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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Revenge On Characters I Don't Like
A Revenge Fic Featuring Multiple Animes
By: Serenity-chan (Liz is my insane cousin - she lives under a rock...)

Really A Collection Of One-Shots And Ficlets Arranged By Anime

Cowboy Bebop


The silver-haired man sat in a dark office with a large, ugly bird on his shoulder, very deep in thought and staring at his clenched fists. His gunmetal eyes must have once looked clear and blue, but now they were nothing but two grey storms of anger. He couldn't really figure out why he was angry today in particular - he just was and he would leave it at that. He was Vicious, leader of the Red Dragon syndicate, and no one was stupid enough to argue with him. The katana at his side was nicked in quite a few places where he'd had to 'assert his authority' though... Other than those few little odd complaints, he knew no one would dare think of defying him.

He never knew there was someone in the Red Dragon compound thinking of doing just that and much, much more. As he cracked his knuckles, relaxed his hands and petted the large bird on his shoulder, he couldn't have been a more unsuspecting pigeon. That one he was unaware of was at that moment slinking along the compound's halls towards his private quarters. No sound attested to the steps of nimble feet, typical of any assassin, but this one was definitely different. There were no bodies littering the halls where the intruder had silenced their discoverers. But they had indeed been discovered... Every male in the Red Dragon compound besides Vicious himself had seen the lithe figure dressed all in black.

Lavender hair hung ethereally to a slender waist and deep violet orbs glinted behind sleek, stylish glasses that gave the pale, cold face an almost innocent look. Milk-white shoulders appeared to gleam as they were set off by a flattering black dress with tiny string straps. The hemline was very flattering, with a slit almost up to the accentuated hip. Black stiletto heels decorated tiny feet, with thin ankles accented by thin black ribbons. Sure, the intruder had been discovered, but certainly none of the discoverers were complaining. *Their* only lament was that she wouldn't be visiting *them* that night - oh, how lucky they were, the poor fools.

The intruder had asked one of the younger members of the Red Dragon - a handsome youth by the name of Lin - where she could find Vicious. When asked why, she only replied that she was to pay him a "special call," earning envious groans from the men surrounding her. She blushed prettily when requests for similar calls met her ears and graciously turned down each one. The poor, poor fools, she thought again. Again, how lucky they were that it would not be them who would be "called upon" that night. Lin kindly pointed her in the right direction and she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek in thanks - Lin was on Cloud 99 for the rest of the night.

When asked her name, she only replied, "Lavender."

"Lavender" continued along the blood-red-decorated halls, blushing at the whistles and catcalls she recieved as she went. Lin's brother, Shin - pushed by his comrades - offered to escort her to Vicious's room, but she shook her head and kissed his cheek anyway in thanks. Shin joined his brother on Cloud 99, with both angels vying for the harp. "Lavender" tried to push back her feelings, but a single tiny tear trailed down her pale face. Why did those boys want her so badly? In the Bible, when people saw an angel, they were terrified because of the awesome power. She too, was an angel, though one of a much different color. She was a Black Angel - a lone assassin on a very personal mission.

Finally, the red-and-gold door with the Red Dragon's symbol on it was in her view - very soon, there would be no more obstacles in her way. She adjusted her dress, quickly fixed her hair and pushed her glasses up just a little before she approached the door. Her heart was fluttering about in her stomach and for a brief moment, she wanted to run away and never look at the door again. She swallowed hard and extended her hand to the ornate knob anyway. Her breath caught in her throat as the door swung open and a cold voice said:

"Come in..."

If "Lavender" was thrown off for a second, she gave no outward sign of being in any way disconcerted. If one were to be so picky as to say that of course she showed it, that picky-puss would have to point out her eyes. True enough, they gave her a sort of innocent, little-girl lostness that made her look as small and afraid as her confident demeanor would allow. She drew herself up to her full height and made first eye contact with the shadowed individual behind the desk. A soft gasp passed her violet-painted lips and those innocent-girl eyes widened. She briefly covered her mouth with her hand, as if ashamed of the small sound. The gunmetal eyes gleamed back at her and their owner gave her a devilish smile.

"Well, don't just stand there," he said in a dark, quiet voice, the quality of black silk soaked in gently-killing poison. "Come here and let me get a look at you. I must say, I wasn't expecting such a visitor tonight..."

"Lavender" crossed the room immediately, her high heels making small clicking sounds on the hardwood floor for the first time that night. Her eyes still displayed the tiniest hint of childhood innocence, of lostness as she stared down the man before her like an opponent. Yes, this was just a game now - the stakes were high and the losses would be great, but a game nonetheless. No matter how she looked at it, Vicious was nothing but an opponent to her now in this game. And her weapon was most important - it was vital to go for the opponent's weak point - it was love. She took another tentative step forward, as if defying him in a very subtle way - personal space. She could practically feel the man's gunmetal gaze roving over her.

"But you're perfectly welcome," he finished, a decidedly wolfish grin quirking his pale lips for a moment as he gestured with one hand. "Won't you sit down?"

"Lavender" silently declined with a slight shake of her head, throwing Vicious off for the first - but definitely not the last - time that night. She had just defied him, he realized. Of course, he thought, this was some kind of new trick taught to her kind. He thought he had her all figured out, but he decided to play along for now - if this was to be paid for, he'd better make it worth it. He had no idea how much he would be paying for this little tryst tonight...

The girl was eyeing him in a rather strange fashion - almost the way a cat would size up a particularly stupid bird. He guessed that was another part of the game and grinned again, the expression highlighting his dark features as he studied the girl in black. She was making no move either to get closer or to get away from him. He tilted his head, wondering if she expected him to make the first move - or maybe she was just scared of him. It had been the case before, so it was only to be expected now, he supposed. He smiled again, leaning towards the girl to see if she would flinch at the newfound closeness.

She didn't move, again neither leaned closer nor tried to get away. Vicious frowned - if this girl was what she seemed to be, she was a damned lousy one. He wondered for a moment if she had fallen asleep or something - she hadn't said a word since she had arrived. His gaze roved over her figure shamelessly, taking in every curve and every inch of exposed skin. Never one to waste time, he reached out to cup her cheek in the palm of his hand. Her skin was soft and smooth, a definitely good thing for him. Texture only mattered to him when it referred to one of two things - sushi and/or women, preferably the kind that could be bought. He drew closer and the girl gave him no resistance, but then again, she didn't make any move to get closer.

"Lavender" was thoroughly disgusted - what did this idiot think she was, anyway? Surely he didn't think she was some kind of... prostitute! Did he? Her blood boiled in her veins and her cheeks turned bright red. Well, if he really thought that low of her (A/N: He did.), then she would just make it that much tougher on him! She would show him what she could really do, and I can tell ya she didn't mean baton twirling, folks! His hand was still on her cheek, but she could feel that he was much closer to her. She tilted her head down so that she could look up at him through her long mascara-ed eyelashes, adding to her innocent appeal.

Vicious tilted his head at the girl he was now scant inches away from and gave her a smile - a real smile - that he knew would melt her heart. If he could melt her heart, then he could make her melt into his arms. *AND* if he could make her melt into his arms, then he could most likely make her melt inside so that he could take her for his own. He slid his hand under her chin and tilted her face up to his before bringing his lips down on hers in a deep, possessive kiss. His tongue glided along the curve of her lips, parting them and slipping into her mouth to claim it as his. The girl was still and unresponsive at first, but soon he had her tongue dancing with his. When he nipped the tip of her tongue playfully, she flinched. He bit down reflexively, drawing blood and immediately pulling back to gauge her reaction.

"Lavender" sealed her lips shut and immediately covered her mouth with her hand, feeling that her lipstick had been smeared badly. Vicious was holding her other hand and watching her face carefully, as though trying to capture her gaze. He succeeded and, as he held it, he brought the hand he held to his lips, molding its position in his own larger one to extend her first two fingers. He kept her gaze locked in his as he moved her fingers around his lips, wiping away the purple stains. An act like that normally would have made the girl's stomach turn, but now it fascinated her. How much of his being could she unlock before she completed her mission? The two continued their silent tryst, each one thinking *they* were the one in control.

Vicious could still taste the girl's blood and wanted her to feel it, so as the tip of her index finger trailed over his lips, he parted them and drew it into his mouth. The tip of his tongue played over her fingertip as he sucked tenderly on the slender appendage. "Lavender" bit down lightly on her lower lip to keep from gasping - she had never known a feeling like this before. Her gaze held a question in it as she pulled her hand away from Vicious's mouth. His gunmetal eyes gleamed with a teasing light, making him look almost normal. She knew he was very much a pleasure for the eye to behold, but somehow could not find him handsome. However, with that light in his eyes, he looked almost like the boy back home that she loved secretly, the one with the deep grey eyes. She smiled at the man holding her hand, a faint expression that served only to heighten his wonder.

The silver-haired man obliged, letting her hand go so that he could wrap one arm around the girl's thin shoulders. He bowed his head to kiss milk-white skin and then to trail kisses up the smooth white column that was her throat. Her pulse was fluttering in her carotid artery like a small butterfly trapped in a child's hands and he felt his lips curve in a smile once more. Fluttering, he thought... Hmm, he would bet money that he could make it race a mile a minute - all it would take would be his special touch, the one he knew women loved. Slowly, sensuously, he swept his lips back and forth over the throbbing pulse point, every so often teasing her skin with his tongue. Just a small second before he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to the spot, he nipped it as he had her tongue. The girl gasped, the sound barely audible, as his teeth laved her skin. She felt both disgusted with him and herself and also curiously elated - what *was* he making her feel?

When he pulled back and wrapped his other arm around her, cradling her almost tenderly against his strong chest, he smiled at her. This girl wasn't like others of her kind that he had been with - and certainly there had been a number of them. She was delicate and, dare he think it, pretty - so soft, so mysterious, and so warm in his arms. Certainly the others had been willing as she seemed to be - he never took a woman against her will - but she showed it differently. The others had been all over him, kissing and caressing and only working towards one thing. But this girl was definitely something else - almost like, and he hardly dared think this either, an angel. There was something he saw in her eyes, something bewitching almost. He drew back from her to finally break the silence.

"That, earlier," he whispered sensually, his voice seeming oddly loud in the still quietness of the room. "Couldn't have been your first kiss, could it?"

The girl who called herself "Lavender" could only blush at the not-so-very innocent little question. Well, it was true she had been kissed on the cheek by a few sweet boys and had given a few little kisses, but that was her first real kiss. Vicious saw the color in her cheeks, though the room was quickly darkening with the sunset, and smiled again. It seemed this girl was going to make a grinning fool of him if he didn't watch himself... He smirked at the thought and slid a hand under her chin so that he could look her in the face.

"I think it was," he hissed, leaning down closer to try and intimidate her (A/N: It didn't work.). "And I can't have that..."

With that, he claimed her lips once more - this time his kiss was almost not a kiss at all as he brutally forced his mouth on hers. The girl in his arms nearly cried out at the sudden onslaught, but reminded herself she was not to raise any kind of commotion. All she could do was lie helpless in his arms as he pillaged her mouth with his tongue. This was *not* part of the plan, but there was really nothing she could do to say otherwise. She barely moved as he pulled back, licking at the bleeding bite on her lower lip and grinning darkly at her. It was all too obvious what he was trying to do - he was trying to scare her enough to get her to agree to go to bed with him. Well, the day she was scared into that was the day she dyed her hair puke green and wore a trash bag as a skirt! (A/N: I've always wanted to say that...)

Her eyes narrowed as he pulled away again, this time to move around a bit. She felt his lips traveling over the curve of her cheek, then up to her temple. At one point, he laid feather-light kisses delicately over her closed eyelids. The girl shuddered at his great show of gentleness, knowing that it was just that - a show with no truth behind it. She knew what happened to his women - they always wound up knowing too much and that was no good for the syndicate. Another shiver trailed up her spine as she felt his broad, callused palm sliding over her shoulder. His fingers played with the thin strap of her dress, then pushed it off her shoulder completely. Her skin was bared to his touch - it seemed like more than before because the pressure of the strap was now absent. She forced herself to remain silent - sound would only urge him on and possibly end up at the point of no return.

Vicious pulled back once more to get a look at the girl and take in her reactions as he continued his ministrations on her. He held her gaze deeply with his own as he leaned in towards her shoulder, just close enough so that she could feel his breath on her skin. The way he was, he was angled to be looking up at her - the expression was anything but innocent on him. He looked sly, like a panther playing with its prey as he blew a soft, warm puff of air on the curve of her shoulder. It was almost impossible for the girl to keep from reacting, but she held it off. A frown furrowed the silver-haired man's brow, and she knew she was getting somewhere. The entire point was to keep him off-guard so that she could move in.

However, all the precautions and preparations in the world couldn't have stopped the moan that passed her lips the next moment. Vicious had abruptly changed his movements and buried his face in the softness of her throat without warning, pressing hot kisses to her pulse point. For a moment that both turned her stomach and froze her soul, she could swear he had bitten her. She had a secret little 'thing' for vampires, but this was ridiculous! And to top it all off, she had allowed it to get to her as Vicious's teeth laved at her throbbing pulse point. Reflexively, she put a hand to his chest in an attempt to push him away a little.

Using her movement, Vicious maneuvered in closer, leaning back and molding the girl's warm body close to his own muscular one. "Lavender" stiffened involuntarily, gritting her teeth at the new, unwelcome feeling of closeness. She swallowed hard and forced her breathing back under her control, feeling her face heat up unpleasantly. Gently, very gently, Vicious slid one hand across her back, bringing his fingers to play with the other shoulder strap of her dress. "Lavender" shifted a little, steering his hand away so as not to let him get the upper hand. Her hand was trapped between their bodies, still pressed palm-down to his chest. She could feel his heartbeat.

So he does have a heart, she thought to herself.

"Does my late-night visitor have a name?" whispered Vicious, his words a warm breath on her ear before he nipped at it lightly.

"Lavender" didn't answer. She was determined not to speak. It was part of her power game - how long would he remain soft and persuasive in his attempts to get her to speak? She was not going to encourage him at all, but she wasn't going to push him away either. To turn his attention away from her name, she tilted her head to the side, exposing the side of her throat to him. He could see the marks from his earlier ministrations, especially the marks from his teeth. They stood out in stark contrast to her marble-like pale skin. Somehow, "Lavender" managed to move her hand. It came to rest on the topmost button of Vicious' vest.

"I like the way you think," he said smoothly, molding her hand in his so that it was she who would divest him of the outer garment - she hesitated, not looking at him. "Finish what you start..."

His voice held a warning note and he squeezed her hand a little more tightly than she would have liked. Still, she just looked blank, her fingers still curled around the button as if she did not know what he was asking of her. The silver-haired man's eyes narrowed and he squeezed her hand so tightly that a couple of her knuckles cracked loudly. Had he exerted only another half pound of pressure per square inch, he would have broken her fingers. But this man was a calculating bastard - he wanted her in such a condition as she could still serve him.

"Or would you prefer to watch me?" he asked in a silky voice.

The girl blinked at him mutely, her face still as blank as white paper. Vicious growled and was a little rough in removing her from his lap and setting her back down as he got up. In fact, the girl recoiled from his force enough to slide her glasses down her nose. In another theatrical show of faux gentleness, Vicious leaned in, smiling cruelly, to push them lightly back into position. Wrinkling her nose in a catlike manner, the girl adjusted them herself. It was part of her game - show him through passive resistance that his actions were not to her liking.

Vicious took a step away from her, his gun-grey eyes smoldering at her from behind the fringe of his bangs. Grinning wickedly at her, he swung his coat from his shoulders and let it drop on the floor behind him. "Lavender" stared blankly at him, neither encouraging him to go on or telling him to stop. His hands came to the top button of his vest and he played with it for a moment, beckoning her with his gaze. He was a patient man and he would see that, yes, she would be the one to take his clothes off for him tonight.

"Come here," he said, his tone quiet and calm.

"Lavender" just blinked at him once, then once again, and continued to sit there, defying him in silence.

"Come here," the silver-haired man repeated, narrowing his eyes at her. "Now."

Slowly, almost mechanically, the girl rose from her seat and stood there, still staring at him with wide, unblinking eyes. Her glasses glinted in the light of a dimmed table lamp, giving her an almost lifeless appearance. She stood almost perfectly still, watching her target carefully and continuing to defy his commands. The only movement detectable on her was the fine tremors that made her hands shake slightly. Vicious smiled, thinking she was afraid of him.

"Come," he said softly, his voice silky as he raised his hand in front of him, beckoning her.

As if in a trance, "Lavender" took a few tiny steps toward the man in front of her, still staring straight ahead. Then, shaking it off, she stopped suddenly and refused to budge even one more inch. He was a little more than an arm's reach away from her and she knew that he would probably close the distance in less than half a second. Instead, he stared at her through his bangs and curled his fingers in front of him one more time. Cautiously, the girl took a step forward and instantly her hands were wrapped in his larger ones.

"Good girl," growled Vicious, pulling the girl's hands to the buttons of his vest.

Mindlessly, not looking at anything in particular, "Lavender" slid the first button around and got it undone. She let her hands drop at her sides, staring at the center of Vicious's chest as if she could see straight through him. Smiling pseudo-patiently, he took her hands again and brought them to the second button of his vest. Baring his teeth in a farce of a grin, he squeezed her hands painfully hard before releasing them. The girl winced automatically.

"Finish what you start, little blossom," cooed Vicious, stroking the girl's abused hands with one of his own.

When she hesitated, he wrapped his hands around hers, molding her hands around the buttons and gently forcing her to divest him of his vest. The second, third, fourth and fifth buttons came undone with no fuss. However, when they came to the sixth and final one, the girl pulled her hands away, defying him once more. As Vicious gave her another false grin, his hand slid down to his side and he flicked his sword loose from its saya. He didn't draw it, but that small sound was enough to let her know he wasn't above using physical persuasion. With her face an emotionless mask, the girl who called herself "Lavender" took hold of the two sides of the vest. Staring the man in the eye, she pulled them apart abruptly, popping the button completely off.

Vicious only grinned at her and pulled her hands to his shoulders, sliding them under the sleeves of the vest. Holding her wrists in an almost-painful grip, he used her hands to push his vest off his shoulders. He used his grip to pull her in so that their bodies pressed together as he made her slip the vest down his arms. Letting go for a brief moment to let it drop, he looked down at her and laughed softly. Being a petite 5'2, "Lavender" had her chest pressed against Vicious's upper stomach and she could feel his laughter reverberating through her body. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her and used his crossed arms to turn her around, pressing her back to his chest. Using his right arm to keep her securely held against him, he brought his left hand up to loosen his tie.

"Reach your right hand up," he commanded in a throaty voice.

The girl didn't move. Narrowing his eyes and clenching his teeth in suppressed anger, he reached down and caught her right hand in his left. Slowly, he brought her hand to where he wanted it, running her hand up her body as he went. "Lavender" was panting silently and her eyes closed of their own accord as Vicious pressed a kiss to her palm. Manipulating her fingers with his own, the syndicate leader made her to loosen his tie the rest of the way, leaving it to drape over his shoulders. A soft sigh escaped the girl's lips and she allowed herself to be pressed tighter against him. Vicious brought his companion's hand to rest on his cheek, freeing his hand to undo the top button of his shirt.

"You can't help but enjoy this," he growled, running his right hand over her stomach.

"Lavender" shuddered almost unnoticeably, partially in reflexive pleasure, partly in revulsion at the pleasure she didn't want to admit to feeling.

"Pretty little butterfly," crooned Vicious, continuing to unbutton his shirt with his left hand. "So delicate..."

He could feel her melting into his touch, his honeyed voice easing her deeper into the trancelike state he had her in. Taking her left hand in his right, he turned her around to face him, twirling her as if they had been dancing. He licked his lips as he took in the sight of her pale, flushed cheeks and the way her chest rose and fell so rapidly. Leaning in as he continued down to the next-to-last button of his shirt, he kissed her, sliding his tongue easily into her mouth. This time, she did not respond, only stood there and allowed him to kiss her. When he pulled away and wiped the remainder of her purple lip lacquer off his mouth, he smiled at her.

His shirt hung open, the expanse of his pale, smooth skin, stretched taut over his toned chest and stomach, revealed to her innocent eyes. The girl blushed - she had never seen this much of a man's body before! Vicious's pale lips quirked into a sort of seductive pout as he took her hands in his and brought them to the bottom button of his shirt. The black linen was soft, yet crisp, between the girl's thin, pale fingers. Her eyes traveled from her hands, up the sinisterly graceful lines of Vicious's upper body, to stare into his dark grey depths. That blank-as-paper expression was back, this time with a hint of a defiant smile. It was as if she were saying "Make me".

"Little butterfly," the silver-haired man repeated, his voice taking on a dangerously calm edge. "Delicate... And so easily crushed..."

Once more, he squeezed her hands to the point of almost shattering the bones. Every joint cracked audibly and "Lavender" winced as tears filled her eyes. Smiling tenderly at her, Vicious kissed the two diamond drops from her cheeks, taking both her small hands in one of his own larger one. The girl shuddered at the feeling of his lips and her hands shook in his grip. Vicious used his free hand to tilt her face up to his, silently telling her "No more fuss..." as he squeezed her hands warningly. Almost immediately, swallowing hard, the girl slid the button out of the fastener. Once more smiling at her, Vicious rewarded her with a soft, overly-gentle kiss, showing her how "kind" and "loving" he was. He threw her to the floor with a smile on his face as he let his shirt slip off and land at his feet.

"Crawl to me, little butterfly," he drawled cruelly. "Your wings are broken now. You cannot fly away."

Pretending to be crushed and submissive at last, "Lavender" pushed herself to her hands and knees, creeping towards Vicious like a kicked dog. She smiled blankly up at him, rubbing her cheek against his shin like a cat would. Vicious's body twinged - he found her submissive gesture so shamefully exciting. Smiling benevolently again, he dropped gracefully to one knee and took her right hand in his left, kissing the abused knuckles in a farce of how a gentleman would treat his lady. He bowed mockingly as he drew the girl to her feet. His arms were around her and his mouth was on hers in seconds, re-opening the wound on her lip with his teeth. As he pulled back, his tongue lapped up the trails of blood coursing down her chin. He smiled as he wiped away the tear from her cheek.

He said nothing as he leaned her back in his arms and forced his lips upon hers once again, ravaging her mouth with his tongue and teeth. "Lavender" just lay back and let him have at it, keeping a weak hold on his shoulders with her left arm. Her right hand snaked down his body, touching his thigh briefly before sliding under the slit in her dress. Vicious's thigh pushed between her legs as he tried to move further with her, forcing her hand against something hard. Wait, he thought hazily, furrowing his brow. Something hard?

Thought left his mind as "Lavender" bucked against him. With a possessive growl, he claimed her lips with his once more. Slowly, the girl's hand slid out from under her dress. Vicious was so engrossed in kissing her, holding her, that he didn't notice. His mouth departed from hers for a moment and he let her head fall back as he panted. Then his lips descended upon the smooth, red-marked column of her slender throat, sucking hungrily at her pulse point. His teeth scraped animalistically at her skin. He pulled her tighter against him, pushing his thigh in a more intimate way between her legs. This time, the odd hardness he had felt was gone. He felt a tingling sensation at his temple and slowly lifted his head. Slowly, he pulled himself and the girl back upright, then he felt a slight pressure there.

"What the---" he started.

"Don't move, love," a soft, deadly calm voice said.

Soft lips pressed against his willingly and his eyes fell closed.

"Butterfly," he whispered as the Black Angel pulled back. "Little butterfly..."

The gun had been silenced.

"Lavender" picked up the discarded black shirt and gingerly wiped the blood off of her arms and face. Since her dress was black, there were no bloodstains to be seen. Checking her hair in the large, dark window, she found no blood flecks there. Still using the window as a mirror, she pulled her lip lacquer from the small pocket in the gun holster around her upper thigh and applied a fresh coat. A smile graced her lacquered lips and she carefully folded the shirt. She knelt beside the still-warm body and took the small tube out again. On the left pectoral muscle, over the unbeating heart, she drew the shape of a lavender butterfly.