Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk ❯ The Prediction ( Chapter 7 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Hello” = talking
`Hello' = thinking
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A Walk
Arigato… Mahiru for this oportunity…” Hokuto whispered into her ear
Nani?” she whispered and widened her eyes.
Hokuto grabbed her by the neck and brought her close to his chest.
“I have your princess! Surrender now!”
Nani?” everyone yelled.
“Hokuto you fuking bastard! Give Mahiru back now or else!” Misoka yelled.
`Misoka?' Mahiru stared wide eyed at the one known to be calm and colected.
“Why don't you just leave me to die like you already did?” Mahiru said quietly.
“No Mahiru its not like that…” Mitsuru said quietly “You should have seen us before Keiko came to the Moonshine to tell us where you were!” He smirked “Misoka was really to kill me for sure… and we were survivling off energy drinks because none of us could sleep!”
“Mahiru, come on… you know we wouldn't betray you like that!” Akira cried quietly.
“No… I'm not going to fall for that again!” she yelled while elbowing Hokuto in the stomache and pushing him off of her.
She tried to make a run for the exit but Hokuto grabbed her arm almost right after he let go and in one motion punching her in the face like he did to Keiko, except this time with his magic.
Mahiru flew across the room and hit the wall. She fell to the floor, unmoving.
Was she dead?
“Mahiru!” Misoka and Mitsuru yelled.
“Grrrrrr… you. Are. Going. To. Pay!” screamed Mitsuru as he rushed forward towards Hokuto.
The other members of the Moonlight Bandits were quick to follow suit as they rushed over towards the awaiting member of the Dawns Venus.
Than suddenly out of nowhere came as silver word arrow. Mutsura was hiding in the shadows waiting for the perfect chance to kill the demons. But Keiko was on their side.
“Akira! To your left, a power arrow is going to come!” She shouted before the arrow fully left the string. Akira followed Keikos directions and avoided the arrow by a long shot.
“Damnit!” cam Mutsuras voice as he rushed forward to get closer to the fight.
Seesing the oportunity Keiko rushed to Mahirus side to see if she was still alive.
“Mahiru!” Keiko called softly while she knelt beside the beautiful girl clad in the most beautiful kimono she had ever seen. `Hokuto must have really wanted them to charge at him blindly knowing that if he was seen with her as beautiful as she is right now that they would come for him… Hokuto… antawa teme…'
“Keiko…” came Mahirus voice “I sappose that this was how you felt… when you didn't feel you had a place anywhere.”
“Mahiru… why are you doing this? Why are you going against the Lunar Race? I have come to see that they are truly the good ones and that many of the humans fighting for us have become corrupt… like my Onii-san.” Keiko looked over at Hokuto and Mutsura as the Dawn and the Moon clashed in arms.
“I was in love… Keiko…” said Mahiru, although her voice was as soft as a butterfly's wings.
Ai? Who were you in love with?”
“I loved all of the Lunar Race. I thought that they at least liked me somewhat… but I wanted him to love me… but… he will never love me back…”
“Who do you mean?”
“He hit me instead… because we lost a teardrop because of me…”
“Who?” Keiko ushered Mahiru…
Keiko gasped. `Mahiru… you fell in love with a demon just like the Princess… just like me…' She looked over at Akira and blushed `But… to be hit by the one you love… its hard… I know… but they need you and they even told me that they had been working as hard as they could to bring you back to them but they couldn't find you. Mitsuru wasn't lieing when he said that they were living off energy drinks…” Keiko chuckled.
Flash Back
“Nande? Nande Mitsuru? Why do you hate me? Aishiteru Mitsuru, so why can't you see that? Why do you continue to hurt me, ither with words or this time…”
End of Flash Back
Mahiru started to cry as she stood up slowly.
`How could I have been so stupid…? I am a fool who can't see through the darkness…'
Keiko whached as Mahiru stood up and looked at the battle wadging on close by. The girls stood in silence when suddenly Keiko had a vison.
Keiko's Vision (now you too can have visoins if you read my story!)
Blood. Saddness. Tears. Torn hearts. Death. Moon. Dawn.
An arrow shot from the right into darkness.
Blood. Saddness. Tears. Torn hearts. Death. Moon. Dawn.
“NO! No! no! no! no! no! no! YOU CAN'T GO! Go! go! go! go! go! go!
“Stupid! YOU CAN'T BRING IT BACK! BACk! BAck! Back! back! back! back! back! back!
Blood splashed and choking. Death with no return.
No more. Gone. Death. Blood. Light out. Tears. Saddness. Moon or Dawn?
Keiko's Vision is Over (very reepy I know)
“Someone is going to die!” shouted Keiko as she ran forward farther towards the left to where Akira was pinned by a magic seal thretaning to rush him.
“No…” breathed Mahiru as an arrow shot from the right straight towards her.
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(hey there's not too muh Japanese in this chapter!!!)
Ai = Love
Aishiteru = I Love You
Arigato = Thank You
Antawa = You (are) (is normally said as Anata wa but the `unpolite' way
is Antawa *nods head* see I know some stuff!)
Nani = What
Nande = Why
Onii-san = Older Brother
Teme = Bastard