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Kouja no Senshi
OAV 1: 6 Days a Death
Act 5: More Death & Intermission

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu by DALI)

Narrator: Previously on Kouja no Senshi OAV...

Sabrina: Take a look at the picture on the card.

Sailor Moon: (looking at the picture) Who is this?

Sabrina: Alicia Trisky? Does that ring any bells?

Sailor Moon: (pause) Trisky...I think there's something about her face that looks familiar...any chance I could meet her?

Sabrina: (sadly) You can't. She's dead.

Sailor Moon: (stunned) Trisky...dead...

Sabrina: She was killed by some sort of monster.

Sailor Moon: I...

Sailor Moon's face looks horrified, as more memories came back to her.

Sailor Moon: Oh Jesus! You got to believe me! It wasn't Snake! It looks like him and used his hands, but it wasn't him! I swear, he didn't mean to! He didn't know!!!!

Sabrina: (confused) What are you talking about?

Sailor Moon, terrified, turns her back on Sabrina and walks forward as she continues freaking out.

Sailor Moon: (teary) Leon, I'm so sorry! You didn't deserve what happened! You really didn't!!!! Snake didn't mean to! He's...

Sailor Moon turns back to Sabrina, walking towards her angrily.

Sailor Moon: Why are you doing this to us?! WHY?!

Sabrina: (terrified) Sailor Moon, please calm down! You're freaking out even worst than Maz!

Abra: (alarmed) Abra, Abra!

Sailor Moon was sweating, then calms down a bit.

Sailor Moon: (sadly) I'm's just...seeing that brought back memories...I was elsewhere for a moment. I do apologized. Though it still doesn't answer the questions of why I'm in this place, to tell you the truth.

Sabrina: I know. Look, I will need your help in getting a door that needs two people to open. I got one, now I need another. Whatever is behind it should have the answers we are all looking for.

Sailor Moon clone 1: These guys...they're clones, right?

Sabrina: (turns around) Huh?

Sailor Moon clone 1: Are these guys clones of me?

Sabrina: (uneasily) Well...yeah, I guess so.

Sailor Moon clone 1: (pause) Am I a clone as well?

Sabrina paused as well, then she sighs.

Sabrina: Yes.

Hypno: Hypno.

Sailor Moon ponders about this, then nods in satisfaction.

Sailor Moon clone 1: Ah. That explains everything sort of. I thought about that as a possibility. I guess I must have died years ago and is needed for something. Now, can we go on?

Sabrina: (uneasily) Er...yes.

The two walks up to the door. Sabrina stops looking more uneasy.

Sailor Moon clone 1: Hey. What's the hold up? We're going in or what?

Sabrina: I' tell you the truth, I am so scared.

Sailor Moon clone 1: I have to guess that you don't know what you may find through that door?

Sabrina: I know what I saw through that security camera. It's just ancient ruins, that's all. But I really don't know...It's like what the Maz talked about: a completely irrational fear.

Sailor Moon clone 1: Speaking of him, he could be in danger and is in need of our help. We must not waste time.

Sabrina: (impatient) I know, I know! Come on, let's go!

Sailor Moon: You know, when this is over, you could make a great friend...if we get out.

Sabrina sighed and goes through the door. Inside, Sabrina gasped as she saw a familiar place.

Sabrina: What...(looks around) What is this place?


The two looked at the familiar place that was suppose to have been destroyed: Matthews Mansion.

Sailor Moon Clone: Sabrina!

Then, to their notice, they saw a familiar boy who looked like he was in fear.

Sabrina: Maz!

Maz: Sabrina! What's going on? Where am I? Sabrina? Are we in the hub?

Sabrina: I think so. (looks confused) But this isn't the ruins I saw.

Abra: Abra!

Sailor Moon Clone: I know this place. (walks a bit) William LaBouche. This is where he lives.

Sabrina: How do you know?

Sailor Moon Clone 1: This is where I destroyed him. Or at least where I destroyed that monster I merged his soul with his corpse and put it on fire.

Maz: But that was just a bloody movie that kicked its arse to the moon.

Sailor Moon Clone: No, it's-

Just then, Gardevoir noticed something coming behind her.

Gardevoir: GARDEVOIR!!

Duke: This one is just a close to remembering...who cares. As long as I can kill another one.

He broke the clone's neck before vanishing with it, shocking the two.


Just then, heavy breathing was heard.

Sabrina: (notices the walls moving) Why are the walls moving?

Just then, the group noticed a strange, yet familiar figure heading to them.

Hypno: (shocked) Hypno?

Maz: N-NO! NOT YOU! (runs) NOOOOOO!!!

Sabrina: Maz, wait! (sees it coming to him) What...

Before it got too close, a flash of white flashed. Then, all of a sudden, they saw themselves back in the halls with Maz running.

Sabrina: Maz, wait!

Just then, a familiar guardian appeared to her and the Pokemon

Guardian: Do you understand, Sabrina?

Sabrina: (with tears) No! No, I don't understand! I don't understand why I'm being put through this nightmare! I don't understand the things I'm seeing! And I don't understand why you can't give me a simple straight answer!

Guardian: If straight answers are what you want, let me explain. The house you saw was called the Matthews Mansion. Somehow, it does not, however, physically exists. It is a construct of William's mind, a manifestation.

Sabrina: So why the hell is it here?!

Guardian: (sighs) When William died, the body and mind somehow went into the house. At least, from what I saw. When Sailor Moon used the crystal to burn it down, 196 years ago, we all assumed that both were destroyed. But the infection of William's mind clung to the ruins, and to the very land on which it stood, even while his body burned away. The Order built this facility around it. Measures had to be taken, however, to ensure that the infection would not spread.

Sabrina: What measures?

Guardian: Okay, let's ask what Conner asked you: Why was Alicia Trisky employed to clone Sailor Moon, of all people, multiple times?

Abra: (shrugs) Abra...

Sabrina: Abra's right, we have no clue.

Guardian: Clues you had have plenty of. Think, my friends. Why Sailor Moon?

She and the Pokemon then had a realization.

Sabrina: Do you think William's scared of her?

Guardian: Why do you say that?

Sabrina: Back there, in the manor. As soon as Sailor Moon was...removed...everything started going crazy.

Guardian: Indeed. For a wraith, being crammed back inside your rotting bones is a traumatic and painful experience. To then be shot, shoved and set alight, unable to die, to feel the constant agony of body and mind reduced to ash...Until then, William only feared his mother. Afterwards, Sailor Moon was, in his mind, the embodiment of pain. And his mere presence acts like a ward against LaBouche. And like the dog from long ago, Sailor Moon was, from then on, utterly immune to LaBouche's corrosive influence, although she never released it...and only with a constant presence of Sailor Moon throughout the complex could the evil of LaBouche's mind be restrained within the hub.

Sabrina: But...the Tall Man, he's the head of the Order, right?

Guardian: (nods) Yes.

Sabrina: Why does he keep killing the blonds?

Epseon: Epseon!

Guardian: (sighs) I don't know...I do, however, know that the more of them die, the further LaBouche bleeds into the surrounding complex. You may not have long.

Sabrina: (shocked) What will happen?

Guardian: William LaBouche is a monster of extreme violence. Alicia Trisky's fate, I'm afraid, was only just the beginning.

Sabrina: (worried) OH GOD! Is Maz all right?

Guardian: Perhaps you should find out.

Sabrina: MAZ!!

The Pokemon looked worried as well, chirping their names. They ran off, leaving the woman behind before she vanished. Back with Sabrina, they saw the building shifting back and forth from reality to the dungeon.

Sabrina: Oh no! Not again!

Chimecho: Chimecho!

Before they could go any further, a familiar foe appeared.

Sabrina: (scared) NOOOO!

Quickly, they banged on the door to the bedroom.

Sabrina: MAZ! Open the door!

The Duke went closer toward her.

Sabrina: (bangs on the door) Maz, please! Please open the door!

He was almost close to them as she banged the door rapidly with fright.

Sabrina: (scared) MAZ!! FOR GOD'S SAKES!! OPEN THE DOOR!!

Finally the door opened as they jumped in at the last second before it closed. Inside, they panted as Maz had worry on his face.

Maz: I'm sorry, Sabrina, I...

Sabrina: (looks at him) I know.

Maz: I'm just so scared.

Sabrina: I know.

Maz: It keeps happening.

Sabrina: I KNOW!!

Maz: (panics) I don't even remember going into the bloody hub.

Sabrina: (shocked) You blacked out!?

Abra: (confused) Abra?

Maz: I was waiting for you outside the door, then somehow, I was dragged away and then...nothing else. Next thing I knew, I was in that room in front of you. (teary) I'm scared out of my bloody mind because there's something...something's trying to take me over!

Sabrina: (looks at him) Look at me, okay? Nothing's going to take you over. I'm not gonna let that happen.

Maz: (turns away) I can feel it all around me...watching, whispering in my ear every time...

Sabrina: Maz...

He jumped onto her arms.

Maz: (cries) Just hold me.

The male cried as she patted his back with her free arm.

Sabrina: It's's okay...

The two then looked at one another before they kissed one another. The Pokemon, realizing with Gardevoir actually worried, left to the kitchen area as the screen turned black.

Sabrina's Thoughts: Something tells me not to. I ignore it. Something tells me I'm taking advantage. I ignore it. Something tells me to stop when it starts to hurt. I ignore it. Evil raging outside the door, we comfort each other. Through love, and pain, we bond. By the 6th day, we would both be dead.

Narrator: (watches the off-screen scene) Ewww! Gross! Tell me when it's over! Please, change it to the next scene, for Pete sake!

Quickly, the date was shown.

Narrator: Day 4: Thursday, July 25th, 2104.

(Dream Sequence)

Back in the holding Cell, Cyrus sees what appears to Sabrina coming in.

Cyrus: Well, welcome back. And what brings you into my cell today?

Sabrina didn't answer as she goes to the cell door and open it. A surprised Cyrus back away as the Gym Leader approaches him with something in her hands.

Cyrus: (alarmed) Wait, what are you doing?! NO!

Sabrina didn't hear him as she proceeds to attack Cyrus, sending blood strains on the window doing so.

(End Dream Sequence)

Sabrina wake up in a bed sweating in alarm. Her Pokemon are nearby looking concerned for the Gym Leader.

Sabrina: (getting out) Geez, what a bad dream. (notices) Maz?

The Gym Leader and the Pokemon leaves the room, the corridor looks even terrible from before. A scream of terror is suddenly heard.

Espeon: (shocked) Espeon?!

Sabrina: That sounded like Cyrus!

Sabrina and her Pokemon returns to the holding cell. To their shock, they see blood strains on the window.

Sabrina: Cyrus?! (looks through the window) Dear God. He's dead. But who coulda done this?!

The group left the holding cell area. Back in the corridor, it begins to flash back and forth between the facility and the dungeon.

Sabrina: (gasps) What is going on?!

Hypno: (noticed) Hypno!

Sabrina turns and sees a familiar boy walking towards him wearing a familiar hockey mask and a familiar bathrobe while holding a familiar weapon.

Sabrina: (shocked) Maz?! Maz, what are you doing?!

Espeon: Espeon!

The Pokemon uses Psychic to knock the possessed boy back allowing it, Sabrina, and the others to run for it. Going around the Hub door, the Gym Leader spotted a glowing door where the original one for the medical storage room use to be. Abra sees Maz coming and uses the Flash move to knock him back before Sabrina and the others entered the door.

Sabrina: (noticed) What is this?

The room itself turns into a familiar shed. The woman sees a familiar pickaxe and pick it up.

Sabrina: (groaning)'s like it's there but it isn't...oh, my head hurts so much like a Psyduck!

Chimecho: (worried) Chimecho?

Sabrina and the Pokemon leaves the room, continuing dodging the possessed Maz before returning to the bed area. Soon they see another glowing door where the kitchen door should be and go through it. They are now inside a familiar kitchen.

Sabrina: Where are we? (notices) Where did that hole come from?!

Just then, the possessed Maz appears and approached Sabrina. Quickly, the Gym Leader gets out a pickaxe and used it on the hole just as the boy got near.

Sabrina: (thinking) What the use in doing that?!

The boy became distracted by the hole and look in it. Suddenly the Duke appears and stabs his weapon through Maz. The former Achenar laughs as he goes back into the hole, taking Maz with him.

Sabrina: (yelling) Maz!

A flash appears and the kitchen area returns, though a blood strain is seen where Maz was pulled into.

Sabrina: (shaken)

Sabrina puts her hand on near the blood and looks shaken up before turning around and sliding to the floor, disturbed by what happened.

Sabrina: What...have I done?


The heroes watched with shock and horror.

Serena: What does it all mean?

Digit: And why are these terrible things happening to them?

Farnsworth: It isn't done yet. I'm trying to figure out the cause of the time-space disruption.

Danny: We could ask Clockwork. He knows alot about time.

Mr. Stubborn: You are making such a big deal about this. This future we are watching is fake!

Leela: Mr. Stubborn!

Bender: The freak's right. I mean, if it were real, there'd be booze and hookers in there as soon as that picture started.

Luna: Ugh, you people...

Fry: Don't bother. Bender's usually like that.

Sora Takenouchi: Tell us, why is all of this happening anyway?

Farnsworth: That is why I found these goggles in my timeline. If we can try to pinpoint on what happened between now and 392 years from now, we may be able to identify what has happened.

Serena: (to herself) But how could she? She had no idea what she did!

Snake: (slams his fist) I can't ssstand it!

Raye: So now something worse is coming.

Zoidberg: (sadly) And my other friends and co-workers are all gone.

Bender: Who cares!

As they continued, some familiar figures were spying through an invisible cloak.

Drakken: (quietly) Come on, I wanna see what those stupid goody two-shoes are up to!

Hacker: Move aside, Mama's Boy, and let an evil genius truly see on what is worth their time. Perhaps we could destroy them in the process.

Only the demon reptile had turned away.

Phage: I feel this is wrong...and I should not be watching.

He then looked at them for a moment before shoving Jack down.

Phage: On the other hand, I may want to find out.

Alan: I can't believe what happened to my stupid brother.

Cree: Hey, that's William for you. Always homicidal. Besides, the Delightfuls told us they'd meet us somewhere around here soon with more alliances.

Hector: As well as General Skarr...hopefully...

Phage: For now, we shall continue watching.

Jack Spicer: (gets up) You're just saying that cause you're thinking about when Snake kissed you.

That only resulted in the reptile hitting him with his tail.

Jack Spicer: Ow...

Matt Ishida: What other time distortions are there gonna be?

Farnsworth: Who knows, but they may end up causing dimensions to open up as well...who knows.

Just then, they noticed the events from the second part, watching. After some time, Mr. Tickle looked surprised.

Mr. Tickle: That lady killed her own mother!? Oh my gosh!

Lita: Not good!

Fry: Yeesh, even I wouldn't kill my family member, even if Yancy and I fight sometimes.

Farnsworth: Hmmm...this next scene looks like it takes place some months later...

The group (visible and invisible) watched as they saw the scene together.

(ED: Friends by Yawmin)