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Kouja no Senshi
OAV 1: 6 Days a Death
Act 2: Confrontation and the Guardian of Time

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu by DALI)

Narrator: Previously on Kouja no Senshi OAV...

Sabrina: Excuse me?

Man: Out of my way, fool!

The man rushes by Sabrina and is about to leave the building.

Sabrina: Excuse me! Are you Mr. Luthor, the descendant of the infamous Lex Luthor?

The man, obviously Luthor, turns to face Sabrina.

Luthor: Yes, that is me.

Sabrina: My name is Sabrina, the Gym Leader of Saffron City. I'm from the city council who I also do building inspectors for. I placed a call to you a week ago. Do you remember me?

Luthor: Hmmm...well, I do remember the voice, now that you mention it.

Sabrina: I called informing you of an inspection of your facilities I am doing.

Luthor: (frowning) Oh, I see.

Sabrina: Is there a problem? If you got something to hide...

Luthor: No, no, nothing to hide at all, my dear lady. Why don't I take you up in the elevator and give you a tour of the building? I assure you that I got nothing to hide.

Sabrina: Okay, lead the way.

Luthor takes the Gym Leader to a nearby elevator. Once there, Luthor pushes a button opening the doors. Sabrina looks inside, puzzled.

Sabrina: Uh, there's no ele...

Sabrina didn't finish as Luthor quickly pushed her through the doors. The woman screams as he begins falling to the bottom of the elevator shaft. Once all is silent, Luthor closes the door and rushes off to the entrance.

Girl: What do I look like, a nurse? She arrives now, of all times, and you insist it's a coincidence?

Doctor: What else could it be?

Sabrina groaned a bit, trying to get up.

Doctor: (notices) Oh, good. She's awake.

She went up to him before speaking.

Doctor: Can you hear me? Do you know your name? Can you tell me your name?

Girl: Enough. Quit repeating.

She frowned to her before looking at Sabrina.

Sabrina: (groans) Sa...Sabrina.

Doctor: My name's Dr. Trisky, but you can call me by my real name, Alicia.

Sabrina then pointed to the door on the north before Alicia opened it. Just then, a familiar figure came through the door. The Duke then stood in front of the blond girl before she noticed.

Girl: (gasps) You! I remember you...

He then grabbed the girl by the neck as she grunted.

Alicia: (covers Sabrina's eyes) Don't look.

Sabrina: Huh? How can I without my glasses? And what's going on?


As they closed their eyes, all we heard was cracking and blood gushing noise.


Alicia and Sabrina, who had now gotten herself up, noticed the two were gone.

Alicia: Looks like we're loose again. Can you walk?

Sabrina: I don't know...

She stood up a bit, then tried to keep herself balanced.

Sabrina: Uh, just about. My leg's hurting alot.

Alicia: How much do you remember?

Sabrina: Okay, look, I'm just an inspector...a council inspector. I was sent here to run an inspection on the building. Then Luthor, I believe, upstairs pushed me down the elevator shaft, then I woke up here. I just want to know what in Hell is going on here.

Alicia: You fell to the very bottom of the shaft. You are now within an underground laboratory complex.

Sabrina: What do uh...I forget the cult name...oh yeah, optimologists need it for?!

Alicia: Optimology is a front. A moneymaking crowd-pleasing phony to disguise the true organization.

Sabrina: Organization?

Alicia: It's a cult actually. They call themselves the Order of the Devil King. Bunch of freaky freaks who worship some time devouring god.

Sabrina: Okay, so why do they have a laboratory complex?

Alicia: Do you mind if I ask why you were sent to inspect the building?

Sabrina: The police told us that they received...a tip. The tip was that these cult guys were building something. Since they didn't have planning permission, I had to see what the truth to it was. It seems there was...this place isn't documented in any of our records of this site.

Alicia: I think you'd better talk to Maz. I have a feeling that you're the person he's been waiting for.

Sabrina: I see...who is he?

Alicia: The other prisoner. He and I were being held captive down here by one of the cultists.

Sabrina: You mean that...that girl who was guarding us? Where did he go anyway?

Alicia: The girl was just a mercenary, I think...(looks away) to guard this place. Our captor is still around somewhere.

Sabrina: Something wrong?

Alicia: Oh, it's nothing. Anyway, Maz and I just escaped from our cell this morning. We were looking for a way out when you arrived. I dragged you in here and the guard found me.

Sabrina: We've got to call the police.

Alicia: Good luck. We can't anyway until we get to the surface. Something's blocking our communications. But with 3 against one. we should get our way out in no time. That and Kid's suppose to be finding us some weapons. Better find him.

Sabrina: Huh?

Alicia: Anyway, sorry for placing a burden on you in that state, but I have something important to take care of.

Sabrina: Before you go, Dr. Trisky, what happened to that girl? What was behind that door? And what didn't you let me see?

Alicia: Some things are best left unsaid. Just find Maz. Once the cultist is our hostage, I will have time to answer all your questions.

She then left as Sabrina headed out before taking a burned paper.

Sabrina: Let's see...(reading) "From Acolyte Jackson to Acolyte Luthor. Our preparations are complete. Feel free to evacuate yourself and your staff when you have finish burning your records, but make sure Cyrus and the prisoners remain. Our master will also remain and make his own arrangements. I will evacuate last when I have given a building and complex a final inspect-"

She looked a little confused as he was walking out.

Sabrina: Weird...

He then walked out of the office before spotting some familiar glasses.

Sabrina: My glasses...(picks them up) Well...they use to work. (pops the one not broken) Anyway, from what I can tell, I don't need glasses anymore where I am.

She continued walking until she noticed a boy yelping a bit.

Boy: Yipes!

Sabrina: Hey, wait!

She hurried after him as fast as she could. Sabrina returns to the hallway and found no sign of the boy. Out of concern, he goes into the first door near a label that said 'Quarters'. Sure enough, she found him.

Boy: Gah! (calms down) Oh, uh hello. Sorry, for the moment I thought you were...hey, who are you anyway?

Sabrina sighs as she goes over to the boy.

Sabrina: My name is Sabrina. I'm guessing you must be Maz, right?

Maz: You're not one of the cultists?

Sabrina: (frowns) No. I obviously am not one since one of those jerks pushed me down an elevator shaft. Dr. Trisky send me to find you.

Maz: Oh, you have met Alicia, I see. The both of us were held hostages by the mad cult for a week or so! We managed to get out of the cell this morning...

Sabrina: Yeah, I believed Alicia told me about that already. She said that you may have got your hands on some weapons, I believe.

Maz: (realized) Oh yeah. Here.

Maz walks over to Sabrina and gave the Gym Leader some guns.

Maz: (worried) Please tell me that you also came from the outside. Is someone being send to help us???

Sabrina: Not sure.

Maz: But surely they must have got my message...

Sabrina: We better get these guns to Dr. Trisky. (frowns) And don't call me Shirley. Anyway, maybe we can get out of here...

Maz in concern walks away from Sabrina before stopping to face her.

Maz: Uh, I think I will just stay here, if you don't mind.

Sabrina: (puzzled) Why?

Maz: (scared) Just please. I don't want to go out there, don't make me do so! I don't want to see...her again.

Sabrina: Her? The cultist is a her???

Maz: No, actually the cultist is a guy. I think you'd better get going.

Sabrina: (sighs) Okay.

Sabrina headed to the door as Maz speaks after her.

Maz: Sorry I couldn't help more.

Sabrina sighs as she leaves the room. She walks over to Dr. Trisky waiting and gave her a weapon.

Alicia: (smiles) Perfect, we should have the upper hand now. The cultist, the creep himself, should be behind this door.

Sabrina: Who is this cultist?

Alicia: Some creep by the name of Cyrus. Anyway, all we gotta do is to secure him in the holding cell, then we should talk our release from there. (noticed) Where's Maz? Is he joining us?

Sabrina: (sighs) No, he said he is too scared.

Alicia: (puzzled) Scared? Odd. He was anxious to deal with Cyrus earlier...well, we'd have to do this without him then. We will take a gun each. Surely a girl with two limbs out of commission can handle a gun.

Sabrina: Of course I can. If I have my Pokemon with me though, this could be a lot easier.

Alicia nodded as she headed towards the door and walked through.

Sabrina: (frowning) And don't call me Shirley either.

Sabrina follows Alicia through the door. Upon entering, Alicia points her weapon at a cult member in a cloak.

Alicia: Okay, Cyrus, turn around slowly! And no sudden movements!

The figure turns around to reveal himself to be a young man of some sort.

Cyrus: Well, well, Dr. Trisky. Is this how your employment for us should end? With betrayal?

Sabrina: (confused) Employment? What is he talking about?

Alicia: Shut up! The only betrayal that happen around here is when you and your goons locked me up!

Cyrus: We have no choice, Dr. Trisky. You were hard to deal with.

Alicia: I said shut up, Cyrus! We will take you to a cell, bub.

Cyrus didn't seem to fight back as he moved forward, seemingly allowing Alicia to go behind him and stick a gun in his back.

Sabrina: Huh. That seems to be easy.

Alicia: (suspicious) Too easy.

The two takes the cultist outside where a familiar voice greeted them.

Voice: Hold it!

Sabrina and Alicia looks shocked as they saw the same girl pointing a gun at the two. Alicia frowned at her.

Alicia: I don't believe this!

Cyrus chuckled as he stood next to the girl.

Cyrus: You never understood, did you, Trisky. There's no point in resisting us. We have God on our side.

Sabrina: (surprised) Sweet Zombie Jesus, what's going on?

Cyrus: Take them to the holding cell. I'll make sure that-

Just then, in a flash, a familiar figure, though with her eyes still in the shadow, knocked the two out.

Alicia: Huh?

Sabrina: What the-!?

The woman in a similar uniform as the girl, only with black skirt, boots, no sleeves on the upper uniform, and a long staff looked at the two females.

Alicia: Who are-

Woman: I am only known as the Guardian of Time. I am the guide. (looks at them) They are only unconscious and will awaken soon.

She then pointed to the room.

Guardian: Go to the sleeping quarters and seal yourselves in. It is not wise to roam this place at night.

Alicia: Who are you?

Guardian: A friend. Now go.

Sabrina: (goes near her) Wait.

Just then, as if by magic, she vanished.

Alicia: She never answered my question...

A bit later, the two came into the bedroom as Maz noticed them.

Maz: Alicia!

Alicia: I'm sorry, Maz. They overpowered us.

Maz: Oh man! I can't take much more of this! When the hell are they gonna send help?

Alicia: It seems they did.

Maz: (confused) Wait, you mean that injured Gym Leader?

Alicia: Well, Sabrina, why don't you tell Maz the same thing you told me?

Sabrina: Um...I'm a council planning inspector. Someone tipped us off at the Optimis-(confused) Why did I just say an Autobot's name just now?

Alicia: Continue.

Sabrina: Anyway, they tipped us off that the cult's building something. They sent me to see if it was true.

Alicia: So you see, your called was answered, Maz.

Sabrina: (confused) Huh? You mean you sent the tip?

Maz: (blankly) A council planning inspector. (turns from them) It's almost laughable. But now there's no way of getting out of here.

Alicia: Oh yes there is. We're gonna try overpowering Cyrus again and force him to get us out of here.

Sabrina: Uh, excuse me.

Maz: (glares) You tried it and you nearly got your ass kicked!

Sabrina: People.

Alicia: We just have to keep trying.

She then sighed before shouting.

Sabrina: GUYS!

Both: (angrily) What?!

Sabrina: I fell down an elevator shaft this morning. I'm tired, I'm in pain, and I don't even know where I am. All you've done is shove me and ignore me alot. That's even worse than forgetting Pokemon.

Alicia: So?

Sabrina: So?! I want to know who you people are and what the hell's going on!

Alicia: Sorry, Sabrina. And don't shout, please.

Maz: Damn.

Alicia: Guess we can tell you now.

Maz: Yeah, sorry. Where do you wanna start?

Sabrina: First off, what is this place?

Alicia: You're in a small laboratory complex in the Optimology building, which, as I said before, is a decoy for the Order of the Devil King. The complex is laid out around a circular chamber they call the Hub.

Maz: They've definitely got something important in there.

Alicia: But neither of us have been inside.

Sabrina: Uh, Order of the whosit-whatsit?

Alicia: Devil King. They're an insane devil worshiping cult who thinks pain is the answer to everything. And from what I can tell, they're very creative in the ways they inflict it upon each other. They worship some strange guy named Ticos or something like that.

Maz: I've never even heard of them. I should know, I was raised in the orphanage. I'd heard of Optimology, what with all the celebrities that are members...

Alicia: Optimology is just a moneymaker. It funds the true organization. The Order. They hide behind the acceptable front to keep themselves secret. Saying you want to hurt people to purify them causes a lot of concern for the authorities.

Sabrina: So where are they?

Maz: Who knows and who cares. They used to be all over the place.

Alicia: They started drifting away just as they finished the construction of the facility. That cultist guy and that child are the only ones left as far as we know. It's like they wanted to abandon this place with us inside if they haven't already.

Sabrina: Who are you?

Alicia: I'm Dr. Alicia Trisky, a scientist. I'd tell you what type, but I don't wanna talk about it. Plus it would go over your head.

Maz: The name's Maz Ichigouchi. I got that name from a dream one night while at the orphanage. That's the name I decided to go by since. I just became a freelancing journalist for a few magazines...mainly celebrity gossip stuff.

Sabrina: So how did you guys get here?

Maz: I was looking around the HQ, and I wanted to to do a feature on them for the magazine, since so many celebrities joined them. I was just having a little snooping around when I discovered this place. Then, of course, they threw me into the cell. Alicia was already there.

Alicia: I've been doing a bit of contract work here in the labs. Turns out that they don't want anyone to know about the stuff they've been doing.

Sabrina: Really? Like what?

Alicia: (sighs) I rather not say.

Maz: She won't tell me either.

Sabrina: (suspicious) So you don't want to betray client confidentiality? They threw you in a cell.

Fuscia: That's not it. It's just that it was work that I'm not proud of, which will probably reflect badly on me once this is over. I'd rather take steps to ensure that it doesn't get out now rather than regret it later. Please, don't go on for that matter.

Sabrina: Hmmm...

Maz: We escaped from that cell a few hours ago, then you dropped in. And that's it.

Sabrina: And why are we held here?

Alicia: Most likely to protect a secret. But if that was all, why didn't they try to kill us?

Maz: Maybe they needed us for something.

Sabrina: (worried) I don't like the sound of that.

Alicia: I think only the cultists can answer your questions.

Sabrina: Speaking of which, who is Cyrus? Uh, is he the leader of this cult?

Alicia: What? No! Before the others evacuated, he answered to a guy named Jackson. And even he seemed to be subordinated to someone they call the "Duke".

Dogs' Voice: I knew it!

Alicia: But I don't think I've ever seen him.

Maz: Cyrus is just some bloody arse of an acolyte ordered to make sure we don't escape.

Alicia: Personally, I think he's just as much a prisoner as we are. I think they wanted to get rid of him for some reason, but he's too dense to notice. He's still following orders like a blind sheep.

Sabrina: So, about that girl-

Alicia: I think she's just some mercenary hired to act as a security guard.

Maz: You mean the girl dressed as Sailor Moon?

Sabrina: Who?

Maz: You know, Sailor Moon, the heroine from those movies and TV shows. The LaBouche Rage? Hotel Horror?

Sabrina: Uh...truth is, I don't watch scary movies. They frighten me too much. Plus it makes me lose my focus on psychic abilities. Anyway, why would a security guard dress up as a cult character?

Alicia: I can't explain. It's just stupid.

Maz: They say that Sailor Moon may have really existed. I read some newspaper articles from the early 21's century.

Alicia: And how is that relevant?

Maz: (sighs) Nevermind.

Sabrina: And the woman dressed like her?

Alicia: I've never seen her before...not until just then.

Maz: Who's this?

Alicia: A lady in the Sailor Soldier outfit. She helped us get away from Cyrus and that guard.

Maz: I've never seen anyone like that. Did she come with you?

Sabrina: Huh? No! Just me falling off the elevator shaft, okay?

Alicia: Good.

Sabrina: What now?

Alicia: (goes to the door) Now, we think of a way to-

But to her surprise, the door wouldn't budge.

Maz: Huh?

Alicia: Oh crap! We're locked in! It's been sealed with a timelock. We won't be able to open it until tomorrow morning.

Sabrina: But who could have done that?

Maz: That stupid Cyrus?

Alicia: Doubt it. That woman told us not to roam around at night. And I bet she took steps to ensure that.

Sabrina: For the love of Pokemon! I have to get home! I gotta be at work tomorrow! I have Pokemon to attend to and a Gym Battle appointment.

Alicia: Hey, you're just trapped like the rest of us here. And whining's not going to help, Sabrina.

Sabrina: (sighs) I's just that...I know.

Alicia: Well, we better get some sleep while we're in here. We'll talk about our escape tomorrow morning.

They head to the beds. The three then lied in the covers, then went to sleep.

Narrator: Day 2: Monday, July 23rd, 2104.

(Dream Sequence)

Sabrina awoke before hearing some strange moaning sounds at the other room.

Sabrina: Huh? Who's there?

She went over to the other door before it opened. There, she saw a shivering almost naked figure wincing.

Sabrina: Hello? Who are you?

Sabrina went over to the shivering figure.

Sabrina: Hey, I'm not going to hurt you. Is your dad around? Or your mom?

Then, to her horror, a familiar figure, namely William, turned with evil blood red eyes, staring at her.

Sabrina: Gah! Your eyes, they're horrible! What happened to your eyes?

He cried more before his head exploded. Just then, Sabrina's was about to do the same.

(End Dream Sequence)

Suddenly, Sabrina screamed before hitting the top bunk's wooden area before losing consciousness once more while Alicia sighed.

Alicia: Hoo boy...

(ED: Friends by Yawmin)