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Krad sat up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he yawned. “Morning already!? Pft, stupid sun.” He muttered as everyone started to wake up. Youko rolled over onto his back and sighed. “You know how weird it is to not wake up to an obnoxious female voice. Without Yarisha to annoy you waking up this early is pointless.” Shino stood up and stretched, while listening to him. Neptune sat up next to Yasuo as she also yawned also. “Personally, I'm glad she's gone. Damn girl was so clingy.” Kuronue muttered. “She liked you, Kuro! That's why she was clingy. It's simple, really.” Neptune pointed out as Shino walked off and into another clearing. “She still lied to you guys. And to you, Neptune, the most. I heard you two were very close, well, as close as an honest person and a liar anyway.” Krad said with a musing expression on his face. “I can't believe she betrayed us so!” Neptune whined annoyingly. Kuronue glared at her. “We all made the mistake and trusted her! Now shut up or I'll rip your face off!” Youko sighed and shifted his sash. “Do not be cross with her, Kuro. She's just as you are, mad. Plus it's Shino who should be the most annoyed and upset.” Shino took a seat on a tree stump away from the group of demons. He sighed heavily as Yasuo joined him. “I feel like a complete idiot. I thought that because I had known her for at least three years that she could be trusted!! But she goes around and attacks us like we are yesterday's enemy. I feel…so stupid.” Yasuo sighed and put his hand on Shino's head. “Do not blame yourself. She was very clever to hold up her innocence for so long and play her part so well. There is a thin and almost invisible line between good and evil, friend and foe. Sometimes the answers to if someone is one thing or another do not come easy. And sometimes we just have to accept that some people are not as they seem. You can't always judge a book by its cover.”
Shino threw his fist down onto the ground. “I just wish my life was a little easier! I became some stupid chosen wolf who had to read some stupid book. I lost Kaname and now I've been betrayed. And…ugh! I just can't take this.” “Everyone's life is difficult. And sometimes in a single moment several things can change. Our lives are like books. No matter how many times you get mad and stop reading, that does change the way the stories end. But if it seems that the future comes to fast and that you can't do anything about it…just remember. It only comes one day at a time. And you still have all of us, that means Youko, Kuronue, Neptune, Krad, Shingato, and even me as friends.” Yasuo reasoned expertly. Shino snorted and stood up. “I guess…” “You GUESS!?” Krad roared out as he came out from the brush around them. “What are we not good enough for you to say `you're absolutely right, Yasuo! They're all my friends and…' blah blah blah!” Youko hit his brother on the head and pushed him to his side. “Shino, Yasuo, we're going to head for the Crimson Village now.” He said with a small smile as Krad glared at him from behind. “Is that what it's called?” Shino asked with a surprised look. “It's better then `Emerald Knights' I can tell you that.” Kuronue said as he appeared from behind a tree nearby with his arms crossed over his chest, Neptune right behind him. Shino stood up and grinned as he proclaimed, “Let's go then, to the Crimson Village.”
“Three weeks of walking! And we're finally here.” Krad said brightly as he jumped toward the gate of the village. “It took long enough.” Kuronue muttered in an annoyed voice as he and Youko went ahead to the Crimson Village. “Shino! Hurry up or Kuro-kun will leave us behind!!” Neptune yelled and whined at the same time as Shino moved from behind a tree, holding a piece of meat in his hands. He walked quickly forward to Neptune, with a suppressed smile on his face as he handed it to her, Shingato immediately behind him. “Yay! Breakfast!” Neptune grabbed the meat and attacked it with a thankful look in her eye. Yasuo moved a few steps ahead of the group before coughing to gain their attention, “We might want to go now before Kuronue and Youko `pillage the village'.” Krad snorted and Shingato smiled as he replied to Yasuo, “Yasuo, you know that saying is clichéd.” He turned his back on Shingato and began to walk quickly toward the village. “I know. That's what makes it fun.” He muttered to himself. Before long they had caught up with the other boys, and stood at the entrance of the Crimson Village. “The Crimson Village…wow. Spectacular.” Neptune said in awe as she entered the village, with the group just behind her. “Well! Hello! Welcome to the Crimson Village. The village of dreams and maker of rubies. What ever you want to know, I'll show!” A man with a set of bright red hair said as he approached the group. Yasuo moved in front of the group and greeted the man. “Hello, and who are you, sir?” “Why, dear boy! I am Kent! The traveler's guide to Crimson Village, our village of drea…” The short and plump man began but was cut short. “Yes, yes. You said that already. It's nice to meet you, Kent.” Yasuo said with a smile. Kuronue rolled his eyes and began to walk the other way. “Sir, please, wait! I can tell you anything you want to know, or do anything you would like. Please, wait.” Kent pestered Kuronue as he followed him. Kuronue stopped and turned toward the man and stared at him indifferently. He narrowed his eyes as he said in a gravelly voice, “You want to help me, do you? Well how about you let me spill your blood, or you could leave now and save your scrawny human entrails.” The short and slightly stout man quickly hobbled away in the crowd of humans in the village. “Oh! Was that necessary?” Neptune questioned as she scowled at a human boy hitting on her. Youko moved forward and recited Kuronue's newest logo statement to the teenaged human, who immediately scuttled away from the glowering demons. “I don't know, Nep. But it worked…twice!” Youko said with a triumphant grin to Yasuo and Shino behind him. Shino sighed with exasperation as Yasuo regarded the tactic with a pleased smile.
They treaded through the Crimson Village, getting blank stares of awe from the shopping humans. Fat ladies, with an air of importance, and short husbands trotted passed them with brief looks before returning to spending their husband's money on more jewelry even though their necks bared thousands of ruby necklaces. Thin and more polite women, with average husbands, peacefully stopped and greeted the demons, commenting on their lovely clothing and well taken care of hair, and actually attempting a conversation with the upper levels of the food chain. After several hours of touring the group bought a set of rooms at a local inn, Shino with Yasuo, Shingato with a reluctant Neptune, and finally Kuronue with the two fighting brothers who were arguing about the importance of certain abilities. Each room, excluding Neptune and Shingato's, were painted a dull chocolate brown with a short tanned finish, and included three beds, a bathroom with a large tub and Jacuzzi with a sink and toilet, and a small but efficient kitchen. Neptune and Shingato's room included all that but the inner informed them that a woman had to stay in a better room, which made the whole room bigger and more professional with two kitchens, four beds with different firmness, shower and baths, and a vanity mirror stocked with wonderful brands of make up, to which Neptune scowled at with hatred. They each retired to their own rooms before the fall of night. While everyone else lay asleep in his or her beds, Kuronue remained awake, sitting up against his bed's headboard staring at the grandfather clock against the wall. Two more minutes till… he arrives. Kuronue thought to himself as the clocked ticked ever closer to the mysterious arrival. And like wise Shino remained awake waiting for the exact same thing. One minute… The brothers thought at the same time. Outside the sky began to darken as the clouds passed over the moon briefly. The wind began to settle down to a low breeze and everything was still and quite. Dong…Din…Dong… And suddenly the dull chime of the main clock tower signaled the arrival of midnight. Kuronue stood up from his bed, pulling on his black vest over his unclothed torso and also pulling on a cloak to cover his bare arms and keep him warm. He opened the balcony's doors and walked out onto it, carefully closed the door behind him. And almost at the exact moment he looked up toward the furthest part of the sky, the clouds parted and a dark figure rose up against the moonlight. Hell Gate Guardian … Uriel. Kuronue thought as the wind picked up and made his long ponytail whip around him, along with his cloak. The dark figure became clearer as it moved closer. A man with long beautiful black hair and dark colored skin. He rode in a large, black and gold chariot carriage pulled by black horses with reddened eyes. Kuronue watched him move closer, his eyes wide as he stood against the balcony railing looking up at Uriel. “Hello, Kuronue. How are you doing? It's been a very long while since I met last with you.” Uriel said with a small smile, the voice coming from within Kuronue's mind and not from Uriel himself. The chariot stopping beside the balcony, Uriel stepped off as it disappeared behind him.
“Hell Gate Guardian.” Kuronue acknowledged him in a monotoned voice as he inclined his head slightly in respect. “Same as ever. Here on the first day of the month of Dyad, I appear before during the full moon. Do you know why, Kuronue?” Uriel asked as he stood in front of Kuronue, staring him directly in the eye. Kuronue had a glint of annoyance flash in his eye for one moment before his face returned to expressionless as he said, “Uriel, if I knew why you were here, you wouldn't be. Please, just let us get this meeting over with.” “Seems you've out grown my visit, does it not? In any case, I am here to present you with a challenge. Dyad means pair, correct? I charge you with the challenge of raising these children. Come out, little ones.” Two small children moved from behind Uriel, one was a small girl dressed in a pure white dress with white wings on her back, and the other was a small demon boy dressed in black pants and a black t-shirt with black wings. Kuronue kneels down to the small pure girl with a smile, knowing she's an angel child he asked smoothly, “Who are you, Angel?” The girl trembled slightly and grasped her hands together, trying to act calm as she looked forward at him, her voice betraying her as she said shortly, “K-Kaitou, sir.” He smiled at her before turning to the boy and asking him the same question. “What's it to you!? My name's Saitou!” The boy said rather forcefully to Kuronue, who in moonlight look something close to his father. Kuronue nods, standing he looked back to Uriel who held a solid look on his features. Uriel broke the tense silence with a chuckle. “What?” Kuronue asked in annoyance more than interest. “You're half sibling is watching. You should let him come out and meet me, since he did know I was arriving.” Uriel said with a cheerful smirk and then turned toward the balcony's railing, the chariot appearing. Kuronue shot a short glance at Shino's window, seeing him perched there. Uriel was already halfway back into the sky, moving toward the area he had arrived from. He turned back to Uriel before shouting, “I know I've been being mean, but thanks for dropping by, even if you dumped some kids on me!” Uriel smiled as he began to disappear from Kuronue's view, but his voice rang clearer than any bell as he said, “I'll be back for you don't worry. But do me this favor now and make four of your companies head for home, to relax. I'll leave it to the remaining three to continue on and try to establish peace between other demon tribes and take care of those two children, around your legs. I'll be back, my little Raven!” And finally he disappeared from the younger man's line of vision. With a sigh, Kuronue knelt down to both the children and smiled. “Kaitou, Saitou, time to go inside and sleep. You'll be able to meet the other in the morning.” He glanced at Shino's window, only catching the closing curtains. He sighed and led the two children inside and made them a bed near the corner of the room. Before long he was in his own bed, fast asleep.
“Aw! So cute! And look at this one! It looks like Kuronue has a son!” “You wish, you stupid blonde!” Kuronue awoke to the sound of an argument. He sat up in his bed holding his head, as the blanket pooled around his waist. “What's going on here, now?” He asked as he opened his eyes to the scene of Krad near Saitou and Youko sitting on the edge of his bed. All three boys turned and looked at Kuronue with blank stares and silence before Youko jumped from his spot and tackled Kuronue, hugging him tightly. “MORNING!” Youko shouted happily as he clung to Kuronue. “Off.” Kuronue ordered as Youko tore himself away with a fake pout. “Youko and I awoke to find a cute little angel and a fiery little demon in the corner asleep. The demon woke first and ever since we've been torturing him! So, who's you lady?” Krad explained with ease as he poked at Saitou's wings, giving Kuronue a grin. Kuronue gave him a pointed look before standing up and rubbing his temples. “There is no woman. I got these children from Uriel. And now I stand here with a fierce headache.” Kuronue said, turning his back to the brothers and stretching. Youko shrugged and walked over to the corner where the angel remained, sleeping quietly. Youko knelt down and mumbled a `wake up' to the small girl. “Nngh. It's to early, mama.” She mumbled, loud enough for both Krad and Kuronue to hear. “Wha-… It's my brother! Youko Kuramama!” Krad laughed out. Kuronue swiveled around to stare at Youko, holding back a laugh. Youko's face reddened darkly as he glared at both men. “Shut up! Hey, little girl, wake up.” Kaitou rolled over onto her back for a moment, and then finally began to wake up. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Kuronue sat down on his bed and pulled on a black shirt as he watched. Kaitou opened her eyes and blinked for a moment before screaming and running over to Saitou and hiding behind him. Youko blinked in confusion and stood up. “S-sir, who are these people?” She asked Kuronue as she eyes both Krad and Youko from over Saitou's shoulder. Saitou looked to Kuronue with a questioning expression. “Not people, demons. This man here in the white is Youko. He's a fox demon. And that blonde man there is named Krad, his appearance may be human but his partly fox demon, who can control lightning and other various things. He likes to think he can get any woman who sees him. Don't worry they're good demons… mostly.” He told them while getting up and walking passed them toward the door. “It might be time to introduce them to everyone else.” Krad said as he and Youko stood as well.
A sharp pain hit Kuronue's head after Krad said that. “Damn!” He muttered and he grabbed his head and remembered what Uriel had told him. “I forgot. Four of us have to be sent home. While the rest, plus the children, head off to the remaining tribes, to establish peace. And about those two, I have to `raise' them. Uriel has charged me with that for now.” Krad opened the door and Youko walked out with Kuronue, Saitou, and little Kaitou not far behind him. “You're still gonna have to tell us who this Uriel is.” Krad said as he closed and locked the door. “Yeah…guess you'll find out soon enough.” Kuronue muttered quietly before walking close to Youko's side.
“Uriel!?” Neptune shrieked. “You know him?” Krad said with a surprised expression. “Of course! He's the Angel of Earth and also the Hell Gate Guardian! In the Underworld he was known as the Angel of Death with black wings. Everyone either feared or hated him.” She informed them with a panicked appearance. Saitou spoke up for the first time during this argument. “It was said among the demons, that Uriel placed a mask on his face, making him into that which he was. Afterward he had no problem throwing the dead into the flames of Hell.” Neptune looked at him for a moment, her eyes narrowing. “Have you heard this? Uriel, the Hell Gate Guardian, had the amazing ability to curse anyone to rebirth over and over again while dying every time a painfully slow death, just with his voice.” She said in a haunting voice. “He's no good. Not ever.” She finished while crossing her arms in an unhappy gesture. “You're wrong.” Kuronue said firmly as he rejoined the group, Kaitou trailing behind. Youko turned to the pair with an unconcerned stare. Neptune turned around and looked at him with a surprised face. “What did you say?” She asked apprehensively. “You're wrong. Uriel isn't horrid as you portray him. You met him when he had that mask on his face. But long since then a human holding an angel's soul destroyed it. He's returned to the Uriel I know.” Kuronue said with a far away look in his eyes. “I don't understand.” Neptune said as she sat down on a bench nearby. Kuronue looked off toward the bright blue sky still holding the same far away look as he began, “Uriel, the angel of repentance, the angel of the dead, passes judgment on those who commit blasphemy against god's path. He is a cold executioner who sends the dead to Hell. They say he lifts the sinners by their tongues and cruelly tosses them into Gehenna. The name Uriel means `Flame of God'. This flame refers to the flame of Hell. But he is not so cruel. For many a year, he has worn a mask to make him how he was rendered. An evil, soulless angel who cared not who he cursed or threw into Gehenna. But he is a kind and great angel, whose wings are not truly black. He has brown skin like a mighty tree with warm, reddish brown hair. His eyes are green, natural and calm, like the sunlight streaming through the leaves. He could speak curses on people at one point to give them a horrible rebirth in which they died over and over again continuously. But after condemning an angel to this fate, one angel he loved with all his heart… he tore out his vocal cords with his own hand so that he could never speak the curse onto another. That was how he repented for his own sin. For the sin of cursing and condemning his beloved to a horrid fate. He was really a respectable and magnificent angel. He deserved much more than he received. You're wrong to judge him how you do, Neptune.” Kuronue said with a harsh voice as he turned and walked away, both Kaitou and Saitou following him away. Youko turned to Neptune with a cold, indifferent stare. “I suppose you should be careful how you talk about those who meet with Kuronue. Or you could get hurt.”
He moved away and disappeared into a crowd of on looking humans who moved to the side in fright as he passed them, an air of coldness surrounding him. Neptune, frozen where she stood, merely nodded, before dropping to her knees. “Kuronue… he was so unsympathetic and unyielding when he contradicted me. I've never seen him like that before. And even Youko was cold to… me. What did I do…?” She muttered to herself as he hugged her arms. Krad and Shingato grimaced at the humans watching and bared their fangs, in turn scaring them all off. Shino kneeled beside Neptune and asked gently, “Are you okay?” Neptune nodded numbly before standing up, trembling. “Last night,” Shino began standing up and looking away with a glazed expression. “I watched Uriel come and talk to Kuronue. He was firm and serious, but respectful and kind to my brother. I heard two things. Kuronue has to care for those little kids and… four of us have to go home…to relax, he said. While the remaining go with me to bring peace to the remaining tribes. If you want you can ask to be sent home. No one can say you're being cowardly. I'm even thinking of asking Yasuo and Shingato to leave as well. You should think about it.” Yasuo approached Krad and Shingato with a tired expression as he yawned and stretched. Krad grinned as he began to poke at Yasuo's stomach while he stretched. Shingato rolled his eyes; he watched as Yasuo slapped Krad's hand away. Shino and Neptune rejoined the small group as they set off to find Kuronue and Youko again.
“So. There you are, my dear Shino. Do not worry. I won't kill you …yet.” A voice cackles from the shadows of a large building near the group of passing demons. A long black cloak incasing the man who stalks the wolf demon. “Sister will be angry when she finds that I came this far only to watch you. But that's the price to pay, I suppose. Don't put your guard down, my dear Shino!” The green-eyed voice cackled again, but stop suddenly as he felt eyes on him. “What the…?” He spotted a small dark haired demon boy standing next to a bat demon and a little angel girl. He was staring up at him with a harsh glare. “Oh. I've over stayed my welcome. Well, got to go.” He muttered as he wrapped his cloak tightly around him and disappeared in a poof of smoke.
“What's wrong, Saitou-kun?” Kaitou asked in a calm voice as she turned to see the other standing still. He turned a set of bored eyes to her and shrugged. Kuronue stopped behind Kaitou with a puzzled look. “I thought I saw a man standing up there on that building,” He pointed to the ledge of a nearby building before continuing without missing a beat. “Watching up as we walked pass. I caught something he said before he disappeared. It was something like, `I won't kill you yet' and `don't put your guard down'. And that was it.” Kaitou let out a yelp and hid behind Kuronue's leg as a figure moved out from a doorway near their left side. “Youko, you're scaring the girl.” Kuronue said with a bored tone as he began to walk away without a second thought. “I realized that. But you're being a bit rough with your own girl. Neptune was just telling about Uriel, as she knew him. Her judgments weren't basis. They were…truthful, in a sense. You can't be made at her for that.” Youko reasoned while he caught up with the bat demon. “Hn. I don't intend to apologize if that is what you're getting at, Youko. I don't like when people say one thing and know it's wrong. She knows that he was still himself he would have killed me, not hand me two children. She has enough common sense.” He retorted sharply, still not meeting Youko's gaze. “Kuro, you should. She likes you, you realize that, but you don't love her. But that doesn't mean you can be cruel to her. If you decide to go back to the way you were…I can no longer be your friend, Kuronue.” Youko said as he disappeared from Kuronue's side, stressing the demon's full first name. Kuronue noticeably flinched as he stopped walking and sat on the ground. “So what should I do?” He muttered to himself as Kaitou and Saitou came to his side.
“You're…apologizing to me…?” Neptune asked, looking at Kuronue with visible surprise. “I am. I hope you'll find it in you to forgive me for my rudeness.” Kuronue replied with a steely, indifferent voice and expression. He turned and began to walk toward Krad. “But…!” Neptune stopped, trying not to press Kuronue's patience. “You're going to leave with the others right? So If I didn't apologized, you would have despised me. And if that happened I'm sure the other side would have loved to recruit you. I can't let Shino be betrayed anymore.” He replied as he helped Krad gather his things together. Neptune gave a soft sigh and gathered her own things together before whispering, “You're forgive,” She smiled. “You big jerk.” She glanced at Youko who gave her a quick smile that quickly faded as his brother and Kuronue walked over to him. “Is everyone who is going ready?” Youko yelled to the group, the selected ones nodded. “Good.” Shino said with a bright smile. “It's going to be…difficult, not having you all around. Especially those of us who are letting…brothers and potential boyfriends go.” Shino began, shooting a glance at Neptune who was looking at a very interesting cloud. “But I'm sure you'll all be better off at home where it's safe. Take care and I hope to see you all soon.” He finished before running off to say good-bye to Krad, Shingato, and Yasuo. Youko shoot a sharp look at Kuronue, as he didn't move from his spot. Youko moved behind him and gave him a hug, wrapping his arms around Kuronue's shoulders. “She wants you to wish her a safe trip and give her a hug, Kuro.” Youko informed him, meaning Neptune, as he closed his eyes and rested his head on Kuronue's shoulder. “No.” Kuronue replied steely. “That's harsh. Go over to her.” Youko tried again, opening his eyes slightly. “No.” Kuronue repeated in annoyance. Youko growled and bit down hard on Kuronue's shoulder. “OUCH! Off!” Kuronue yelled throwing Youko's arms off him and pulling away. Youko chuckled and eyed Kuronue's newest wound. “Now? You know you'll miss her. Kuronue grumbled something incoherent before walking over to Neptune. With a moment's hesitation, he hugged her tightly to him and whispered in her ear. “As mean as I have been to you…I'm sorry. I am really going to miss you and you excessive whining. I wish you safe voyage.” He finished quickly as he let the stunned girl go and walked off. She blinked several times before glaring at Youko, who gave her an innocent look. “I had to force him to do it. But you know it was genuine, Nep.” Youko said, treaded over to her. “Yes. But I can handle myself!” Neptune said heatedly before stumping off. “Whatever you say.” He said with a toothy grin. “Bye everyone!” Shino yelled one last time as they began to walk away form the village. “Be safe!” Youko shouted after them, while nudging Kuronue in the side. “Don't die!!” He shouted loudly, gaining a few glares from the retreating figures, and looking down at Youko with an unhidden smirk. “You're horrible.” Youko muttered to him and three men and two children strolled back to the inn. “That's what makes me…well, me!” Kuronue laughed. Youko shook his head and sighed heavily, muttering to himself dejectedly, “What am I going to do with you?”
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