Danny Phantom Fan Fiction ❯ Under It All ❯ Chapter 4

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As the moon rose high over head, the orb a glowing circle in the dark skies, a pair of shadows flew toward a darkened house. One of the shadows was holding the other as they descended on the large house, the other one clinging to her companion as if her life depended on it. On her head was a bandage, the long wrap like a halo on her raven locks. The bump had been bad enough to wrap, but not bad enough to take the small woman to a hospital.

"You know tha-" He shot her a look. Sam was feeling guilty for even suggesting the idea, but Danny was quick to shut her down. He was there for no matter what needed to be done and if this was important to her then it was important to him. Setting her down the pair walked to the space just below her window on the second floor. "Okay, so for tonight I just want my box," she stated. "I do want a few other things, but at this point not a wise move. I can get them tomorrow." The halfa next to her nodded as they made sure no one saw them lurking next to the house of the infamous Manson family.

"So I will fly you in, you grab it and then we will head out. No one will be the wiser." Sam nodded, hoping that he was right, but with how strange her mother had been lately she wasn't so sure. As they flew into her room the sounds from outside became muffled. Danny released the Goth, his eyes falling on the door as the raven haired woman walked over to her closet, her footfall soft. She knew her room well enough and didn't need the light to see while his own eyes were made for the darkness as he watched for any movement behind her closed door.

Sam looked at the still open door. It was strange that the closet door was still open, but it mattered not at that moment because all she wanted was her box and she would be on her way. As she leaned to grasp the box the sound of a door busting open caught her and Danny's attention. In that moment the halfa was at her side, grasping her and the box as he headed for the door. Instantly he went invisible as the sound of whoever had broke the door in ran up the stairs.

"Danny," she hissed. "That sounds like your dad." Indeed it did sound like his father's steps, the person stopping outside of the door just a few rooms down from Sam's. Phasing through the door they came almost face to face with Jack, his face covered in a mask, but still in his trademark orange jumpsuit. Sam could feel Danny stiffen and knew he was thinking the same thing.

One: Who else wore that orange jumpsuit and two: What was he doing in the Manson house?

They got their answer moments later as a scream was heard and Jack came rushing out with a flailing Pamela in his arms. The Goth in his arms raised a brow, her eyes watching with bemusement. So, Jack was there to kidnap her mother and her dad was just letting it happen? She could feel the halfa watching her and she shrugged. Not that she didn't care about her parent, but for some reason she wasn't about to step in when it was clear that her father was up to something because Jack Fenton wasn't one to pull off an act such as this.

"Um, Sam," the green eyed male hinted. This time she shook her head.

"I am not going to ask," she said simply. "What our parents do in their free time is their own business." Danny nodded, his face going red. Sure, he was old enough to know what went on in the bedroom, but he didn't need an image of his parents in that light. He was already scarred from their constant lovey-dovies that they did around the house now that it was just them and him. Jazz was in college and the one that had always been against them and their antics. With her gone they had gotten more touchy feely.

"You're right," he said pulling her back into her room and then out the window, the box clutched under his arm as they headed back to his house. "I never want to know that." She giggled as they disappeared in the distance, under them Jack shoving Pamela in the car before strapping her down. The redhead was trying to curse, but Jack was quick as he pulled some duct tape over her mouth. Her teal eyes flashed in warning at him, but she couldn't see his eyes very well so she wasn't entirely sure that he saw her look.

"He better be right," the heavy set male muttered as he slammed the door. "Otherwise she will remember this and I will be in some hot water." It was true since Danny had explained that when a ghost overshadowed someone they took that memory with them. Climbing behind the wheel he took off into the night with Thurston watching from his window. Turning from the view he climbed back into bed, his eyes closing as a smile twitched on his face.

As soon as they touched down Sam was taking the box, her eyes sparkling as she laid it down on the bed. Danny walked over to her, his form changing back to his human half as he watched her open the medium sized container. Inside were a lot of different things. There were drawings, sketches, books, photos, almost anything she could get in there was there. He reached over and picked up a small album as Sam pulled out a journal, the black book something like what Danny heard was for special phone numbers. His brow raised, but as he watched her pull out the sheet from earlier he realized it was for her poems or what was it she had said, her dreams.

"So, did you want to talk?" he inquired as he opened the book, the first image one of them as children. He smiled as he looked back at her. Her brow was raised. "You know, about your dream."

"Oh, yeah, that. I don't really remember anything major, just those words and a chill." He sat down on the bed and Sam took a seat next to him. "It was strange though because those words sound like they are missing something, even though I have never heard them." Danny nodded before flipping the page to find more images of them as kids, but next to some of the pictures were drawings of the same thing. He found his eyes back on her.

"Did you draw that?" he questioned pointing to the image. She nodded.

"I don't do real life though. Don't like being constricted. Anime style though, that is something I love to do." He inquired as to why she had never let him see it. "Danny, when have we ever really had time to sit down and talk?" He realized that she was right. There was never any time, not between her parents wanting him to stay away from their little girl to them fighting ghosts. "I started drawing just before I turned eight and kept it hidden after my mother attempted to throw away some of my art."

"Sounds like your mother. I bet she had a really good reason, right?" Sam let out a dark chuckle. She knew he was being sarcastic.

"Something like that." She reached over and turned the page. This time they were older, but it was still the pair of them. It had been until the second grade when Tucker had joined them. They had been happy, but Tucker had been so like them... an outcast with his love of technology. It had been a slight thing as kids and had progressed to the point that Sam had become a little wary of the man and his "woman". Not that Tucker was a bad person, no he had his good moments, but for the most part she had little to do with him, especially as they grew older.

"So," Danny said, the air around them getting thick with the lack of conversation. "What are you going to do about your parents?" Sam knew that he would ask this eventually and she didn't really want to deal with her parents. They never wanted her. Hell, she had heard them talking about it on several occasions where they hadn't realized she was awake and times when she was sure they knew she was there. It didn't just take words either. She saw it in their actions.

"Nothing." It was simple and true. "I am just going to get my stuff and move." Danny raised a brow at her.

"You could stay here, you know that right?" She nodded. She could stay with them, but with how she felt about Danny that wasn't a very good option. No, she had money and once she got back to the house with her stuff she could go. She could run far away and n- She looked over at her best friend. She couldn't leave him though. Danny was the only person in the world that she could count on.

"I know that I could, but I don't think that is a good idea." He looked at her sideways. "Danny, your parents don't need another person under their roof after just getting rid of Jazz." His eyes took on that look, that one where he was understanding what you said, but he didn't like your answer either. "I think I will find an apartment around here and that way I can still be close, but not intruding like I would if I were to stay here." Danny shook his head.

"I know my parents would look at it like that," was his response. Sam knew he would never understand, but as a child that was unwanted it was hard to want to place yourself back in that situation, but she could never tell him that. He would want to help and there was no helping how she felt. It was just the way she thought and it would always be that way. The halfa next to her seemed to know that she was feeling down because she suddenly found herself trapped in his arms as he hugged her close.

"Danny?" she questioned softly. He shook his head as he pulled her even closer. She just smiled and hugged him back. There was no need to talk, not now. They were both trying to get used to what was happening around them.