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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 9

South America

'If Laverne comes near me, you waste her!' Telly Savalas in 'Cannonball Run 2'.

"Folks! It's a miracle!" Said Bosley. "Our racers have survived the cold chills of Antarctica!"

"Now they're on their way to South America!" Gennai added.

"The Cannonballers are going to work real hard from this point on." Said Misty.


"What is it this time?"

"Well, Ryo, she says that the crowd is getting wilder by the days!" Misty saw back the crowd behind her.

"She's right! Just look at them! Listen to their shouts!" Bosley was astonished.

"Jigglypuff." Said Gennai. "I'll never doubt you again."

"Well, anyway, let's go the Jerry Springer, Judy Funnie and Waldo in Rio de Janeiro!" Said Ryo.

"Good morning." Jerry Springer spoke on the screen behind.

"Morning yourself, Jerry." Said Gennai.

"Ah, yes! Here we are, in Rio de Janeiro! One of the most fabulous places in the world!" Judy was already feeling comfortable by her surroundings.

"What can our Cannonball reporters say to our New York fans here this time?"

"Sorry, Bosley. WE haven't seen any action here in Rio yet." Said Waldo. "The Cannonballers are currently racing through Buenos Aires."

"I see." Said Misty. "Anything you'd like to tell us Jerry?"

"Well, I have received note that the Outlaw is making a dashing lead."

"You hear that people?" Bosley jumped in fright. "The Outlaw's in the lead!"

The crowd went even wilder than before.

"Well, thank you people for updating. As for us viewers, I hope you've got your betting tickets in your hands, because you're gonna need it! Once again, this is Bosley!"

"I'm Gennai!"


"And I'm Misty!"

"I'm Ryo!"

"Reporting live in New York!" They made a group hug and closed in on the camera.

"Damnit!" Domingo grasped his betting ticket. The Three Tenors didn't look too pleased of the results so far of the Cannonball Run.

"We betted three hundred and fifty thousand dollars on the Resuce Mission!" Complained Pavoroti.

"It's not fair!" Whined Carreras.

"C'mon, guys. Don't look so down now. It's not quite the end of the race." Said Herman. "I'm sure the racers are still trying."

"Oh, sure." Eminem looked at the lead board. "Even when my bet on the Afterburner seems to be in last place!"

"Well, you never know." Benny replied. "You never know when strange things might happen."

Mr. Burns was making one last try to steal the money prize. He managed to reach the top of the statue again. Slappy had left in order to go to the Boy's Room. So there was nobody around that could foil the old man's plot this time. Mr. Burns crept into the crown with success.

"You people wait here." The old man ordered. "I'm getting that suitcase and I'll give it to you."

"Yes, sir."

"Good." Mr. Burns looked around to see if there were any security lasers. None in site. He took his hands onto the handle of the shut suitcase, afraid that some alarm would probably go off. But there was not a noise made. "Success!" He cried. But due to his loud shout, the suitcase in his hand suddenly exploded.


Mr. Burns flew out of the window while his comrades lost grip of their rope and fell down back to the sea with their boss.

"What was that?" Gary heard the noise.

"Sounds like you broke wind." Mike was already clogging his nose.

'When the day is done, when the race is won,

My life has only just begun,

When you're next to me, so much more I can see,

There's nowhere that I'd rather be.

When I'm away from you and there's nothing I can do,

Do you think the same things too?

When the time has come, I don't want you to run,

You know that you're the only one.

All I need is you for always and forever,

All you need is me, just listen when I say,

All we need is love for us to be together,

'Cos you're my number one.

All I need is you for always and forever,

All you need is me, just listen when I say,

All we need is love for us to be together,

'Cos you're my number one.

At the end of the day, or whenever you're away,

There's always things I want to say,

But wherever you go you will always know,

That I've got so much to show.

You're my number one prize when I look into your eyes,

It's only then I realize,

You're the one for me, there's no one else I want to see,

There's no place I'd rather be.

All I need is you for always and forever,

All you need is me, just listen when I say,

All we need is love for us to be together,

'Cos you're my number one.

All I need is you for always and forever,

All you need is me, just listen when I say,

All we need is love for us to be together,

'Cos you're my number one.'

'Number One' By TJ Davis in 'Sonic R'.

…South America…

"Bad news, guys!" Izzy looked up. "We've got a chopper heading our way." The Digimon and Digidestined looked outside the window to see a helicopter flying their way in front.

"Hey, Tai, you want me to give you another shot just to speed things up here?" The Doc sticking his middle finger into Tai's face.

"No thanks, Doc." Tai put the Doc's hand away.

"We've got a better idea." Said Agumon.

The Outlaw immediately opened from the back. And out came Izzy's greatest invention. It was a large cannon that could shoot out a large missile bomb.

"WOW!" Everyone said.

"Now that's a cannon!" Steve shouted.

"You've really done it this time, Izzy." Said Gatomon.

"Right then, let's prepare for first fire." Said Matt.

Izzy and Tentomon went to the controls and got everything ready.

"Hold on tight, everyone." Said Tentomon. "The fire may cause some force impact on us."

"What do you mean?" Asked Sora.

But just then the missile was ready to fire at the chopper.

"Just hold tight guys……'cos…………..we're gonna get pushed back a long way…." Said Izzy.

"WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone else screamed.

"Sounds like a country song!" The Doc commented.

The missile was fired with great impact. It indeed hit its target easily. But back on the Outlaw puffsof smoke exploded out and the truck flew backwards at incredible speed along the road.


"And that's the last of them!" Wally Gator finished taking care of the police with the vehicle's weapons.

"Look! It's Yoruba!" Top Cat pointed to the sea.

"Yoo-hoo! Yoruba!" Snagglepuss called. "It's us!"

Yoruba waved back at them and signaled them to look forward.


The Rattler ran into a restaurant, breaking everything it passed. Everyone came out in one piece.

"Don't ever do that again!" Top Cat panted.

"Sure thing." Replied Snagglepuss.

"We're now entering Buenos Aires, Eddie!" Captain Chaos was getting excited.

"There's nice hot weather again!" Said Jessica.

"Keep it going!"

"Right on, Eddie." Said Dolores.

Captain Chaos floored the Ratfang.

Up in the sky, a young boy flew across the clouds. He wore no clothes, and only had white briefs and a red cape. Captain Underpants was confident that he could stop the Cannonballers before reaching New York.

"Captain Underpants will save the day!"

"Batman! You're damaging the buildings round here." Squealed Buffy. Batman was trying to steer Boulder Hill through the city.

"Do what she says, Batman." Said Nick Fury.

"We will be able to lose the cops behind us as well." Said Spawn.

"Okay, then. Hold on!" Batman raced to the coast and drove the vehicle into the oceans, escaping quickly.

"Rio de Janeiro! Here we come!" Said Gumby on the Pit Stop Catapult.

"Here we come! Yup! Yup! Yup!" Said Ducky. Simon was making sure the vehicle was doing fine.

"How's it hanging, Simon?"

"Just fine, Bob! I think we might win this race after all!"

"I'd told you I'm too good for those cops!" Max crashed through the second shopping mall in the city.

"Okay, I think that's enough stopping for clothes for Xena, Max!"

"Herc, does this dress make me look fat?" Xena asked.

"(I must get through these enemies.)" Sub-Zero drove his way out of the police cars in front. But one cunningly came up from behind. The blue ninja didn't realize this until it was soon shot by Kim and Mitsurugi from the sky.

"(You go first.)" Said Mitsurugi.

"(We'll take care of the cops.)" Said Kim. Sub-Zero waved back and nodded.

"(Thank you, my companions.)"

"More Cannonballers!" James saw them spread out in Buenos Aires.

"How the hell did they catch up?"

"Oh, Meowth! It doesn't matter now!" Jesse flew past the buildings. "All we need to do now is be in the lead!"

"Shorty!" Cried Rolly. "I have some cops behind my tail!" The pineapple had already taken out those in front of him. He made several turns to try to lose those behind. But it was no use.

"I'm coming, Rolly!" Shorty blasted the cops from his chopper.

"Thanks a lot!" Rolly speeded away.

"You're welcome!"

"I guess that other rider's gone." Jesse looked round the road. There was no sign of Sakura anywhere.

"Hi, Jesse!" Woody drove the Firecracker near Jesse's bike.

"Guys! Where've you been?"

Police sirens were heard from behind.

"No time to explain now!" Said the Stinky Pete. "Step on it, Woody!"

The two vehicles left together.

"THIS IS FUN! YUK! YUK! YUK!" Laughed Bozo the clown.

"WE need back up here!" Said a cop. "We have a runaway clown!"

"SO LONG! HEE HEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" Bozo activated the switch and the Firefly turned into the same airplane vehicle like before. He drove into a beach resort and blasted off just before he was going to hit the wavy waters.

"I'm telling you, Evel. That money's as good as mine!" Action Man pushed Evel on the shoulders. He was flying parallel with him face to face.

"Tut, tut, for you, fish face!" Said Evel. "You'll be calling for your mother when I finish this race before you!"

"Don't you DARE get my mother involved!"

"Aw. What's wrong, Action Man? Wet your diaper?"

"That's it! Put up your dukes!" Action Man charging his head into Evel's stomach.

"(That's the last of them!)" Sighed Oglas.

The armed Glider Strike flew out of the smokes from their recent confrontation with a few choppers.

"(How much longer is this racing going to last?)" Igi seemed desperate.

"(We're just gonna have to see about that, Igi!)" Ogo ascended above the clouds.


Eddie Gordo blasted the helicopter in his way.

"Boss! You're doing well." Said Hotep.

"Best driving I've ever seen." Said Hoy.

"Thank you for your compliments, you two." Eddy answered. "Remember about our friend Michael Jordan though."

"I bet Michael's way ahead of us by now!" Said Doug.

Wrong. He wasn't too far away from Eddy's airplane.


"Outta my way, cops!" Michael shot at the cars. "I've got a race to win!"

"Dude! We're seriously gonna win!" Said Kyle.

"Shut up, Kyle." Said Eric. "You know you're not gonna get any money, because you're Jewish."

"Shut up, fat ass! Who said you could be judge of the money sharing?"

"I was juts kidding, Stan."

Ivy yet again pressed another switch on her car when she saw the cops from behind. A large grappling claw from the boot of the car shot out and grabbed one of the police cars. The claw slammed it onto the others, causing the others from behind to stop or just crash as well. Ivy's weapon returned back inside the car.

"You really know how to take care of them, Ivy."

"I've been through tons of other worse things, Charles." She said.

Carmen Sandiego did everything to shoot down the Cannonballer in front of her. Guess her aiming was a tad rusty.

Rainbow Brite's rear missile missed Carmen Sandiego's car plane. Before the cannon could load another missile, the Sonic Stinger was flying side by side with the Shadow Stalker.

"Nice shot, back there, young girl." Carmen Sandiego winked and went ahead. "But you're going to have to try harder if you want to hit me."

"We'll see about that!" Rainbow Brite aimed her guns at Carmen and fired away.

"Boy, she's a good shooter." Carmen thought.

The two planes descended down to the city. People ducked for cover as the Cannonballers flew just above the buildings. Moments later they made it back up and all was safe.

Rainbow and Carmen were flying side by side again.

"Think I've tried hard enough?" Rainbow looked at Carmen cheekily.

Before Carmen could answer…

"HALT!" Out flew Captain Underpants between the planes. "I order you two to stop immediately!"

"Says who?" Asked Carmen.

"Says me! Now stop or I'm going to have to make you!"

Neither Cannonballer listened to him and just blasted away, leaving clouds of black smoke behind, which made the almost naked hero choke.

"ACK!" Captain Underpants coughed, stopping to take a rest. "That's unbearable! Maybe I underestimated these racers. Ack…"

…Days later

"Okay! Quiet on the set!" Hollywood's most famous film director Steven Spielberg was making yet another movie in the city streets of Rio de Janeiro. "Let's shoot Scene 8. And remember people, this is a drama movie. So please to act dramatic, obviously!"

"Nothing but peace and quiet." Monsieur Hercule Poirot was laying under the sun at the Copacabana Beach. "No more detective work for me here. No more mysteries to solve. Just some nice relaxtion. Ce n'est pas?" He put on his shades and sat back on his chair, enjoying the rest of the beautiful sunshine.

"Say, I know you." Said a male voice. Poirot lifted his shades to see a young couple in their bathing suits. They immediately identified the detective quite quickly. Poirot knew them as well. They were Sunset Beach's Sarah Buxton and Tim Adams.

"You're Hercule Poirot! The famous detective!" Said Sarah.

"Yeah! You solve crimes and everything!" Said Tim.

"I am sorry, mes amis. But I think you are mistaken." Poirot put down his shades again and sat back. "Good day."

"You are Hercule Poirot!" Another female voice said. Poirot's shades suddenly floated off from his eyes like magic. They flew to a blonde teenage girl's hands. Poirot looked at her and saw she was accompanied by a black cat.

"My word, Madamemoiselle! May I please kindly ask you to give me back my glasses."

"I told you it was him, Sabrina!" Said Salem the cat.

"I don't believe he's really here!" Sabrina returned Poirot's shades to his reaching hands.

"Thank you very much."

But things weren't over for the detective.

"Hey, everybody!" Said another voice from the life guard's post. "It's Hercule Poirot!" David Hasslehoff slid down from his post and dashed with the others to the famous celebrity. Soon Poirot was crowded by millions of his adoring fans.

"C'est tres mauvais!" Hercule shook his head and blocked his ears from all the people's shouts.

"Another victory for us!" Said Elwood.

"We thank it all to the Mask!" Jake clapped. "Let 'em have it!"

"HA! HAA!" The Mask attacked the police cars in his way.

"A hundred million dollars, here we come!" Said Freakazoid.

"Sit back and relax guys." Tseng and the Turks sat down at a café table. "Let the professional handle everything."

"Tseng. Do you really think he'll do it?" Rude asked.

"I'm very sure."

"Is he better than that cyborg and monster?"

"Yes, Reno, definitely. He's an alien hunter."

"Whatever Tseng says, just think opposite." Elena though.


High on top of a building, an invisible creature looked down from its high view.

"Cannonballers." The Predator mumbled, leaping from building to building. "Rrrrrr……"

"Now I've seen everything!" Abraham looked round the reefs in the sea through the monitor screen in front.

"Blossom! Can you make this thing go any faster?"

"I'm trying, Buttercup!" Said Blossom.

But just behind their submarine vehicle swam the Billboard Blast.

"Stimpy. Sooner or later you're going to have to take over those girls." Ren tried to ignore Bigfoot, who was squeezing him again like a teddy bear.

"No problem, Ren. I'm pretty sure that money prize is going to be ours."

"Ack. Ack. Ack." Said one of the Martians.

"Don't fret, pal. We'll get plenty of those once we win this race." Said Agent J.

"What did he say?"

"Believe me, Moulder. You really don't wanna know." Said Agent K.

"Let's rock!" Tommy switched the control in the War Hawg and the truck opened up in a different form for police combat. "Let's get 'em Jamie!"

"Right on!"

The police cars in front suddenly braked and tried to run back. But the War Hawg was quicker enough to hamburger them all to smithereens with its laser machine guns.

"Tommy, I think our luck has finally come." Jamie smiled.

But suddenly the Predator revealed itself and leaped onto the vehicle from a tree.

"AAAAAAA!!!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!" Tommy shouted.

"Cannoballers!" The Predator took out his long spear.

"Quick!" Cried Jamie. "Drive us out here!"


"Lights…camera…action!" Steven Spielberg jumped from his seat when the War Hawg came crashing onto the set chaotically. "Okay, who ordered the Predator?"

The entire crew and cast jumped out the way as the vehicle bumped almost everywhere. In the end Jamie and Tommy managed to get rid off the Predator by pushing him off the truck with their quick turns.

"No, not the face!" Steven Spielberg shouted before the Predator fell onto him.

The War Hawg left the scene.

"Gimme five, Jamie!" Tommy laughed wildly.

"You go, Tommy!" Jamie screamed. "WAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hang on, guys!" Edwin speeded up the motor on the Sea Attack boat.

"There's a whole pack of 'em!" Said Fat Bastard.

"Patience my friends. Patience……."

"Dhalsim, please. None of this crap right now! We need to get the hell out of this city!" Edwin was a little panicky.

C. Foyt was in her boat chasing after the Sea Attack.

"Right!" Said C. Foyt. "If this attempt doesn't work, I'm leaving my post!"

Other police boats followed hers.

"Commander." Captain Harris drove C. Foyt's special boat. "This is one of the most advanced boats the police force has to offer. This girl is fast enough to even catch dolphins in just a split second."

"They're turning, sir." Said Proctor. "They're heading right to the Copacabana Beach. Captain Harris, maybe we shouldn't risk……."

"Nonsense, Proctor, we have to catch those Cannonballers one way or another!"

"Edwin, I think they're falling for it." Said Fat Bastard.


They were now only inches away from the beach. Edwin was skilful enough to make a sharp turn to the left, but the boat C. Foyt and the others were on couldn't turn just as quickly.

"CAPTAIN!" Cried Proctor.

Captain Harris set the brakes on the boat. But when the boat hit the sand, C. Foyt was hurled through the glass, off the boat and flew straight into an open ice box. Everyone was distracted by the painful yet funny accident.


"Hey!" Said David Hasslehoff. "What just happened there?"

"Did you see that?" Said Sarah Buxton.

"That woman just flew off that boat and sailed straight into that ice box!" Laughed Tim Adams.

"Are you serious?"

"It looks like it to me, Sabrina." Said Salem. "This I gotta see!"

"Now's my chance!" Everyone had their backs turned on Hercule Poirot. The crafty man slowly tip toed away out of the beach and summoned a taxi. He got in and left the scene in great relief and salvation.

"Hey, Lucky."

"What's wrong, Cadpig?"

"Was Spot's flipper ever armed with any weapons?" The small Dalmatian wondered.

"Yeah, I think so."


Not far away from the Coast Patrol, a police boat was chasing after the torpedo dashing chicken in the sea.

"This really shouldn't happen to a chicken!" Spot shouted.

Her flippers detected a boat behind her. Immediately they shot two heat seeking missiles from the jet locks and sank the target in seconds.

"Well I'll be…" Spot looked back at the damage. "But I still hate this ride!"

"Got some more bananas." The Swedish Chef handed them over to Elly and then returned to the kitchen.

"Here you go." Elly May gave another pack of bananas to Richie's orangutan. He deserved it, for all the hard driving he's been doing, and still was.

"Any luck on the Slingshot 2, R2?" Said Wade Duck. R2-D2 gave a response.

"Oh, it seems that Master Richie is doing a fantastic job on the jet." Said C-3PO. "Our chances of winning this race has doubled."


High above, the Slingshot 2 flew past the shot down police choppers.

"Amazing, Richie!" Said Gonzo.

"How do you do it?"

"I've been taking flying lessons for about eight years, Fozzie." Said Richie. "I'm an expert."

"You're telling me!" Said Kermit.

"Hey, what's that up ahead?" Britney Spears wondered.

"Sugar Loaf Mountain." Said Richie. "Quite a beauty, isn't it?"


Upon that mountainous region, the weasels were making one final plan to stop the Cannonballers.

"Is this Right Brothers plane safe, boss?" Asked Greasy.

"I swear." Said Smart Ass. "Now stop sitting there, you guys, and fire at that red jet coming by!"

Everyone shot their machine guns at the Slingshot 2. They didn't know however that what they were firing at, was in fact bullet proof. The Slingshot 2 flew past them in a split second. The wind currents from their speed made Smart Ass lose control of the plane.

"We're falling, boss!" Said Stupid.

"I know that, you idiot!"

The plane crashed on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain.

"Hey, boss."

"What is it now, Greasy?"

"We give up. Let's just go to Thade and tell him we couldn't stop them."

"Well……okay……… Maybe he's got a better plan than we do. Especially at this time. Things ain't over yet for the Cannonballers."

"Wild E., here I go again!" Daffy Duck dived back in his Rhino 2 buggy car. "Good luck and adios!"

Wild E. nodded and detached him from the truck. He was off in that car for the second time.

"Police! Pull over!" Said a voice from behind. Wild E. just snorted as he looked back.

He took out something at the back of the truck. It a missile bomb launcher. With the push of a button, the missile shot out from the truck and blasted the police car. The cunning coyote laughed in pleasure and drove off.

The Stiletto vehicles were once again pulled over by a chopper.

"Here we go again." Said Michelle.

"I'll handle this one." Lara Croft zipped open her suit, ready for the cop to give her the ticket.

A female figure marched towards her.

"Ahem. Do you mind?" Aya Brea said strictly.

"Oh…" Lara opened her eyes wide and so did her friends.

"So, you girls thought you could get away from me, didn't you?" Aya raised her brow, grinning. "Did you miss me?"

"We're in trouble." Amara whispered.

Everyone watched Aya give multiple tickets to Lara Croft.

"Ha! Ha!" Captain Haddock danced round the Collector. "Soon the money pot's gonna be ours!"

"I'm proud of you all!" Said Mahoney. "But we still got a few more dangers to go through. Let's not get over confident."

"Blast the engines, Jesse!"

"Good thinking, Meowth!"

"Hoo! Hoo! HOO!!!!" James couldn't stop grinning. "Let's go get that hundred million dollars!"

"Bart! Hold onto me as hard as you can!"

"What are you doing with those cops behind us, dad?"

"You just watch!" Homer took out a grappling hook from behind the Bullet and gripped it onto a nearby holiday boat. The bullet stopped immediately. The two police boats behind went ahead of him. As they tried to turn around they collided with each other.


"Homer boy does it again!" Bart laughed.

The Vandal vehicles blasted through their police mess.

"Hey Gabrielle! Tiger!" Shouted David to the aircraft above. "How it going so far?"

"Okay, David." Answered Gabrielle.

"I'm getting kinda used to this, you know!" Tiger said.

"Glad to hear that from you!" Said Joe. "We've still got more stuff to get through in the race."

"The damn sheik! Always thinks he's king of the world!" Said the chopper pilot.

"You really got them this boss." Said Corvax's bodyguard.

"Come on, coppers!" Corvax stuck his head out of the Manta plane and looked at the worthless police choppers behind him. "Come and see if you can outrun the fastest sheik in the deserts!"

"The Ratfang has just left Rio de Janeiro!"

"Hooray, Captain Chaos." Said Jessica in a calm voice.

"GOING UP!" The White Ranger shouted as the Thunder Hawk made it for the skies again.

"Uh-oh!" Cried Hitomi. "Look out for that chopper."

"I've got it." Heero shot down the last police chopper in his way. "We're leaving Rio de Janeiro now."

Everyone started cheering.

"This is so cool, Kiyone!" Mihoshi hugged her friend.

"How do you feel Mike?" Asked Sakura.

"Better." Mike Tyson thought about the prize money. "A whole lot better!"

"YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone shouted again.

…Back to the USA…or is it…yet?...