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Kagome glared while her group of friends giggled as another blushing couple got caught under another mistletoe they put up. She found the entire tradition annoying. Your just standing there when some creep “accidently” stands next to you and then you have to kiss them. It didn't help that all day her so-called friends were trying to push her under the hell plants.
hehehe oh Hargreaves-san hehehe.”
Oh ya and that was annoying too. Cain Hargreaves was the new, rich, English transfer student that she trusted as far as she could throw him, which might actually be enjoyable. Every girl loved him and flocked around him and the mistletoe Eri happened to place perfectly over his desk. The arrogant jerk just smirk and kissed every giggling teen on the cheek. Kagome wanted to vomit. He looked over at her and smiled which she returned with an hmph and looked away. She burned holes through her pencil knowing his cocky smile was still focused at her. I hate you!
“Oh isn't he sooo dreamy!”
Eri and Ayumi squealed in delight and Kagome heaved.
“OH! Look at Yuka!”
Kagome turned around to see Yuka and Takashi-san standing awkwardly under another mistletoe. Cute. The two fiddled with their clothing before slowly touching their lips and quickly pulled apart as the class whistled and cat called. The two blushed even more. Kagome was happy for her friend. The two liked each other for a while. She still hated mistletoe, but it did have some purpose.
“Well looks like they…”
Kagome looked around for her friends who suddenly disappeared. What the…
Please God no!
The devilishly handsome teen had his hands on her desk leaning towards her. Why does the jerk have to be so hot?
“Well what do you want?”
Kagome really felt uncomfortable with him so close to her, smiling. He always went out of his way to make her life miserable and completely humilitate her. Him talking to her normally ended with her fuming, blushing and having every girl in school hate her. She made the mistake of saying she would never fall for his stupid flirting. He took this as a personal challenge and was determined to make her eat her words. This couldn't be any different.
Cain just smiled and looked up. Kagome followed his eyes up and---
Uh oh
The second her eyes went back to his, his lips immediately went to hers. In her shock, Cain slipped his tongue into her mouth. Kagome tried to pull away, but her body wouldn't let her and she slowly kissed him back. She could vaguely hear whistles and shouts around her.
Wow he is a really good kisser.
The couple slowly pulled away slightly, panting a bit. Cain gently brushed away a piece of long black hair, smiling,
“Merry Christmas, Darling.”
Ok so maybe mistletoe isn't so bad.
Hey hope ya like. Short and not too great but hope ya liked. I've been in the writing mood lately.