Crescent Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Darkening Moon ❯ Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Mahiru's aunt was feeling tired after dinner, so she left Mitsuru and Mahiru alone. Mahiru mentioned having tons of homework, and now, Mitsuru was sitting bored on Mahiru's bed while she was bent over her papers.
“You're so grumpy, Mitsuru,” she said suddenly, wrinkling her nose, “Why?”
“Why do you care?” he answered gruffly.
Sighing, she tipped back her chair and stared at the ceiling. “You're always running away or hiding or insulting us. You never act like you like us, but I know you do. You might've joined `just for yourself' at the beginning, but you can't honestly tell me that you don't care about us.”
“Whatever,” he muttered drowsily, but she missed the tiredness in his voice.
“You're so frustrating sometimes.” She got no answer. “Are you even…”
Mahiru turned around and was surprised to see Mitsuru sleeping soundly on her bed. Moving carefully, she sat down next to him and poked his softly. Yep, he wasn't faking. Without thinking, she patted his hair softly, and leaned back on the available space. Maybe Mitsuru had the right idea, because Mahiru was starting to feel really tired.
Keiko was a bit unsure of herself. Wasn't Akira the bad guy? Wasn't he apart of the Lunar Race? And she was offering him a place to sleep. Well, if he was the bad guy, he was awfully sweet. He had saved her from the tengu boy or something along those lines.
Casting Akira an uneasy smile, she opened her apartment door. “It's not much,” she said, “But I have a couch you could sleep on.”
Akira himself was uneasy. Keiko herself had branded them as the enemy. What if he was walking into a trap? But she wouldn't do that, would she? She'd given them no reason for alarm, besides being apart of the Dawn's Venus.
“I don't mind,” he answered, returning her smile with one just as tense. “Why don't I cook you something to repay you?”
“You don't have to,” Keiko replied.
“But I want to.”
Who could argue with that? And the puppy-dog eyes he threw in could send the strictest women to break out in smiles.
Keiko found herself laughing. “Go ahead, if you want.”
Funny, she rarely remembered laughing with Hokuto.
Mahiru felt warm. Warmer than she normally felt. Something was leaning up against her- or was she leaning against it- and it felt nice. And warm. She couldn't forget warm.
She vaguely remembered Mitsuru falling asleep on her bed. Did she fall asleep next to him? That would explain the arm wrapped around her waist and the chin resting on her head. Since she wasn't fully awake, her mind wasn't totally horrified that she was under the covers with Mitsuru. In fact, she moved closer to him. Who knew such a cold person could be so warm.
It was still dark outside; she could tell that through her window. Maybe she could go back to sleep. It was too nice to leave. The alarm clock that bathed the room in as soft green light read it was only midnight. Yeah, an hour or five more wouldn't hurt.
“Wow,” Keiko said, “You're a really good cook.”
Akira smiled. “That's what everyone tells me.”
In the hour that Akira had taken to make them dinner, Keiko and he had become friendlier and friendlier towards each other. In the thirty minutes it took them to eat his delicious food, they had found that they had a lot of things in common. They had finished dinner and were still talking.
“Here,” Keiko said, motioning to the couch, “I'll just grab you some blankets.”
Akira began cleaning the dishes, a habit he had obtained from cooking at the Moonshine. Of course, Keiko wasn't happy about that when she came back in.
“You don't need to wash those,” she said, “It's my house.”
Akira shrugged. “Wanna help?”
She opened her mouth but smartly closed it. “Fine.”
Somehow, Keiko wasn't sure how, she and Akira had managed a water fight with the dishes. Now, she was soaking wet, as was he, and the kitchen needed a WET FLOOR sign. Akira handed her a towel he had managed to dig up while she was drying the floor.
“Sorry about that,” he laughed.
Keiko couldn't help but smile. “About what? My kitchen just got cleaned without me having to do anything. That fortifies you a treat.” She was slightly surprised when the ears came out. “Um…”
He glanced up and blushed. “Sorry `bout that. Kind of a reflex.”
Absently, Keiko ran a hand along one and quickly pulled back. “I… They're cute,” she blushed.
Akira yawned, his mouth opening wide. She laughed. “I'm feeling tired to. You can take the couch, and I'm gonna go get ready for bed.”
Neither of them moved. Akira caught her hand, which was still resting on his head, and held it for a moment. Somehow, they found themselves leaning into each other, getting ready for a kiss.
And that's when the door opened, and all hell broke loose.
The light was what woke Mitsuru up. He was kind of surprised, seeing that the light never woke him up. He buried his head into the pillow when he realized that the pillow was actually hair.
Now this was scary.
Mitsuru had his arms wrapped around Mahiru's waist, his chin resting in her soft blonde hair (A/N: She's blonde, right?), and they were way too close for comfort. He tried to pull back, but this only succeeded in knocking him off the bed.
The thump he made woke Mahiru up. Her head popped up- her eyes were still closed- and she threw a pillow in the direction of her alarm clock. She flew back down, using the other pillow to cover her face.
Damn it. Mitsuru couldn't remember where the room he was supposed to be sleeping in was, and he really didn't have the energy to climb up and find it. So he leaned back on the floor, when the alarm clock started going off.
Mahiru popped up again, her pillow being knocked off since it covered her head, and muttered, “Fine, I'm up.”
Of course, she tripped over Mitsuru getting out of bed. It was kind of funny, but Mitsuru didn't think so.
“Watch where you're going,” he murmured.
“Mitsuru?” she asked groggily. “Why are you in my room?”
He had to think fast on this one. “Because your stupid alarm clock wouldn't shut off.”
Mahiru reached out to hit the SNOOZE button when she remembered waking up last night. She smiled. “Whatever you say. Could you please get out? I need to change.”
Mitsuru was all too happy to oblige.
“Hokuto,” Keiko breathed.
She was proved correct when the a male voice called, “Keiko, I need to talk to you.”
Akira stepped back. “Should I leave?”
Keiko could only nod. “There's-”
Hokuto entered the room.
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Mitsuru: Can I go yet?
Scathac: No.
Mahiru: Can I go?
Scathac: Sure.
Mitsuru: I hate you so much.
Scathac: I love you too! I'll start planning the wedding.