeremy said.

"I have an idea." Odd said. He did the stupidest thing he'd ever done, he actually jumped onto the Hornet and started taking it for a joyride.

"Odd, this is not a game!" Ulrick said. "I'd better follow him just to make sure he doesn't get into trouble." Then a Hornet shot at him. "Or not."

Odd flew over with the Hornet and forced it to shoot at the fire place, starting a fire to warm everyone up before wiping it out.

Ulrick and Yumi were standing back to back now. "This is not the kind of date I had in mind when you asked me out." Yumi said.

"I'm not exactly happy about this, either, but it's our job, what can we do?" Ulrick pointed out. They both attacked together.

"Jeremy, any ideas...huh?" Aelita had started charging a strange energy inside of her.

"What is that?" Odd asked.

"Aelita, do you know what to do?" Jeremy asked.

"I think so, Jeremy." Aelita said. All of the energy gathered in her hands. "This is for my father! Data Stream Blast!" A bunch of data flew out and wiped out the Hornets. "Done."

"Wow." Odd said. "How do we fix that huge hole in the wall?"

"Maybe my angel dust can fix it." Aelita said.

"You should probably save it for another day, Aelita." Jeremy said. "Let's do a return instead."

"You're right." Aelita said. She took Jeremy's hand.

They both raised them up together. "Return to the past, now!" They said together.

Back at the dance, Ulrick and Yumi were together. "Ulrick, I...This is hard for me to say." Yumi struggled to get the words out.

"It's okay." Ulrick said. "I think I already know your secret." Yumi looked at the ceiling above them. "What's up?"

"Ulrick, look at where we're standing." Yumi said. They both looked up only to notice that they were standing under the mistletoe. They both looked at each other. They leaned forward and kissed.

"Yumi, I love you." Ulrick said.

"Same here." Yumi told him.

Aelita turned to Jeremy. "You know, I think we will be able to save my dad, I just know it."

"I know."

As Ulrick and Yumi continued to dance, they noticed the other couples together. Hiroki was with Milly, Johnny with Tamia, even Sissi's friends had found other girls. "Hey, this is my favorite song." Yumi said as I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You started playing.

"Well, let's make it our song then." Ulrick said. Soon, Aelita and Jeremy and most of the group started singing along to the music:

I can't take my eyes off of you
I know you feel the same way too
I can't take my eyes off of you
All it took, was one look for a dream come true