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The Winner

'Buy yourselves a decent clothing store!' Jamie Farr in 'Cannonball Run 2'.

News report helicopters arrived at the large Cannonball dome in the cold land of the North Pole. Fans had already arrived before they did. The choppers landed and reporters burst out the doors with cameras. Everyone was heading for the entrance. Inside, all of the empty vehicles of the Cannonballers were there. From hearing the crowd, apparently the winner of the round the world race had already arrived. In fact………

"Hello! This is Bosley reporting live from the North Pole!"

"We have just received message that all the Cannonballers have reached the North Pole and we now have a winner for the Cannonball Run race!" Said Gennai.


"We don't know, Jigglypuff!" Said Misty. "It seems that Brock Yates, JJ McClure and Victor Prinzey are privately congratulating him at this very moment."

"Bosley, do we know anything so far?" Asked Ryo.

"Not a word." Said Bosley. "But I can tell you, that when the winner comes out here to us, we'll be cheering for him……."

"Or her." Said Misty.

"……..or her ………."

"Or them." Said Gennai.

"………..or them like mad!" Ryo finished Bosley's sentence.

"Before we leave you all, I would firstly like to say I had the most wonderful time working with Misty, Jigglypuff, Ryo and you, Bosley on this wonderful race!"

"Thanks, Gennai." Said Misty. "I really enjoyed being with you guys, too!"

"And I'd like to thank all of you fellow people for watching us live round the globe. We hope you had great time while it lasted. And let's hope we meet again for someday." Said Bosley.

"Who knows?" Said Ryo.

"Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff."

"Perhaps Jigglypuff's right there, guys." Said Misty.

"What did she say?" Asked Ryo.

"She said she's heard rumors that Brock is planning to do another Cannonball Run sometime next year."

"Well, whether it's true or not. We'll be waiting. I'm Bosley."

"I'm Gennai."

"I'm Ryo."


"And I'm Misty!"

"GOODBYE FOLKS!" The TV camera switched off.

"Oh, God. This is the moment!" Mike couldn't stop jumping around.

"Yeah! I just can't wait to see who won!" Said Gary.

"What are you talking about? I'm at the climax before wetting my pants!"

"MIKE! The bathroom's right next to you!" Gary pointed to the Men's Door on Mike's left.

"This is a miracle!" Mike rushed into the restroom.

"I hope my bet won." Gary sighed, looking at his ticket.

"I'm telling you, Sagat!" Adon was still quarreling with Sagat. "You're gonna lose your money!"

"On the contrary!" Sagat pointed at him. "I'm going to gain a hundred and fifty thousand dollars once I walk out of here!"

"Phew! We finally made it to the North Pole!"

"But it was worth it, Riku!" Said Sora. "Our winner's somewhere in this place!"

"OOOH!!!!" Kairi hopped impatiently. "I can't wait to see who won!"

"We are almost at an end to solving this Cannonball mystery." Robert Stack also happened to be in the North Pole. "The only question that remains is: who is the victor of the Cannonball Run World Tour? Who stands triumphant out of all those hundred of stars? Who is the real champion of racing history? Stay tuned to find out soon on Unsolved Mysteries."

"So, Mr. Burns." Brock Yates looked at Montgomery Burns held in the cops' arms. "You tried to steal the prize money. Didn't you?"

"Yeah, and I could have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!" Scowled Mr. Burns.

"Now where have I heard that phrase before?" Wondered Victor. JJ slapped him on the chest.

"You can take him away, men." JJ ordered. The cops dragged the old man out of the Brock's office, out of the dome and threw him into a police helicopter. The three men watched as he stared evilly behind that glass, all cuffed up for good.

"Well, Brock." JJ slapped his hands together. "We did it!"

"We sure did, JJ!" Victor nudged his friend joyfully. "Gosh! Was it fun!"

"I had fun too, guys. But you know the race is over for this year." Brock turned away and craftily slipped out a small scroll of plans from his pocket.

"What do you mean by this year?" Asked Victor.

Brock put the scroll back into his pocket and turned to his friends.

"Oh, I dunno." Brock smiled as he whistled to himself. "Let's just say that tomorrow could be a brighter day."

"You're a sneaky one, Brock!" JJ gave a cheeky smile.

"Excuse me, gentlemen." Everyone turned to the door to find Mr. X.

"Mr. X!" The three said.

"I think my work here is done. I thought I might say farewell to you all before I leave."

"No! Wait, Mr. X!" Said Brock. "There's somebody I'd very much like you to meet."

Ali G suddenly came into the room.

"You people ready?"

"Yes, Mr. G, indeed we are." Brock nodded his head. The shouts from outside suddenly grew wild. "Gentlemen. Let's meet the winner."

"Let's go, then!" Ali G led the way out of the room.

"Come on, Mr. X." Said JJ. "If it wasn't for that contract she never would have won! She told me that she'd really like to thank you for what you did."

"She's very nice." Said Victor. "Don't be shy. She really wants to meet you in person!"

"Well………." Sighed Mr. X, "…….okay………"

"Then let's go!" Said Brock. "You're not going to regret it!"

The crowd made way for Ali G and the others.

"Make way!" Said Ali G.

"What's that?" Mr. X looked at the giant Christmas present at the center of the dome.

"That's where the winner is." Victor whispered in his ear.

"He's in there all right!" JJ added.

"Please, Mr. X." Brock let him go in front. "You lead the way."

He pushed Mr. X forward as they reached the large box. The crowd fell silent. The drums were playing and Ali G stepped in front of Mr. X and raised his voice to the heavens above.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Humans and toons………..

………..I GIVE YOU THE WINNER OF THE CANNONBALL RUN WORLD TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The present wrapping was opened. The sides of the box fell down and out dashed a short figure that ran up to Mr. X and leaped onto him without warning. Mr. X fell to the ground. And when he sat up, he found his lips kissing those of a young blonde girl wearing a colorful costume. She had chubby cheeks and her eyes sparkled in the lights.

It was Rainbow Brite.


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