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“…and I believe this is what is best for our families.”
“Kagome, what do you have to say?”
“hahah she's probably just so surprised by our decision.”
“Cain what do you think?”
“Of course he is thrilled.”
“Do I have a choice?”
“Dear are you alright?”
“Are you all on drugs?”
Leonard Cromwell's face become red at his newly discovered daughter's audacity. How could a daughter of his act like this? Whether or not she had been kidnapped for 16 years, she should still have some grace in her blood! Neil Hargreaves was also becoming frustrated with the young girl. The match between her and Cain would be perfect, but she was causing more problems then Cain.
“And why don't you want to marry Cain?”
“Well do you want all the reason, `cause we'll be here for a while?”
Kagome pouted in her stiff chair. Why did this have to happen to her? She should be home in the 21st century or back in Feudal Japan with Inuyasha. But NOOO. She had to have even more stupid, weird, fate hates me, drama into her life. Was the quest for the jewel over? No. Did she go through the well and end up in 19th century England? Yes. Did she just discover that she was actually form this century to some noble and his Japanese wife? Yep. Did Midorko send her to 21st cause…well she still didn't get that part at all. Then she sent back here cause now Midorku thought she could kill 2 birds with one stone by defeating Naraku and this crazy noble dude? Ya her luck. Now she has to work with arrogant hot noble to do this? Someone shot her now. Does he know everything about her and vise versa thanks once again the Shikon's creator? Yes, which made her feel awful. Does he use this info against her even when she doesn't cause she a nice person? Yes. Did her “father” and “uncle” now want her to marry said hot noble who happened to be related to her too? YES!
“Ummm Kagome?”
Kagome shook out of her internal rant.
I think father dearest is crying in his hands.
“Why do you not want to marry Cain? He's a fine match.”
“Well 1. I have known him for a week.”
“Many marriages are arranged like this.”
“2. I hate.”
“I assure you I would not want to marry a loud mouth, immature, barbaric, unattracive girl like you.
Why you!
I hate you all. Kagome went back to sulking in her chair. Cain smirked until Uncle Neil slapped him on the back of the head.
“3. He's my cousin.”
“Still related.”
“Not greatly.”
“Explains a lot.”
“Shut up.”
“sigh Leonard, maybe this is not a good match.”
“But Neil….”
The adults went into their own world leaving the two teens to glare at each other. Well Kagome glared. Cain smirked.
“Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“Looking at me like that?”
“Like you know everything and are better than me.”
“I know just as much about you and you do of me.”
“So there!”
Cain leaned back in his chair and looked bored at Kagome. Kagome shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Why does he have to be so arrogant and jerkish and SOOO hot at the same time?
“You're much kinder than I am and would never bring up anything…unpleasant…about me because you would feel guilty. I however, wouldn't.”
“So you win cause I'm too nice?”
How she wanted to smack that smirk of his face. Instead she settled watching her “father” and “uncle” argue. Oooh pretty picture.
“You really don't want to marry me?”
“You don't want to marry me?”
“Um well not really.”
“I see.”
A few moments passed in awkward silence between the two before something clicked. OH! That's why he's asking!
“You're upset that I'm rejecting you!”
Cain looked startled, straightening up and willing the redness on his face to fade.
“I am not.”
Kagome looked like the Cheshire Cat. She leaned forward into his face. Cain was a bit taken back by her sudden closeness…and the sudden closeness of her breasts pushed up in that delicious corset.
Hm not too awful. This whole working together might not be so bad.
Cain knew about the whole working together and the jewel and such. The crazy priestess lady filled him in on everything. He was upset that Kagome knew everything about him as well, but was in fact at ease with her nature and protection of those around her. He respected her but that didn't change the fact he loved to mess with her.
“You have never been rejected and now you're ego is hurt.”
Cain bristled.
“No I'm not.”
Now it was Cain's turn to look away and pout. Kagome did her happy dance in her head.
I win. I win. I beat the hot noble!
“Maybe you're right, but I know you're attracted to me.”
Oh God no
“No I don't!”
Cain leaned even closer than she did.
Did it just get really hot in here?
Cain whispered softly in her ear.
Oh wow. Just kill me now. Or maybe….(enter into Kagome's own fantasy world).
Cain was proud of his victory over the little beauty. I win my little darling. Maybe this marriage will be enjoyable.
“Uncle Neil, Uncle Cromwell?”
All eyes turned Cain.
What are you doing? Cain smiled…well…sweetly at her…which terrified her. What is happening.
“I approve of this engagement. I'm looking forward to this arrangement.”
“Darling hush, show some diginity in front of your fiancée.”
“I'm sure Cain doesn't mind. He'll enjoy the challenge.”
“Very much so my little kitten.”
“NOT your KITTEN! Don't I have a say?”
“No not really. You're my child and I can decide on your husband.”
“WHY did you ask me?”
“Just to gain your opninion.”
“So I never had a choice.”
“In a way to see if you were compadible.”
“I hate him!”
“You will learn to love him.”
“Cain my boy I'm glad our families will join like this.”
“I am as well. You're daughter is quite enjoyable to be around. Very different.”
“Well I have others but I don't think you want me to say them around your father.”
I want to die!
Kagome turned scarlet as the older men laughed and slapped Cain on the back. Aren't dads supposed to be overprotective? What the Hell!
Cain stood next to her as the men laughed and talked.
“You don't think do you?”
“If we have to work together, won't it look less suspicious if we're engaged?”
“Oh. Ya.”
Cain chuckled.
“This should be an enjoyable engagement.”
“Ya right.”
Kagome bent down and placed a quick kiss on her lips. His deflated ego rose after seeing her dazed face. You are not attracted to me?
“Ohhoh! Cain wait till you're by yourself!”
“Yes I may be encouraging this marriage, but I still want by daughter's virtue intact.”
“Who says that!?!?”
“Don't worry kitten, we'll spend more time together later.”
“Not kitten.”
“Oh yes. MY kitten.”
“Bite me.”
“GRr DIE!”
The elder men looked at each other as they watched the young couple argue.
“Neil. We are amazing matchmakers.”
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I was thinking about this if it wasn't alternate universe at all but she was thrown back in time. Also with the cousin/incest thing, I've noticed this year all the books I have to need involved cousins almost/marrying each other. Well hope ya enjoyed. Review!