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Chapter 10

Mexican Madness

'If that's the way you want it, that's the way you're gonna get it!' Jonathan Winters in 'It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World'.

"Hey, Commander." Said Proctor in the helicopter. "I thought you said you were going to leave us if……."

"Oh, shut up!" C. Foyt wrapping herself with a towel. "This is the last straw! Captain Harris. Hand me my phone."

"Certainly, Commander." Captain Hariis gave C. Foyt her cell phone. She dialed the numbers vigorously.

"Get me the best police forces and SWAT team you've got in every fifty states!" C. Foyt shouted. "We're going after those Cannonballers, even if it takes me the whole god damn US army to take care of them!"

"Rescue Heroes!" Commander Warren Waters reported from their headquarters on the giant monitor screen. "Commander Foyt has assigned us to catch the Cannonballers before they reach New York!"

"You got it, Commander!" Saluted Billy Blazes. "Okay people, you heard him, let's get out asses out of here!"

"We have a problem." Said Wendy Waters.


"All our vehicles have been sent for repairs." Jack Hammer answered.

Billy Blazes was annoyed. Why hadn't his friends told him sooner?

"We would have told you earlier, sir." Said Ariel Flyer. "But you see, we were all too busy parting around in Burger King when this happened."

"But don't fear. We've got something else to take us." Said Gil Grimmer.

"We got a car, a boat and a chopper! Ain't that great?" Cried Jake Justice.

"Whatever." Billy sighed. "Let's go."

The Rescue Heroes run outside to find Ten Cents and Speed Buggy.

"At your service!" Smiled Ten Cents the tug boat. "Off to New York, is it?"

"Yeah, and go like the wind!" Shouted Rocky Cannon as he, Jake and Wendy got in.

"Ready for action! Brrrrr!!!!!!" Said Speed Buggy.

"Good for you, Speed Buggy. Let's move out!" Roger ordered after he got onto him with Billy and Jack.

"Hey, where the chopper?" Asked Billy.

At that moment, Budgie the little helicopter descended down onto the rocky platform.

"Hi, there." Budgie smiled. "Sorry, I'm late. I had to pick up someone on the way."

From his doors, out came Warren Waters.

"Good day, Rescue Heroes! Thought I might join you just in case anything goes wrong!"

"No problem, Commander!" Gil said. He and Ariel jumped in Budgie.

The Rescue Mission left for New York.

…Outside Mexico City…

The Cannonballers came to a sudden halt in the valley. All were at a standstill. Everyone was sitting on their worthless butts, not bothered to take another step forward for the race. Why? Because………..

"I don't believe this. I don't believe this one single bit!" Eddie kicked his shoe on a tire of his Ratfang. "We've come so far and now this!"

"Well, believe it." Meowth approached Eddie and the others. "We've all heard it. The money that once was is now nothing but smoke and ash, thanks to some old guy who tried to take it all for himself."

The talking cat showed them the small radio he held in his hand. It was the object that informed him the grave news about the precious prize. The word was spread like earthquake waves stretching out to the furthest regions from the epicenter.

"Oh, Eddie." Said Roger Rabbit. "Don't tell me everything's all over now."

"Sorry, Roger."

Jessica went up to Roger to hug him gently as he silently sulked.

"It's not our fault, Eddie." Said Dolores. "I guess money can corrupt people sometimes."

Meowth came back to his friends after having played the disastrous radio report for the tenth time for Eddie.

"This is crazy." Said Meowth. "This has gotta be some kind of a joke."

"Why would it be, Meowth?" Jesse leaned against the Switchblade.

"Looks like we're nothing again." Sighed James. "Just the same old Team Rocket as before."

"Drat! Double drat! And triple drat!" Shouted Dick Dastardly. Muttley started snickering. "Stop snickering, Muttley, this is not the place or the time!"

"Oh, well." James Bond drank his martini glass. "Easy come, easy go. Guess I'll have to find another way to get a hundred million dollars."

"Shaft, what do we do, now?"

"All we do now is wait for something miraculous to happen Linka." Shaft crossed his arms.

"So much for strength and honor." Maximus took off his helmet and sat on his vehicle.

"(It took me months to build this computer!)" Slouched Dr. Slump. "(And it was all for this race!)"

"(Now it's nothing.)"

"(Please, Doraemon! Don't say that! You're giving me a headache!)"

"There go my hopes and dreams." Felix the Cat was in grief. "There goes the money, blown to tiny pieces."

"Damn! This is pissing me off!" Duke Nukem slammed his hand onto his bike. "What the hell's going on here? Is this some kind of sick joke?"

"That's terrible!" Cried Sakura.

"Sakura, please calm down." Hinata tried to comfort her. "I'm sure there are other people round here that feel just the same way as you."

"Really? Like them?" Sakura pointed to the two teenage boys opposite them.

"OUCH!" Beavis rubbed his sore cheek. "Butthead! What was that for?"

"For being a dumb ass and not getting to the finish in time!" Butthead was really angry.

"Shut up, butt hole!" Beavis lunged onto Butthead and started a fight.

"Take a look at Snoopy!" Said Rocky the Squirrel to the gang. "He's really flipped!"

"GAAARAAARRRARAA!!!!!!" Snoopy was stomping his goggles on the floor angrily.


"QUIET, EVERYONE!" Meowth turned up the volume on his radio. "There's something important on!"

Everyone shut their mouths.

"Well, Bosley. That was certainly a surprise." Said Gennai.

"It gave me a fright." Said Ryo.


"And Jigglypuff too." Said Misty.

"Folks! There seems to have been a false alarm! The hundred million dollars is safe and sound!" Bosley's voice spoke. "The suitcase in the crown happened to be a trap set for anybody whoever tried to take the money by force. It is claimed that Cannonball Run's host Ali G has the money with him right now."

"So let the race continue!"

"Well said, Gennai. And let's hope the Cannonballers are hearing this message right now!" Bosley finished. "Over and out!"

"Guys!" Meowth was shaking like mad. "The Cannonball Run World Tour is still on!"

Everyone was puzzled.

"The money is still in one piece! It's still waiting for us in New York! The race ain't finished yet!"

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Screams shouted in the air and all were about to dive back into their racing vehicles. Until………..

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU PEOPLE ARE GOING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" A loud voice said form the skies. The Cannonballers looked up to see about forty spacecrafts getting ready to land. Everyone froze and watched in amazement. The space ships landed round the whole crowd, surrounding them completely. One happened to land in the middle. "WE'VE HARDLY GOT TO INTRODUCE OURSELVES." The voice was coming from the large metal planet that came down with the ships.

It was Unicron.

"Jesse?" Meowth ran behind James. "Was this part of the boss' plan?"

"No." Jesse shook her head.

"Then what the hell is going on here?"

Unicron opened up and revealed his gigantic robot body.

"Foolish Cannonballers." He said. "You cannot escape the mighty Unicron!"

"Yeah! You can't escape the mighty Unicron!" Squinted Galvatron, who sat on his master's shoulder.

"Be quiet, Galvatron. There's no need for you to repeat what I say!"

"Sorry, sir."

Everyone backed away from the ship that landed in the middle. When it opened……

"We wouldn't like to see any of you Cannonballers leave so soon." Darkseid stepped out together with Thanos.

"Yeah, we have some unfinished business to settle." Thanos laughed.

Behind them came out General Thade, Attar, the Weasels and the Turks.

"Your race is at an end." General Thade scowled. "Give up!"

"You can't beat us!" Attar boasted.

"Who the hell are you guys?" Said Jesse.

"Darkseid, Lord of Apokolips."

"Thanos, Disciple of Mistress Death."

"Thade. General Thade."

"Attar….um…just Attar."

"We're the Weasels!"

"And we're the Turks!"

"We're here to make sure that none of you get in our way to…..steal the prize money in this race." Thade grinned.

"Well, somebody's been a bad monkey!" Said Meowth.

"Watch your mouth, feline cat!" Said Attar.

"You wouldn't want us to make us shoot, would you?" Smart Ass stepped down from the space ship with his criminal buddies.

"Sure, Reno, Elena Rude and myself love shooting people." Tseng sniggered, also stepping down with his friends. "The Weasels and us have been having a hard time stopping you people round the globe"

The Weasels and the Turks pointed their guns at the Cannonballers around them. Everyone paled and stepped away more.

"This time none of you are gonna get away from us." Darkseid clenched his fist.

"Because Darkseid and I are the most powerful beings of the universe!" Thanos cracked his knuckles.

"So you Cannonballers better pay attention!" Thade shouted.

"So what are you gonna do to us, Thade?" Said Meowth. "Stuff us with bananas?"

Thade was about to attack the cat when Darkseid and Thanos blocked his way.

"Easy, there." Said Thanos. "Let 'them' handle it."

"Let's see how 'they'll' take care of them." Darkseid added.

"Fine." Thade calmed down. "Attar. Send in the Spaceballs!"

Attar got out a control to open up the other ships. Down came muscular soldiers with white round helmets on their heads, marching in straight lines. Everyone became frightened as ever. The cyborgs that came out had infra red eyes and walked at steady paces.

"Spaceballs?!" James was outraged. "How the hell did you get them?"

"We have our ways." Thade replied.

"These Spaceballs are well trained and are programmed especially to terminate all you Cannonballers." Attar said.

"Good luck fighting them!" Thanos said.

"And may the force NOT be with you." Darkseid smirked.

"So long, all you suckers." Smart Ass laughed with the others as the cyborgs closed in on all the Cannonballers.

"Don't forget to scream!" Tseng giggled with his buddies.

"You may give the signal when ready, Thade." Said Thanos.

"Terminate them!" Shouted Thade.

But just then……..

"DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Captain Chaos dashed out of the fearful crowd and rammed right into the horde of Spaceballs.

"Captain Chaos!" Eddie ran to his friend. "I'm coming!"

"What's this?" Darkseid gasped. "The Cannonballers aren't supposed to fight back!"

"Hmm……now why didn't I think of that before?" Said Jesse.

"Come on." Said James. "Let's get out our Pokemon!"

"Let's teach these guys a lesson they'll never forget!" Meowth took out his sharp claws.

"Go Arbok!" Jesse threw out her Pokeball.

"ARBOK!" Out came the purple cobra.

"Go Wheezing!" James threw out his Pokeball.

"WHEEZING!" Out came the large purple ball.

"LET'S GO!" James, Jesse, Arbok, Meowth and Wheezing charged in with Captain Chaos to battle the robots.

"This looks like fun." James Bond stretched his neck. "I think I'll join in too."

"OH! LOOK!" Said Obelix. "These look even more fun than fighting Romans!" Mahoney and the gang joined in the fight.

"AH!" Sauron took out his scepter. "Time to wind up on my swings!"

"YA!" Goten charged up to a Super Saiyan. "Let's get them, girls!"

"YEAH!" Hotaru and Amy joined in.

"Let's digivolve Matt!"

"Right, Tai!"

Agumon warp digivolve to………….WARGREYMON!

Gabumon warp digivolve to…………METALGARURUMON!

The other Digidestined digivolved their Digimon to the highest level and went in for combat.

It wasn't long until everyone began to participate in the big fight. The Spaceballs didn't seem to prove much of a challenge for the Cannonballers. One by one they were destroyed. Darkseid, Thanos, General Thade, Attar, the Turks and the Weasels finally took action and fled back into their space ship.

"Let's get out of here, sir!" Glvatron screamed.

"You said it!" Unicron turned back a planet and fled into the sky.

"Lillymon! They're getting away!" Cried Mimi.

"Flower Cannon!" Lillymon fired her gun at the space ship taking off. The successful hit made the ship land back to the ground again. Darkseid, Thanos, Thade, Attar, the Turks and the Weasels got out and made their own ways to get to another ship.

"Have some of this!" Butthead kicked a Spaceballs in the stomach.

"Take this, fart knockers!" Beavis punched one in the face.

Amara and Michelle turned into Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune and fought the Spaceballs. Joanna and Lara used their fighting techniques on them.

"Come get some!" Duke Nukem fired away at the robots with his arsenal of guns.

"Look at Bigfoot go!" Stimpy shouted looking back at the giant sasquatch pulverize the enemies.

Siegfried and Roy began to perform multiple magic tricks to eliminate the robots. The Rockies, Bullwinkle and Snoop jus sat back and watched.

"HA! HA! HA!" Baron Samedi dodged the moves the Spaceballs made.

"(Take this)!" Kirikou threw a spear at one of the robot's eyes.

"Good shot, Kourikou!" Said Steve.

Felix the cat got out his magic yellow bag and formed a machine gun out of it. He locked his targets on the enemies and commenced firing.

"HELP!" Digidestined girls were being pulled into one of Thade's spaceships. Then……….

"DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Captain Chaos dashed into the aircraft. "Take that! And that! HA! HA! And this!" The masked hero got rid of all the Spaceballs inside the ship and threw them out. He was walking down the ship with the girls when one more Spaceball came up from behind him. Chaos quickly rid him by giving him a knuckle sandwich in the face.

"You're so macho." Said Yolei. They all got down from the ship. But there were more Spaceballs coming their way.

"Watch this!" Chaos removed the standers of the space ship. The ship squashed all of the Spaceballs in their way. "HA! HA! HAAA!"

Dolores and Jessica saw that Eddie Valiant didn't have any problem with the Spaceballs. He fought them one by one and stood victorious fight after fight.

"Need any help?"

"Go away, Chaos." Said Eddie.

"Right! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!" More robots approached him. "FOOLS!" Chaos punched one of the apes which hit the other ape behind him and so forth like dominoes.

Eddie was beginning to have difficulty now, because more Spaceballs surrounded him, but out of the blue…

"GAA!!!!!" Yoda hopped in and swung his green lightsaber. Kirk and Spock ran in too, taking out their laser guns.

"Who are you guys?" Asked Eddie.

"We're here to help you win the race!" Said Yoda. "Never mind us. Worry more about the race."

James Bond began to use his karate moves on the enemies. At one point he got out his PPK gun and shot those coming from his back.

"Let's do it, partner!"

"Righty, ho, Cornwall!" Said Devon.

The two headed breathed fire at the Spaceballs. Lickety-Split began kicking them with her rear feet. Tara began to dance round them and gave out well timed kicks and punches. Hadji began casting magic spells which helped destroy some of them as well.

"YEEHAW!" Woody took out his pistols and fired away. Jesse did the same, while Stinky Pete got out his mining equipment and used them as weapons.

Sub-Zero froze his enemies before hitting them. Kim used more of his legs rather than his fists to fight the Spaceballs. Mitsurugi took out his sword and got ready to slice and dice them.

Kiyone and Mihoshi took out their GP Police guns and fired at the robots. Sakura took out her staff and Clow Cards and joined in the fight too. Heero and Hitomi fought the robots along with Mike Tyson, who just bashed his way through them. Flint used Rocky as his weapon and whacked them. The White Ranger and Ranma, in his male form, stuck together as they fought the Spaceballs. Holly and Hello Kitty watched with pleasure.

Ga-Chan and Arale were having fun with the Spaceballs when they got them on their nerves and kicked their butts. Doraemon joined them too. To them it was like some sort of game. Dr. Slump watched in shock. He didn't really expect these three to really overcome them.

"Did you really think you could defeat me?" Dr. Strangefate casted fiery spells onto the Spaceballs. The Twits on the other hand tackled them.

Squall and Seifer got out their gun blades. Yuffie used her Confirmer and sliced them. At one occasion Vincent caught sight of a Spaceball right behind the ninja girl. He pointed his Death Penalty gun at him and blew his head off. Yuffie turned round in shock.

"Vinnie…….you saved me." Yuffie smiled.

"Don't mention it." Vincent continued to shoot other Spaceballs. Yuffie rushed to him and hugged his waist.


"Yuffie! Not in front of everyone!"

"HA!" Carmen Sandiego finished her fighting combo on the Spaceball by slipping off her high heeled shoes and whacking them onto him. "Spaceballs…get them every time."

"Take this, no gooders!" Rainbow Brite shot out all the colors of the rainbow from her belt to attack the Spaceballs. "How do you like that, busters?"

"Come here!" Steve Austin threw a Spaceball into one of the doors of the space ship he was fighting on. He entered the space ship and threw out the other robot guys inside. He looked down upon his fallen fighters when he walked out the ship. "Any questions, guys?"

Not far away, Nemesis was knocking them down one after another. He even threw one into a space ship. The Spaceball went flying into the glass and crashed through it.

"Stand back Bart! This is a man's job to do!" Homer wrestled with the Spaceballs and growled like a real gorilla.

"Get in my belly!" Fat Bastard hit one of the Spaceballs with his big stomach. Edwin stuck with him fighting away. Dhalsim took out his fiery breath and blew it on his enemies.

"HOO HOO!" Daffy Duck jumped about, punching the Spaceballs like a professional boxer. Wild E. grabbed himself a popcorn and watched the screwy duck show off his moves.

"Buffy! Get down!" Batman threw his Batarang at the robot behind her.

"Thanks, Batman." Said Buffy. Nick got out his guns and fired off. Spawn, Buffy and Batman fought with him.

"Save us!" Dahlia ran behind Alessa with Kuzco.

"Do something, quick Alessa!" Cried Kuzco. "An Emperor like me doesn't know how to fight!"

"Fine." Sighed Alessa. She shot fireballs from her hands to blast the Spaceballs.

"WAK! WAK! WAAAAAK!" Donald swung his fists back and forth at the Spaceballs.

"Go get them , Donald!" Watched Goofy.

"Not the face! Not the face!" Mr. Conductor ran away from the Spaceballs. When he was cornered he suddenly put up his elbow when he was scared and mistakenly hit one of them in the face. He opened his eyes and saw the cyborg lying on the ground. The others fled from Mr. Conductor, who was already grinning with pride. "Come back here you chickens and fight like a man!"

Obelix punched the Spaceballs with one blow which made them flying in the air. Popeye ate his spinach and joined in. Mahoney used his normal fists and fought too. The others just watched.

"That's the way to do it!" Richard Simmons supported the gang. Billy Connelly and Billy Elliott fought as a team. Marcel Marceau fooled his enemies by performing mime moves mixed with karate.

"HA HAAR!!" Elaine and Guybrush took out their pirate swords at the robots.

"HAAAAH!!!!!!!" Durga took out her multiple arms, all armed with swords too. Elaine and Guybrush shrugged at Durga and the three charged away.

Mario and Luigi worked together and stomped on the Spaceballs like they did with Bowser's minions. Link took out his shield and sword and battled his opponents.

"Let's go, guys!" Sonic, Tails and Knuckles crouched into their ball forms and started rolling through the crowds of Spaceballs, destroying them as they passed.

Gabrielle Sabatini used her volleyballs and struck them at the Spaceballs coming. Joe Montana used footballs and threw them with great force. David Beckham used his soccer ball and kicked away. While Tiger had to use his golf club and whack them.

Kitty and Xylophone did all they could to protect the Stupids from getting hurt. Good thing they both knew jujitsu fighting.

"Aw, look at those Xylophone and Kitty!" Stanley Stupid said to the family. "They're being friendly to those nice Spaceballs. Now isn't that sweet?"

"It sure is honey!" Said Joan.

Shaft used his combat skills to fight. Linka used her wind power on her ring and blew some of the Spaceballs away. Dudley protected Mr. Worm and the Holy Man with his own fists.

"Peace." Said the Holy Man.

Rolly and Shorty fought side by side to battle the Spaceballs.

"Keep clear!" Cried Yoruba, fighting with his friends. "Steady as they go, we will be victorious!"

"Hi there!" Shrek surprised the Turks from behind. The Turks turned round and gasped at the green giant. "HA! HA! HAAA!" Shrek knocked them all at the same time and the agents fell to the ground and slid on the sand, knocking down the other Spaceballs coming from their backs like bowling pins.

Speed Racer attacked the apes with the Angels. Actually the Angels happened to do most of the work. Speed Racer only had to take out a few cronies. Michael Flatley was mixing his river dance with fighting.

"AAAA! Look out!" Tommy and Jamie saw a Spaceball coming from each other's back. They held hands, swung over and kicked them away.

"Great work, Jamie!" Tommy shook hands with Jamie.

"You were great!"

Leonardo and Michael joined Ken Griffey Jr., who was armed with his baseball bat. Major Payne got out his pistol gun and shot the Spaceballs in his way.

Everyone from the Villains Society including Dick and Muttley were in close shaves with the Spaceballs. Luckily they took their efforts and helped each other.

The Mask spun round his enemies and beat them up. Elwood, Jake and Freakazoid fought regularly.

The MIB took out their special guns and started firing with the Martians, who were armed with their own weapons. Moulder took out his pistol gun and aided his team.

"Let's blast this place!" Michael fired his Tommy gun with Whiskers. Elliot went invisible and swung his enemies away with his tail.

"Take this!" The Swedish Chef hitting his attackers with his frying pan. The Robot, Rosie and R2 helped out too. On top of R2 stood Richie's orangutan, who just slapped the Spaceballs with his mighty hands. The others just watched.

"Let me take care of these." Said Corvax to his bodyguards. He got out his sharp Arabian sword and beckoned the Spaceballs to come to him. "Think you can defeat the king of the deserts, barbarians?"

"FOOLS!" Sauron smashed away the Spaceballs with his scepter.

Igi, Oglas and Ogo equipped their cavemen clubs and started hitting the Spaceballs on their heads.

The Digimon did all they could to protect their human friends.

"TAI!" Cried Sora when she saw that a Spaceball had grabbed Tai by the neck. But then something made the robot let go of him as he completely switched off. He collapsed to the ground and Tai saw the Doc behind him. Looks like the Doc gave the Spaceball a fatal shot.

"Thanks Doc." Said Tai.

"No problem." Doc drank the liquid inside his injector.

"Time to get messy!" Bob grabbed his wrench whacked the Spaceballs with it. Ducky and Petrie tried to take them off guard as Gumby really gave it to them with his fists and kicks.

"Isn't this fun, Simon." Said Pee Wee.

"Um………yeah……kinda&hell ip;……"

Jesse and James ordered Arbok and Wheezing to perform their moves. Meowth on the other hand enjoyed cutting his way through the annoying robots.

Goten used many of his fireball moves and Saiyan combat skills to defeat the enemies. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Saturn worked together to help Goten.

Bozo the clown made humorous ways to fight. One minute he got out a jack-in-the-box containing a boxer glove inside. The next minute he took out his water balloons and threw them at the Spaceballs to electrocute them.

Eddy Gordo used his dancing moves and took out the Spaceballs. Rawle, Doug, Malik and Leon fought together to attack them. Hotep and Hoy watched Michael Jordan combat them using his crafty basketball moves. He even used a basketball to put them off.

"You okay, sis?" Asked Dream, pounding away the Spaceballs with Death.

"Sure am!"

Ivy took out her chain sword and used it on many of the Spaceballs. Charles Manson battled them with his hands, not surprisingly. The boys just cheered for support.

"Come on, you guys!" Thanos and Darkseid got on a space ship. The Turks and the Weasels got in before the door shut. The space ship lifted off and left the entire fighting scene.

Attar made his way through the crowds, but then bumped into…….

"HEY!" Popeye looked at Attar.

"Friend or foe?" The ape asked. Popeye winked his eyes and smiled.

"Does this answer your question?" Popeye grabbed hold of Attar and threw him into the air.


The space ship everyone else was on caught sight of something coming their way.

"Hey, look!" Said Stupid and Elena. "There's something coming our way!"

"HE HE HEEEE!!!!!!!" Laughed Psycho.

"It's a bird!" Said Wheezy and Reno.

The flying figure became bigger.

"It's a plane!" Said Greasy and Rude.

Attar hit the window of the window of the ship.

"It's Attar!" Said Smart Ass and Tseng.

"Get me inside!" Shouted Attar.

"YA YA YA YA YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" Xena dashed at her opponents. Tons of Spaceballs were tackling Hercules. But nevertheless Hercules got rid of them all by shaking them off to and fro. Max helped Hercules and Xena with his weapons.

"Let's do it, Sakura!" Hinata took off her helmet.

"Yeah! I wanna fight some baddies!" Sakura took off hers. The two young girls charged at the Spaceballs and began to kick and punch at incredible speed.

Action Man and Evel Knievel were strangely fighting together.

"You're not such a bad fighter, Evel." Action Man took out a robot behind Evel's back with his grappling hook.

"You're not bad either." Evel taking out another one behind Action Man's back with his hose and a hard punch in the face.

"RAAAF!!!!!!" Lucky bit one of the robots on the ass. The robot screamed in pain. Cadpig and Rolly did the same. Cadpig managed to bite one of the Spaceball's face off, revealing his metallic skull. Spot however pecked away with her mighty beak. Speedy Gonzalez started kicking like mad at his fighters.

"How do you like some kicking power, mis amigos?"

"Now this is something I haven't seen!" Abraham sat back with William and George as they watched the Powerpuff Girls show off their moves.

"Take that, you stupid turds!" Said Buttercup.

"This move I learned from my yellow friend, Kato!" Inspector Clouseau performed clumsy karate moves on his enemies. His tennis friends used their rackets and whacked the Spaceballs together.

Maximus got out his sword and attacked the Spaceballs with his Roman skills.

Mario Lemieux took out his hockey stick and used it as his weapon. Meanwhile Pingu helped Santa throw explosive presents at the robots in his big sack.

General Thade finally got himself out of the fighting scenes. He took out a small motor bike from one of his space ships and quietly drove off in the direction to New York. Fortunately there seemed to be one eye witness who happened to see him go.


All of the Spaceballs were finally destroyed. Everyone listened to Meowth.

"Come on, Chaos!" Said Eddie. "We can't let that cheeky monkey get the hundred million dollars!"

"What are we waiting for?" Jesse returned Arbok to his Pokeball.

"Let's go after that creep!" James returned Wheezing to his Pokeball.

"OFF TO NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!" Cried Captain Chaos.

The Cannonballers scrambled back to their vehicles as fast as they could. General Thade may possibly have been miles away from them now. But wherever he was, they were all determined to catch up with him before everything would be ruined. It was not only now a chase to the finish, but also a chase to rid the Unicron of his evil intentions.

"Should we follow them, Yoda?" Asked Kirk.

"No. Themselves we must leave this part to. They will stop Thade."

"Whatever." Spock put his gun back in his pocket. "Guess our work here is done."

…To New York…before Thade gets to it…

Author's Note: Okay, this chapter sucked. Sorry, I'm not too good with fighting scenes. And also there were tons of the cast involved as well. So I had to rush a lot through the parts. See you next chapter, though!