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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Konoha stood in black before the open casket of their leader. The sky was grey and it rained, allowing even the coldest shinobi to weep without notice. Their tears were masked by the rain. The gaang however, held no qualms about crying. It all seemed so unfair. How could someone so good be killed by his very own student?

In Suna, the sun beat down on the closed coffin of the Kazekage. It was closed for good reason. By the time they had found his body, it was near impossible to recognize, and not just because his face had been torn off. He had been left to bake under the desert sun, his body bloated by gasses of decomposition and flies buzzed about his skin.

Temari refused to cry. Crying was weak and weakness was something she had lost the day her mother died. Their father the Kazekage had forbidden her and Kankuro from mourning at her funeral. His face was grave as he told them, “She sacrificed herself for the village. That is something to be proud of, grateful for.” He scowled as if he weren't convincing himself. “Don't you dare regret her death! Our village will be safe now. Because of her we have the ultimate weapon.” Well now it was his funeral, and if she cried it would be for the village's loss of a leader that provided safety for his people at the cost of his family. But Temari wouldn't cry. She couldn't cry.