Cowboy Bebop Fan Fiction ❯ Poisoned Minds ❯ Spike's Confession ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Green still lives. I cannot rest yet. Silver may not truly love me, but I deem Green the greater evil. He must die. . .

Spike chuckled as he passed by Jet who was working diligently on the Hammerhead. Looking over his own ship he whistle in appreciation and approval at the extensive work done to the engine and body. The scratches in the paint had been gone over and dents pulled out to make the surface smooth.
“You did really good work Jet.”
“Not mine. Edward had learned quite a bit and insisted on doing you ship herself. Et reach into the tool chest selecting another tool and continuing with his work.
“Jet, you ever think she might be right about me?”
“After the way you took down that bounty? I suppose there are seeds of doubt about you. You almost killed someone just to get him! Damn it Spike you've become reckless!” Jet slammed the tool back into the chest and sat silently before choosing another tool. “I say the gryphon shadow painted over a moon on the bottom of you ship.”
“Some punk, or kid, put it there. I've never been able to paint anything.” Spike shrugged casually as he ran his hand over the new paint.
Jet jumped to his feet throwing the wrench to the floor. “Damn it you can't lie to me! They're a murderous syndicate!”
Spike looked up from the pain job with the crazed wide-eyed expression he had when fighting with Ashina. “Am I not?” His grin grew larger as he cocked his head to the side.
“I thought I knew you Spike. God I never thought you could be this way.” Jet stepped back drawing his gun and tried to center it on Spike despite his shaking hand.
“Really? After all the time we'll spent together you want me gone?” Spike stepped around the Swordfish to face Jet. “She was right though; the woman. I've killed so many in the past years, and it's felt so good every time.”
“The other charges against you?” Jet's voice shook as he tried to believe he was having some sort of nightmare.
“All true, every syllable.” Launching himself at Jet he stopped short as a bullet whizzed by between them. “How the hell can you be up so soon? You should be down for a week!”
“It shows you underestimated me then.” Ashina stepped forward smiling. “See, I really am a special person. There are no others like me, and my unique ability keeps me from dying. My mind can be transferred into another body, because its nothing but a jumble of recreated memories tossed together into a mechanical brain. As for my body, its called picking a choosing different traits and growing a body. So, that all leads up to the conclusion of this body being brand new.”
“Impossible!” Snarled Spike stepping away from her as she planted herself between Jet and him. “I'm not even capable of that.”
“That's because you,” she pointed the barrel of the gun toward him, “are obsolete. . .”
“I am human, not like you!”
“Yo ever wonder how Julia saved you? How you've lived through everything you have?” Ashina shrugged rubbing the back of her head. “I know because I share some of her memories. It is just a shame you went rabid, but there's nothing we can do about that. Now die!”
Spike dodge around the behind the Swordfish and out the docking bay door narrowly missing the lowered half. Slipping into the alley he found himself desperately trying to lose Ashina and failing.
“They can't do this to me. I'm just as human as everyone else, aren't I? I'm not like that freak!” Spike snarled rushing around another corning to find himself ducking under Vicious' punch, and face-to-face with his gun.
“This time Spike, I'll use a gun.”
“Damn you!” Spike rushed forward in an all-or-nothing attack when he heard the familiar sound of a gun shot and the warm crimson liquid pour down out of his chest. A faint smile crossed his lips as he slip down the stone wall.
“Rest in peace, my friend, for this game is almost over. Only two player are left. . .” Standing over Spike he emptied the cartridge into the already limp body. “Just to make sure. You understand don't you?”