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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Hello” = talking
`Hello' = thinking
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A Walk
At the Moonshine
There was something going on. There had to be something going on. If there wasn't something going on than Nozomu was probably going insain. He would give up flirting on girls if he was wrong, because when Akira and Keiko came downstairs they were always glancing at each other, blushing whenever their eyes met or whenever they touched. This… was not normal.
“So… whats happened here?” Nozomu smirked as Keiko and Akira stood by the dishwasher putting their dishes away after a very early breakfast. Very early meaning it was now 4:30 am, as well as meaning Keiko had accually only been asleep for a couple of hours.
“N-nothing!” Keiko blushed and and truned her face away from him but still looking at him from the corner of her eye.
“I'm sure nothing has happened.” He smiled when Keiko blushed even more “Now… why are you here in the first place?”
Keiko's face went ghostly pale, and she dropped the plate she was carrying. She had forgotten all about what she had come here to do…
“Mahiru…” she whispered.
Nani?! What about Mahiru?” Nozomu yelled.
At Nozomu's yelling Misoka ran into the kitchen as fast as he could at hearing Mahiru's name. “Do you know of where the Princess is being held?!” Misoka yelled as he tried, but utterly failed, at not sounding hopeful.
Hai…” she whispered and looked away from everyone, trieing to hide her tears but as she cried she shook so much that looking away wouldn't help at all. “Hokuto… Hokuto that bastard… he took her from school, and told me that he took one of the people from my class…”
“So you were a part of this?” Whispered Nozomu.
“No!” Keiko cried “No… I would never put Mahiru in any danger… I never wanted this to happen! After a week that Mahiru was missing from class I began to get worried and confronted Hokuto about her absence…” she trailed off as her hand subconiously went up to her bruised cheek.
“He hit you.” Akira started more than asked.
“Yeah…” she replied.
There was a long pause before Misoka spoke.
“Where… is the princess now?” He said in an unsure tone, showing his worry for what Hokuto might have done to her.
“She is down at the Lakeshore.”
“Mahiru?!” Mitsuru yelled as he had only just walked in and hear a part of their conversation.
Everyone was shocked at how muh emotion was in the eyes of the normally old tengu. His eyes were mixed emotion of worry, saddness, excitement and… something unreadable.
“Alright. Everyone get ready to go. We must save the princess. Hayaku!” Misoka yelled while leaving the kitchen.
Matte kudasai!” Keiko yelled.
“We have no time to listen to you, Seer!” Mitsuru hissed. As once again they turned to leave. Akira just looked at his feet knowing that he should listen to Keiko, but he knew that right now Mahiru was their first priority.
Chotto matte! You must listen to me! Hokuto has set a trap for you. He made sure that the was no possible way to escape alive! Please, take me with you so I can help you get through it! Please!”
“Seer…” Misoka started “If you are to come with us than I suggest you hurry and get ready.”
Hai, Misoka-san!
Sunrise (5:00 am) at the Lakeshore
Five figures stood at the top of a cliff over looking an old abandoned wearhouse while the sun was slowly rising to greet the day. The female shuddered as she leaned into the figure beside her, a demon wearwolf boy. The vampire boy smirked at this `I knew there was something going on.' But as soon as he thought this, his face turned once again into a frown. `But still… we have ome here for different reasons'
Mina! It's time to take back the princess!” The leader of the group yelled.
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It's me again!!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I have been having a bit of a hard time with my Okaasan and Otousan, such so that I have been surrounding myself with my friends and having no time to write chapter five… Gomen-nasai. Anyways, I have evil plans for the next chapter and hope to get it up and going as soon as possible. Meaning that I have a lot of walking to do. Sounds funny I know but I'm going to be at my Otousan's house tomorrow and I am only update at my Okaasan's house, meaning I have to walk to my Okaasan's house to write and update… but at least that means that I can get away from my Otousan for a longer period of time! So its no problem! Anyways thanx to everyone who has givin me a review! I shall see you later!
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Chotto Matte = Wait One Moment
Hai = yes
Hayaku = Hurry
Kudasai = Please
Matte = Wait
Mina = Everyone
Nani = What
Okasaan = Mother
Otousan = Father
-san = an ending that adds respet towards someone but is ofter reffered to Mr., Miss. Or Mrs.