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Yarisha's eyes flash a bright red color. "They're here… They want the chosen one…" Everyone besides Shino and Youko were sitting in a large room with a dim fire burning in one of the corners. "What will we do?" Neptune is sitting between Kuronue and Yarisha. "Kuronue…It's one of us…in this room." Kuronue's face is emotionless, Shiro's face has an uncertain scared look on it, Neptune and Yarisha look serious, and Kasumi looks like she doesn't really care.



She stands up. "I'll be right back." "Um, okay?" Neptune still looks serious but slightly unsure. "Be careful, Kasumi." "Whatever, Kuronue." She turns and walks out with a secretly smiling. And outside near the door is Sarasu who is leaning against the wall. "They are fools aren't they, Kasumi?" "Yes, they are fools. Did you talk to your precious little Shino?"



"More or less we talk about nothing more than my pet name for him." "I see, are you ready to take him, the chosen one?" "As ready as possible, m' lady." "Let us go than." She says as she begins walking to the room she stood before earlier. She opens the door without a signal noise. "Shino," Sarasu finishes her sentence in a dark voice. "It's time to go." Shino and Youko turn to look at the door….


"Go where?" Shino is seated at the desk, and Youko is leaning against the wall-facing closet to Shino. Youko smiles at Kasumi. "Why do you need to seize Shino? …

Where ever you're departing to that is?" Kasumi sneers at him. "It's nothing of your concern, Youko Kurama!!" He laughs at her and begin to look very interested now. "Why should I not be concern?"



He places a hand on Shino's shoulder and his eyes flash a brighter gold. "Don't worry, Youko, I will not go anywhere yet." "You are going to come with us!" Sarasu suddenly appears at Kasumi right shoulder. "My dear Shino," Shino growls at the nickname. "Won't you come with us please?" Sarasu teleports kneeling at Shino's side. Youko's temper and aura suddenly flare dangerously…a warning.



"Move away, lowlife! Shino does not have to go with you if wishes not to!" Youko snarls at Sarasu. His hand on Shino's shoulder grabbing tightly at the fabric of his shirt. They both laugh evilly and reply in unison. "Then…WE SHALL TAKE HIM BY FORCE!" Kasumi shoots a binding spell at Shino, but Youko blocks for him and is bound.



Shino throws a fire blast at Kasumi and Sarasu while unbinding Youko. "Let's get out of here before they get anymore brilliant ideas!" Youko nods and grabs Shino's arm. "Let's go! This way!!" He pulls Shino out of the room and into the hall. (A.N: You get the point.) They take off hoping they won't be follow. And they believe it until… they run straight into Krad. Literally. Shino fell backwards onto his bottom with a loud thump and a grunt. While Youko gracefully jumped into the air and did a flip. He then landed softly on his feet, near Shino.



"Krad!" Youko growls angrily. "Don't tell me you're after Shino too!?" Youko runs forward till he only an inch away from Krad's face. "Because if you are I am going to have to kill you." Krad takes a step backwards, while closing his blue eyes and moving a blonde strip of hair away from his face. "I do not want to take Shino, Youko. I want to help you. You see… we need Shino as bad as they do. As demon brethren, Youko, you of all people you trust me."



He opens his eyes and hugs Youko. Youko look extremely uncomfortable. Kard continues. "Brother, how could you really believe I would want to help Kasumi and Sarasu?" "Err…well, just… I just… I mean… CAN YOU STOP HUGGING ME!?" Youko's face is completely red showing his discomfort of having his brother hugging and clinging to him. However Krad does not let go, in fact he hugs Youko tighter. Shino finally gets up, clueless. "Um, should I leave you two alone?" Youko is completely flushed red with embarrassment. "Shino!!" Krad finally let's go of Youko, looking sad. "You know it was only a hug, brother!" He sniffs. "I knew you hated me!"



Youko's left eye begins to twitch with annoyance. He looks down at Krad. "I don't hate you. I merely dislike you…"






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…Old friend, new death…


Yarisha's eyes flash a dangerous bright gold color. "It's Kasumi and Sarasu! They are trying to kidnap Shino! They are the cause of these troubles!" Kuronue looks up at Yarisha as she yells and throws her chair at the wall angrily. His eyes show a tint of surprise at Yarisha's sudden outburst. Blood Neptune, also taken aback by the outburst, was sitting against the back of Kuronue's chair. She took cover to make sure no flying objects hit her. Kuronue's eyes are now emotionless again as he begins to try to calm Yarisha. "It may not be them. It could be Krad. We can't assume it's them just yet."


He stands up and walks to her. As he reaches her he hugs her against himself and strokes her hair with his fingers. As a child stoking Little Yarisha's hair made her calm, no one ever knew why. Yarisha begins to protest slightly, but Kuronue quickly stops her by place a finger to her lips. "Are you absolutely certain? Do you have proof your right? Last, why should I trust what you say?" Taking aback by Kuronue's sudden actions, she sits still for a moment. After recovering and comes back to reality she notices the finger. She immediately tried to bit it, and she did.


"Ouch!" Kuronue's injured finger and hand quickly pull away from Yarisha's fangs. Although hurt, Kuronue resists the urge to punch the chain-happy kitsune in front of him. She stares at him for a moment, thinking about her questions. How should I explain this…this feeling!? It's so odd. He asks for proof yet he doesn't know what I'm feeling, or how I'm feeling. Oh Kuronue… If only I could let you sense what I'm sensing. Yarisha is pulled out of her thoughts be Kuronue. "Well?" He sits down into a chair near by, pulling her into his lap. He begins stroking her hair again. "Well…"




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