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Kouja no Senshi
OAV 1: 6 Days a Death
Act 7: Sabrina's Destiny

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu by DALI)

Narrator: Day 6. Friday, July 28th, 2104.

Back with Sabrina and her Pokemon, they awoke as soon as they noticed Setsuna, now Sailor Pluto appearing.

Sailor Pluto: You could not have saved him, Sabrina. But there is still enough time to save yourself.

She stood up before speaking.

Sabrina: What happened to him?

Sailor Pluto: I have to believe that once his virginity was lost, that allowed William to crush his personality. In having sex, you tainted him.

Sabrina: (frowns) What? Tainted? That's just stupid. What's that suppose to mean?

Sailor Pluto: Just as the past affects the future, so too does the future affect the past. And your future, Sabrina, is a dark one indeed. So dark, that its influence travels backwards through your lifetime, leaving an eternal blemish on your Soul that worsens as your fate draws near.

Sabrina: Oh shut up! Why can't you give me a simple straight answer? Why won't you help me escape?!

Sailor Pluto: You will find the way out in the basement of Matthews Mansion.

Sabrina: What?

Sailor Pluto: If you wish to escape, go there.

Sabrina: You expect me to go down to that madhouse?! What about William LaBouche?

Sailor Pluto: Enough clones of Sailor Moon remain to provide an escort. They will buy you the time you need to break through William's defenses. You must combat the corrosive influence of his mind in equal footing. Know him. Become him. Defeat him. We shall not meet again. I wish you luck.

Sabrina: Before you go...tell me who you are.

Sailor Pluto: (looks away) I am known only as Sailor Pluto...and I was once a normal being. William destroyed all I had. But a gift gave me the power to see the destiny of all mankind while stimulusly enslaving me to it. You and I, my Gym Leader friend, are pawns in a game too vast and complex to understand. But a pawn that crosses the board becomes a king or at the very least in your case, a princess.

She then vanished, leaving Sabrina and the confused Pokemon.

Abra: (shrugs) Abra...

The girl noticed the paper on the ground, taking it, and putting it on her journal before reading.

Sabrna: Let's see...(reads) "Takeuchi's Bang is one of the Order's most sacred relics. It is said to have been used by the early 19th century prophet, Selene Takeuchi herself to deliver the 12 sacrifices that enabled her to write the books of Lavos. When a person dies, their mind, body, and soul drift apart after separating. An individual killed by Takeuchi'a Bang, however, separates differently; they leave their body behind, while the mind and soul remain together. This results in a non-corporeal spirit of unusual ability, capable of strong manifestations, but they remain forever under the command of the one who wielded the weapon."

They looked more confused as they were leaving the area.

Sabrina: "An individual can exploit a loophole in these rules by killing themselves with Takeuchi's Bang, which would theoretically transform them into an immensely powerful spirit, a magic-infused force of pure will. None, however, have yet chanced this."

She then closed it as they came out of the room.

Gardevoir: (notices) Gardevoir!

They looked as they now noticed the area more like the ruins.

Sabrina: My's turned to ruins...come on, we must hurry.

Near the entrance to the mind, the three Sailor Moon clones noticed Sabrina's group arriving.

Sailor Moon Clone 1: My gosh, what happened to you? You looked like you haven't moved for 25 hours!

Sabrina: Nevermind that. What I need to know is...will you girls come to the Hub with us?

Sailor Moon Clone 3: If that is what you order.

Sailor Moon Clone 2: We only do as we're told.

Leo: How many of you are there anyway?

Sailor Moon Clone 1: Who knows. But I'll whistle just to be sure.

He whistled before many Sailor Moon clones came.

Sailor Moon Clone 1: I say alot.

Sabrina: (sweatdrops) Why did I even ask?

Hypno: (slaps its forehead) Hypno.

Sailor Moon Clone 9: Okay, wherever you go, we'll follow, okay?

Leo: So we can regroup back in the main room, right?

Sailor Moon Clone 7: Well, at least until there's no more.

Sailor Moon Clone 5: Personally, I'm not in a hurry to die.

Sabrina: Well, come on, guys. I think I know what to get.

Chimecho: Chimecho.

With that, the Sailor Moon Clones hurried into the room. Just as they did, the last Sailor Moon Clone ran as she shouted.

Sailor Moon Clone 10: Hey, wait up!

Unfortunately, none of them noticed before they left.

Sailor Moon Clone 10: (glares) Fine! See if I care!

Inside the mind, in the main door room, Sabrina picked up a piece of paper.

Sabrina: (reads) "Lich aka Liche or Lych. A kind of undead sorcerer, granted immortality by removing the soul from their body and placing it in an external object. The Lich's body is indestructible. It can still be stretched, twisted, and made to feel pain, but only damage to their soul artifact will cause permanent damage. Wraith. A servant of a Lich. A dead life-form whose soul is placed post-mortem in a small part of the Lich's soul artefact, making them subservient. Wraiths are non-corporeal, and like all ghosts can exert influence over the environments and objects to which they are tied. It should be noted that the wraith's influence and manifestations become increasingly wild and uncontrolled if its Soul is separated from its Mind.

Sailor Moon Clone 4: Oy! Now he tells us!

The group with the Sailor Moon Clones went into the living room before the first Sailor Moon clone was killed by the Duke before disappearing.

Sailor Moon Clone 2: Great, there goes one now!

Sabrina: (grabs the blade) Got the object!

Sailor Moon Clone 3: Upstairs, people!

They hurried upstairs, entering just as the Duke killed the second one.

Sabrina: We better enter the rooms glowing the most.

Gardevoir: Gardevoir!

Sailor Moon Clones: Right.

They entered the doors and quickly left with a mask and bath robe just as the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth clones were each killed.

Sailor MoonClone 7: Gah! This is not our week!

Sabrina: Let's just hurry and get out of here ASA-now!

They hurried with two more clones dying just as they reached the kitchen area.

Sailor Moon Clone 9: I suggest you not wear that.

She, unfortunately, did not listen as he placed on the objects herself.

Sabrina: (confused) Why do you ask?

The second to last clone gasped as he groaned, being grabbed by the Duke.

Sailor Moon Clone 9: (choking) That's why...get out now!

Abra: (shocked) Abra!

Sailor Moon Clone 9: Ugh...don't please...this is what it was meant to be...I think it's best you get the Pokemon back in their Pokeballs...I have a feeling they may not survive.

Sabrina sighed sadly before looking at her Pokemon.

Sabrina: Return!

They were returned to their Pokeballs before Sabrina jumped in.

Sailor Moon Clone 9: (sadly) Goodbye...

With that, the second to last clone had her neck broken. In the darkness, Sabrina had her eyes closed while falling into the hole, envisioning all four parts of Lavos Mythos while hearing voices.

Voices: Mother. It hurts. Should have. Mother. Killed you. Demon. Demon child. It hurts. Mother. Child. I saved him. Mother. Demon child. I brought him. Back. No. Child. It hurts. Demon. Demon. Demon. The guide. Hold me. Know the name. No. It hurts it hurts it hurts. The Bridgekeeper. The guide. Your fault. Mother. The Bridgekeeper. Mother. Please. Hold me. Hold me. It hurts it hurts it hurts. Maz. Your fault. No.

Back at the front door, the last Sailor Moon clone frowned.

Sailor Moon: Matthews...Matthews Mansion...Yeesh, can this get any worse?

Just then, a familiar figure appeared to hrm.

Sailor Pluto: (to Sailor Moon Clone) So you're the last one, right?

Sailor Moon Clone: Yeah, due to the others ditching me. And thus, they never got out. I bet they're having the time of their lives in there!

Sailor Pluto: Does that mean anything to (points to Sailor Moon Clone) you? Does that spark any memories?

Sailor Moon Clone: I think the others were killed. When I think that, images start to flash before my eyes. Matthews Mansion being here is completely and totally wrong. It was suppose to be destroyed.

Sailor Pluto: In what way destroyed?

Sailor Moon Clone: Fire, of course. It was suppose to be burned down?

Sailor Pluto: Perhaps you should all address this inconsistency.

Sailor Moon Clone: I guess so. But how?

Sailor Pluto: I know where you can all get some gas.

Courage: But...what about Sabrina?

In the darkness, Sabrina continued lying down while everything was shaking. When it stopped, Sabrina reached out to the darkness before he heard something opening.

Sabrina: Huh?

Then, it opened up just as Sabrina looked around, confused as she finds herself in a familiar ship from part 2 of the series

Voice: Get it together. This isn't actually happening!

Then, Sabrina instantly vanished, leaving the box empty once more.

Back in the mind, a familiar figure was placing something on the ground as Sabrina reappeared. He then vanished before Sabrina went over to the covered object. She then picked up the paper on top of it.

Sabrina: What's this? (reading) "Children of the Devil King, rejoice, for the time is finally at hand. Our patience these last few centuries will finally be rewarded. 200 years ago, the Body of the Bridgekeeper was destroyed. 200 years from now, the Soul of the Bridgekeeper will meet the same fate. These are known as "Bridge Events". Their significance was so great that they sent ripples of weakness through the timeline itself, echoing off into both past and future. On Friday the 13th of 2203, the ripples from the past will collide with the ripples from the future, creating an area of extreme weakness between 2 realms. In the 3rd Bridge Event, the destruction of the Mind occurs at this point, the force of the explosion will penetrate that area of weakness, and form the Bridge between the Realms. Over this Bridge, the King, Lavos, will come. He will come to save us, and all the men of Technology, from sin. We must be, however, alive to enjoy this new age of perfect purity, and so it is important that the complex and Optimology building be evacuated at least one week prior to the Bridge Event." (confused) Explosion?

Shee then removed the cover, revealing a bomb.

Sabrina: Gah! A bomb! It's enough to destroy a county! Gotta disarm it.

The Gym Leader quickly called out all her Pokemon who appeared once more.

Abra: Abra?

Epseon: Epseon?

Sabrina: We gotta...

She then noticed something.

Sabrina: Wait a sec, the bomb's defused already...The wiring under the control's ruined. Just as long as it's not damaged, it won't explode.

Hypno: Hypno, Hypno.

The group prepared to leave before they noticed some fire in the way.

Sabrina: Crap!!

The group jumped away, just as the fire came closer.

Sabrina: No. (sees the bomb getting fire) NO!

Sabrina ducked and covered, along with the Pokemon underneath her, as the woman shouted.

Sabrina: Oh fu-

Chimecho: Chime-

Then, everything exploded. The building was starting to collapse as the bomb lit the area before exploding, leaving nothing, but a crater.

Narrator: Six days later.

A newsman was shown as he spoke.

Newsman: You're watching UNBC News. Investigation continues into the circumstances that resulted in a nano-explosive detonation in the county of Saffron City 6 days ago. The blast completely demolished the Optimology building, which had been purposely evacuated beforehand, and several lead Optimologists are being held for questioning. Although the detonation has not been found to have caused any loss of life, 2 individuals along with Pokemon last seen in the area have been reported missing and environmentalists are already calling this the biggest ecological disaster in the entire history of the country. The investigation continues. In other news-

The news was turned off. At a cliff side, some familiar figures appeared on the ledge as they looked at where the building was once.

Setsuna's voice: As an avatar of destiny, I cannot judge. I cannot afford to question events: only encourage them to take place as history demands. And yet, I wonder. I wonder why the Order of the Devil King Cult expected Lavos to enter this universe? After all, a creature so dependent on Magic could not possibly survive in a world where there is none. The prophecies were wrong. Takeuchi, the Order, the Duke himself...all were misled by the pain elemental. But why? For what purpose was the Bridge really constructed? It was opened for mere seconds. And nothing came through that Realm. So did Lavos' plan simply failed? Or was his intention not to send...but to receive.

The girls and Leo had worried looks while Sailor Pluto sighed sadly and Mewtwo frowned.

Setsuna's Voice: None of it matters. I only led Sabrina to the destiny demanded of her by the timeline. 2 Centuries from now, my younger self will require my guidance. The eternal cycle must be set in motion again. And while I do not judge and have no regret...I find that I do not relish that task.

With that, the seven vanished from the area.


The image finished as Farnsworth frowned.

Farnsworth: That has got to be the most farfetched future I have ever seen! I mean, really, a descendant of the real Sabrina of Saffron City being a building inspector.

Mr. Stubborn: Like I said, that fake future is cheap!

Mr. Bump: (worried) Oh great, something worse to worry about.

Bender: Look, if you wanted to know what's causing this, I got something right here.

He opened the compartment, revealing a device of some sort.

Bender: I snagged this from the Professor's lair.

Farnsworth: (snatches it) Gimme that, you dolt! I was wondering where that was.

Everyone looked carefully as the reading began showing up.

Leela: Wait a second, this can't be right?

Miss Calamity: Oh dear. You think it's wrong?

Farnsworth: Of course it's not wrong, you clumsy girl! According to the Time-Space Disturbance Device, that creature called Lavos has disturbed our time about a decade earlier than where we are.

Digit: Strange, how come none of us are feeling it, though?

Mr. Stubborn: Probably because that professor is making it up!

Mr. Rude: (annoyed) Will you stop that, you stubborn goat?

Matt: Look, whatever's going on, we can probably stop all of this. If we could, we would have gone to the past and stopped Lavos all together.

Max: We could, but where would we learn the story then? Not to mention it'd be too boring to do that and would ruin the script for that four parter.

Sam: You crack me up, little buddy.

Izzy: My other question we need more allies?

Farnsworth: Yes, and plenty...I have a feeling in 24 hours, this world and everything in it will be changed drastically...for the worse!

The group gasped in fear.

Raye: No!

Serena: We won't let that happen!

Snake: (realizes) If I would've know...I never should've gone in the houssse in the first place!

Buttercup: Where the heck are we gonna get allies in this time and place anyway?

Bubbles: Why not Megas XLR and the Teen Titans?

Bender: Those losers?

Numbah 1: Apparently, due to this time-space disaster happening, their worlds have probably merged like ours did with yours.

Mr. Grumpy: (frowns) Oh Crooked Cucumbers, don't tell me this is gonna be one of those stupid trips.

Alf: Nope, just allies gathering.

Brick: Don't worry, we'll see if we can find any of them. We're faster, so it shouldn't take us long.

Boomer: Berry, give us 5 minutes and we'll find them, and hopefully your brother.

With that, the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys flew away from the area.

Jackie: There's another problem: We don't know how to get to the past!

Nemesis: She proves a point.

Leela: It's very simple: Once a wormhole opens up, we should jump into the portal before it closes.

The villains, meanwhile, had made their way out as they became visible.

Jack Spicer: So let me get this straight: that Lavos guy is an evil being from space and wants to kill everything?

Katz: Apparently so...

Phage: And unless we bring in more allies, who knows what will happen.

Him: Ahem! I can help you with that...after all, I have demonic powers. I'm Satan's cousin, after all.

Drakken: Let me guess, it's for a price right?

Father's Voice: Well, let's hear it!

The group turned, noticing a familiar shadowy figure.

Cree: Father...

Alan: So this is Father...but what's he doing here?

(ED: Friends by Yawmin)