Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

You'll find out where Akira went soon.
Chapter 3
Mitsuru was slumped against a wall, his knees apart, as he played with his scarf. Mahiru entered the room with two mugs of hot chocolate. She handed him one and sat down next to him.
“It's not poisoned,” she said when she noticed his distasteful glance.
He muttered something that she couldn't quite make out and took a sip. For a moment, his expression changed to- was it pleasure- then returned to its normal scowl.
“Like it?” she asked, hoping to get something out of him.
“Whatever,” he mumbled.
Sighing, Mahiru changed the subject. “I don't know where my aunt is. Probably out to get some groceries. I think we have a guest room, unless you want to sleep on the couch…”
She stopped and turned to face Mitsuru. He was leaning against her, his eyes closed. His mouth shaped a small o. He was asleep. She studied his features for a moment. He looked less agitated while he slept; not exactly happy. Calm. Content. His normally furrowed brow was smooth. Smiling, she rested her head on top of his and closed her eyes, only for a second…
Akira had been following Mitsuru and Mahiru… until he saw something much more interesting. Deciding that Mahiru could handle Mitsuru, he followed what he was sure to be the crying form of Keiko. She was running away from something, and, as he found himself drawn to her, Akira followed. Just to make sure she was okay.
He couldn't prepare himself for the drama about to unfold.
Mitsuru and Mahiru both jolted up at the sound of the door slamming. Mahiru glanced at the clock and realized her one second of sleep had turned to one hour.
“Mahiru?” called a voice, “Are you home?”
Mitsuru was still groggy from the short nap he had gotten. Rubbing his eyes, he asked, “That your aunt?”
Mahiru nodded and stood. “I'm in here, Auntie,” she shouted. (A/N: Does her aunt have a name? I don't know, so it'll be Auntie or Miss Shiraishi until I find out.)
A blonde-haired woman poked her head in. (A/N: So I don't know what color her hair is. Get over it.) “There you are. I brought some dinner if you're hungry.”
Mitsuru stood, and Miss Shiraishi raised an eyebrow.
“Oh, Auntie. This is Mitsuru. He works at the Moonshine. He needed a place to stay, so I offered him a room, if that's okay with you.”
Miss Shiraishi smiled. “Of course. There's plenty of food.”
Mitsuru gave a disgruntled grunt but followed. Though he had to admit, Mahiru's aunt was a pretty good cook.
Akira stood behind the crying girl for a moment. He didn't know what to say.
“K-Keiko?” he whispered hoarsely.
Keiko Himura whipped around. “Oh,” she said, “It's you.” It didn't sound hateful. Disappointed, probably, but not hateful.
“What's wrong, Keiko?” He stepped up to her as she turned back around.
“Nothing. I just… got in a fight with Hokuto.” She leaned over the railing, her long hair escaping past her shoulder. Absentmindedly, Akira brushed it back. She tensed at his touch but loosened quickly. “He wants to break off the engagement.” Keiko shuddered, but it wasn't because of the cold.
“Oh,” Akira said lamely, “Are you…”
“I was beginning to think…” She shook her head. “Never mind. Where are your,” she paused like she had to think about it, “friends?”
“I… I'm taking a small break from them.” Now that the words were out, he realized it was true. He needed a break from being the goofy, hyperactive member of the Moonlight Bandits.
“Do you have a place to stay?”
Keiko glanced around. “I… I have an extra room, if you want…”
Akira tried to hide his sudden joy. “Um, if you don't mind…”
She smiled to herself before leading the way.
Yes, there was some KeikoAkira action there. I think it's cute. There will be no gross sexual activity while Akira's at Keiko's, but they might share a kiss or two. Of course, so will Mitsuru and Mahiru.
Choice 1: Keiko finds herself attracted to Akira and shares a kiss with him as Hokuto comes bursting in.
Choice 2: Keiko lends Akira a couch when Hokuto comes in to apologize. Or something.
(Either way, Akira will probably get captured and held for ransom. Or something.)
Choice 1: Mitsuru comes out of his protective shell and confides in Mahiru (if you choose this one, I'm going to make up a past for him. Or something.)
Choice 2: One of Mahiru's friends stops by and notes Mitsuru spending the night. This causes both Mahiru and Mitsuru to turn red. Mahiru rushes her friend out so Mitsuru doesn't go crazy, and an awkward kiss is shared.
(Either way, Mahiru and Mitsuru will be making out by the end of this story. #subliminal messaging# CHOICE 2 #subliminal messaging#)