D. Gray-man Fan Fiction ❯ Malice and Innocence ❯ Introduction To Malice ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A young girl jumped up over the cliff that her destination was set on.It was a cold night,rain pouring down from the heavens,nourishing the earth and beating down on the bodies of the few human beings who could have been outside.The unknown female stranger was clothed in a ragged outfit consisting of rags for clothes over a backless skin tight suit,shorts,and a dark,crimson red tank,loose on her drenched body.Her once perfect,crisp,white,button up,long-sleeved,neatly cuffed shirt was torn with the buttons missing,her left sleeve was torn off from the shoulder and blood stains that belonged to both her and her opponents on her shirt.
Her red,white,black,and silver pleated,about past mid thigh length,plad skirt was intact but with blood stains also and a rip on the right side that revealed her leg up to her hips where a black leather belt covered in studs with a class skull and cross bones buckle.The slightly toned,thin,young woman wore tight black shorts which were even shorter than her skirt,lacy red and black socks reached over her knees while her leather boots with red shoelaces ended at about the bottom of her knees.The elbow length gloves on her arms matched her socks with several gothic designs covering them.They were fingerless with lace at the elbows and just before her fingers where the gloves ended.
A tall,dark looking man accompanied her along with a boy just a little taller than her.The tall man was in a blood stained suit,unbuttoned ever so slightly to reveal the mark on his chest.A blood red rose bleeding black with black wings on either side of the rose that stood straight and strong,directly under his collar bone.The same mark was on the girl's shoulders and on the top of the other boy's right hand.
"Master,are you sure you are well enough to continue on foot?",the tall,mysterious man asked his young master,a girl by the name Malice K. Chevalier.Her middle name was Kamui-Rosette but she preffered being called by her first name.He was holding her bags along with his own luggage and weapons.
Malice turned to her tall servant stared at him with different colored eyes,one gold while the other changed unconsciously from gold to silver to sometimes red,"Raffael,I swear that I'm fine.I can walk the rest of it.",she turned her eyes on the boy on her right who had grabbed her right sleeve,which was barely managing to stay on it seams as it is,"Yes Robin?",she asked the dirty blonde with messy hair,shaggy bangs grew long over his icey blue eyes.His lips were soft and light pink like his flustered cheeks which were fair and pale.Fading rosey highlights colored parts of his hair,joining the brunette,silver,and metallic blue streaks that also colored his soft,but deeply in need of a proper wash,and drenched hair.
"There are two men in black coats walking towards the doors.",he said,"They are Exorcists.",Robin said as Raffael looked over with his deep,rich,golden eyes that contrasted greatly to his pale skin and snowy white hair with silver and grey streaked mixed in messily.He contemplated the strength of the exorcists then looked over to where his master was in order to consult with her.Malice was already gone.
"Aw shit...",he sighed and looked at Robin,"She's gunna do something stupid.Go stop her before she ruins this thing for herself.You know what happens if we don't get a girl like her under the eyes of the excorcists."
Robin nodded and walked away towards the Exorcists.Malice was already there,bugging the japanese man with long blue hair,"So,Samurai-san?Are you an Exorcist,y'know,in the Black Order??",she smiled adorably,although she was covered in blood,which ruined the image of an innocent little girl.His companion was a white haired boy with a red mark down his face which made Malice watch him intently while questioning the samurai.
Kanda observed her with hard eyes that softened lightly.Despite all the blood and grime,she was the most beautiful woman Kanda had seen.Her silky hair,darker than the night,was electrifying with accents of blue and purple,fading red highlights coloring her hair.Her bangs covered the left half of her face and her hair was gathered up in a spiky ponytail,casual and laid-back.The girl's eyes were a bright golden color.Not just golden brown but a bright gold that jumped out at you with the way it seemed to glow.
When he looked closely,there were thin rings of silver,blended and elegant strokes of red,an icey blue haze on the inner side of the rims which was almost unnoticable,and the pupils reminded him of a cat's.
"Yes.My name is Yuu Kanda",he gave a small,subtle bow that Malice met with an extravagant bow and curtsey followed by a graceful gesture of her soft,gloved hand grabbing his.He stiffened a bit.
"I am thoroughly charmed to have met a most gracious Excorcist.My name is Malice Kamui-Rosette Chevalier.Pleased to meet you,Kanda-san.",she kissed his hand then moved onto the other.She smiled,"You're so adorable....Mr..."
"A-A-Allen W-Walker Ms.C-Chevalier..",he stuttered,stumbling over the french name and blushing at the sight of such a beautiful girl.She walked up to him and leaned unexpectedly close, whispering in his ear softly,"We are both cursed,but I am cursed of both eyes.",she pulled away and did the same as she did to Kanda,but after kissing his hand,she kissed his cheek,which sent Kanda stalking off into a jealous rage.Allen blushed fiercely as Malice moved her lips toward his neck.He closed his eyes as he felt something pricking his skin,piercing into his neck,that sent pleasure running like fire through out his body and attempted to prepare himself mentally but it turned out that he didn't have to.
Robin and Raffael were on her constraining her,pushing her down onto the ground.Both her eyes had glowed red and fangs had sprung from her mouth.Then he realized that the pricks he felt were from her fangs piercing into him.He shivered then suddenly felt exhausted and nearly fell but the boy caught him,"Please excuse my master,she has a condition that needs taking care of.To make up for her short comings she wishes to become an Exorcist.We have even brought you some Innocence."
Malice came back,"I'm so sorry.It was your blood calling to me and I couldn't help myself.It will not happen again in the future.I promise."
The young girl looked down shamefully and Allen felt surge of sympathy as he pet her head gently,"It's...okay?",he assured her awkwardly.
Robin sighed and grabbed her hand,"Mon reine,vous devriez reposer,s'il vous plaît? ",he asked in a concerned tone.He was speaking French,which Allen didn't understand.
"Non.",She said.Allen knew that 'Non' obviously meant 'No',but he just watched as she spoke again with those soft lips that Allen longed to touch with his own...
He shook those indecent thoughts away as she spoke in English this time,"I wish to stay awake with Allen-kun.I do not wish to rest."
Allen smiled and understood what they were talking about then decided to help the other boy,Robin,by touching her arm lightly,"Malice-san,I really think you should rest.You have had a long journey and you must be exhausted."
"I refuse to rest until I become an Excorcist.",she growled a little then Kanda sighed and took over,"Let's go.We'll take you to