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Chapter 12

A Dash To The North

'No. It's not a sporty way to win. It's a shitty way to win.' Dean Martin in 'Cannonball Run'.

The space ship landed on Thade's planet. Unicron and Galvatron waited as their friends got out.

"They have arrived, sir."

"Excellent, Galvatron, excellent."

…New York…

The Cannonballers gathered back their vehicles in shame. The race was over. Their lives were over. That cheeky ape had escaped with the money. And everyone returned empty handed. Nothing left could be done. The stars mourned for their losses. Many realized those days of traveling round the Earth wasn't worth it any longer. The Cannonball Run World Tour turned from an ambitious competition to a chaotic catastrophe.

"Eddie." Roger tried to hold back his tears. I'm sorry I didn't win."

Eddie turned to him after he filled up the gas in the Ratfang.

"It's all right, Roger." Eddie sat down with his friend and patted him on the back. "You did your best."

"Don't get upset, honey." Jessica sat down with Roger as well.

"You're not alone you know. Don't take it so bad." James Bond stepped in with a cigar in his mouth. "I'm sure there a lot of people out there more miserable than you."

"No kidding." Said Dolores. "Just take a look at them." She pointed to the other Cannonballers.

"WAAAAAAWAWAWAWAWAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!" The hot headed Donald was jumping on the Gator car, losing his temper. "WE LOST!"

"Gee, is that new dance?" Asked Goofy. "I like it."

"We were so close!" Baby Lickety-Split began kicking her legs everywhere in rage.

"You failed me for the last time, Alessa." Dahlia was about to slap her daughter when Kuzco gripped her fist.

"Please, Mrs. Gillespie." Said Kuzco. "I don't think it's right to boss your child around like this. It wasn't her fault."

"Gee…thanks…Mr. Kuzco." Alessa smiled.

"No problem."

"Well, that's it. No booty for us, girls." Goten sat back on his bike while Amy and Hotaru sank their heads onto his body with grief.

"Well, gang. It looks like we lost." Said Stanley Stupid.

"We're not lost. We're in New York!" Cried Petunia.

Xylophone and Kitty were completely tired out and they passed out onto each other.

"I'm going to be the laughing stock in pirate history!" Guybrush Threepwood began pulling his hair.

"NO!" Cried Sauron. "This cannot be! How could the Cannonball slip from my very hands?! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!"

"Well, I gotta owe it to you, Mario." Sonic shook hands with the red plumber for the second time. "You were really something out there."

"Hey! You weren't bad yourself!" Said Mario. "We had a good time!"

"Yeah, I guess so…hey, do you guys wanna come over to my place with Knuckles and Tails and have some shakes?"

"HEY! That's very good!"

"BOOOOHOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Death burst into tears.

"Don't worry, Death." Said Dream. "There's the next race."


"We had a hundred million bucks in our hands." Meowth sat between Jesse and James. "Now it's off with some crazy monkey who thinks he's boss around here."

"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again." Moaned Jesse and James.

"Man. Am I depressed." Sighed Meowth.


The Cannonballers and the crowd turned to Ali G, who happened to be holding something in his hand. It looked like a notice.

"Ali, what going on?" Said Benny.

"Is there something wrong?" Said Slappy.

"What is it you have to tell us?" Wondered Socrates.

"What's the big idea anyway?" Said Herman.

"Folks! Something bizarre is going on here!" Bosley reported with his pals.

"Cannonballers! Fans! Stay where you are!" Shouted Ali G. "DA RACE IS STILL ON!"

"WHAT?!" Everyone looked at each other.

"I have just received word that da money stolen hours ago was nothin' but another fake!"

…Thade's Planet…

"We got the money! We got the money!" Smart Ass and Tseng danced together. The other Turks and Weasels did the same.

"Victory is ours!" Cried Darkseid.

"Open the suitcase!" Ordered Thanos.

"All for us!" Said General Thade.

"Yes." Unicron transformed fomr his planet shape. "All for us."

"And me!" Galvatron pointed to himself.

"I've got it open!" Screamed Attar jumping up and down.

"Hurry up! I can't wait to smell all that lovely dough!" Said Smart Ass.

Faces of excitement stared at the open bag.

"WE GOT THE MONEY! WE GOT THE MONEY! WE GOT THE MONEY!" Yet when it was opened the only thing that was found was a metallic ticking clock. Everyone paled. "WE GOT THE M…….."

"It's a ticking clock!" Said Elena.

"How nice!" Said Stupid.

"A ticking clock?" Everyone frowned.

The alarm on the clock suddenly rang and then……….


…New York…

The Cannonballers were getting even more frantic than when the Cannonball started. Tables were turning and dreams were slowly rebuilding themselves. Tragedies were recovering and cries turned into laughs.

"According to this notice, the true prize money is waiting for our Cannonballers in da North Pole!"

"THE NORTH POLE!!!!!" Everyone shouted. No one had raced through that place before. This was yet another challenge for the stars.

"WAIT WAIT!" Said Ali G. "On behalf of Mr. JJ McClure and Mr. Victor Prinzey, they will be waiting for all da Cannonballers in da North Pole, where of which will be da REAL end to da Cannonball Run World Tour!"


"And not just that!" Ali G made way for a mysterious shadowed man. "Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. I am proud to give you………..da owner of da Cannonball Run, Mr. Brock Yates himself, who now has something to say to you all." Ali G stepped out the way for Brock Yates. The real mind behind the Cannonball Run World Tour.

"And there you are folks." Said Robert Stack, "Mr. Brock Yates. The man behind the Cannonball Run. In the flesh."

"Cannonballers." Yates said. "Many years ago I started this race from sea-to-shining-sea. It grew bigger within time and now we have come to this. I would like to thank you all for participating in this dream of which I have longed for almost twenty years. And I must say, this was one of the most enjoying days of my life. So to share my good time with all of you brave and outstanding racers, and with the BEST damn competition I've ever seen, I've now decided to raise the prize money to……………


"WAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Absolutely everyone cried and jumped in triumph. The Cannonballers danced, hugged and even kissed each other with tears. This had to be an illusion.

"DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?!?!?!" Lucky hugged Cadpig, Spot and Rolly. "WE GOT ANOTHER CHANCE!!!!!!!! YA HA HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"ARRIBAAAAAAAAA! ANDALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEE-HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" Speedy Gonzalez began performing Flamenco dances.

"GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAK! GLAKQ! GLAK! GLAK!" Squall and Seifer wrestled hands together.

"OH, VINNIE!" Yuffie jumped into Vincent arms. "I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!" Vincent looked at Yuffie's wet eyes and gave her a meek smile.

"What are we waiting for?" Cried Guybrush Threepwood. "To the North Pole!"

The Cannonballers rushed to their vehicles immediately.

"How many zeros are in a billion?" Amy screamed excitedly.

"I dunno!" Said Hotaru. "You're the mathematician!"

"YOU'RE ON!" Sonic and Mario pointed at each other and ran off.

"AA!!" Sora screamed at Tai. He and Davis led the other Digidestined and Digimon back into the Outlaw.

"I say we split it up upon the three of us!" Shouted Goten.

"RIGHT!" Amy and Hotaru rushed back to the Condor copter with the Saiyan

"Come, my villains!" Said Dick Dastardly. "WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Cannonballers rushed to their full gassed vehicles and buckled themselves for the most fast-striking dash of their life. The race had only started to grow insane.

"Hey, Jesse, James, Meowth!" Cried Agent 009 from the crowd. Team Rocket didn't seem too surprised by her appearance. Though they did take notice of the jetpack she wore on her back.

"What is it, Domino?!" Said Meowth. "Can't you see we're busy?!"

"I know that." 009 smiled. "Boss just asked me to give you guys a helping hand. See you in the North Pole!" The blonde girl took off into the air while Jesse and the other dashed to their Switchblade.

'See the lightning cross the sky,

Makes me wonder why can't I,

Move that fast to get to where you're going.

I just can't wait to get to you,

Cause girl, you know just what we'll do.

So much love for you is overflowing.'

The Cannonballers were now heading north.

'I gave you a license,

To drive me up the wall,

I just can't shake this spell that your love keeps me under.'

Eddie Valiant laughed in the Ratfang as he drove at maximum speed across the highway. He looked at Dolores next to him, and made her laugh as well because of his happy face. At the back Roger sat on Jessica's lap. Jessica wrapped her arms round Roger's waist and stroked his shivering tummy. Roger grinned and hearts filled his eyes.

'The way you weave your magic.

Your brown eyes say it all.

I look at you and feel the thunder.'

Mike Tyson sat back and fell asleep as Heero flew the Thunder Hawk above the flock of ducks. Ranma, in his male form, gave out Pepsis to everybody. Hello Kitty shook her can and squirted the drink at Flint. Rocky laughed loudly. Sakura drank together with Hitomi and Holly. Mihoshi and Kiyone wrapped their arms together and started drinking each other's cans.




The Raven sped through the sea. Inside Arale and Ga-Chan were playing Super Smash Bros. on one of the TV monitors. Ga-Chan kept beating Arale every fight. When it came to sudden death on one round Arale Norimaki beat Ga-Chan for the first time.

"New winner." Said Shizuku. Doraemon and Dr. Slump looked at each other and shrugged.

'Kids react at the speed of sound,

That why I'm so glad I've found,

Someone who makes love and feels so right.'

James Bond hovered with the eagles who cried at his presence. The agent still holding tight on his Rescue Mission, nodded at the bold birds with a smile and then let them be as he flew faster beyond their speed.

'There's a detour up ahead,

I'll take another road instead,

Nothing's keeping me from you tonight.'

Sakura stood up on her Piranha bike and waved at Hinata in her Piranha pod boat. Hinata caught sight of something moving on her right and stuck her head to find her friend. Hinata smiled from Sakura's amazing stunt and gave her a thumb up. Sakura did the same and got back onto her seat. Together they rode off into the distance.

'I gave you a license,

To drive me up the wall,

I just can't shake this spell that your love keeps me under.'

The Digidestined danced with their Digimon with the Doc while Sora sat with Tai at the driver's seat. Tai was doing a great job on the road. Sora couldn't help but look at her boyfriend's eyes of courage. They glowed like diamonds and made Sora kiss Tai on the cheek. Tai blushed, held his warm cheek and slowly turned to Sora, who simply winked at him with a smile.

'The way you weave your magic,

Your brown eyes say it all,

I look at you and fell the thunder.'

A police car drove along the road. The cop inside happened to see two cars driving in the same direction. He went on, hoping that one of them would stop for him. But as he came the two cars swerved sideways out of the road and back. From the Stinger on the left and the Razorback on the right, Ivy and the Mask cackled as they drove off past the police car. The cop turned his car round and turned on his siren.





The Stiletto chopper and jet plane flew across the cold mountains. Michelle was the pilot of the jet this time. Joanna Dark controlled the chopper. Amara made sure Michelle didn't make any mistakes while driving. Lara Croft kept close eye on the direction Joanna was going. They were doing well.

"Step on it, Squall!" Said Yuffie at the back of the Hurricane.

"I'm already flooring it! Quit complaining."

"Hey, Vincent, you got anything to say to Squall?" Asked Seifer. Vincent turned to the Wutainese girl by his side.

"Step on it." He said.

The Switchblade raced past the Skybolt plane and the Slingshot plane on both sides.

"So much for that!" Jesse glanced back.

"HA! HA! HAAA!" Meowth clapped his hands together. "IT'S MONEY IN THE BANK! I TELL YA!!!!!!!!!! A HUNDRED BILLION BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"A billion bucks for us!" Said James.

Suddenly from the left came 009. Meowth caught sight of her as he looked across. He smiled and pointed to the girl.

"That's right!" Meowth said.

"Where'd she learn to fly like that?" Said James.

"I don't know! But don't let her pass us!" Meowth answered back. "Boost the jets!"

"They already are!" Said Jesse.

"O Domino! Domino sweetie pie baby!" 009 turned to Meowth. The cat used sign language to communicate through the glass. "Remember our little deal! Whoever gets to the finish line first, we split the money, fifty-fifty! Okay?"

"Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh." 009 laughed and waved her finger at Team Rocket.

"How about sixty-forty?" Said Meowth. Domino shook her head.

"Nope." She said.

"Seventy thirty!"

009 looked away.

"How about ten percent?" Meowth's last offer was given. 009 smiled and looked forward.

"Forget it, Meowth." Jesse nudged Meowth backed to his seat.

009's rockets ignited with more flames and she flew off, leaving Team Rocket behind.








'Like A Cannonball' By Menudo.

Who will get to there first?

Author's Note: I was hoping I could use the Menudo song in its Spanish language version. But I just keep forgetting the words so I thought I might as well do it in English again. If you want to vote for your ultimate winner please mail me now! Because get ready, the winner of the Cannonball Run World Tour will be revealed next chapter!