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Shino awakes in a small room painted black and blue along with a bit of red. "How nice…" He pulls off the blanket covering him and finds himself in basic fighter clothing. He is wearing baggy yet still almost skin-tight black jeans, a red silk scarf around his waist to hold the pants in place, and a skin-tight red shirt tucked into the pants.

"Where's a good cloak when you need one?" He begins searching one of the closets in the room. "This is why I hate basic clothing." "is that why you dressed as a mage during our training at the temple?"

A familiar voiced asked gently. Shino spins around quickly. "Who's there??" "Like you don't know, my dear Shino." He growls lowly. "Don't call me that…Sarasu." Sarasu steps out of the shadows. "Now there's no reason to be so hateful, my dear Shino." "I'm not your pet wolf, Sarasu, stop calling me that now!" "Yes, but it's fun to annoy you like this." "Go…away…" "Very well." A cloud of black smoke emits from the ground and surrounds Sarasu, and after 2 minutes of fowl smells it finally dissipates and nothing is there.

"Hn. Sarasu you need to stop following me around. A panther demon like you can easily get hurt around me." Someone suddenly appears behind Shino, and touches his shoulder slightly. He turns around. "You're…Yasuo!" Yasuo, a young fox demon, smiles lightly. "I believe this is yours, Shino."

He holds out a black book with a red moon painted on it. "The Book of Moons? It is not mine, it is Kaname's…" An almost heavenly smile graces he young fox's face. "He passed it on to you. Our minds were connected when he died. He told me you were the one, the chosen one. Thus his message to you at the end of his death was short… He was… happy that he … could be of use to the savior."

He frowns, his face becomes almost disoriented by it. He closes his beautiful golden-red eyes and sighs. Shino blinks. "How can you be sad, Yasuo, in fact how can you even frown? It's impossible!" Shino says faking shock. "Stop, Shino. Will you take it?" He opens his eyes to look at Shino's dark red ones. Shino reaches forward than stops. "I…don't know. Neptune said that the book is cursed, and… and she also said no being can hold it without dying in two weeks!"

"Blood Neptune just says that out of experience and the fact the Kuronue knows it's cursed and of course what she learned from Koenma. As for Kaname he was young and was not fully capable of reading the Book of Moons, plus he is not the chosen one. But you," Yasuo's eyes flash a dark emerald as he smiles warmly at Shino. "Ana haru sa ma kura, Shino. You are the chosen one."

He moves forward slowly and takes one of Shino's hands in his own and opens it. "This is a gift from Kaname to me, and now from me to you. It is sent from his grave to you." He places this book in Shino's open hand. "Shicoru nanye so-ku. (A.N: Just a wolf language known rather well around here.)

The wolves shall `rain'." He utters the last sentence while stepping away and disappearing in a cloud of red roses. Shino stares at the book lying in his hand. "Shin-amu-ne kuru sane ma. And in the end the wolves `rain' shall fall from the sky. Ana en cuy sanyash. Like the rain of blood from the black sky above."

He walks over to the desk in the corner of the room and sets the book down on it. He sits in the chair in front of the desk and opens the book gingerly, running his fingers over each page till he finds the right one. "Again the world begins to come to the end. The demons are begging. The last female wolf has fallen yet the Reader and his other two companies still live.

The only problem is that last female was the key to ending the end of it all, and worse yet, the reader himself killed her. The chosen one has stained his hands with his own sister's blood. The blood the poisoned her before she was even born. They all grieve, even the one who killed her in cold blood. They will keep searching for a new way to save all though. They will keep moving to survive.

The battle for survival…" Shino turns to a page well remembered by wolves and foxes alike.

Male's voice: "The day has come when the courage of the demons fall, and the wolves break all bounds of the packs they set, and it is this day the reader comes to end the journey. Yes he will end it all, the suffering. And he will read the worlds of Blood Moon. This is your test; every path you have trotted through wilderness through war has led you to this finally bought.

The board is now set, and the pieces are moving. The liquid blue gaze of the enemy is on us. We've run out of choices. Go in or Go back... We come to it at last. One wrong turn, one small delay can seal the doom of us all. Every step, Every choice has led to this… Now the fate of all will be decided. Here at the end of all things… by the Chosen one." (A.N: Sounds familiar? It's slightly LOTR just changed a bit.)

Shino closes the book with an odd look on his face. He sets it aside and sighs. "Practicing your reading skills?" Shino's face is swept of the odd look as he turns around. "Nah, Youko. Just having fun." He makes a victory with his fingers and grins. He starts laughing and Youko begins to chuckle gently. "Hey, Shino…" "Yes?" "What happens…when the world…ends?" "Don't know…"

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Yarisha's eyes flash a bright red color. "They're here… They want the chosen one.." Everyone besides Shino and Youko were sitting in a large room with a dim fire burning in one of the corners. "What will we do?" Neptune is sitting between Kuronue and Yarisha. "Kuronue…It's one of us…in this room." Kuronue's face is emotionless, Shiro's face has an uncertain scared look on it, Neptune and Yarisha look serious, and Kasumi looks like she doesn't really care.

She stands up. "I'll be right back." "Um, okay?" Neptune still looks serious but slightly unsure. "Be careful, Kasumi." "Whatever, Kuronue." She turns and walks out with a secretly smiling. And outside near the door is Sarasu who is leaning against the wall. "They are fools aren't they, Kasumi?" "Yes, they are fools. Did you talk to your precious little Shino?" "More or less we talk about nothing more than my pet name for him." "I see, are you ready to take him, the chosen one?" "As ready as possible, m' lady." "Let us go than." She says as she begins walking to the room she stood before earlier. She opens the door without a signal noise. "Shino," Sarasu finishes her sentence in a dark voice. "It's time to go." Shino and Youko turn to look at the door….


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