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Chapter 17
It was dark when Mahiru woke up. She blinked once or twice, wondering why she had woken up. Her eyes were still heavy with sleep, and all she felt like doing was curling up in the warm covers…
She shot up. She was in a bed-no, her bed. That meant they had returned to the Moonshine. She scrambled to untangle herself from her sheets, and her feet connected with something solid. That was followed by a small cry of, “Ow.”
Yes, Mahiru had just kicked Misoka in the head.
He lurched forward and muttered something Mahiru could not make out.
“Misoka?” she called. She couldn't see in the dark.
“One moment, Princess,” he said. Instantly, a light flickered on, and she could see.
She gazed around. “What happened? Where's everyone else?”
He smiled. “Everyone is fine. We are more worried about you.”
Mahiru breathed a sigh of relief. Mitsuru was alright as were her other friends. “Did I black out?”
Misoka's expression faltered. “We can discuss what happened in the morning.”
“What time is it?” she asked, her grogginess returning.
“Nearly one in the morning. You've slept for a day so far.”
She'd been asleep for a day; no wonder Misoka seemed worried.
“Would you like me to awaken the others so they know you're alright?” he asked.
Mahiru shook hr head. “I don't want to wake them.”
“Trust me, Princess, they are undoubtedly awake.”
Mitsuru, despite his lack of sleep, could not rest. His mind had focused itself on Mahiru: her death, her resurrection, and her words. Without her powers she baffled him, but when you throw in coming back from the dead and being possessed by her ancestor, you quickly learn that nothing about her is simple or easy.
The tengu, barely able to think straight had decided to go check on Mahiru and the fox demon. He knew if she did not wake up soon, they would all go crazy.
Lost in thought, he ran straight into Misoka (it seemed the fox demon's day for physical abuse.)
“Mitsuru, good,” he said, standing, “I was just coming to get you. The princess has awakened.”
The tengu blinked then shot up. He pushed past the fox demon (failing to notice the knowing smile) and nearly ran to Mahiru's room.
Before he even opened the door he was caught in a hug that would've topped Akira's in his transformation. Mitsuru wasted no time in returning it. They stood there for a moment, relishing each other's embrace when Mahiru finally pulled away.
“What happened?” she asked, her arms still around his waist, “I can't remember anything past that door thing. Where's Akira and Nozomu? Are they alright? Are you alright? How did we get back? Whe-”
He stopped her by pressing his lips against hers. They shared a long deep kiss before Mitsuru pulled back, giving her a genuine smile. “I'm just glad you're alright,” he said.
She answered with a contented sigh. She opened her mouth to say something, but she was interrupted by something else.
“Don't think we should leave them alone together, eh Misoka?” a voice said from behind them.
“Don't know, Akira. They seem pretty cozy.”
Both Mahiru and Mitsuru flushed and turned to face the three newcomers to the room.
“Perhaps we should leave them to them to their privacy,” Misoka said, “We might be a distraction.”
Mahiru giggled as Mitsuru began to argue with them. At least everything would be back to normal soon.
Whatever `normal' was anyway.
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