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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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Satoshi did not believe in love. This is how he was raised, and how he felt towards others. You have to be calm, decisive, and most of all—cold. Cold to everyone shut yourself away so that no one can hurt you or the things you love.
So why was it that as a bright pink ribbon is thrust into his hand, Satoshi cannot be cold?
Well, it might have to do with the miserable-looking Daisuke, seated in front of him in a shade of pink that matches the ribbon, and a wig atop his head. It may also have to do with the fact that the shade of pink is actually a ruffled, soft pink dress. And the fact that pouty as he may be, Daisuke has a glint in his eyes that show how much he is anticipating the play. But let us not digress.
Satoshi was only loved by two people. They loved two different sides of him. One loved Satoshi Hiwatari—cold, intelligent, and ruthless. The other loved Satoshi Hikari—kind, thoughtful, and blunt. The first person is Krad. The second is Daisuke.
When he has to choose, he likes to choose latter. But Satoshi rarely has a choice. And even with that choice, he needs to be careful. Otherwise, he may end up becoming Krad, and Krad likes to hurt Daisuke. But Satoshi loves Daisuke, and will deal with Krad's presence until Daisuke admits he loves Satoshi, too.
Satoshi smiled softly at the pink ribbon and turned to Daisuke. He pulled up the hair of the wig, much rougher than Daisuke's own hair, and ties it back. Daisuke beams at him, and then does something amazing. Out of habit because of Emiko or not, before he rushes off to get final touches on his dress done, Daisuke plants a chaste, quick kiss on Satoshi's cheek.
During the play, faulty equipment sends Daisuke running all over the place. Satoshi should help him, but ultimately decides not too. After all…Daisuke looked awful cute rumpled in that pink dress. But when Daisuke's dress rips, and Satoshi blindly admits his love to Daisuke—though Daisuke would never know, thinking Satoshi had done it to hide his ripped dress—Satoshi thinks that maybe, he can believe in love.
Hours later, when the play is over, Satoshi pats Daisuke on the shoulder and asks.
“May I keep the ribbon?”