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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Revenge On Characters I Don't Like
A Revenge Fic Featuring Multiple Animes
By: Serenity-chan (Liz is my insane cousin - she lives under a rock...)

Really A Collection Of One-Shots And Ficlets Arranged By Anime

Cowboy Bebop


Steam filled the white-tiled room. The blonde-haired woman stepped out of the shower, singing under her breath and smiling to herself. She carefully squeezed the water out of her long, golden waves and reached for the pink towel that was hanging from the towel bar. Adjusting it around her curves, she wrapped it around herself and tucked one corner in at the top. She took a smaller towel, also pink, and wrapped it around her hair to soak up the rest of the water. A man's white dress shirt hung from the over-the-door hook and she reached for that next. Spike must have left it for her when he was getting ready this morning.

"He's so considerate," the woman remarked to herself, smiling sardonically as she hung it on her bedpost.

She sat down at her vanity, still in her towel, to get ready for the night ahead. Vicious had promised to take her to a Broadway show tonight. What was the title again? Oh well, she couldn't remember, and it wasn't like she was going to the show to get anything out of it. She was just going because it was fashionable and there would be a trip to an expensive restraunt later. Plus, after all that, there was always time for her and Vicious to go back to his place and... Now where was that lipstick? She cursed under her breath and fished through drawers for the perfect shade of red. One hand closed around the tube while the other loosened the towel from around her head.

Ugh, she thought, her hair was an absolute wreck. That new conditioner was supposed to be the best on the market, according to the snotty little bitch in the salon. The blonde woman 'hmph'-ed at the thought of her - salon girls were simply incompetent, she decided. But to get down to business, she put on her lipstick one-handed as she fumbled around for her brush with the other. It was located quickly, just as she was putting down the small black tube. Her hair was brushed with the normal amount of ceremony - her hair was her pride and joy. She was just pulling out her hair dryer when her phone rang. Cursing the electronic device, she got up to answer it.

"Hello?" she said shortly, a definite huff in her voice.

"--Past the point of no return-- --No backward glances--" sang a deep, male voice on the other end of the phone. "--Our games of make-believe are at an end--"

"What in the world!?" demanded Julia, dropping her towel.

"--Past all thought of 'if' or 'when'--" the voice continued. "--No use resisting--"

With a shiver up her spine, the angry blonde-haired woman clicked off the phone and dropped it on her bed as if it had burned her. She snatched up the shirt from the bedpost and hurriedly slipped it on. Her right index fingernail cracked and broke off as she fumbled with the top button and she swore in a very unladylike fashion. Ugh... Damn manicurists couldn't do anything right, she grumbled to herself. She buttoned the rest of the buttons in a hurry and stomped across the room to find her nail file. As soon as she put her hand on it, she realized she had left her hair dryer on.

"Oh shit..." she grumbled, looking at the melted remains of her lipstick as she absently filed her nail down to a nub.