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“As twins, of course, but we fought so often. I told him that the day we die, we will utter each other's name, as our last word. I never expected I would be right. I told him this 10 years ago. I will…sorely miss my dear brother everyday day…” He smiles sadly at everyone, a sorrowful smile. “But come, we must not dwell on those whose time has come. Besides Shitano did all we wanted to in his time. He had asked me everyday, `Dear Shingato, is that all you're going to do with your life? Hunt and eat the kill, and not accomplish anything?' I would answer yes. He would scowl and continue his work while lecturing me, and then on one fortnight he said something less. `Dear brother, do as you think right. God gave us a life of time. And with it, we must do what we think is right. It doesn't matter how short our time is, we must only spend it wisely as we breathe in the earthly air.' I suppose he was right. I changed my ways soon after that conversation. Helped him with many inventions you see and we hunted together, all things.” He grew silent for a moment before singing an old demonic lullaby that could calm even the dead. The words flowing gently together. The last verse, a verse from Blood Moon, they sang together, each voice blending carefully, into one.
~Blood Moon:
Page 153
My dear wise one,
I shall miss you so
Thy time here done,
Your time to part
The sound of a bell,
Fare thy well
But not to Hell,
Heaven we hope
You go. ~
“Ah, now let us go to Keishin.” They all nod in silence and follow Shingato through another stream of corridors until they reach a golden door with the lettering: M A S T E R K E I S H I N. Youko whistles into the silence. “Kind of swanky for a prison, don't you think?” Neptune and Yarisha giggle slightly as Shingato pushes the door open, with Shino's help. Kuronue leans down to Yarisha's ear. “Hey, are you gonna tell us what Shingato meant when he said `Keishin's half-sister'.” Her face becomes emotionless and she begins to walk into the room. “Do not fret, Kuro, I shall tell you all in time.” She sat down in a chair next to Keishin's. Keishin sat at the left of a large coffee table with a cloaked figure to her right and Yarisha now seated at her left. Shingato took up his place next to the door as the rest of the group entered. {Kuronue…I don't think it's a good thing to walk into a room with a capped crusader in it.} Youko confessed to Kuronue, uneasily in his mind. He received small chuckle from Kuronue. {I know how you feel, Youko. But we will just have to trust Yarisha and Keishin for the time being. For now, let us watch what happens.} {I understand.} Youko snorts back in his mind to Kuronue. They take a seat next to each other, their claws unsheathed. The others take seats in random places. Keishin smiled. “Welcome to my prison. Don't mind the screams.”
Youko snorted in surprise and poked Kuronue's arm bindings. “If I hear anything,” Youko breathed out steadily. “I am bolting.” On cue, Kuronue sneezed causing Youko to jump up, knocking his chair back. “What's wrong, little kitsune?” Keishin said to him in a calm, neutral voice. Everyone turned to him as he tried to compose himself. “I… ah… um…” He stuttered out incoherently, rubbing his red face. Finally, Youko turned to his fallen chair and picked it up. Sitting down, he placed his head on the table and his arms over it. {Youko. Just calm down.} Kuronue said into the kitsune's mind. Youko snorted back at him from under his arms. “Shut up…” He mumbled out as Kuronue made a move to say more to the embarrassed kitsune. Kuronue nodded somberly and turned to Keishin. “So…Shingato said that Yari is your blood half sister, Miss Kei. Is that true?” Keishin glared at Yarisha and Shingato from behind the back of her hand. She spoke calmly to Kuronue. “I will only answer that if you each tell me about your own families.”
Youko and Yasuo's head snap up in shock, and in unison they both groaned in exasperation. Yarisha smiled at them before turning to Shino.
“Why don't you go first, Shino?” Shino blinked and looked at her, shocked that he was spoken to. “Alright. But why?” He asked in a weak voice. “Easy,” Keishin supplied. “You were the very first of all of us to suffer a immense loss.” Shino looked away, hiding the pain that flashed in his eyes. “Losing his younger brother to Kuro.” Youko sighed out sadly, as Kuronue tensed at his side. “We aren't even sure that we are related…” “What!?” Everyone shouted out at him, excluding Keishin, Shingato, Kuronue, and the cloaked figure. “Well, you see, this woman named Shiori Kanme, when I was around the age of 6, took him in. She sat down with me that very night and told me that when I was a small baby wolf child that Kaname and I were separated at birth. She told me that he was my long lost brother. She was basically Kuro and mine's grandmother.” Kuronue nodded in positive as Shino left the rest of the story to him. “At this time I was staying with a woman who was my foster mother, Miss Karo Santemi. She told me, on rather late dates, what was going on with my faraway brother. I merely dismissed what she told me altogether for it was all boring and not worth my time.” Yarisha looked from Kuronue to Shino, more than slightly confused. She sighed and asked her question as she soon found no one was going to say more.
“I just don't understand how you two can be blood related half-brothers, but I do understand you have the same grandmother. It's just, Kuro, you're a bat demon and Shino's a wolf demon. So can you tell me?” Shino and Kuronue grinned toothily at her, showing off their extremely sharp and white fangs. “Well, you see, our mother is…” Kuronue began, somewhat unsure if he should continue. “Mishi Hataru.” Shino blurted out, impatiently, before Kuronue could reconsider. In turn, everyone gasped in absolute astonishment and incredulity. Keishin stood up in rage and yells. “That isn't possible! She died during the 1st year of the war. You both were born during the 1st and 2nd year! So you two can't be Mishi's children! It is simply IMPOSSIBLE!” Shino smiled lightly at Keishin, as Kuronue stood and walked to Shino's side of the table. He took up his spot behind Shino, placing his hands onto Shino's shoulders. “As it is obvious, I am the older brother in our family. I was born 16 years ago during the 1st year of the war. Shino,” Kuronue began to explain in a calm voice. “He was born 15 years ago during the 2nd year of the war we are entangled in now. This was the real time that our mother was captured and imprisoned by her soon-to-be mate, a rogue wolf demon. Unfortunately, she fell for him, head over heels as soon as her eyes were laid on him.” Kuronue sighed and paused momentarily using his hand to brush back an irritating bang.
He continued without missing a beat. “Apparently the rogue demon enjoyed my mother's company for on Storm Moon he took her in and bedded her. Karo said that several moths later Shino was born on Blood Moon. Our mother was a bat demon of course. My father was a supposed bat demon also. Shino only got his demonic animal from his father, so instead of being a mix, he was allowed the gift of being a rare mix bred full breed. Strangely, I had heard nothing of Kaname's birth from Karo. In any case, Shino and I met for the very first time when I was at the age of seven and he was just turning six. He was slightly naïve and more than slightly immature.” “Hey!” Shino interrupted, heatedly. Kuronue merely gave Shino a small smile. He snorted and glared the other away, burning a whole in to the wall. Kuronue gave a small sigh. “In any case, that's all we know about our family.” Keishin sighed heavily and shook her head back and forth. “I knew as much.” “Hey! I got a question for you, Kuro!” Yelled a rough voice. “Krad's back.” Youko said with a groan. The doors opened with a soft creak, and a memorable blonde paced into the large room. “What!?” He asked, forcefully, as he noticed everyone staring at him. “Where did you go?” Yarisha asked bluntly, glaring at him from over her hands. He let out a diminutive chuckle. “Somewhere. Anyway, what's Storm Moon? Err…and Blood Moon?” Half of the room echoed the question, turning to Kuronue and Shino for guidance. Both men merely sit there, blinking. “We thought everyone knew about the Lunar Cycles… Oh wait! Only families with wolf children teach their offspring about these complex charts and names of the moon's true story.” Kuronue thought aloud to himself for a minute. “Yeah, yeah! Whatever! Now what the hell is a lunar cycle!?” Krad said, becoming quickly impatient. “Well,” Shino picked up the lesson swiftly. “The moon travels through a thirteen cycles rotation during the twelve moth alternation. The wolf tribes name each lunar cycle and explain the months through those names. Every one else knows the first month as January, but to the wolf tribe it is called Wolf Moon. While, February is called Strom Moon.” Krad nodded several times, sometimes echoing a small fact and getting a look of thought on his face.
“Hm. I see. You're going to have to lecture me on all of this one day. It's really interesting.” “It's quite easy to learn if you just think about it. Just say the months as I name the lunar rotations. Wolf, Storm, Chaste, Seed, Hare, Dyad meaning pair, Mead, Wyrt meaning green plant, Barley, Blood, Snow, Oak, and Blue Moon. See?” Krad looked utterly and completely confused. “Hold on!! I know about Blue Moon but how is it part of the twelve month rotation if it's the thirteenth moon?” Kuronue sighed heavily, presently getting annoyed at Krad's lack of knowledge. “A Blue Moon occurs during any month. When the moon with it's 28-day cycle appears twice with a month, due to that given month's 31-day duration. In addition, the Harvest Moon is the Full Moon that falls nearest Mabon. It is said to give farmers extra moonlight hours to bring in crops.” Krad rubbed his temples. “Eh!? Ah, whatever.” Keishin gestures for everyone to be silent, as murmurs broke out among the group. “Let Shingato begin his story about his family, then we shall let Youko go on with his family story.” Everyone nodded in agreement at this verdict.
Shingato stepped toward the table slowly, eyeing the tense Krad glaring at him. As he moved to take a seat next to Youko he heard a loud and rough growl. Youko was turned away from him as he looked up for the growl's source. He noticed everyone else's eyes were focused upon an unhappy looking Krad. He simply ignored him and took his seat. Almost as if he was waiting for this, Krad was over the table and standing behind his brother. He growls loudly at Shingato. Youko turned toward his brother, an astonished look playing upon his features. Forest green eyes watched the drama unfold before them, for underneath their cloaked hood and veil of dark green bangs. “What, if I may ask, is wrong?” Shingato asked calmly to Krad, angering the demon more for some reason. Krad growled in reply, “I don't trust you! Someone in here smells like traitor and I know it's you!” Youko reached up and grabbed on Krad's ponytail as he tried to attack Shingato. He earned a yelp. Unfortunately, Krad fell back against Youko's chair with a thud. He turned quickly and grabbed his older brother's collar and flung him into the opposite wall. A set of bones cracking was heard in the room, making Neptune turn white. “Hey!! What is your problem!?” Yelled Yarisha and Kuronue in unison at the adrenaline pumped Krad before them. Neptune helped Youko up whilst Kuronue restrained Krad by hugging him around the waist. When Youko was finally up, he coughed harshly and spat out a rather large amount of blood, making Neptune and Yarisha feel slightly queasy.
“Kra-d-d,” he managed while groaning and gasping for air desperately. “Tell me why you're so edgy, today?” Krad's eyes were glowing a solid navy blue when he answered. “When I went off, I was being called to by Lord Suichii.” The girls gasped at the man's name, including Keishin. The green-eyed man beneath the cloak snorted quietly. Krad continued, “He said someone in here, that we know was and still is a traitor. I have never trusted an Amagatou in my life! I will certainly not start now!” Neptune hissed disapprovingly at him. “You threw your own blood brother against the wall! What excuse is there for that!?” Krad tried to jerk himself free of Kuronue's iron hold, while he answered tersely. “I was trying to protect him from that traitor! Form being near that traitor's influence. But that was before he decided he was going to protect that…that…AMAGATOU! Anyone who takes a traitor's side is one himself! I have full reason to have done what I did to my brother for what he did for that Amagatou.” Youko coughed roughly and countered.
“Krad, that isn't true. We can't immediately deem him a traitor just because you think he is and you got a small warning of one. Please calm down.” Krad's eyes returned to normal and the tension in his shoulders disappeared. “Fine, but I want you to spar with me in return for not letting me kill this Amagatou.” Youko forced a smile. “Alright. If it will please you, little brother.” Neptune sighed heavily as Yarisha grunted out, “Men.” Youko shed his white shirt, as Kuronue let go of the still struggling Krad. He tore away from Kuronue and tackled his kitsune.1 Muttering mild profanities; he scratched and tore at his brother's skin and the rest of his shirt. As everyone watched, Youko threw Krad off, while the cloaked figure shifted and whispered to Keishin. As it moved back, she brought everyone's attention to herself. “As those two fight, let us have Shingato tell us his story.” Everyone nodded and turned their less than divided attention to Shingato.
“There isn't much to say about my family.” He began. “Shitano, my dead twin brother, and I grew up into a divided tribe. We knew not our mother, only our father who died during our fourth winter who was named Koishyro. Anyway, one side of our tribe wanted peace, while the others sought more war. The main family was, surprisingly, nonaligned. They stated that they would take no side and tip the balance. Our family, a high family, was advised to do this also, so we did. By my brother and mine's eighth winter the pro-war side rebelled and left the tribe in an uproar. That destroyed most of our remaining tribe, for the pacifists were only one fifth of it. Before the war reached our region we, my brother and I, met Kuronue.” He motioned to said person, and Kuronue nodded in positive. Shingato continued swiftly. “Brother and I had a wonderful time with Kuronue. But all great friendships must come to an end. In due time we were found out and separated. By then Shitano and Kuronue were the best of friends and like brother to one another. Shitano was very upset with the elders when they told him he must not meet other demons, particularly from other tribes. `We are at war, young master!' They said. `We are at war, old geezers!' We mimicked. In any case, the last piece of our tribe tried to quickly rebuild and restore itself as the war proceeded quickly into our regions. Sadly, we could not do this fast enough, because as it came, and it came with a hard punch, and destroyed the rest of us. Shitano and I survived that day. Unfortunately… as you all know… Shitano just passed away less than a month ago at the hands of Krad. But he died in battle, so he died the way he wished too. It is still, for me, a tragic lose that still leaves me with a deep cut in my heart. But in the name of our dear father, Koishyro, I promise to keep on living in order to restore our lost tribe for the sake of what I might day become.” He finished.
Keishin nodded in understanding, while Yarisha held a blank expression on her face. Behind the group of demons, Youko had just dropped kicked Krad across the room. His sweat-covered chest heaved as he panted out in fatigue. “Ah. I supposed it's time to go back to training in the forests if I am already this weary.” Youko rasped out to himself in mock hilarity. Krad picked himself up and charged back toward his brother. Although about halfway across the room, Krad was ensnared into a vine trap suspended in the air, extending from a Venus flytrap in the corner of the room. Within minutes everyone's eyes were on the two fighting brothers, once more. Youko stood in front of the hovering trap, as Krad rammed himself against it. “Let me out!!! YOUKO!!! I HATE YOUR STUPID PLANTS!” Youko frowned and pouted, “That's not very nice. It's so mean it…hurts! Not.” Krad growled loudly and continued his onslaught on the walls of the entrapment, and they finally gave way to his size and weight. He fell from the vine trap onto the floor below, falling unconscious as he met it. “What the hell am I going to do with him?” Youko muttered to himself as he walked over to his brother. Kuronue laughed so suddenly it made everyone jump, with the exception of Youko. “Hey, flower boy! You were always the one to end battles with your plants, were you not?” Youko glanced back over his shoulder and smirked as he propped Krad over his right shoulder. “Yeah. But it never ever gets old, Kuro. In any case, I believe it is now my turn to tell out story.” He stood and paced over to the wall closet to the crowd of demons.
“Yes. It is your turn. And as soon as you are comfortable we may get started.” Keishin told him evenly as she stretched and yawned widely. “Kuro, you should help him with Krad so he can sit down.” Neptune suggested helpfully, with an award-winning smile. Kuronue said something incoherent before complying with the suggestion. He walked over to Youko and took Krad into his arms bridal style. “Come here, you little runt…” He mumbled, as everyone watched Youko take his seat against the wall. “Give him here, Kuro. I don't trust you with him.” He said smiling warmly and beckoned for his brother. Kuronue shook his head as he lowed the unconscious demon into Youko's arms. Youko smiled as he positioned his brother into the most comfortable spot in his arms. “Now where do I begin? Ah, yes. Well obviously Krad and I were born into a fox tribe. Our mother was Youkana Kurama, but we know not our father. Youkana, obviously, was the name I inherited, for I am Youko Kurama. In any case our grandmother was Danashi Mukuro. She was one of the famous leaders of the dog tribe's army. I'm sure Neptune remembers her.” He looked to said person and she nodded. “Yes. I do. Because if she wasn't what she was I wouldn't be a hybrid vampire. My mother was Aya Kenya Neptune. Err…I never did get much information on my father. So I don't much on him. I guess it's obvious that Youko and me are cousins now, huh?” She laughed out. Youko smiled. “We, Krad and me, lived in this tribe that thought that this war was needed. We knew the demise of our kind would come and we were ready. We trained, hard. Every day was a new test for us, him and me. If no new adversary came to us then we fought one another. You know it's kind of funny. Some people I have met call Krad a beautiful work of art, come to life.
“Yet he is so tainted with the blood of other men that he must now be a Picasso painting. Krad harbors a hate of the Amagatou for some reason, we have not figured out. Which I apologize for Shingato, and also for Shitano's…ahem…passing. Nonetheless, our mother passed away long ago, I think it was our eighth summer. Grandmother also passed away. Our Sensei, whom we trained with and then soon after lived with, was called Eclipse. He taught us many things and was even the man who took us to meet Kuronue. After we met Kuronue and knew him well, he took us to meet Shingato and Shitano. And well you know… We had an interesting life before everyone was separated and the tribe fell apart. And that was mostly it.” Youko said with a sigh. “Now that I muse over it…Maybe Krad disliked the Amagatou brothers because you spent so much time with them, Youko-kun.” Neptune said, evenly. Youko shrugged and stroked Krad's blonde hair. “Maybe so. But I guess now I'm giving him his attention, don't you think?” Keishin nodded and look toward Yasuo, whose head rest on the table in front of him. “So, what's your story?” Yasuo looked up to her and glared. “I have no story and no family. Leave me be.” Keishin blinked and growled unhappily. “Well then that leaves us. Well no story is needed to be told so let's just cut to the family!” Youko tensed slightly as he noticed the cloaked figure, which had been long forgotten, moved. {Kuronue… I have a very bad feeling about this.} He said, unevenly, through Kuronue's mind. {I know you foxes have a good intuition, but we can't just attack anything that moves… But, uh, you might just want to wake your little brother.} Kuronue replied in a gloomy voice. {All right.} Youko mumbled slightly.
“Well, let's see! Our mother is Shimato Mishi Minoru, and she is a mutt. You all know that half relates Yarisha and me, only. Now my father is Kenta Minoru, whom is a wolf. Yarisha doesn't know her father but it is simple to see that he had to be a wolf.” Yarisha nodded and took up the family history report, “Shimato was a mutt because she had wolf, human, and even a bit of fish. Which makes it ironic that she hates fish demons. But in any case I inherited her human side and received my supposed father's wolf side.” The cloaked figure's forest green eyes blinked and he coughed. “Don't forget about me, Keishin!” It tore the cloak off revealing it's true identity. Krad, who Youko had succeeded in waking, was in shock in his brother's arms. Youko and Kuronue immediately unsheathed their claws once more and growled deeply. Everyone else just let out a gasp, because the man that sat before them all was Sarasu Minoru. Shino, who was seated next to him, jumped from his seat and took several steps back away from him. “You…You bastard!!!” Sarasu merely stared at the enraged and shocked demon. {Krad, I need you to get up. And Kuronue…told you so.} Krad stood up allowing Youko too also. {Don't rub it in, Fox tail.} Kuronue muttered half to himself. Youko shot him a grin. Krad took up his spot behind his brother. Neptune stayed seated and simply asked, “Shingato, does this mean you're with them or us? Because as far as I know, Shino places a lot of trust in you. And as far as I can see right now, Kuronue and Youko might just claw any of you traitors to death. So you might want to answer this rather quickly.” Shingato shook his head in response and took a few steps toward Neptune. “Kei, don't you think we should tell them how I relate to you and Yarisha? I mean they do deserve to know who will kill them, even my dear Shino does.” Shino growled loudly and moved away again. Keishin gave them all a sinister grin and nodded. “Well you see he relates to us as a…” She begins. “Sarasu is…”
“I can't believe she betrayed us so!” Neptune whined annoyingly. Kuronue glared at her. “We all made the mistake and trusted her! Now shut up or I'll rip your face off!” Youko sighed and shifted his sash. “Do not be cross with her, Kuro. She's just as you are, mad. Plus it's Shino who should be the most annoyed and upset.” Shino took a seat on a tree stump away from the group of demons. He sighed heavily as Yasuo joined him. “I feel like a complete idiot. I thought that because I had known her for at least three years that she could be trusted!! But she goes around and attacks us like we are yesterday's enemy. I feel…so stupid.” Yasuo sighed and put his hand on Shino's head. “Do not blame yourself. She was very clever to hold up her innocence for so long and play her part so well. There is a thin and almost invisible line between good and evil, friend and foe. Sometimes the answers to if someone is one thing or another do not come easy. And sometimes we just have to accept that some people are not as they seem. You can't always judge a book by its cover.”
Shino threw his fist down onto the ground. “I just wish my life was a little easier! I became some stupid chosen wolf who had to read some stupid book. I lost Kaname and now I've been betrayed. And…ugh! I just can't take this.” “Everyone's life is difficult. And sometimes in a single moment several things can change. Our lives are like books. No matter how many times you get mad and stop reading, that does change the way the stories end. But if it seems that the future comes to fast and that you can't do anything about it…just remember. It only comes one day at a time. And you still have all of us, that means Youko, Kuronue, Neptune, Krad, Shingato, and even me as friends.” Yasuo reasoned expertly. Shino snorted and stood up. “I guess…” “You GUESS!?” Krad roared out as he came out from the brush around them.
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