Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk ❯ The Betrayal ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Hello” = talking
`Hello' = thinking
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A Walk
In the Abandoned Werehouse
`Where is everyone? Do they even care about me anymore? I must be really useless…' She couldn't move. Her wrists were chained to the ground and all she could think about was how they had left her hear to die. `I never want to see them again… if the wanted me to die…'
Flash back
“Mitsuru… why are you so mean to her?!” yelled Nozomu. Even though she was upstairs she could still hear them yelling. All she wanted them to do was stop yelling…
`They only seem to be doing that lately…' she thought `I wish that they would stop yelling at Mitsuru… it was my fault after all…'
“It was her fault though! Why are you yelling at me and not her?!” Mitsuru yelled back.
“But you hit her!” Akira growled back.
It all came at once. Like a dam breaking from too much pressure, her tears just started to fall. She urrled up into a ball on her bed and just cried her hand pressed against her face where he had hit her.
“Nande? Nande Mitsuru? Why do you hate me? Aishiteru Mitsuru, so why can't you see that? Why do you continue to hurt me, ither with words or this time…” her words fadded out as she shook with the force of her tears. The night was left quite as her words fell on deph ears. Never to be heard by the one person who needed to hear them most.
End O Flash Back
`I loved them all so much!' her tears began to fall once again, just like that night, but this time she couldn't do anything to stop or hide them as they disalved into her beautiful kimono she was wearing `I hate this! I hate this so much… all I want is for this past week to never have happened! All I want is for him to love me back…'
“Princess…” Hokuto's voice rang out through the building they were in. Mahiru looked up as she heard his voice sound with something… it sounded like… regret… “Why do you cry over those beasts?”
“It is not easy… being betrayed by your loved ones…” was her answer, slightly above a whisper.
Hokuto could only stare at her and gasp.
“I guess… this is how Keiko feels… ne?”
Nani…?” He breathed.
“It's a funny feeling… being lonley. Its surprizing how many people feel like this in the world.”
Faces flashed in her mind…
Mitsuru-kun,… Keiko-san,… Shirogane-sama,… Empress-sama,… perhaps even the Princess…?”
“Why did you go to those bakemono even though we warned you they would only betray you?!” Hokuto yelled.
She only looked at him while her tears fell sighlently.
“Because they said they needed me…” Hokuto features sofened into a frown and she continued “I wanted to be importsnt to someone again. When my parents died in a car accident, I still had my aunt and I know she loved me very much… but when Mitsuru and the rest of the demon race ame to me to ask of my help to save them… I felt needed again! Like I could make a diffeance in the world.” She looked at the floor and smiled “I have seen your fights between the Humans and the Lunar Race first hand, and I hate it. All I want to happen is everyone to be at peace! But now… I know that wont happen…” she finished the rest in her head `If they just left me here to die…'
`This girl… she is not like normal human girls.'NeHime-sama? What is your name?”
“Huh…?” she stared at him, than smiled, tears finally coming to an end “Watashino namaewa Mahiru desu... Hokuto-san.”
“Mahiru-sama… that's a nice name…”
She could only stare… she looked at the ground “A-arigato…”
“Now than… how about we get this started?”
Hai…” she whispered
Just Outside the Werehouse Doors
“Ok… lets go… Nozomu, you follow after me, Akira and Keiko after Nozomu, Mitsuru after them, and stay in a group. Keiko its your job to warn us when you know when something is coming.”
Hai…” she answered.
Misturu looked at Keiko and couldn't help but think `Mahiru you better be all right.'
As if reading all of their minds, Akira said “Shes alright… she has to be…”
As they all transformed (with the exception of Keiko for she is a human) Misoka opened the doors to face their future head on…
One Again Inside the Werehouse
Misoka looked around and notied that a beautifully clothed woman kneeled in a small circle of light. The kimono that she wore was obviously expensive, for it seemed to be made of the finest silk. It was white with light blue thread that seemed to make the effet of water flowing as well as fish and sakura flowers on it.
Mitsuru had the same effect as Misoka, as his eyes wandered over her as he took in her apperance. But Mitsuru couldn't explain how he felt as she stood up and faced them… only one word could come to his mind, as well as it was the only word he ould say…
Akira started to laugh sighlently as everyone smiled that she was alive. Nozomu was the first on to move when he ran towards her to give her a hug… and at first it looked like she was taking a step towards him to return his hug when he neared her but when she looked up with a scowle on her face and hard eyes Nozomu knew there was something wrong.
But what happened next was not expected.
She grabbed his wrist and put her hand on his stomache. With help from his momentum, she threw him over her head as hard as she could, forcing him to hit the wall with a loud crack.
Everyone was too stuned to speak when all she did was breath out, and not bother to say something.
Mahirudaijoubu…? Doushita?” Keiko pressed.
Yagamashi…” she whispered.
Keiko was taken back and she scowled “What did he so to you?” She said firmly.
“Hokuto-san…” Mahiru looked up to show everyone her watery blue eyes, red from crying “Has done nothing to me. If anything he has saved me.” She stated.
“Mahiru…” Mitsuru said while takeing large steps to where she was “Tell me what he has done to you?!” he yelled.
“Stay away from me! Just leave me alone!” she screamed when he grabbed her wrist “Leave me alone!”
“Make me!” he just yelled back.
Antawa bakemono! Leave me alone!” she screamed as loud as she could.
Everyone was sighlent as she broght her hand up to his face and slapped him as hard as she could.
He looked at her with his hand against his face and let go of her wrist.
Baka…” she said under her breath “Do you really think that I would go back to traitors like you!” she screamed “I thought that you at least liked me enough to keep me around! I thought that you needed me. But when you leave me to die… I guess that said how muh you all hated me to begin with.”
Nani?” hissed Nozomu.
Hai… Mahiru-sama.” Said a voice from the shadows.
Suddenly so many lights turned on and the Moonlight Bandits were blinded for a minute but soon recovered and went wide eyed when they saw Koudokui Hokuto standing beside Mahiru.
“Mahiru?! Why are you on his side?” cried Akira.
“Because you betrayed me!” she yelled “I loved all of you… but you betrayed me and left me to die… How many times do I have to say it to get it through your heads!” she yelled.
Arigato… Mahiru for this oportunity…” Hokuto whispered into her ear
Nani?” she whispered and widened her eyes.
~*~*~*~ Authors Notes ~*~*~*~
BUWAHAHAHAH!!! Cliff hanger! YAY! I'm done this chapter even though my `c' button still isn't working very well. I thought that I did pretty well for this chapter and I think that I made it very sad. Probably because I am not too happy myself and I was searching through all of the Naruto episodes that I have (in Japanese) and looked for all of the sad parts… and I don't really know why… hmn… I guess that something I will have to ponder. Anyways I got my report card today and I am scared of showing it to my father… but my mother I guess is fine… back to this story. I have a really good idea for the next few chapters! I will give you a small part of what I am planning… he he he… I am going to kill someone off!!! I will leave you to think about who it might be. Anyways I will go now! Have a good… week and I shall update as soon as possible. Thank you for everyone who has read my story and who has reviewed!
Ja ne; bye-bye!!! -Mad4anime
Arigato = Thank You
Antawa = You (are)
Baka = Stupid
Bakemono = Monster
Daijoubu = Are You Alright
Doushita = What is Wrong
Hai = Yes
Hime-sama = Princess
Nani = What
Sakura = Cherry Blosomss
Watashino Namaewa Mahiru Desu = My Name is Mahiru
Yagamashi = Shut Up
-kun = and ending for boys
-san = adding respect and blah blah blah (if you read my other translations than you will
know what it means.
-sama = adding lots of respect to those who are of more power of of more importance
than yourself (and probably many other people too)
Ok das it for now! Ja ne; bye-bye