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“Oooh can you believe Lord Hargreaves is marrying her!”
“Oh I know! How could he want her?”
“Kagome, dearest, please restrain yourself.”
Cain held the arm of his fiancée calmly and she seethed next to him.
“How dare those brats! Who do they think they are! I'm not good enough for you! And I'm not your dearest.”
Cain sighed, “They are petty and jealous. Any man in this room would disagree with them. And yes you are kitten.”
“It's not like I want to marry you.”
“Thank you darling for treating your fiancée with such care and love.”
“Ya sooooo much love here.”
Kagome pouted her red painted lips. She knew that it was unlady like but she didn't care. She didn't want this. She wanted to be back with Inuyasha and the gang or with the family she grew up with…and modern technology. You never realize how amazing technology is till you're stuck with nothing in the sexually repressed Victorian England. Oh it sucked. This was just the latest party she had to go to in order to flaunt her recent engagement to the high society. Why only her father and Neil knew. Only good thing she could say about Cain was that he did keep her safe from awkward conversations with others and filled in her on Victorian society. You can only play so many slips into modern lingo as a product of her kidnapping. And he still was really, really hot. He maybe a jerk but he was pretty eye candy.
Yummy! He makes tuxedos and top hats really hot!
Kagome snapped out of her delicious Cain daydreams to look at the actual man that was staring down at her irritated.
She can't be serious.
“Did you hear anything I said?”
God help me
“We're leaving.”
“Thank God.”
“Oh Cain!!!!”
“Lady Johnson, Lady Williams, Lady Crale”
The three young nobles giggled annoyingly.
I hate you all.
“Well-hehe-we just want to introduce ourselves to your lovely fiancée.”
Kagome looked dead-panned.
Ya sure ya do.
“Nice to meet you.”
“Oh you so luck to escape those awful kidnappers!”
Are you all idiots!?!
“Ya. Though I have to say being here is a thousand times wor-“
“Excuse me ladies, but we were just about to leave. Kagome not feeling well. Being around so many people leaves her weak after being cut off from society for so many years.”
Oh ya. Nice one there love.
“OH! Of course! You poor dear. We hope to see you soon then. Shall you come to tea with us on Tuesday?
“Um not sure-“
“Of course she will.”
Kagome stared at a smug Cain with her mouth on the floor.
Revenge isn't fun is it darling?
“Oh! Wonderful. We shall seen you then.”
The three left in a giggling mass of silk and lace just as quickly as they arrived. Kagome wasn't even sure what happened but she did know she had another reason to add to her list of why she hated Cain. Good looks can only save you from so much loathing. Neither spoke as Cain directed her through the crowds to their carriage. Once inside, Cain leaned over to kiss her neck, but was stopped by blue daggers being thrown at him. Cain lifted an eyebrow.
“Is there something wrong Kitten?”
“sigh That is not an explanation, but a command. Must you join Merryweather in her lessons?”
Kagome hmphed and turned the other way, hitting Cain in the face with a curtain of raven curls. The young lord twitched. Suddenly his hand darted out and grabbed her arm. Before she could even react, he pulled her into his lap and held her there. Kagome tried to struggle, but soon realized it was hopeless so settled on pouting and glaring.
“I have been trying to help you adjust to life in this time. Do you want to cause any more suspicion and attract Delilah?”
“You are just trying to make me angry!”
Cain sighed and adjusted himself and the younger teen in his arms to a more comfortable position. He smiled slightly when she unconsciously cuddled closer to him.
Your claws are not as sharp as you pretend they are.
“Perhaps a bit.”
Kagome let out a triumphant cry, but Cain just shook his head and pulled her closer.
“However, I am looking out for you. We are connected. You are one of the very few people who know of my past. And with that knowledge you've, whether you wanted to or not, have become a part of me. I have Riff, but perhaps we can help each other as well.”
Blue eyes softened at his words. She knew what happened to him, but never how he felt. Was she really that important to him? He seemed to not like her and resent the fact she knew his past. Deep inside Kagome had a fear that if she married him, they'd never have the marriage she dreamed of as a child because he wouldn't tell her anything. Only Riff. She was tired of being second.
“You really want my help?”
Cain looked down at her. She looked so vulnerable right now. He was used to seeing her glare at him or pout. He would watch he smile and Merry and tease Oscar, but he never saw her look so fragile.
“You'll tell me things, even when we're married.”
That's what she is worried about?
“You've been uncertain of marrying me because you're afraid I'll keep things from you?”
It was more of a statement then a question.
“Will you talk to me?”
“I'm not trying to replace Riff or anything. If I'm going to be married to you, I want to know you. Your battles are mine and mine yours.”
Cain struggled to find words. He trusted her, but the thought of telling her everything like he did Riff was hard.
“I can't gaurentee anything.”
“I'm not asking you to.”
“Somethings I might not want to tell you in order to protect you.”
Kagome furrowed her brow.
“You don't need to. I can protect myself.”
This time Cain's faced soften. The young lord lifted his hand and carefully pushed a piece of hair away from Kagome's confused face.
“Yes but I do. It's my job as your husband.”
Red flowed to the raven beauty's face making Cain laugh.
Kagome asked with her blue eyes cast downward, “Is that a yes then?”
“Yes, Kitten.”
The couple locked eyes for a moment. Cain expected her to deny her nickname again, but instead she looked over his face and then laid back down with her face in the crook of his neck. He was fairly surprised. Despite the fact he had been around many women, this one confused him to no end. But looking down on her now sleeping form, a new feeling stirred in him. He wasn't in love with her, at least not yet, but he would make sure no one, especially his father and Delilah, would hurt her. She was his and his to protect. With that thought, Cain laid his head on hers and fell asleep as the carriage continued on home.
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