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Yarisha's eyes flash a dangerous bright gold color. “It's Kasumi and Sarasu! They are trying to kidnap Shino! They are the cause of these troubles!” Kuronue looks up at Yarisha as she yells and throws her chair at the wall angrily. His eyes show a tint of surprise at Yarisha's sudden outburst. Blood Neptune, also taken aback by the outburst, was sitting against the back of Kuronue's chair. She took cover to make sure no flying objects hit her. Kuronue's eyes are now emotionless again as he begins to try to calm Yarisha. “It may not be them. It could be Krad. We can't assume it's them just yet.” He stands up and walks to her. As he reaches her he embraces her against himself and strokes her hair with his fingers. As a child stoking Little Yarisha's hair made her calm, no one ever knew why. Yarisha begins to protest slightly, but Kuronue quickly stops her by place a finger to her lips. “Are you absolutely certain? Do you have proof your right? Last, why should I trust what you say?” Taking aback by Kuronue's sudden actions, she sits still for a moment. After recovering and comes back to reality she notices the finger. She immediately tried to bit it, and she did.
“Ouch!” Kuronue's injured finger and hand quickly pull away from Yarisha's fangs. Although hurt, Kuronue resists the urge to punch the chain-happy kitsune in front of him. She stares at him for a moment, thinking about her questions. How should I explain this…this feeling!? It's so odd. He asks for proof yet he doesn't know what I'm feeling, or how I'm feeling. Oh Kuronue… If only I could let you sense what I'm sensing. Yarisha is pulled out of her thoughts be Kuronue. “Well?” He sits down into a chair near by, pulling her into his lap. He begins stroking her hair again. “Well… I'm certain that I'm right. My instinct is my proof. And last, BECAUSE YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT!” (A.N: Pronouns! This part was changed due to Cough language.) She growls loudly and unhappily at him. Again Neptune is hiding behind a chair. She was stating to curse at Yarisha out of annoyance. But Kuronue's eyes show no tint of surprise or annoyance. “Give me solid proof and then I will attack them!” A simple command, but enough to tick Yarisha off. “Fine! Ana ru kie na mor raune jao shun!” A portal came forth; it's black hole-like center lighting up. The hole now reverts to a solid screen showing Shino, Youko, and Krad running from someone. The screen splits to show Kasumi and Sarasu running down a black hallway toward the area where Shino is.
After getting over the minor brother problem, Youko was being clung to once more. “I'm serious! Can we please stop this? Please!?” And of course, Youko was blushing. Shino was laughing slightly at the two as he fixed the red silk scarf around his mid-section. After a bit of tugging and muttered curses everything around the trio was silent. Suddenly, Youko's ears twitched, but he didn't pay much mind to them as he tried to get out of his brother's grasp. Krad, on the other hand, was more aware and heard someone coming, and at this he immediately let go of Youko. Both Shino and Youko knew that had to mean something. All three of them stare towards the entrance of the hall way and wait, silently. As soon as Kasumi rounds the corner, Youko is in front of Shino growling. Sarasu finally catches up and grins at the tense scene before him. Kasumi's ears finally pick up the low rumbling come from in front of her. I wonder who's growling. Well not Shino, he's a little to unwolfish. < Is that even possible? > Her mind whined, as she spoke to herself. Don't worry about it. I doubt it's Krad, so then it's…Youko! He really doesn't like me, does he? She glares darkly at Shino, who hardly flinches. Youko notices the glare directed over his shoulder and steps to the side, blocking Kasumi's view of the younger wolf demon.
“I believe I told you to stay away from us. And you already know to steer clear of my brother, don't you?” Kasumi smiles innocently. “Sorry, but I can't seem to stay away. They both have such…magnetic personalities!” She crackles at her own private inner joke and takes a step forward. Youko tenses and resists the urge to grab Krad and Shino and run at top speed away from her. If he ran around this ridiculously large castle long enough he would find Kuronue, Neptune, Yarisha, and let's not forget freedom. “Kasumi-san,” Krad winces at the polite title he uses but continues. “Why are you trying to take Shino-Anitaesai, or rather the chosen one, away?” He asks curiously as Shino and his brother take the opportunity to inch toward the entrance to another hall. Kasumi looks some what confused by the sudden question, and doesn't even notice the two other boys making a beeline for a near by hall. Krad waits till they're in the other hall then points behind Kasumi. “They're escaping!! Don't just stand there! Go after them! They just rounded the corner.” A furious looking Kasumi turns around and takes off in the other direction. Krad laughs as Sarasu follows her. “Fools.” He checks once more to make sure she's gone for good, and runs toward Youko and Shino's hall. As he rounds the last corner he sees his brother leaning against the wall and Shino sitting near these huge brown doors. The exit doors if you want to be exact.
Shino looked like he was probably asleep, and Youko looked like he was about to fall asleep too. They didn't seem to take any notice of Krad. Well, perhaps if someone set off a bomb or two they would notice… Second thought, I doubt it. He clears his throat loudly to attract their attention. No one notices it. He sighs in annoyance, and thinks of a non-loud way to get attention. He grins as an idea forms in his head. He sneaks up to Shino's side and looks to Youko to make sure he's not waking or just watching for amusement. He takes a deep breath, and grinning, places he kiss onto Shino's cheek. He watches with a chuckle as Shino's eyes fly open with a yelp. Youko's eyes snap open to find the sight before him. Grinning to the point of insanity he looks to Shino then to Youko. “Do I have your attention, heh, my lovely Shino and lovely brother? Brother who will probably kill me later?” Youko growls at him and Krad smiles innocently. Shino was a light shade of pink and had a shocked/confused look on his face. “Um, why'd you do that, Krad?” Youko snarls and repeats the question. “Yes, why did you do that?” Krad was grinning again. “There's something I've been meaning to tell you, brother… I'm gay.” Youko snorts in response. “Okay. I'm not. But doesn't mean I can't be!” Youko mutters something about Krad lying. “Youko, you dolt! Hmph. I only did it to catch your attention, because coughing di- MOVE!” As soon as he yells, a large thunderbolt strikes the wall Youko is leaning on sending him tumbling forward. Not waiting for another blast Youko gets up and ushers them out of the huge doors. He stands in the doorway looking about the darkness that now sits around him. Who the heck did that? Forget that, where is Kuro, Yari, and Neppy? You'd think that my telepathic screaming would reach them by now. Ugh! Hurry up!!!
Youko, getting extremely annoyed, doesn't notice the cloaked figure approaching him from the hall left the door. Youko sighs and hangs his head as he turns to his left and comes forehead-to-forehead with a demon he hasn't seen before. He jumps backwards and stills in fear. “Um… Hi?” He fidgets under the stare of the red demon. By Youko's calculations the demon was about 15 so that gave him the age difference of three. Also looking at the tail and ears on the demon, and the way he stands he's got to be a kitsune. His tail was still in a relaxed position behind him, and his ears will twitch occasionally. Nothing to worry about than! The younger Kitsune stares directly into Youko's golden orbs. The latter's emerald gaze searching his own eyes. Youko starts glancing toward the door, waiting for someone to walk in. The kitsune looks away. He looks almost exactly like Kurama. Hmm… “What is your name, Demon? I can't simply call you Kitsune now can I?” The latter kitsune looks at Youko again pinning him with his stare. “Um…” Youko takes a step backwards. “My name is Yasuo, better known as Black or Red Rose. I am associated with, a person you know as Kuronue, whom I know as Black Raven.”
Youko's eyes widen a fraction, showing his surprise. If he knows Kuro-kun then he knows Anitaesai. I wonder why I do not know this stranger. Yasuo begins to eye Youko with interest. The older kitsune stood in a slouched and relaxed posture even though Yasuo knew he was tense around him for fear of this unknown demon. Feeling Yasuo's eyes boring holes into his body, Youko snaps back to reality. “Um, perhaps we should go out and find the others, ne? Kuronue is probably wondering where I am.” Youko inquired hopefully to the little kitsune. Yasuo merely laughed at him, openly. “What about Krad and Shino? Aren't you supposed to be protecting them? Or are you growing so restless you no longer care for them.” Youko looked extremely surprised by Yasuo's remark. That was the last straw! Youko didn't care if he was his own kind; if he was going to insult him he might as well no longer care for the young one's safety. He immediately began walking toward the door Shino and Krad had exited out of earlier on. Yasuo soon caught his mistake in being so loose-tongued around this man, and grabbed his arm, clinging to him.
The young kitsune was apologizing till he was blue in the face till he fell silent to pant for breath. In truth, Yasuo was a strong willed fighter with an iron mask. No emotion could get through, but when out of battle he was almost human. “I'm sorry!! That didn't come out right! I didn't mean to say it! We can go look for them if it would please you!!” Yasuo had a few tears rolling down his face. He was tugging weakly at Youko's arm now. Apparently, toward the core of the palace they were in, for that was where Kuronue, Neptune, and Yarisha waited safely. He pulled his arm from Yasuo and began to walk away after saying, “Go get Krad and Shino. We'll meet in the main room.” Yasuo nods and runs in the opposite direction to find Krad and Shino sitting outside waiting for Youko. He explains to them what is going on and also greets Krad.
While that went on, Youko swiftly made his way through the maze like halls of the giant castle they were in now. He scanned the memory of the castle map he had and then made a sharp right turn, then left, right again, forward twenty paces, now right, and through the giant black doors. As he reaches the doors the lights dim and a harsh laugh sounds behind him. “Hn. Cheery, ne?” He reaches out and stops his hand from reaching the large brass doorknob by mere inches. I should make sure they're there first and fore most before I move anymore. He reaches out and tries to find Kuronue's mind. {Kuronue. Kuronue? Are you in the main room?} A faint fuzziness takes over Youko's mind as he hear his own telepathic words echoing into a void between their minds, and he knows that he has reached him. {Youko? That you? Yes, I'm in the main room.} As soon as Youko hears his answer his heart pauses in mid-beat and Youko sighs in relief. Youko pushes the door open and finds Kuronue sitting in a large black chair with Yarisha in his lap. Youko's cousin, Neptune, is sitting in a brown chair across from Kuronue. A tinge of jealousy tugs at his hair as he sees Yarisha in his lap, but he simply ignores it and walks over to Neptune. As he sits on the arm of her chair, he notices the large portal-screen in the far corner of the room. It shows Yasuo frantically telling Krad and Shino certain things. Youko looks away from it and says hello to Neptune.
“It's about time you got here, cousin.” She answers back curtly. Youko scowls at her and turns toward Yarisha and Kuronue once more. Another wave of jealousy hits him as he notices Yarisha is sleeping peacefully in Kuronue's lap, against his right shoulder. He side-glances at Neptune who doesn't look all too happy about it either. Kuronue sensing Youko's displeasure gets up and pushes Yarisha into the chair, where, to Youko's pleasure, she hits her head and wakes up. She watches as Kuronue walks over to Youko and hugs him against himself as Youko stands up. Youko hugs him back and stays in his arms for a moment or two more than necessary, not that he or Youko care much, but finally lets go as Neptune shoots death glares at Youko.
Youko grins over Kuronue's shoulder at Yarisha, but she smirks back and points to Neptune whom is fuming. He smiles again and turns so he can look at all of them. Youko crosses his bare, muscular arms over his chest. “Are we going to wait for Yasuo, Shino, and Krad? Or shall we meet them in the hall? Speaking of which, where is our faithful, flee-at-the-first-scent-of-danger Shiro?” Yarisha answers for all three of them. “We shall wait in here for them, just in case Kasumi and Sarasu decide to attack. As for Shiro, she left shortly after she received a message from Demon HQ. Don't worry she's got a big assignment so she won't be coming back soon.” Youko nods at her and sits down in a vacant chair near the burning fire. Kuronue finds a chair and brings it next to Youko and he also sits down. The males spend the next 10 minutes chatting about past battles and why Youko doesn't know about Yasuo; while the females stare at the man they either want or want to beat up. Yarisha and Youko glance up at the portal-screen as it moves around Yasuo and company in time to catch them going back into the castle. The screen follows fast enough to catch Shino's wolf tail and Krad's large, blonde ponytail. By the time the screen catches up they're already at the door of the main room. Youko stands up and walks to the door, Yarisha follows close behind. They both pull the doors open as Yasuo knocks on the door. Kuronue and Neptune walk toward the group of demons and smile. “So,” Neptune asks softly, “Shall we go and get out of this wretched castle?” All nod and exit the room and close the large doors.
“And where do you think you're off too!!” Kuronue and Yarisha step forward and in unison growl. “Kasumi!” She smiles at the, even though rude, acknowledgment. She points her right hand toward Yarisha and with a force of air, pushed Yarisha against the wall with a thud and a loud crack of bones. She grins as Shino, Yasuo, Krad, and Youko rushes to her side. Yarisha groans as Shino pulls her into his arms and sits up, her body contorted in an unhealthy and deadly way. Shino goes to work with Yasuo on healing the poor girl. Youko growls loudly and takes off at a sprint toward Kasumi's laughing figure, ready to tackle and rip her to shreds. He almost made it! Till Neptune stuck her foot out and tripped him. Where he promptly fell on his fat face. “Sorry, Youko-kun. But this one is gonna kick that one's backside.” She points to Kasumi and spits towards her feet. Youko is twitching on the ground as he replies with a muffled groan. “Fine. Ow, my face.” Neptune grins and summons a large scythe to her hand, and glares at Kasumi.
Near by Sarasu lurks in the shadows nearest to Youko, who was muttering about his face, and Kuronue, who was dead silent. He moves easily moving around Youko and Kuronue, and getting behind Krad. He looks up at the now posed Neptune and then glances back to the group of demons in front of him. He begins to take a step forward, but is pulled back by something. He tries to yelp for help, but ends up getting a restricting hand on his mouth. Before he can do anything about the capture though, his vision blurs and then darkens, leaving him unconscious, and leaving his hunter to drop him on the ground and then resume his watch of the fight.
Neptune shoots forward at god-like speed, and moves the scythe to slash at Kasumi. It only catches the front of Kasumi's shirt and tears it, as she jumps back and away from Neptune. Kasumi sends a blast of lightning at Neptune who swipes it away easily with her black clawed hand. Kasumi snorts unhappily and disappears as she runs toward Neptune. Neptune, Youko, and Shino each swivel their heads in every direction for Kasumi. “I thought you two were battling! Not playing hide-and-go-kill!!” Youko shouts at Neptune who is casting her scythe away and suddenly growing large vampire fangs. “I thought we were battling too, but I see Kasumi likes child's play. Oh well. I haven't fed on blood in months!” Neptune takes her time to grow large black wings from her back and let her claws grow longer and sharper. “I never thought I'd get to see Neppy in this form! It's scary.” Shino whispers as he gets up and stands next to Youko. Youko just laughs and looks to his side, gasping. “What?” Inquires Shino. “Where's Kuronue?” Youko asks back. Shino just shrugs and turns his attention back to the fight. “Hey, Kasumi-Chan! Don't you want to play anymore!?” Neptune screams into the air and she takes flight. Shino laughs uneasily. “I think Neptune-san is having to much fun. Maybe we should intervene?” Youko snorts. “I don't wanna risk letting her feed on my demon blood. Plus, she would leave scars on my beautiful neck!” Shino raises an eyebrow at Youko. Youko ignores him as he suddenly sees a flash of light from Neptune's right. Neptune, being a perceptive hybrid vampire, notices it also. Both realize it's a stream of lightning attacks. Neptune uses her clawed hand to deflect it and sends it flying toward Youko and Shino instead. She curses at herself but flies toward the direction from which the blast came, hitting an object along the way. On pure instinct she slices at the creature with his clawed hand, removing the invisibility spell over it.
It turns out to be a very bloody, very tired Kasumi Hagari. Neptune smirks and then immediately sinks her teeth into the junction between Kasumi's shoulder and neck. Kasumi lets out a shrill scream as Neptune drinks a hefty quantity of blood and then disengages her teeth from Kasumi. She gives Kasumi a bloody smile. “Thank you for the meal. Though I do have one compliant.” She lets Kasumi's limp figure fall to the ground. She continues, “The meal was frightfully distasteful! See ya!” She lets herself land on the ground, transforming back to her human guise. Youko and Shino rush up to meet her with a repulsive look on their faces. She blinks, and then cleans her mouth. “What? You guys have to eat humans to survive!! I merely suck my victim's blood. Hmph. In any case, I defeated her and Yarisha seems to be better after Yasuo's healing.” They all turn to Yarisha, who with Yasuo's help, is trying to stand. They walk back over to the two and begin to ask if the young demon is all right. “I'm fine. But if I didn't carry around so many chains I would have been better off. Say, where is Kuronue?” “Over here.” Kuronue spoke in a rough voice as everyone turned toward him as he walked from the shadows. “What were you doing back there?” Shino inquired as he blinked twice. “Getting rid of a rat. Now, let's go.” He said with half-interest. “Right!” They all reply in unison.
They leave the castle of an hour's preparation and then head off into the market town just west of the castle grounds. Within four and a half hour's time they have gone through the town and stand outside a prison gate. Everyone turns to Yarisha. “This is where Keishin is staying. She's taken up this place to heal injured demons or to imprison rebellious ones, or just down right naughty ones.” They all nod and proceed to open and walk through the gates. They walk through a endless hall of prison cells where only a few demons are kept. All of the inmates are silent, save one. A medium sized bat demon was clinging to the rails of his cell and shouting loudly in German. Neptune raises an eyebrow as the stop in front of the demon's cell. “What in the seven hells is he saying?” Yarisha who hails from Germany listens for a moment then translates. “He saying, `Please, let me go! I'm bored!'” Neptune nods her head. “Ah, I see.” Kuronue who is highly amused turns to Yarisha. “Ask him what he is in for, Yarisha.” She nods and turns to the demon again. She speaks for a moment in German to the very unruly demon that hushes for a minute. After a moments thought the demon replies shortly in German to Yarisha. Yarisha looks repulsed by his answer and then turns to the others. “Urinating in public.” She states simply. Behind her the demon resumes yelling his early statement. Youko snickers and then smirks. “Lovely.” Shino looks at Youko as if he was mad and then continues walking down the hall of cells. Everyone follows after a while. “Halt! Who goes there?” Shouts a harsh voice. Youko answers for the group of demons. “Demons seeking out Keishin Minoru. We mean no harm.” “Would this group happen to have Yarisha Mikamora in it?” The voice booms out to Youko. “Yes. This group does have Miss Mikamora in it. Why, may I ask O great one, would she be of any importance to one so great as you?” Yarisha snorts behind her head and grumbles under her breath. “Suck up.”
Youko grins back at her for a minute before turning his attention back to the shadows in front of them. “My friends, Keishin has been waiting for her half sister.” “Nani!?”* They all turn back to Yarisha in shock. “What is he talking about, Yari?” Neptune squeaked out with a very confused look on her face. Yarisha sighed heavily and walked forward a few paces, ignoring the barge of questions. “I will tell you all in a matter a minutes. Let us first find out who this man is that knows me so well.” “Agreed.” Said both Youko and Kuronue at the same moment. “Well, then, sir, who are you?” Shino inquired politely. There was a moment's pause as the figure suddenly appeared before them. Shino and Yarisha's eyes widened to their limits as the immediately recognize the demon. “Shin…ShinGATOU!?!?!” They both yell at him. {Kuronue, we seem to be running into old allies…} Youko says as Yarisha and Shino attack Shingato with hugs. He smiles warmly and walks over to them. “Yarisha, you have grown so much in 5 years. And you, young master, seem to be very healthy, but…where is my twin brother?” Yarisha and Shino who were hugging and tackling Shingato halted suddenly as he asked that simply, yet so hard to answer, question. {Yes. Old allies, new deaths. I wonder how Shingato will react to his brother's…} Kuronue finally answers to Youko. Yarisha took several steps backward to Youko, tears collecting in the corner of her eyes. “He…He…” Shino stayed put, his head bent, face hidden from Shingato and everyone else. Youko slide one arm over Yarisha's shoulders hugging her against him. “I'm sorry, Shingato, but…you're brother, Shitano, he is…no longer with us.” Yarisha, upon hearing this, burst into tears and fell from Youko's grasp onto the ground. “We, Keishin and I, we tried to save him! To keep him from leaving! But we had already exhausted our powers! After you left, he was in horrible pain! Telling us, `It's like an inferno engulfing my body. It's so unbearably hot…it almost freezes my skin.' His last words were you're name, Shingato. I'm SO SORRY!” Youko kneels at Yarisha's side at calms her down with soft, gentle words. Shingato stayed silently through every part of Yarisha's ordeal. Then suddenly he began to…laugh. The group stares at him and Yarisha chokes back a sob. He stops and looks back at them blinking. “Oh sorry `bout that. Shitano and me were relatively close because of our birth.
“As twins, of course, but we fought so often. I told him that the day we die, we will utter each other's name, as our last word. I never expected I would be right. I told him this 10 years ago. I will…sorely miss my dear brother everyday day…” He smiles sadly at everyone, a sorrowful smile. “But come, we must not dwell on those whose time has come. Besides Shitano did all we wanted to in his time. He had asked me everyday, `Dear Shingato, is that all you're going to do with your life? Hunt and eat the kill, and not accomplish anything?' I would answer yes. He would scowl and continue his work while lecturing me, and then on one fortnight he said something less. `Dear brother, do as you think right. God gave us a life of time. And with it, we must do what we think is right. It doesn't matter how short our time is, we must only spend it wisely as we breathe in the earthly air.' I suppose he was right. I changed my ways soon after that conversation. Helped him with many inventions you see and we hunted together, all things.” He grew silently for a moment before singing an old demonic lullaby that could calm even the dead. The words flowing gently together. The last verse, a verse from Blood Moon, they sing together, each voice blending carefully, into one.
~Blood Moon:
Page 153
My dear wise one,
I shall miss you so
Thy time here done,
Your time to part
The sound of a bell,
Fare thy well
But not to Hell,
Heaven we hope
You go. ~
“Ah, now let us go to Keishin.” They all nod in silence and follow Shingato through another stream of corridors until they reach a golden door with the lettering: M A S T E R K E I S H I N. Youko whistles into the silence. “Kind of swanky for a prison, don't you think?” Neptune and Yarisha giggle slightly as Shingato pushes the door open, with Shino's help. Kuronue leans down to Yarisha's ear. “Hey, are you gonna tell us what Shingato meant when he said `Keishin's half-sister'.” Her face becomes emotionless and she begins to walk into the room. “Do not fret, Kuro, I shall tell you all in time.” She sat down in a chair next to Keishin's. Keishin sat at the left of a large coffee table with a cloaked figure to her right and Yarisha now seated at her left. Shingato took up his place next to the door as the rest of the group entered. {Kuronue…I don't think it's a good thing to walk into a room with a capped crusader in it.} Youko confessed to Kuronue, uneasily in his mind. He received small chuckle from Kuronue. {I know how you feel, Youko. But we will just have to trust Yarisha and Keishin for the time being. For now, let us watch what happens.} {I understand.} Youko snorts back in his mind to Kuronue. They take a seat next to each other, their claws unsheathed. The others take seats in random places. Keishin smiles. “Welcome to my prison. Don't mind the screams.”
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