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Italic = Thoughts
{…} = Telepathic thoughts? Shrugs
Bold Italic = Blood moon!
Underline Italic = Spells spoken!!
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“Yet he is so tainted with the blood of other men that he must now be a Picasso painting. Krad harbors a hate of the Amagatou for some reason, we have not figured out. Which I apologize for Shingato, and also for Shitano's…ahem…passing. Nonetheless, our mother passed away long ago, I think it was our eighth summer. Grandmother also passed away. Our Sensei, whom we trained with and then soon after lived with, was called Eclipse. He taught us many things and was even the man who took us to meet Kuronue. After we met Kuronue and knew him well, he took us to meet Shingato and Shitano. And well you know… We had an interesting life before everyone was separated and the tribe fell apart. And that was mostly it.” Youko said with a sigh. “Now that I muse over it…Maybe Krad disliked the Amagatou brothers because you spent so much time with them, Youko-kun.” Neptune said, evenly. Youko shrugged and stroked Krad's blonde hair. “Maybe so. But I guess now I'm giving him his attention, don't you think?” Keishin nodded and look toward Yasuo, whose head rest on the table in front of him. “So, what's your story?” Yasuo looked up to her and glared. “I have no story and no family. Leave me be.” Keishin blinked and growled unhappily. “Well then that leaves us. Well no story is needed to be told so let's just cut to the family!” Youko tensed slightly as he noticed the cloaked figure, which had been long forgotten, moved. {Kuronue… I have a very bad feeling about this.} He said, unevenly, through Kuronue's mind. {I know you foxes have a good intuition, but we can't just attack anything that moves… But, uh, you might just want to wake your little brother.} Kuronue replied in a gloomy voice. {All right.} Youko mumbled slightly.
“Well, let's see! Our mother is Shimato Mishi Minoru, and she is a mutt. You all know that half relates Yarisha and me, only. Now my father is Kenta Minoru, whom is a wolf. Yarisha doesn't know her father but it is simple to see that he had to be a wolf.” Yarisha nodded and took up the family history report, “Shimato was a mutt because she had wolf, human, and even a bit of fish. Which makes it ironic that she hates fish demons. But in any case I inherited her human side and received my supposed father's wolf side.” The cloaked figure's forest green eyes blinked and he coughed. “Don't forget about me, Keishin!” It tore the cloak off revealing it's true identity. Krad, who Youko had succeeded in waking, was in shock in his brother's arms. Youko and Kuronue immediately unsheathed their claws once more and growled deeply. Everyone else just let out a gasp, because the man that sat before them all was Sarasu Minoru. Shino, who was seated next to him, jumped from his seat and took several steps back away from him. “You…You bastard!!!” Sarasu merely stared at the enraged and shocked demon. {Krad, I need you to get up. And Kuronue…told you so.} Krad stood up allowing Youko too also. {Don't rub it in, Fox tail.} Kuronue muttered half to himself. Youko shot him a grin. Krad took up his spot behind his brother. Neptune stayed seated and simply asked, “Shingato, does this mean you're with them or us? Because as far as I know, Shino places a lot of trust in you. And as far as I can see right now, Kuronue and Youko might just claw any of you traitors to death. So you might want to answer this rather quickly.” Shingato shook his head in response and took a few steps toward Neptune. “Kei, don't you think we should tell them how I relate to you and Yarisha? I mean they do deserve to know who will kill them, even my dear Shino does.” Shino growled loudly and moved away again. Keishin gave them all a sinister grin and nodded. “Well you see he relates to us as a…” She begins. “Sarasu is…”
“I am there brother. Or in Yarisha's case, her half brother. You didn't expect that did you?” Sarasu informed them while laughing menacingly. Shino roared out in anger and turned to look at Yarisha, his eyes blazing with hatred. “You…YOU BETRAYED ME!! I trusted you! You went against the trust I placed in you… JUST LIKE MY TRIBE!!” Yarisha merely shrugged at him and flicked and bang from her face. “It isn't my fault you are so adapt at choosing liars, traitors, and backstabbers as your friends. I mean, well, you did hang out with your wonderful boyfriend Sarasu at one point, am I right? Before you met all of us, that is.” She pointed nonchalantly to her newly established half brother. Shino growled loudly at her and prepared to lunge at the half-breed. Fortunately or even unfortunately, Shingato held him back. Keishin stood and glared at Shino with her bright green eyes. “I know you are unhappy, but stop acting like an immature brat just because you can't have it both ways!” “I think he has a right now that Yarisha has betrayed him!!” Neptune pointed out as she stood up from her seat and began to head for the door. “She does have a point, Sister.” Sarasu said coolly to Keishin as he sat on the table. “Doesn't she always!?” Keishin growled back. “GUARDS!” She yelled into the room as if she expected something. “What the hell is that going to do!? The only people we saw in the dirty place were the prisoners! You can't possibly ha…” Youko began retorting, but he was cut short as ten knights entered the room, busting through the double doors. “Ma'am, yes, ma'am!” “Take these demons in as prisoners. Separate cells! That's an order!” Keishin yelled out to them. “You heard her, ladies. Get them!” The commander of the group called out to his men. “Sir, yes, sir! Go Emerald Knights!” The `Emerald Knights' strode forward at a quick pace and tried to grab a hold of the seven demons, but failed as they jumped over them and out of the open doors. “Follow them!” Keishin shouted loudly.
The small group of demons panted as they made their way down the twisting halls of the prison, followed closely behind by the Emerald Knights and their commander. “Damn! And I thought Krad's bad hair days were stubborn! These Emerald Knights are harder to shake off then some of the fleas I know!!” Youko shouted to Shino and Kuronue from over his shoulder, taking up a faster running pace as the Knights yelled behind them. “AGH! REMIND ME NEVER TO GO INTO A PRISON AGAIN! These stupid halls just lead you in circles.” Kuronue yelled as he caught up with Youko's pace. “Ah! Youko! Kuronue! Wait for us!!” Neptune whined as she ran after them with Krad and Shino on her heels. “Circles…? CIRCLES! We can confuse them!! Follow me!” Shino said as he took off in front of everyone. “What!!??” They all screamed as they ran even faster. Shino kept up his steadily growing pace with ease as the others panted behind him trying to keep up. “FASTER!” He yelled to them, taking a right turn in a four way crossing and then a second left at a two way crossing, losing the Knights behind them. “Faster!? This is my top speed already!” Yelled Kuronue and he sprinted after Shino. The shouts of the Knights died behind them as they took another turn down a darkened hallway. “What the…!” Youko shouted but then stopped as a strange noise sounded down the hallway. “Err…where are we?” Neptune asked uneasily as she grabbed onto Kuronue. “I don't know…but we're safe from those Knights, so let's rest for a minute.” Yasuo suggested as he stopped running and dropped to the ground, panting heavily. Neptune nodded and stood beside Yasuo as she tried to cool off. “Hey…has anyone noticed that there's a tree right there?” She asked as she pointed to said tree. As Youko's eyes adjusted to the dark, he moved forward and touched the tree with his hand and stared hard at his surroundings. “It looks as if in his attempts to lead the Knights away, Shino might just have lead us out of that blasted Prison.” He said with a bright smile. “I didn't realize that we had stayed so long there.” Neptune said with a confused expression. “When I had arrived here, the sun was already setting. It makes sense that it's would be around midnight right now.” Krad informed them as he looked up into the pitch-black sky. “And it's the first new moon of the month so that's why it's so dark.” Kuronue said as he knelt at Shingato's side. Shino nodded with a somewhat surprised air hanging about him. “What are we going to do then? Where will we go now?” He asked in a timid voice. Kuronue glanced at him before turning his eyes back to the ground. “You know, Shino, you and I have changed a lot since Kaname's death. You've become shyer and controlled when you use to be ill at ease, ignorant, and full of rage. I was once malicious and hardhearted but now am more brotherly and protective then anyone else I know. Don't you find that strange? I mean, bearing in mind that I was the one that killed our little brother.” Shino gazed away at the suddenly interesting trees. “To answer your question, we could always go to the market town we all passed on our separate paths when we came here. We could lay in wait and plan our next movement. Kasumi is dead thanks to Neptune who sucked her dry of blood. All we need to worry about is Sarasu, Keishin, and Yarisha.” Youko said thinking like a strategist as he paced the open ground.
“Ma'am, we lost them. There isn't a trail to pick up either.” The commander of the Emerald Knights informed Keishin with a distraught look. She roared out in rage as the slammed her fist into the table in front of her before turning back to glare into the screen. “Usually I'd punish you for your failures, but I'm being tolerant. Oh and by the way, commander… YOU'RE FIRED!!!! I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU IN THIS PRISON AGAIN!” She yelled with a frightening shrill voice as the commander scramble away from the screen view. She sighed heavily before shutting the screen's connection fully and throwing the screen's remote against the wall off to her side. “As they say, if you want something done right than you do it yourself. Sarasu?” She muttered before calling to her cloaked brother. “Yes, Sister.” He said as he stepped from the shadows of the room, looking up. “I think it's time we went after those demons. And as a bonus I'll let you finish off Shino Shicare and his half brother Kuronue.” She said with a smirk as she grabbed her own traveling cloak and headed out the door. “Oh! Really? Goodie, then. Just wait, my dear Shino, I'm coming after to you.” He mumbled to himself with a vicious grin as he trails after his sister.
Krad sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he yawned. “Morning already!? Pft, stupid sun.” He muttered as everyone started to wake up. Youko rolled over onto his back and sighed. “You know how weird it is to not wake up to an obnoxious female voice. Without Yarisha to annoy you waking up this early is pointless.” Shino stood up and stretched, while listening to him. Neptune sat up next to Yasuo as she also yawned also. “Personally, I'm glad she's gone. Damn girl was so clingy.” Kuronue muttered. “She liked you, Kuro! That's why she was clingy. It's simple, really.” Neptune pointed out as Shino walked off and into another clearing. “She still lied to you guys. And to you, Neptune, the most. I heard you two were very close, well, as close as an honest person and a liar anyway.” Krad said with a musing expression on his face. “I can't believe she betrayed us so!” Neptune whined annoyingly. Kuronue glared at her. “We all made the mistake and trusted her! Now shut up or I'll rip your face off!” Youko sighed and shifted his sash. “Do not be cross with her, Kuro. She's just as you are, mad. Plus it's Shino who should be the most annoyed and upset.” Shino took a seat on a tree stump away from the group of demons. He sighed heavily as Yasuo joined him. “I feel like a complete idiot. I thought that because I had known her for at least three years that she could be trusted!! But she goes around and attacks us like we are yesterday's enemy. I feel…so stupid.” Yasuo sighed and put his hand on Shino's head. “Do not blame yourself. She was very clever to hold up her innocence for so long and play her part so well. There is a thin and almost invisible line between good and evil, friend and foe. Sometimes the answers to if someone is one thing or another do not come easy. And sometimes we just have to accept that some people are not as they seem. You can't always judge a book by its cover.”
Shino threw his fist down onto the ground. “I just wish my life was a little easier! I became some stupid chosen wolf who had to read some stupid book. I lost Kaname and now I've been betrayed. And…ugh! I just can't take this.” “Everyone's life is difficult. And sometimes in a single moment several things can change. Our lives are like books. No matter how many times you get mad and stop reading, that does change the way the stories end. But if it seems that the future comes to fast and that you can't do anything about it…just remember. It only comes one day at a time. And you still have all of us, that means Youko, Kuronue, Neptune, Krad, Shingato, and even me as friends.” Yasuo reasoned expertly. Shino snorted and stood up. “I guess…” “You GUESS!?” Krad roared out as he came out from the brush around them. “What are we not good enough for you to say `you're absolutely right, Yasuo! They're all my friends and…' blah blah blah!” Youko hit his brother on the head and pushed him to his side. “Shino, Yasuo, we're going to head for the Crimson Village now.” He said with a small smile as Krad glared at him from behind. “Is that what it's called?” Shino asked with a surprised look. “It's better then `Emerald Knights' I can tell you that.” Kuronue said as he appeared from behind a tree nearby with his arms crossed over his chest, Neptune right behind him. Shino stood up and grinned as he proclaimed, “Let's go then, to the Crimson Village.”
“The Crimson Village…wow. Spectacular.” Neptune said in awe as she entered the village, with the group just behind her. “Well! Hello! Welcome to the Crimson Village. The village of dreams and maker of rubies. What ever you want to know, I'll show!” A man with a set of bright red hair said as he approached the group. Yasuo moved in front of the group and greeted the man. “Hello, and who are you, sir?” “Why, dear boy! I am Kent! The traveler's guide to Crimson Village, our village of drea…” The short and plump man began but was cut short. “Yes, yes. You said that already. It's nice to meet you, Kent.” Yasuo said with a smile. Kuronue rolled his eyes and began to walk the other way. “Sir, please, wait! I can tell you anything you want to know, or do anything you would like. Please, wait.” Kent pestered Kuronue as he followed him. Kuronue stopped and turned toward the man and stared at him indifferently. He narrowed his eyes as he said in a gravelly voice, “You want to help me, do you? Well how about you let me spill your blood, or you could leave now and save your scrawny human entrails.” The short and slightly stout man quickly hobbled away in the crowd of humans in the village. “Oh! Was that necessary?” Neptune questioned as she scowled at a human boy hitting on her. Youko moved forward a recited Kuronue's newest logo statement to the teenaged human, who immediately scuttled away from the glowering demons. “I don't know, Nep. But it worked…twice!” Youko said with a triumphant grin to Yasuo and Shino behind him. Shino sighed with exasperation as Yasuo regarded the tactic with a pleased smile.
They treaded through the Crimson Village, getting blank stares of awe from the shopping humans. Fat ladies, with an air of importance, and short husbands trotted passed them with brief looks before returning to spending their husband's money on more jewelry even though their necks bared thousands of ruby necklaces. Thin and more polite women, with average husbands, peacefully stopped and greeted the demons, commenting on their lovely clothing and well taken care of hair, and actually attempting a conversation with the upper levels of the food chain. After several hours of touring the group bought a set of rooms at a local inn, Shino with Yasuo, Shingato with a reluctant Neptune, and finally Kuronue with the two fighting brothers who were arguing about the importance of certain abilities. Each room, excluding Neptune and Shingato's, were painted a dull chocolate brown with a short tanned finish, and included three beds, a bathroom with a large tub and Jacuzzi with a sink and toilet, and a small but efficient kitchen. Neptune and Shingato's room included all that but the inner informed them that a woman had to stay in a better room, which made the whole room bigger and more professional with two kitchens, four beds with different firmness, shower and baths, and a vanity mirror stocked with wonderful brands of make up, to which Neptune scowled at with hatred. They each retired to their own rooms before the fall of night.
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